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Caste system: In the shadow of shame!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on December 5, 2011

The leader of a backward classes organisation was assaulted here on Wednesday after demanding an end to a “casteist” ritual performed in the government-run Kukke Subrahmanya temple in Sullia taluk.

State president of the Karnataka Rajya Hindulida Vargagala Jagruta Vedike K.S. Shivaramu was assaulted by a group of around 10 people outside the temple after he met Assistant Commissioner of Puttur subdivision Sundar Bhat and submitted a memorandum urging the Dakshina Kannada administration to prohibit the ritual of ‘made snana’.

What is ‘made snana’?

‘Made snana’ is a harake (an offering to God in return for the granting of a wish). This particular harake involves rolling on plantain leaves containing leftovers of food consumed by Brahmins. Those who perform the ritual include Brahmins. The ritual is believed to cure skin diseases. It is performed annually during the Champa Shashti festival for three days. To read more click on the link : Assaulted for protesting against ‘made snana‘ Courtesy : The Hindu. 

I am a bit disturbed right now after reading this article.

Analyzing the above article one can say, the caste system in India is directly related to our religious beliefs. Look at this video: India Unheard.  The whole system has shifted its foundation to false notions and blind faith. On one side, people want caste system to go and at the other side, they organize themselves on caste basis!

Caste system leads to rigid separatist mentality and nobody knows what shape it will take in future! This one problem is inter-related with many other problems. The reservation system finds its origin in the age-old caste system of India and it has also contributed to the mushrooming of child labour in India. We need to trace the roots of this problem and work to resolve it so as to present a sustainable solution. We find that such problems are related to our craving for false prestige, and it is not going to be fulfilled by any such means.

Shanta has sent me his article which talks about Caste system. I am quoting his article below:

Social Inequality prevailing in Mithila

Some villagers of one of my senior were discussing with him about several aspects of marriage. That senior is proactive in social works and encourages all who want to pursue career in this field. All were giving idea of making the event grand by spending huge money on dance program, lighting, food and many other things. I was sitting there and listened their ideas. Everything was decided by keeping in mind “what people will say”. At last they also asked me about my opinion.

I told, “You should do what is correct. You should not plan keeping the opinion of people in mind. You are going to be great leader in future, you start giving a new thought to your people, even they oppose you.”

I suggested that you should call people of all caste and make them eat together irrespective of caste prejudice. They all got shocked to hear this idea and told that they have to face the outrage of community. Brahmans will not sit with charmkar (Chamar) and eat socially.

Then we talked about humanity, importance of social equality. Boys got excited to listen these ideas and requested me to come their village to organize youth and promised that if not the old ones, but the youth will accept the doctrine of equality, and they will show complete faith in Bharatmata by seeing all as her beloved sons.I was happy that at least these boys understood the logic. Hope in future people of all caste will sit together and eat together.

Reserved seat for scheduled caste in Panchayati Raj System: Some powerful people of higher caste helps in making a weak member of scheduled caste becoming Head of Village and become proxy decision makers of the village. Because of this there will not be any improvement in the status of schedule castes and ultimately that will deter the development of region and country and finally kill Indian culture. It is shame for Indian intellectuals that they are not learning anything from history. Social leaders have still great challenges to face.


Well, There is nothing in our religion as complex as CASTE SYSTEM. It has destroyed the beautiful foundation of Indian culture and created demonic things like “Brahmanism”.  In the name of age old caste system, society ill-treated and still ill-treating millions all over in India. The question that we would like to raise is, what is the true meaning of Brahman? Who is Brahman now?

As per Veda defines “brahma janati eti brahmanah”– one who knows Brahma, is a Brahmin! So, if a person doesn’t have any knowledge of Brahma then he doesn’t have any right to be called as a Brahmin.  However, we see that there is absolutely no difference between a body of a brahman and others. Further, to save a life when we take the blood stored in a blood bank, our only concern is the blood group? Never do we think of the caste or community which the donor belongs to. Why? This is ridiculous.

Return to my previous post “How about ‘getting rid of the caste system?”, I have stated that we must realize that change is possible, and a sincere effort is required to bring about some positive changes for a better society! What kind of society do we really want? What we are today is result of our own past actions; we are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish to be in future also depends on our present actions. So we have to decide how we have to act now!


21 Responses to “Caste system: In the shadow of shame!”

  1. Caste: Even Wikipedia says “Caste is an elaborate and complex social system that combines elements of endogamy, occupation, culture, social class, tribal affiliation and political power. It should not be confused with race or social class, e.g. members of different castes in one society may belong to the same race, as in India. Usually, but not always, members of the same caste are of the same social rank, have similar group of occupations and typically have mores which distinguish it from other groups. The word caste can also just generally refer to any rigid system of cultural or social distinctions”.
    Its a vast topic and every one would have their own opinion on this. But what Rewa has written in this small post describes everything in short.
    मैं ना जानू भेदभाव
    मैं ना जानू धर्म जात
    इंसानियत ही मेरा कर्म है
    और वही सबसे बड़ा धर्म है
    I really mean the above lines. My mother has never taught to differentiate people on the basis of caste, colour, skin. Hope people would understand and would bring some changes in themselves after reading this post.

