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The woman…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 20, 2011

This is a guest post sent by Satish, who also belongs to navodaya family. It’s always nice to read a post on women by sensible men!

“God must have made men before women, Its always a drought piece made before the master piece”

Few days ago we celebrated “international women’s week” and finally a 33% reservation is given to women, I am writing this blog neither for my concern with international women’s day nor for reservation success. But for the God’s wonderful creation on earth “THE Woman”.There is another name of women which we know but we still behave as if we don’t know, well I call the other name of women as Love, Sacrifice, Patience, Support, Success, Zeal, inspiration, Care, Kindness, in a word if I say its mere Perfection creature on earth. I know when I say these things my men friends and few girls will probably oppose my notion towards women, but I said these because I enjoyed all these feelings as and when I come across women in my life time till date….. So what’s the necessary to write about women now? It’s too necessary to enlighten many people about the role women plays in each ones life. I have seen a very arrogant attitude towards women from most of men whom I came across my life. Why always women looked in a lower standard than men?? Are we really educated??

A woman is a blessing to this earth. If we consider her significance into the life we would be mesmerized by the versatile characters she plays. She is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend and genuinely a real motivator, an inspiration and strength. A woman is a giver. In every role she plays she is always ready to give. As a daughter she is faithful to her parents and tries to put her parent’s faith o the top of her priorities. As a wife she is just a true devotee of her husband and at every step she helps her husband, supports him and encourages him to work hard. The most beautiful shade of a woman that everybody praises is the woman as a mother. A mother is a backbone for every family and every child. I still remember how my mother supported me in all my failures. How she enjoyed in my success. How much she scarified for me.

When there were 4 sweet pieces and we were 5 my mom was the first one to tell that she don’t like sweets at all.

In every problem we all unknowingly remember our mothers. Mother is a person, who pampers, solicitude, loves, gives, corrects, motivates and helps us without any expectations. I am having very best friend who is a girl, who was behind my failures, who was real motivator, who cried during my bad days, who enjoyed my success, who showered me love and affection, who cared me when I was not feeling well. Women are always great!

I even still agree there is proverb called “Behind every men there is a woman”.

Well, this sentence is more than enough to flatten a woman, well they never tried to go beyond the actual meaning of that sentence, I am sure this sentence might have probably done by a man, there is nothing much to be happy when you hear this sentence;

It says you always be behind a man, never try to go before him, you just support him, make him comfort, help him in his success but you be always behind him!!!!!!!!

India is a society where the male is greatly revered. Therefore women, especially the young girls, get very little respect and standing in this country. Starting from birth, girls do not receive as much care and commitment from their parents and society as a boy would. Only about 39 percent of all women in India actually attend primary schools. There are several reasons why families choose not to educate their daughters. One reason is that parents get nothing in return for educating their daughters. Another reason is that all the females in a household have the responsibility of the housework. So even though education does not financially burden the family, it costs them the time she spends at school when she could be doing chores.

India is a male-dominated country and here women have always been a part of harassment and domination. But still after all the hurdles in their way they have come up with a lighting and bright power in today’s scenario. Women are the powerful entities and they are always being a brave fighter in the battle of life. Women have proved that they are no longer at loss in any of the fields and they are versatile. They do not expect too much in return. Women want just love, respect and care and we can shower the whole life for our loved ones and for our society. It is not just we women want it this way but any human being needs love and respect. Women are indispensible for this earth and for each and every society and family. If god has sent two entities on the world (man and woman) then he must have thought about their uniqueness. No one is complete without the other. Only men alone cannot run this world they need the women at every step of life.  So still you planning for a dowry? Do you still don’t need a baby girl? do you still see women in lower standards ? Do you still dis-respect her?? think on before you comment on some girl !!

“The man who doesn’t respect a woman in his life will never love/respect his mother and his wife”


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  1. Thank you Rewa ji 🙂

  2. Ranjeeta said

    {It’s too necessary to enlighten many people about the role women plays in each ones life. I have seen a very arrogant attitude towards women from most of men whom I came across my life. Why always women looked in a lower standard than men?? Are we really educated??”}

    Hi Satish,

    This is really a nice article on women . After reading this article I am so happy I am a woman!!!!

    Men and women have many of the same needs, but they tend to be weighted differently. In a relationship, a man has to learn how to care for his partner rather than expecting everything.

    When a man loves a woman he treats her equally. He shows her with his actions rather than his words. The way he talks about you and treats you is the best way to determine if he truly loves you or not.

