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Heights of illiteracy in Kerala!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 3, 2011

Truth is often hard to digest goes the saying but I experienced this yesterday. I would like to share what I came to know from my friend.

Kerala is often referred as Gods country for its serene atmosphere but there is a place in Kerala called Thirunelli where there are more number of unmarried girls are with kids. Most of the children don’t know who the father is, and even if they know their fathers kills them anytime and roam free after that, because laws are not so strict there.

The main reason is unemployment, ignorance, illiteracy and the society there, due to which girls are forced to do this. There are certain communities which allow the girls to stay with the guys a week before the wedding. The innocent poor uneducated girls fall into this trap and at times they do this for good food and attractive clothes as well. It’s easy to get girls in these places and guess what?….These poor girls, however, sell themselves for simple reasons like sweet words, perfumes and what not!!! May be anything simpler than thats possible as well.

Girls ditched by outsiders are disowned by their own families. Medical facilities are so poor that even to get the baby aborted, they reach out to local physicians who mix small glass powder with medicines to kill the foetus but many a times it kills the mother as well! Guys don’t go to the same girl once they become pregnant and go for the next girl…so the new generation which doesn’t even know the father, has turned into a violent bunch and girls who are forced into prostitution for a living after the mess indulge into drinking and smoking for simple please.

I was shocked to learn that it happens in Kerala! The worst thing is literacy rate is 100% in Kerala and these girls are illiterates. I am sure, most of the people are not aware of this fact. It is a shame for us that these unmarried women continue to live in this state of poverty and neglect, that too in a high-literacy state like Kerala in 21st century.

Unfortunately, all this is happening in gods own country and God alone knows as what is happening in his country!  The govt. has just pitched in along with social reformers like Lakshami kutty but it will years together till gods own country will be HIS OWN!!!


17 Responses to “Heights of illiteracy in Kerala!”

  1. Shocked to read this and it’s absolutely hard to believe….. is this the the real 21st century India.. esp in most literate state – Kerala? Head somewhere that India lives in village.. however if it’s the truth.. we may need to change this as most of us would definitely not want this to be our USP or attached with “Incredible India” … post your comments on this article and let it go to the folks who are responsible for this or should be responsible to fix it ASAP.

  2. Bincy said

    it is a bitter truth. What I understand is that this place is a tribal colony, and has less connection with the outside world. Therefore, what happens there is usually unknown to others. This makes it easy for perverts to go there and molest the girls. As the nearest school is far from the colonies that have little basic amenities, they prefer not to send their children to school. For them, the world is within their colony and their preference is survival. And, many are unaware of the value of education. The govt is trying to protect these girls and give them support. However, I am not sure how practical this would be. Kerala’s minister for Welfare of Backward Communities is a woman and she herself is a tribal woman. Strangely, she is also from Wayanad district, where Thirunelli is located. Hope, she will do something to uplift these people.

  3. kumardh said

    Really Shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No More Comment!!!!!!!!

  4. It is a really one of the undigestable piece of fact, for the state. There are a lot of ifs and buts in the point….if we talk for some reformation in this situation.

  5. iamtarun said

    how the hell still going on………………………………………. yek yek yek..
    @rewa di wt must we have to do? can we help them?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Nidhi said

    it is painful bt as stated Kerala wid highst educated peple.hw com????
    i knw fr dem law nd punishmnt….bcause our poltical nd justice systm r unbearable to peple who r nt wealthy.

  7. Prakash Hansda said

    I dont believe this to be true unless given some proof

  8. Suraj said

    This is story for any Indian News Channel, which are actually masalaa channels. Even if it is true, it’s not surprising! Remember it’s part of India only! You may more worse stories like these from state of Maharashtra, west bengaal, Karnataka! Of course I need not mention UP-Bihar which are usual media targets. I’m just saying that this story might be true or false, either way- it’s shame for we- Indians only… Not just Keralians.

  9. avnish said

    Really tough to digest .this a story like a state of Kerala.if girls are illiterate ,then are the users of these innocent girls are also?

  10. vikas kumar said

    may be true, but this is not the real picture of Kerala. We all are aware that tribal areas are deprived of basic amenities and definitely having different social norms which may not be acceptable in civilized society. This issue doesn’t reflecting socioeconomic status of Kerala but the pathetic condition of tribal areas all over India. so rather than pointing finger towards Kerala,see the misery of tribes in your locality and help them to sort out there problem and make them acceptable to main stream .

  11. Painful

  12. Dear Rewa Di,
    I had been in kerala for four years and its social/ human development index was even better in 1998 as compared to several states of HDI of 2011. As Binci has rightly pointed out the place might be in remotely located. Just with a story we can not question progressive character of Kerala but no doubt I condemn this social abuse and and hope that never happens in any part of India.

  13. Dear All,

    As I told truth is hard to digest. We are Indians!…and we are not keralites, Kannadigas, Maharashtrains or Biharis.

    You can read here or use the search engine :






  14. mehek said

    thats shocking and unbelievable,this happing in 21st century,that to in a state which is supposed to be most literate in india.but somewere someone has to stop this?

  15. prasad tudu said

    Ohh.. I shoked… what’s going on in kerala!

  16. rohit said

    सच में पद कर हेरान हो गया … केरला में ऐसा इलाका, जैसे राजस्थान, हरयाणा, मध्यपर्देश में कुछ त्रिबेस की हालत हो…हद है …फिर भी हम शर्मिंदा नहीं …. आया था यह देखने की आप लिख रही है या नहीं…पर एक सच एषा देखा जिस पर शर्म ही कर सकते है ….

  17. OMG !!! i cant belive that .to fir kerela ki 100% literacy rate kis kam ki hai. is moder age me v kuch aisi jagah hai jo hume is bat ka ehsah dilati hai ki hume abhi v bahi v bahut kuchh karna hai. thanq di for Awaring such critical situation.if u have any work 4 me then plz remember me.l’ll be always there.
    jitendra kumar

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