  2. Ranjeeta said

    It’s so disappointing to see such inhuman things being practiced even today. These practices in the name of religion and God should be condemned.

    If Brahmins are made to clean toilets or gutters, dead animals, scavenging and sweeping the streets and cleaning of toilets, railway cabins and platforms — all dirty work and are not provided education, they will be no better than so called lower castes.

  3. taru said

    hi di …
    once again u put very valuable n true words….
    . but who is going to remove the darkness inside the littered n educated ppl ? is it realy so easy to cut blind faith like castism from society
    ????? 😦

  4. Karunesh said

    Discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, sex is alive and well all over India. Lower caste people still not allowed inside temple.Like Women and people of lower castes were not considered good enough to be educated.

    Let the lower caste people be educated, let them be priests in the temples — they will be no less smart than brahman. Brahman is the only community in India, which is enjoying the lion’s share of Indian independence by cheating the other local people.

  5. if you are getting disturbed that means you are rekindling the flame within you. you can rekindle the flame only when it starts within you 🙂 so its done here…

    this caste-ism is in my mind from very tender age. those days i used to comment very straightly because i was least bothered about hurting others ( including my parents). but i had seen this from longest time …

    when i was in juniper. once i started to oppose on this caste system. she was supporting it. where as others were dumb watchers !! it went long. so the main reason she gave me to support caste-ism is ” we have to support our caste, we have to protect our caste, if we wont protect it then there wont be any clue of that caste” , i am not talking about religion that we need to protect it, i am talking about caste-ism in a religion. you have to protect your religion, there is no meaning in saying that, Hindus are getting converted to some other religion. of-course they will, its survival of fittest. so its up to us to protect our religion but not caste-ism. each religion is having its own caste-ism in it and most widely affected in Hindu religion where caste-ism is root cause for many other problems. don’t ever say that i should protect caste-ism.

    when i was in JNV i was not aware of what caste i belongs to. one fine day one of my senior rebelled against principal, because there was a small differentiation in SC/ST when it came to migration, he told till now no one knew what caste other belongs to you are making others to know that they are separate from them. i came to know about my caste when i got my sister profile for her marriage. i was told to look for a guy in that caste. i opposed it for few months, said whats there in it. its not the matter of choosing caste, its matter of choosing her better half with whom she gonna spend her most part of her life, if he is good, how does it makes difference to which caste he belongs to ?

    so my parents answer was like this, don’t behave like you are elder to us. we are living in society, where in you have to struggle lot to gain some respect. do you know how people will spoil name ? do you know what ppl will think ? we cant cross some limits. if you get marry to some other caste, our relatives wont talk to us, and your society wont call for any of functions, you will be kept seperate, and more than that everywhere you go ppl will talk infront of you as if you did crime, no one will marry your sisters, and hence forth you will end up with spoiling all image, your life and your sister life !!

  6. so finally i said, ppl will talk for some days and after that they will keep quite. but they did not agree for anything.

    other day , two my friends got married, both were slightly different in caste, girl caste was said to be little higher than boys, it took more than 4 years to convince there parents. let me keep aside what all problems they faced. in the end we witnessed there marriage two days back. but for our surprise, even though parents agreed, even though invitation was sent to all there friends and relatives and all to those who are familiar to them. none of them turned upon, i did not find any strength more than double digits. we our batch-mates were around 30, other than that few youths and there parents and some close relatives came. so now, what all matters is are they married or not ? not how many ppl came to attend it. so literally i could witness how society and ppl treat when inter-caste marriages happen.

    every time i go home some or other time this topic will be bought up. i have already told my parents, whatever this caste-ism exist will end with me. how to stop is in your hands.. if you wish you can do it…. if you are married, or in mere future you will get marry one day within caste or inter-caste, so make sure you dont enforce that caste system in your family atleast. i dont know about higher caste or lower caste, it has to be done by all. if you stop it at you, it wont proceed further. so it can be stopped. i am sure by that time you will be matured enough not to listen to ” what others talk !! “

  7. Friends…its very harsh reality of our country and our life- the caste and caste system. You may be a hindu, but as long as you are an Indian…you have sense of caste and caste-ism within you….irrespective of the caste you belong to- whatever it is- so called “lower” or “upper” caste. The day you are born in India…you got this feature/attribute called “caste”…which at some of point of time in your life plays a role for you. If you are low or high caste person (any religion in India)…you will probably come across it when you go to School/College/Job….if you are not so lucky… then at time of your marriage it will certainly will come into the picture..as long as you are an “Indian”.