    Why is it acceptable with so many people for men to be selfish and self-centered, and yet if a woman displays any of the same traits, she’s a monster?

    Why are women expected to sacrifice themselves more than men are? I would not advise any woman to ‘sacrifice’ her identity for a man. Woman must not sacrifice her power or dignity or self respect.

    Why men want well-behaved “slave-women” who demoralizes all her personal needs in order to please him?

  3. Hi Ranjeeta,

    Thanks a lot for your time and opinion on the same. do you know there is a reservation for women in constitution ? means it itself says that woman are not treated equally.. in that case why don’t we have reservation for men ?? very clearly they are saying that women are treated indifferent in society even though they have same needs !!!.

    I don’t say all man are like that, many people do show lot of care/love/respect specially on there better half. yeah i do agree that still lot of people should change there thinking about there wife… there will be hell lot of cross verification, background verification ( specially on character) before they get marry…. on other hand boy can do anything and it will be accepted, sometime not even questioned or not even bought to lime light. for more on your partner/ husband/wife/better half, you can read my other blog on hence the better half. http://feelthroughme.wordpress.com/

    you are right… love/emotions/feelings are just felt. sometime we cant express in words. there is no measure for love/emotions/care , there is no big love, true love, too much love… there is nothing else but love….. if you ask yourself a small question, ” Ask yourself if you give yourself fully or if you flee from your emotions, but do not ask yourself if your love is big enough ” , if you get answer for this, you are doing justice to ur partner, if you are giving yourself fully there wont be any discrimination, no indifference, everything will be shared. i tried my best in saying what better half should be to someone in my blog http://feelthroughme.wordpress.com/

    Why is it acceptable with so many people for men to be selfish and self-centered, and yet if a woman displays any of the same traits, she’s a monster?

    for this, it depends on person to person. person perception, in fact family perception. there is a attitude… who cares !!! , when that attitude is in a family, there you wont find people bending in front of society.. normally lot of things has improved in some perspective when u come to metro’s… but in small towns, villages. you are part of a well regulated, self made, small thinking, societies… so there society has to be changed, to swim against the current needs lot of guts!!, its not in most of families specially in small cities, one man cant change mere society, but he can change his family to some extent.

    when a girl is born, 1st thing tought to her is, patience, sacrifice, adjustment, hard work. so when this sacrifice and all are from begining. did you ever see any boy who is doing house chore work along with his sis ?? so some or other way … woman is also responsible for this along with bloody society in which we are.

    for last line “slave woman” , when someone gets marry, ( i am talking about typical orthodox Indian families, where you are staying with your in laws and your husband family members.) so now who makes woman slave to most of extent ?? , another woman do play big role in that. most of time, mom teaches her all house chore work to her daughter from childhood thinking she has to get marry someday and all blah blah.. once she enters husband family, there inlaws, and husband sisters or any other woman, do play this role, making sure to restrict her with some rules and regulations according to there convinient.

    so how to reduce it( i wont say you can stop it completely) , man can do it. how he can do it depends on man’s thinking. lets dad tell his son to do small small work in helping his sis/mom, let man tell his mom and his sis ,when he gets wife, how she can be treated and all.. i can write on how can be done… it do take sometime…

    there are lot of why’s yet to be answered. but its on the way man’s perception.

  4. something i wanna clear, which may create, ambiguity in thinking…. who cares attitude which i mentioned above is, means .. most of family do bend infront of society in which they are living in they always keeps on thinking what others think ? society me hamare ijjat nikal jayega
    pata nahi kaise rah payenge, this has to be removed, include this attitude , let them think what they want who cares !!…

    and about Ask yourself if you give yourself fully or if you flee from your emotions, but do not ask yourself if your love is big enough , this is for men specifically, because its needs to be thought, in thing long run of money and relations, are we giving our full ??

    thought to clear those ambiguities..

  5. jawed said

    Hi Rewa di.

    The nice article about a man and woman. In this article we understand about woman’s faith, love and sacrifice. of course she (the woman) deserves for equality not because they are more careful, lovely or faithful only. In my believe, Men and women are of equal values. And equal value means there should not be any partiality around them, still of men partiality if woman are not come together in equal value than I recommend that it should be 50% reservation in all the manners.

    Should make the laws for every father to educate their daughter in first priority. Dowry comes from ‘addition’, and addition comes from inequality. so first we should go to every father to teach them. only fathers and mothers are responsible for this as in my views.

