Turning the wheel…

…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

Let it flow, just flow…

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 8, 2012

Standing on the street

Remembering a few moments

I looked at eternity

A tear dropped

From my eyes, slowly

Freely, yet silently…


Someone in me says-

Don’t wipe away

Let it flow, just flow…


The tears flow on

Quietly, kissing my lips…

Like drops of dew

Falling from the heaven

Kissing the lonely grasses…


A tinge of missing something

Your presence is felt

I can’t hold back the tears

Looking all around, everywhere

May be you are near…


Suddenly, you whispered~

The diamond drops

They are precious, preserve them

And everything was suddenly ringing!

For me…???


I smiled

And sighed “nah, you are with me!” 🙂



15 Responses to “Let it flow, just flow…”

  1. taru said

    nice di 🙂 new year , new poem, new emotion…. gr8

  2. awsome di…..no word 4 u n ur poem….
    just salute u….

  3. ILESH.... said


  4. Abhilesh singh said

    Masttt hai

  5. arshad said

    nice poem di……………..

  6. —the persona of beloved mingles in body,his/her sensuality shakes the soul and image films the eye and circles the eye ball!this is the ultimate state of tranced love——–! I too know!!!!! when tears roll out the wet sensation is akin to the presence of this beloved as a soft caress comforting thy departure!this divine feeling is beautifully sketched by you Rewa! Thousands of people pass this stage but few like you can express it so objectively and with a rhythm in every word——-!my best blessings are with you for showering a volley of emotions and architecting ethos of love and eternal beauty.Your poem took me down to a lurking memory of mine of yester years with a flash of MAZAZ saheb’s beautiful Ghazal on the same line saying:
    तड़प ए दिल तड़पने से बड़ा आराम आता है,
    कि ,हर तड़प के साथ उनका नाम आता है ——–!
    my aashirwad to your talent keep it up
    Dr Vishwas

  7. nidhi said

    nice one rewa….

  8. Shashwat said

    Nice post!

  9. Nidhi said

    ‘The tears flow on

    Quietly, kissing my lips…

    Like drops of dew

    Falling from the heaven

    Kissing the lonely grasses…’

    Nice poem once again!!!!
    it’s realy flow of emotion dat nevr ends.
    somtims tears r nt a sign of weakness nd it is enuf 2 make u flow into somthing.so it is best to let d tears flow nd let d emotions flow through ur pen……..

    Let me add 2 lines here-

    “Lips that taste of tears, they say,
    Are the best for kissing.”
    -Dorothy Parker

  10. Lopa Sarkar said

    I am falling short of words to express how touchy and beautiful your poem is….I am reading this again for the 3rd time and it still feels so fresh to read…..a big salute to you, lady!!

    Let your emotions flow like river, let it flow, just flow….

  11. “The tears flow on

    Quietly, kissing my lips…”

    Those lines are amazing! Lovely poem 🙂

  12. VIVEK KUMAR said

    Rewa di u poem is jst fblus nd i thnk mre thn awsm.

    U knw as far as cncrn abt tears tht it made up of 1% of water nd 99% of feelings.

  13. i hv no wrds to expln
    kitne creative ho aaplog

  14. rishi bala said

    nyc poem bhabhi…. :))

  15. Kunal Kumar said

    The tears flow on
    Quietly, kissing my lips…

    Amazing! No words, I’m simply speechless.

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