    What I think is…belonging to a particular caste/race/gender/religion is OK….having prod of your own caste/race/gender/religion is also OK…Its natural. You can marry within your caste or out of caste i.e. inter-caste…its your choice. You may not like other castes (higher or lower)…and people belonging to those castes …infact you “need” not like other castes and its people in any case…its your choice. But….you have to respect people’s identity, their caste (nothing low and nothing high). There will be prejudice in the society and so in the world…its OK. But discrimination based on anything (caste, color, race, gender) is NOT OK at all…and need not be tolerated by any one- what ever caster person belong to.


  8. sarita rout said

    Any system that doesn’t approve wisdom for people whether to accept or reject it is always critical and caste-ism is one such system in India. I consider this as a prominent form of patriarchy and status hierarchy. And this becomes a rigid institution that imposes rules and conditions on people to practice religion and religious values. Being religious or having a particular view on any religion is respectful. Nevertheless, the imposed rigidity creates difficult circumstances for million followers who don’t dare to question the validity of rules in real life.

  9. Bincy said

    My understanding of caste system is that it is the remains of migration: The mightier immigrants suppressed the weaker locals and marginalized them. Whatever it is, people still support caste system. (some Indians who adopted other religions also still preserve the caste system (not all). ) Some of them for reservation (Reservation is indeed required for people who are marginalized, to come up in life. ), and while others want to believe that they are superior to others. Some people get some sort of satisfaction considering others as inferior to them. I have no caste, but religion. It’s not my merit, but I was born in family that follows such a system. It is the same with everyone. It is not your merit or demerit that you are born in a particular family or caste. You have nothing to be proud of or ashamed about what you are. God has created each of us in His own image. If you are insulting/discriminating a creation of God based on where he/she is born, you are insulting God, the creator Himself, because it was God’s choice/decision where one has to be born, and not yours.

  10. rohit said

    धर्म पर चितंन की जगह धर्म की चिंता आज से 1200 साल पहले लगी थी जो कि आज भी जारी है…जाहिर है कि जब तक एकजुट होकर इसके खिलाफ हल्ला नहीं बोला जाएगा तब तक यही होता रहेगा। कितनी भी कोशिश कर लें जब तक पूरी तरह से धर्म औऱ जातपात पर हल्ला नहीं बोला जाएगा तब तक कुछ नहीं होगा…..मुश्किल यह है कि समाज इतनी कोशिश के बाद भी दस फीसदी बदला है…। भले ही बंधन कुछ ढीले हुए हों, पर कमजोर होकर बिखरे नहीं हैं। और जो इस पर कड़ाई से कंट्रोल किया जा सकता है पर कानून का पालन कराने वाले और कानून बनाने वाले दोनो ही अंग हिम्मत नहीं करते। राजनीति वोटो की खातिर चुप रहती है…कानून का पालन कराने वाला पुलिस राजनीतिक दवाब के कारण मजबूर है..बाकी रही-सही कसर भ्रष्टाचार ने पूरी कर दी है। जनता कब जगेगी ये बड़ा सवाल है।

    रीवा जी मेरे ब्लाग पर आना छोड़ा क्यों??????

  11. What a pity that this primitive system prevails still in our country!When we shall learn that all man are equal and caste is no barrier to universal brotherhood!!!!!

  12. Megha said

    The rigid caste system and the dowry system can be embarrassed through inter-caste marriages.

  13. Shikhar said

    In order to be one up, either they let down others or try to control their destiny by adopting biased practices. It satisfies their ego and serves their interests.

  14. Shiwani said

    The discrimination anywhere in India is the most objectionable thing. And in this rat-race, stronger always wins and weaker suffers. So-called ‘Upper castes’ need to understand the spirit of Indian culture and try to change their thinking.

  15. Ratnam said

    Caste is source of many problems in India. It has no meaning and is baseless.

  16. An Indian said

    It is shame of India!!
    Reject caste system totally in thoughts, words and actions.

  17. V. Ramakrishnan said

    Where is BJP, VHP and RSS, the self-appointed champions of Hindutva and Hinduism?

    Numbers of DALITS converting to christianity and millions of Hindus converting to christianity in India, why? Is Caste System helping us or destroying us as a society and culture????

    No man is greater than any other man, neither a brahman is greater than a non brahman.

    The caste syste must be abolished.

  18. Venkatesh said

    Today is the first day in my life that I regret being born as a Brahman!!

    From ancient india, till now country is suffering from caste system and due to this system india has been unable to develop strong nationality. What do we gain by this kind of differentiation?

    Caste system needs to be eradicated in order to give human dignity. Change is needed and we the people who can bring the change.

  19. Nidhi said

    shameful act.
    no whre d gods r caste based,it is 1ly d priests who used to perfrm pujas misusd deir position nd decoratd demselvs like god nd strtd claiming dey r frm d god’s origin.

  20. Sanjay said

    There is not statement in the entire hindu scriptures to ill treat other castes/people. It is necessary to promote inter-caste marriages to eradicate the caste system.

  21. Tushar said

    This is what religion makes people… cruel, barbaric, narrow-minded, superstitious and uncivilized. I wonder if brahmans are super humans or god?

    This practice must be stopped.

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