  6. anju said

    Hi Satish,

    I just loved it both your blog and explanation in comment. absolutely speechless now. I suffered very much as a girl but your blog made me feel proud on myself. our feelings are nothing to anyone. but you felt the pain of what we can feel. I am in Bangalore, My name is Anjali, I am from UP and studied in JNV, I am single. I want to meet you in person. please tell me right time and date. as of now I have nothing to say as I am not getting any words of appreciation.

    Hello Rewa

    Thanks for such nice post and that too such nice article in guest post. I am going to read your rest of blogs in evening. my friend suggested me to go through this blog so I read it and felt mesmerized the way he has described. so true and soulful.

  7. thanks Anjali, thanks for your appreciation, but fact is i did not write this to impress anyone. whatever i had written is somewhere i have come across closely. we have a good jnvians group here, you can meet us as always. so if you feel insecured or if you want to share anything, lets plan to meet. we can meet in Rewa ji home 🙂 ( with prior permission from rewaji ) 🙂 thanks again.

  8. deepa said

    vry good views rewa ji,,, i feel great to be a women.. thanks

  9. a hidden reality of women’s life,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanksss rewa di…

  10. WOMAN is undoubtedly a beautiful creation, in both at heart and at physical.
    But remember all woman are not good and all men are not bad, CHAUVINISM exists everywhere, THOSE DAYS ARE GONE, nowadays woman receives much better than what man receives !

  11. Women indeed are the better of the two sexs. Couldnt agree with you more.

  12. @ Deepa , Akanksha Mishra, and Abhishek Ranjith (The Narcissist)

    Thanks a lot friends !! …

    @Deepak Karthik :

    thanks too and I do agree with your point on “all are not good and all are not bad” . THOSE DAYS ARE GONE !! , over here i have some different openion, do you stay in a metro or some what in bigger city ?? in that case you are right , women do treated equally in most of metros and if not treated ( those who are dependent) are not noticed or not came into limelight.

    I had been to JNV KANPUR (1999-2000) once during my migration time. so while coming back to our school during vacation holidays. at some village/small city in MP, at evening time. few ppl got in our bogie ( even though it was reserved one), after some time we could able to hear big mess/noise. out of curiosity we few friends went there to see whats going on !! , a woman was sitting with her head bent and crying a loud out of pain and 7 men ( villagers and her hubby) stood there abusing at her. so what happened there was this much.

    woman got into train with her husband, she just got into where hubby got in. but sad part was those couples belonged to low caste. so those other villagers so called big guns or big ppl or high caste ppl, behaved in very big manner, at 1st they abused his husband and started to mis behave with his wife, her husband could not do or did not wanted to do anything, stood there still. she started to oppose and asked for her husband help, instead of helping her out he yelled at her saying ” saali tum apne mard se muh ladayegi wo bhi logo ke saamne” later she was made to sit near toilet… i have no idea what happened after that…

    so something similar happened recently just few months (in 2011) back in place near by my home town. where in a girl who did her masters was forced to get marry to someone who is already having wife !!

    those days are gone !!! not very true… things not yet visible to all .. those days are still there when you get into some places out of big cities…

  13. Dr. Tariq Zaman, Brain Science Institute, Seoul, Korea. said

    A good article

  14. muthukumar said

    nice one which has to be rememberd my all

  15. Kishor Wadhe said

    Nice article and explanation thereafter. Along with emotional touch, we get to know the role of men and women in ecosystem.


    i know that woman is mother,sister,aunt and friend .they r more respectable person in the world but if we see woman in the our indian society they r not knowing their right and her life is only children, husband and her family member.she should be prepare for advancement,new thinking,living standard,attitude and personal development.only reservation will not play a role in her achievement.or success..today our bihar govt and indian central govt r doing so much implimenting the new programme for woman happiness, development,careness and chances.but many womans r not interested in this .they should have awareness regarding herself as much possible..

  17. nicely said Abhinav.. I have no comments for this.. appreciate it 🙂

    @Dr Tariq Zaman, MuthuKumar and Kishore : Thanks a lot !!

  18. rohit said

    हद हैं कि आप लापता की श्रेणी में आ गई हैं…माना की आप बड़ी उंचाई पर पहुंच गई हैं…..पर जरा मेरे ब्लाग पर आती रहा करें…आप उन चंद लोगो में जिनके ब्लाग को देखकर मैने ब्लाग शुरु किया…

  19. Prabhat Shukla Ranjan said

    Now Indian society is not like that where women don’t find respect.At present scenario has changed,without support of women in their family,no decision is taken ahead. This is my view.
    But what you wrote here is absolutely correct even today in some sort of society. We should come ahead with strong positive thinking to omit the gap.

