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An Ode to a Woman!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 24, 2012

Here is a beautiful poem written by my best friend and sister, Ruchi! The poem describes exactly what every woman feels!!! I really liked it. I read this poem over and over again, because I felt touched. I myself sometimes feel just the way her poem describes a woman.


Need a sky to fly, need a river to flow

Need a song to sing, need the light to glow.


I have sorrows, I posses the pains

But I own the legs to run the plains


The eyes may burn, the heart may churn

But with my courage, heads I will turn!


The mountains are steep and the winds cut cold

Yet the “REAL ME” within I hold!!



17 Responses to “An Ode to a Woman!”

  1. Nidhi said

    “The mountains are steep and the winds cut cold

    Yet the “REAL ME” within I hold!!”

    I love it.
    awesome poem abt women..it speaks abt d powr of women.
    hopefuly mor pepl wil b inspired wid this poem.

  2. tarun said

    nice ruchi n rewa di 🙂 🙂

  3. is this relevant to these days.. otherwise it doesn’t seem womanly but showing human desire…

  4. sukirti said

    @ruchi di…. yet i know u only as rewa di’s best frnd….. but i must say di … that i loved this poem of urs…..plzzz will u teach me how to express ur feelings in just merely 8 line….. 🙂

    @shantha bhaiya : why ain’t these words relevant in present days????? can u plzz elaborate … 🙂
    n wats the scene with “it doesn’t seem womanly but showing human desire” ?????
    kyun ki aapki likhi baatein meri n rewa di ke samjh mein ni aayi that’s why u owe us an explanation bhaiya.. 🙂

  5. sach me……shayad me bhi ahin kahana chahti hun…aaur aap bhi…ahsaason bhari rachna..

  6. arvind said

    this poem is really heart touching not for women but also that type people who are not able for higher education and from rich family……………work hard and faith on yourself make u success soon……do not be upset.i really thankful di….

  7. roopakm said


  8. Ruchi said

    Thank you everybody for the appreciation and the constructive criticism 🙂 The reason why I had christianed this piece as “An Ode to a Woman” is because I had expressed the heart of the woman within ! Nevertheless, I also agree that I am a human too, so the poem may touch men and women alike..

    @Arvind,Shantha thank you again for reminding me of my status as a Human too 🙂


  9. these 8 lines r perfectly written n it describes beautifuly fellings of any such person. ya to o women ya man hi kyu na ho.
    reallly awusome
    thanq RUCHI di & REWA di.

  10. h.rajan said

    its really impressive..

  11. arshad said

    lovely n inspirational poem di………………..

  12. VIVEK SINGH said

    Awsme line u knw i read two thn i finaly undrstnd the tchng meaning of ths poem.

    Aftr readng m also shre my flngs abt girls:-

    A girl
    One of the beautiful amamzing creation of God

    U can see her divinty in form of “MOTHER”.
    U can see her care of a “SISTER”.
    U can see her innocence in form of “DAUGHTER”.
    U can see her warmth in the form of” FRIEND”.
    U can see her passion in the form of “BELOVED”.
    U can see dedication in the form of “WIFE”.

    Wana cnvey ths msg to evry sick prsn who molest girl,disrespect grls nd kill girls.

  13. wht a creativity di? jst awesome… aur pta ni kya bolu…
    itne kam wrds me itna kuchh express kiya aapne

  14. rishi bala said

    beautiful words xpressing a beautiful woman… 🙂

  15. I wish Shantha Kumar had an answer for this irrelevant comment: is this relevant to these days.. otherwise it doesn’t seem womanly but showing human desire…

    It is a human desire and no doubt but don’t you consider woman as HUMAN. She cannot have desires. Only MEN’s are expected to have dreams and desires. Think before you speak is very important Mr. Kumar.

    It is a lovely poem and hope we would have got some lovely words from you.

  16. Lopa Sarkar said

    Very honest and beautiful poem!

    Men think that they are smarter, yet women are the mind masters. 🙂

  17. This is really nice , the best Poem written about women “Happy Women’s day to both of you” 🙂

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