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Can you guess it??

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 28, 2012

These pictures were taken in some JNVs. Do the pictures speak something louder than words? Does the visual have greater effect than the verbal? Looks like a lovely, and one of the most beautiful places! And my next post will tell you some more about it. Right now, where do you think you are going?

1. So guess, where you are at this moment…? 

2. Her fikra ko dhuyen mein udata chala gaya…A place set aside for a particular purpose. As far as branding is concerned, I guess, people look at it a little differently. Can anybody guess where is this road leading to?

3. Do the pictures speak something louder than words? Do you know what this statue here is?

Guess, where is this?

4. Any idea what this statue is? Does anybody know what this statue is representing? And where is this?

Tell us the name and location…

5. Now, this is a way to…? It is a way to the most important place. 🙂

Yahoooo… chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe. 😉 Our pahredar, dear dog is sleeping but Mind you, this is not a zoo. Guess, which place does this gate lead to and what it is named by our naughty navodayans?

Your task is to identify it and write the answer in the comment box below. For correct answer, you will have a free tour to this place, and a cadbury chocolate goes to the correct answer. 🙂

Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words!  Guess, and win…?  🙂


36 Responses to “Can you guess it??”

  1. 1.it is of jnv ktr.it leads to mess. mess wo jagah thi jaha hum sham ke assembaly ke bad apne wali ko dekhate the.to khana kaisa v hum mess to jarur jate the.feavr ho tab v.:PPPP
    2.it leads to that place from where our all worries sach me dhuyen me ud gaye.jisake wajah se har koi kahi na kahi sucess hai. i.e. PRASASANIK BHAWAN.
    3.i think its JNV bokaro.
    4. sorry
    5.ohhhh finally “SANGAM CHAWK” isi chawk se humlog rat ko janbujhkar mess jate the jabki mess jane ke isake alawe aur v 2 raste the fir v isi chawk se gujarte the. u know y??? 😛

  2. @Jitu,

    Hmmm…All answers are incorrect 😛

    5. Sangam chawk iska name kisne diya hai? Re read the question. 😉

  3. Md Manower Alam said

    Hi Rewa, So much touching.
    1. This is the main entrance of JNVK
    2. I think this road leads to School building for classes.
    3. I can’t tell. Its changed.
    5. Birsa munda’s statue.
    6. I think this is girl’s ostel.

  4. Ankesh said

    how can i forget 1st 2nd and last one, where i spent my happiest and memorable moments.. ofcourse JNVK.
    dont know about the rest..

  5. @Ankesh,

    Please re-read the questions. :).

  6. anand bhaskar said

    3 and 4 jnvk ka to nahi hai aur 1,2,and 5 jitendra sahi bataya hai

  7. tarun said

    1.main gate
    2. toward the school building…
    3. near guest house
    5.birsa munda’s n location?
    6. entrance of girl’s hostel

  8. Ankesh said

    ok di..
    1.leads to mess..
    2.leads to academic building..
    5.girls hostel…

    after looking at the pics i thought ye to apna jnv hai….question pe dhyan hi nhi gya..

  9. i ll go with Ankesh …i think he z ryt …n dnt kno abt others ans..!!!

  10. Asmit said

    1. Everything has changed but the instructions on the board near entrance are still very strict.
    2.Its highway of heaven leads to academic building and ultimately to mess.
    3.I dont have idea about this place but it seems near the MP hall.
    5.Birsa Munda representing the revolution.
    6.Girls’ hostel and certainly this is not most important place.. 😉 and thank you di for reminding me that its not zoo 🙂

  11. KUNDAN said

    2.class room
    3. Culture
    4. simplicity
    didi ye sab dekh kar navodaya ki ye sabhi batein yad aati hain mujhe

  12. Asmit said

    didi….you are adding new foto now…this is not fair….

  13. Kishor Wadhe, JNV Amravati Alumnus said

    JNVK I feel so…

  14. @Asmit,

    Oh God! I am not adding any new photo now. I have not added.