  20. Priyalakshmi said

    Dear Satish,
    nice article! I respect your intentions behind this article. Thanks! I am not sure why I found some of your statements confusing! For Example, “God must have made men before women, Its always a drought piece made before the master piece” and ““The man who doesn’t respect a woman in his life will never love/respect his mother and his wife”. Any way, may be I’m wrong but I also sensed that you think its only MEN who demand or expect DOWRY from brides parents.

  21. @Prabhat Shukla Ranjan

    Thank you .. I tried to say same things in my above comments, you can find some improvement in well polished cities or families. but as i know, it still remains same to most of extent. only thing is most of time it wont be highlighted or shown or exposed to the world. yeah i too agree that some improvement is there in many of families… yet lot to be changed !!

  22. @ Priyalakshmi

    “God must have made men before women, Its always a drought piece made before the master piece” .. its very straight forward, it says woman are masterpiece in many ways. the way they handle things, the way they manage things , responsibilities carried by them. we always see a woman behind a happy family or happy environment. ( it neither has scientific proofs, or nor does it related to hen/egg story, (which is 1st egg or hen). we find woman in much higher way than men when it comes to most of things, yet not given priority.

    “The man who doesn’t respect a woman in his life will never love/respect his mother and his wife”.

    again, this says , if someone who doesn’t respect a woman by nature/heart/say anything. you dont expect him that he will respect his wife or he respected his mom. ofcourse mom and wife are both woman too. you never expect that he will look after the way u expect when he himself never has any feelings towards woman. there will be lot of problems with the men who never respect woman. if a man loves his wife/sis/wife/daughter its very true that he do respect them to some extent atleast.

    coming to dowry !! , I rather say , in this lot of ppl involved, man’s parents, men, and society. its chain. yeah this can be broken if man wishes. and same time girls parents even though they don’t wish to give dowry they are forced to give in some or other way ( fear/prestige/insecurity), how dowry works is big story , i can take it offline if u wish .

    thanks for time, support n feedback.

  23. Priyalakshmi said

    thanks for explanation!! you are damn right! So …….you saying you can take dowry offline and not online? (joke) 🙂

  24. @Priyalakshmi : provided if dowry is worth to take 🙂 ( thanks for saying it joke ) hehehehe

  25. @ Priyalakshmi

    you know , how dowry came into picture ?( i am not talking about dahej), normally in ancient times, dowry was taken from dower, which means the one who can give…. ( as i already said, woman is giver !!, she gives care, love ,affection , success, inspiration ) so normally if u get a girl to marry that’s as good as u got your dowry 🙂 eventually as token of love and affection men started to give gifts to girl or to woman family to impress her or to convince them to marry. there introduced bride price system which is no more in india ( except some part of Kerala) and eventually came dowry !!! which was opposite of bride price, where in woman gives some gift as token of love and affection ( it was started in somewhere in Latina) , eventually it has become “dahej” in India which means you all know… and eventually it has become compulsory as if they are buying out commodity, no matter what happens to others .. dowry became like must in marriage and that too it became part of prestige !! in some society. i have no idea in which way it became matter of prestige , ridiculous.

    well well … this has long saga, like how this dowry works. as of now i just wanted to say some lines over here on it. i know everyone of this who reads this blog are sure of whats dowry and whats correct whats wrong in it … i still belive one man can change this system… if one stops taking dowry , chain breaks there in his family… so do this works in others gradually. there is no law can stop it, only if you wish you can stop it ( specially to men).

  26. Lopa Sarkar said

    Most girls have only aim to get married. Marriage should not be the one and only aim in life for a girl. There are few women who think where are they now and where do they see themselves in the future. Women should see themselves as important.They must realize that they are important.

  27. Nidhi said

    ‘It says you always be behind a man, never try to go before him, you just support him, make him comfort, help him in his success but you be always behind him!!!!!!!!’

    its simply bcs de r women so de hav to b behind.decent men don’t luk fr ny oprtunity to tak advntge of women.
    Women r nthing bt machines fr producing childrn fr men.d same traditinalists also bliv dat women’s key role is dat of a mother nd wife nd nothing mor den this nd dat dey need nt venture frm d hom nd d darkest sides of deir hom r BEST fr dem.it is men who limit women’s freedom to exrcise deir will nd choice.
    nw women hav to realise deir full potntial nd bcom equal prtners in growth.

  28. @ Lopa Sarkar and Nidhi

    thank you both,

    @Lopa Sarkar : its not most of girls aim at marriage, its girls parents makes them to get interest in marriage, as soon as girl reaches her teens parents start to think of her marriage and even if she wishes or not she will get marry . there will be lot of objections in her dreams, like if she wanna pursue her higher studies or any other interest. it will be objected too.. there will be someone to object whether its parents, relatives or someone else who is not even related to them.

    @ Nidhi : its simply bcs de r women so de hav to b behind : i guess it should be because of society or mentality of ppl, because many time lot of woman celebrate success of others, of course they do support there loved ones out of willingness but most of time same person wont reciprocate if she wants to go ahead or if she wants do something or to achieve something. “i guess men may feel insecured because he knew that she will succeed definitely so he thinks lets stop her from doing something” , its only my perception others may not agree on it.

    yeah many ppl wont think out of boundaries. so most of time woman are not aware of there power and priorities. ofcourse someone has to stand by it. make them realize where they stands. and many ppl know there importance too .. i can see those over here 🙂 thanks again

  29. Karunesh said

    Women are equal and they deserve respect.

    I dont understand why don’t women open their mouth while facing difficulty. Woman can’t do many things with their mouths closed. They must open their mouths. There will always be things that make some people uncomfortable. But that’s okay!!

  30. kundan4u said

    Dear Satish,
    really a very nice article on sensational topic…”The woman”…but we have again started the same argument who,s the better half…the same argument is the reason for all the related miseries.

    Dear all, why we don’t realize both these two half are made to complete this world and to make this world more beautiful.

    @ Nidhi…being behind success of any person weather it is man or woman ….is a matter to be proud of….isn’t it…?

    On one side u feel left behind in this…. and hope for the support on other side also….think twice.
    if we realize then all the other name which women have ….Love, Sacrifice, Patience, Support, Success, Zeal, inspiration, Care, Kindness…for which they are worshiped…..are acquired being behind only.

    Being behind doesn’t mean women are really left behind. If they are really wise enough….then they are owner of men….men are happy to follow the path shown by women or say by making a consensus….but women have forgotten there power to control.

    @ Ranjeeta…if women should not sacrifice then they shouldn’t expect to be worshiped also….sacrifices makes the bonding of relationship stronger…feeling your own pain from some other incident…plz don’t suggest others to refrain from this beautiful trait of love weather it be from men ore women.

    in the current world scenario women are getting equal opportunities to work… no doubt they have the talent…most of the task they can do equally or even better if they get more focused… so no argument in it…so move forward and feel the pleasure of proving your self….(the driving force working behind zeal of women)
    I understand sensual evil which is more provocative within men and some taboos have caused suffering to women… to combat it we all should be all together and handle it in the affected situation only…we should not allow the outrage to generate ego and affect our behavior in personal relationship or even in any other situation….as it is going to generate only unnecessary chaos within society…
    To avoid suffering of relationship weather it be women or men….they need to know their role in their part …perform it at our best…..at the same time realize the power of your part, feel confident… ….and do know how to control if things goes wrong on other part….. and don’t let other side to be your weakness throwing all the control on other side.
    in our general behavior we should just be what we are from inside I mean the way we will feel happy, peace, and satisfied….it’s not a matter of doing anything for other s but for our self….life too works on simple Newton’s third law…i.e. happiness given returns back.

    wish we all overcome the differences and make this world more beautiful to dwell…giving due respect and complements to either side for their role played in our life.

    I beg apology in advance…if any hard feelings felt…as it’s not .

    with due regards


  31. Hey Kundan,

    Thank you 🙂

    I start with appreciation on your take and on your views. You are right we are not here to judge on who is better of two sex. Of course we need both sex and that’s what makes the world complete. So I still say I am not talking about which is better of two sex.
    I guess we are talking about ill treatment of one sex “feminine”. As you said, if both completes the world I should say both should be treated same way. Not the masculine is treated in prioritized way than feminine.

    if we realize then all the other name which women have ….Love, Sacrifice, Patience, Support, Success, Zeal, inspiration, Care, Kindness…for which they are worshiped…..are acquired being behind only.

    I have contrary opinion on this, it’s not in being someone’s behind; it’s in woman by birth and the way they are nurtured. For one day ask husband to do all the house chore work his wife does!!! Yeah when both are working then ask him to do that work what his wife does when she comes home. I am still saying we are talking about the way they are treated, the way men and woman are treated, from birth, not from when they get marry or get mature.