    No editing and deleting on the post 🙂

  15. @Kundan,

    You need to re-read the questions. 🙂 We can’t forget those days!

    @Kishor, Not exactly!…Please read again the questions 🙂


  16. 1. our path makers
    2. mighty classroom
    3.incredible mess
    4.statue of navodaya (more better than liberty)
    5.our entrance gate (gate of heaven)

    thanks di 4 reminding me a cute journey of my life ……………………………………………………………………..

  17. avnish said

    1. jnv katihar
    2.Administrative block of jnv katihar
    3.i think its jnv giridih. at the entrance .Statue of Birsa munda.Showing struggle.
    4. Darbhanga maharaj. jnv darbhanga
    5. girl’s hostel of jnv katihar .

  18. masroor alam said

    1. girls hostel to mess
    2. school building
    3. sry
    4. i think birsa munda
    5. sangam chowk of navodaya jan bujh kar long distance trvl karta tha so meromable place

  19. khalid jnv kaimur said

    I think last picture is jnv’s gils hostel, this gate is leading to there hostel but beware of dog

  20. AMIT UPADHYAY said

    No guesses!!!
    Please open the secret, now!

  21. @Amit Sir,

    Wah bhai wah kya answer hai 😉

    No way…Yahan bhi seniority shuru kar diya aapne? 😛


  22. AMIT UPADHYAY said

    Nahin Rewa,
    Nothing like that.
    Woh aajkal dimag kamjor ho gaya hai na. Aur doctor ne shalah di hi ki dimag pe jyada jor mat dalna warna ghatak siddha ho sakta hai………..ha ha.
    bata do ab?

  23. VIVEK KUMAR said

    1. Entry gate of jnv ktr
    2. Its a way nd the distination point is schl buildng


  25. satyam said

    DEAR DI……




    3. ye boys hostel hain just like srilanka……..

  26. Nahid Iqbal said

    Hi Didi
    1.I think it is entrance gate of JNV Purneia.
    2.It is School Building of JNV Katihar
    3.I don’t know that place
    4.it is Gate of girls hostel jnv katihar

  27. ashish raj said

    1. jnv katihar
    2.Administrative block of jnv katihar
    3.i think its jnv giridih. at the entrance .Statue of Birsa munda.Showing struggle.
    4. Darbhanga maharaj. jnv darbhanga
    5. girl’s hostel of jnv katihar .

  28. Amit Sah said

    I Think so….
    1. Entrance gate of JNV katihar……………..
    2. toward the school building of JNV katihar Right side generator room and left side basketball ground and MP hall back side…….
    3. Generator room and Staff room near to field……
    4. No idea……
    5. Girls Hostel……Opposite to library madam room……

  29. purna chandra singh said

    didi, first tell me which navodaya u r belongs to, then i can guess answers 2 your questios
    i am purna chandra, 2001-08 batch student, from jnv mayurbhanj,orissa

  30. @Purna Chandra,

    I have completed my plus 2 from JNV Katihar.

    These images do not only belong to JNV Katihar. Almost all JNVs have same kind of scenery.

    Chalo, now Guess it! 🙂


  31. Chiranjeev said

    It may be or may not of Katihar’s. Anyway this is of katihar’s.

  32. 1. way 4m gls drm. to mess…
    2. scool bldng rea….
    3. sry….
    4. dnt knw…so cnt gss…
    5. entrance of gls dorm…

  33. vishal said

    Its not only of one navodaya
    but i think one gals hostel has taken from jnvk

  34. vishal said

    Its not only of one navodaya
    but i think 2nd pic is of jnvk of classrooms

  35. Shweta said

    1. JNVK entrance.
    2. Going to class Room
    3. No idea
    4. Name – Bhagwan Birsa Munda nd Location- it may b Ranchi
    5. Road goes to girls hostel.

  36. pooja hansda said

    1. path 2 d eternal peace……………………
    5.leads 2 d most precious thing of navodaya—–“g___s”.

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