    Did you hear of any abortion if the child is male?? Did you hear guy being asked to get marry when he turns 16-18?? If boy wishes to go for higher education, did you hear anyone saying no?? (I am saying in general way) reasons for not allowing girl to opt higher education/ or to achieve her dreams are different, its chain of reasons. Even though she gets 2nd rank in her graduation she will be asked to marry ( so in this case she was indeed capable even though she did not get opportunity to grow further). If boy gets passing marks and if he feels I should still improve and I should go for higher education, even if parents want to sell their house or land they will do it and make sure their son gets education that he wishes. It’s not about judging which sex is best; it’s about how they should be treated.

    As I know what all women does is not even aware of it. Example, sacrifice, love support or anything. I am sure they won’t do all these things with worshipping expectation. I do know most of this love and sacrifice are matter of love. They do it with love and affection. Not with anything in return except love. There is still lot of ill treatment, those things of love , sacrifice all are just to say what woman is, but with respect to ill treatment , it never goanna match. I am aware of the fact that little count of women does get good treatment, do compete with each others, are very much capable. We still say some, not all. So whatever we are talking is about making it all. Lot of woman in countryside are still treated very badly, there is lot of forceful marriages, lot of sexual harassment, lot of dowry cases, lot of anti-social activities are in practice. We are talking about them. We are talking about most part of woman in our country not with respect to some metros.

  32. Lopa Sarkar said

    Since the birth of humanity, time has not changed its course for women.
    Why does Devi not protect the women of this world? Indian men have always worshipped their woman as a ‘devi’. On the one hand they worship this devi, and on the other they disregard their sisters, daughters, mothers, and wives (women). They should stop to be selfish and should also respect women.
    Men don’t have to act on behalf of women. Let women make their choices based on what women really want.

  33. kundan4u said

    Satish ji,

    my take was concerned to sufferings of woman in relationship weather it be in metros or in villages…you can find woman and basic values of relationship is independent of location. even in well settled home villages we can find woman well satisfied with their role…ill treatment in relationship is caused due to misunderstanding of partner and self aswell…as many a times we self even don’t know what we really want from other half….we make our life a mess comparing with others and getting blown in random philosophies.

    “For one day ask husband to do all the house chore work his wife does!!!”…if any woman is self willing to do this happily in exchange of love…y to provoke her to generate ego…if u feel like doing then you do daily… but please don’t misdirect women of people like me who knows well how to keep them happy….:-)

    if we realize then all the other name which women have …Love, Sacrifice, Patience, Support, Success, Zeal, inspiration, Care, Kindness…for which they are worshiped…..are acquired being behind only.
    “it’s in woman by birth and the way they are nurtured” …..that’s what we are talking about…that y women are nurtured keeping them behind…these name u will not find anywhere except india… so your opinion is not contrary but is in support only…:-)

    and as far as some dirty taboos are concerned like dowry system and girl child abortion are concerned…this was due to greed within people…but nature has its balancing system whenever there is excess of any thing…so transition period has came due to reduction in sex ratio ..even in small towns people are compromising with two girl child…the day will come when this will be extinct…and hope activist like you will make eradication of these ill practice rapid…. we are always in support.

    with due regards,


  34. @Lopa Sarkar and Kundan,

    thank you

    @Lopa Sarkar : I liked these lines ” Men don’t have to act on behalf of women. Let women make their choices based on what women really want.”

    @Kundan : I am not provoking anyone over here and we are talking about how women are treated from our own perspective, by experience what i have come across. my blog on woman was not just because I had to write on something. each line in it has experience of mine attached with it. between, in this nothing is imaginary, everything is witnessed by me. so according to me, women are still treated in equally and they will be treated the same way until people changes there way of thinking or until people changes there thinking of taking woman as granted.

  35. Nidhi said

    “Being behind doesn’t mean women are really left behind. If they are really wise enough….then they are owner of men….”

    -if woman pray fr his(man) well-being doing kardwa chauth(fr dat de get kada chot : -) ) day r really wise.nd it is typically d women who makes d major adjustment to save deir devi face.

    “men are happy to follow the path shown by women or say by making a consensus….but women have forgotten there power to control.”

    -women hav frgot d power cos of men only.men r jst as faithful as deir options.nd I tel u wat is best thng abt d man dat he can show….. deir physical strngth bcos de r more independent.

    i think women hav been d gr8est victims of stereotype thinking.u need 2 rethink abt ur stereotype thinking.

  36. @Nidhi : Claps !! I appreciate your above line

  37. Ranjeeta said


    You are talking about relationship problems instead of the women situation.

    In this post, satish addressed the situation of women that actually exists. The status of women as mere instruments of production. There are so many women going through the deep torment and you are not worrying about their condition, you are simply talking!!

    Being a doctor, I see everyday a woman enters the emergency room with badly burned or beaten body. They don’t open their mouths. Many try to commit suicide because they are victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. It’s a shame that this happens in 21st century.

    Ask yourself why you need to love someone who creates pain for you.

  38. Amit Kumar said

    @Ranjeeta, you are quite right. People say silence is golden but I say silence is a killer especially of women.

    Women need to be independent. Independent women have options and they can survive without men. In other words, to stay alive in a man’s world women have to compete with them and to compete with them they have to be strong.

  39. kundan4u said

    dear i have commented that sarcastically…don’t take it on heart…:-)…only a few people from society take the pain of thinking about the problems in society….so a great attempt… keep going.

    @ Nidhi
    “-if woman pray fr his(man) well-being doing kardwa chauth(fr what dey get kada chot : -) )”

    Mam…this is not wisdom….this was a custom which shows love and committeemen of a woman for man…i have seen even man practicing it for their women.
    wisdom is in being counter stereotype if one encounter stereotype thinking…but that too with a touch of love…otherwise relationship may get spoil..and the weaker half will be the victim…either it be the man or woman….survival of the fittest…its rule of nature….so wisdom is to attempt for harmony…not for chaos…-)

    @ Ranjeeta
    yes mam rightly said…i am talking about the suffering of women due to problem in relationship…which is just consequence attitude and small misunderstandings…which keep on growing and take the shape of miseries…like suicide..murder of wife and even some time of husband.
    I am not denying the fact that “There are so many women going through the deep torment” if we try to find the root cause of these miseries…its a pileup of small differences from the first day when a woman take into charge…which could be resolved easily with a little change in our attitude towards life.

    i will request you to find some of your valuable time and listen the full story of any such victim from the first day..and post that here, so we could make a case study….. and find the root cause of that problem.

  40. Nidhi said

    Thank U SO MUCH!!!!

    TRUE.no women hav a real identity or choice.women actuly struggle nd die just 2 fulfil d demands of men nd due 2 d traditional feminine roles.many women commit suicide due 2 intolrable social pressure of stereotype blief.

    u r stil thnking abt ur ‘fascinating’ wrld of men.so no comnt.

  41. @Kundan : I know, you commented in sarcastic way rather than thinking with heart. well I guess ,may be because this blog was written by boy . its of no use in saying what the status of woman, because for you, it looks like its a competition going on for which you try to defend in-spite of anything. no matter whats the fact is you will defend your thinking! , woman blog was written in march 2010 , so my thinking on this was from long time, as i know it has touched many ppl, many boys specially. http://www.indyarocks.com/blogs/blog_visiterview_main.php?id=76599

    few days back when rewaji asked everybody for guest post https://rewa.wordpress.com/publish-a-guest-post-here/ I thought it will help others so that they can improve there way of looking at the things. well to let you know more about status of woman in great Bangalore itself , just have look at this blog of mine, which says woman are still speechless.

    http://feelthroughme.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/on-a-serious-note/ …………………… in this I was the witness of this antisocial activities and I had a message to convey. if you look at my comments all above I already told the status and what can improve it. if you want to see the changes , change yourself .

    @all others : thanks a lot

  42. sukirti said

    @satish bhaiya
    i m not getting appropriate words to appreciate this work of urs….. 🙂

    @kundan bhaiya
    it seems ki aap woman se kuch jyada hi khafa ho…. kya hua bhaiya…. grlfrnd ne dump kar diya kya??????????
    feel free to say…. i know i m crossing my limits …but it was u who compelled me to think n write in this way…..
    in ur all cmnts u have mentioned that,” woman are mend to stay behind…then only they can play their role as a mother , wife , lover, sister ”
    u also said that they are nurtured like that to stay behind ….,…wat the hell does that means??……. n ur 3rd law of newton ???? are u really a science student bhaiya…. Newton neva eva gave such law…. his 3rd law states that ” for every action there is an equal n opposite reaction ” …… n for ur pathetic n kiddish actions this is my reaction ….. n the law that u talked about earlier … we can call it
    “KUNDAN’S FACINATING LAW” ….. wat did u say…. “happiness given returns back” …… how many tyms have u made ur lady better half happy (if u have one)…. offering gifts, doing household works doesn’t makes any women happy bhaiya…. u need to take care of her feelings …. n talking about women to stay behind,… the current president of india is a lady… n if u have noticed … there men behind her… not just her bodyguards but also the other male politicians work under her……. if u remember… there is women battalion in INDIAN ARMY who are presently risking their lives on INDIA-CHINA border….. are they mend to be behind…????? plzzzzzzzzz think once again ..n then say.. 🙂
    i m sorry if have hurt ur feelings…. i m much younger than u….. so plz forgive me.. 🙂

  43. kundan4u said

    What a poor comprehension of what i have written above from you all except Ranjeeta mam…
    it seems you all are stuck in to the feeling of this “better half” debate and are crying about the problem only instead of thinking about the solution.
    why You all are not realizing that only making Women self dependent is not the full solution of this problem..still the two half will have to be together to make this world complete..above i have just tried to explain that along with utilizing the opportunities to move forward and lead at front along with men, women will also have to maintain the harmony instead of getting aggressive in personal relationship which will lead to unnecessary chaos in the form of breakups, divorce or ill suffering of the weaker half.

    @ Satish….My comment was sarcastic for you asking men to do the house chore work..not the whole text..it seems it has really hurt u….but i think you should be happy as you will get opportunity to help her daily….if everything going well, any man will not have any problem in doing house chore works in time of need… what i have explained above is not anything but the real scenario and not gender biased talking on the side of women or women. I think nature has made every thing with a purpose we can’t ask men to give birth to a child.

    @ Nidhi…mam if you wanna learn counter stereo type thinking then take a tution from Sukriti behan. see How beautifully she has pulled my leg..she has told me every thing…dumped by girl freind…, my thinking pathetic and kiddish, my dual degree ( B.Tech+M.tech) fake….but so politely that i have no option other than saluting her… this is called wise way of handling..:-)

    @ Sukriti Behan….

    behna really a very nice presentation of your aggressive thoughts… but i have a few question for u…

    my which statement made you that that i am dumped by my girlfriend…???…:-)
    in my whole text i have explained how to live how to live in a harmonious way with the other half….either it be a women or men…clearly mentioned many a time…as far as my personal life is concerned..its above your thought process…don’t try to understand comparing with many fellows which you have came across.

    where i have mentioned that…” woman are mend to stay behind…then only they can play their role as a mother , wife , lover, sister ”….???

    if you have a bit of analytical skill ….then hope you will realize that… support, sacrifice, patience, inspiring are the act not the act of performer but of the strength giving person to the performer…weather it be man or woman.

    where THE HELL..(.:-) ) i have supported for women getting nurtured keeping behind…???

    reread it…that’s the topic with a y ( why) attached before it…i just mean to say the consequences in good terms.

    Behna…not much by inner interest but by chance i happened to be a science student only… i apologize for saying “giving happiness a kind of action”…if i am wrong. You may call it…“KUNDAN’S FACINATING LAW”…as it’s not hypothetical but well proved…( not only being materialistic but in feelings as well )

    i am well aware of the role women are playing in the current world scenario and i have agreed to it in my first post and again wish u all ALL THE BEST.

    behna… i don’t want to cross my limit…but would simply like to say that don’t let your other experiences to influence your behavior…you have good skills utilize it to controlling the chaos rather than creating…rest, life is just about spreading happiness and getting a multiple of it in return.



  44. In todays era a time has come when the degree of attributes of both men and women are equally comparable! Both man and woman have displayed good and evil qualities in equal proportions.Nevertheless in those traditional communities the attrocraties towards are still pronounced owing to the reminescence of their traditionality!this scene is also fast vanishing as these communities are also trans-immbibing social change and shedding off their ethnic disposal.I feel feats of women in every arena are awesome so they are not preceding in criminal disposal also!! thousands of instances are visible of violence by women against women and sinister traps against man too.So if we want to see equality in both the genders we must except the capacities of fairer sex in both constructive and degenerative zones.But better now both male and female resolve to construct a new world free of evils and full of joy.The first step to it would be end this debate by accepting each other.Best of luck

  45. Shikhar said

    Women are just as capable and intelligent as men but they are made in the image of God.They have to come out of traditional feminine roles.

  46. Vivek said

    Women from childhood were being told that they would find fulfillment and happiness as wife and mother. There is no individuality, no freedom. The importance of human individuality and freedom remains for them something hidden.

  47. Megha said

    Women should be free to decide the path of their future.

  48. thanks megha, vivek, shikhar, Drvishwasaxena, kundan 🙂

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