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21st Century Women!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 22, 2011

I am currently reading the Hindi novel ‘Godan’ by ‘Munshi Premchand’.  I enjoy reading each and every sentence of the novel. Equally, every sentence makes so much of sense. It is superb and I also liked many phrases very much.  However, one of my favorite phrase from the novel is quoted below….will post more in detail when I am done with this interesting book.

नये युगों की देवियों की यही सिफ़त है. वह मर्द का आश्रय नहीं चाहती, उससे कंधा मिलाकर चलना चाहती हैं!

Well said and it’s very true.

Coincidentally at the same time I read something today on FB which is shared by one of my college friend on her wall. And at the last of the post she wrote “Post on your wall if you agree…hope to see every female re-post.” I liked it! I feel it’s 100% true and I agree with the thought so I posted on my wall. 🙂

Well, I would like to share same here on blog. I am putting it below.

Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater . ..Give her a house, she will give you a home… Give her groceries , she will give you a meal … Give her a smile, she will give you her heart . She gives meaning to all she is given . So if you.. give her crap , be ready..to..receive.. a ton of shit !! 😀 Post on your wall if you agree… hope to see every female re- post.

 Now you can post your comment here so everybody can read it.



10 Responses to “21st Century Women!”

  1. i want to comment about your recent fb update,but dyslike to crosscomment now bcoy ur fb update was totly baseless nd beyond d truth.i.e. Faltu update nd 110% false fact

  2. kumardh said

    Kya baat hai didi…
    I am totally agree.
    Mai bhi aajkal kafi khali hu to maine bhi premachand k 4 novels (Nirmala,PRemashram,sevasadan and Kayakalp) le kar aaya hu padhne k liye. vaise ye sab maine school me hee padh liye the but for revision…

  3. @Dharm,

    Maine bhi ‘Godan’ school mein padh rakhi thee, lekin tab itni samajh nahi thee jitni achhe se aaj samajh pa rahi hun. Aur padhne mein bhi maja aa raha hai. 🙂

  4. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    well since ages females have been respected in Indian society.And this is an established fact that very existence of any living is attributed to a female only.Nevetheless at this juncture when the civilisation has attained an insipient advancement,why this debate is on——the debate on the liberation,autonomy and superiority/inferiority of females.Male and female are two creation which compliment each other and today this comlementarity is very conspiciously visible where females have entered in all the fields and are carving out there own niche.Talking about GODAN,this is a matchless classic which speaks about a social order where female found herself confined to domestic world—but read carefully even in this novel you would discover females have complimented and supported male silently but very strongly. Females of this time felt that it was destined to them to acquire this role.This thought/beleif became driving force for that social order to put their freedom in chains.But changing time broke this chain and todays age is witnessing their manifestation with flying colours.But now I raise a request to all my young friends lets come out from the debate of superiority of male over female and vice versa,and work on the fact how the combination of these two beautiful genders bring out a useful results to more hazadrdous errupting in the fast transforming world!the issues of cultural degradation,environmental threats and continuous loss of values. i am sure we would structure a wonderful world bringing wish you an enjoyable reading

    dr Vishwas

  5. @RRKSingh,

    It’s all about give and take funda 🙂

  6. taru said

    absolutely di……. some ppl nt try to take any kind of fact……. d oly giv their openions n being bother whenever any domaiting factor come front of them……… any way
    mane ek movi dekhi thi……….. jisme ek actress kuch diolog bolti like……… ” mat bhulna ki ydi me bachhe ko janm de sakti hu to i can do anything beyond ur think n expectation……..”
    i think di …….. ya absolutly…….. she can do anything………
    di aaap kandhe se kandhe milane ki baat karti ho………… i think wo kaphi aage nikal rhi ……..
    as i gusse……. within 10 yrs india will b fully dominated by today’s yong girls…………….. 🙂

  7. kumardh said

    Baat to sahi kahi aapne……
    Abhi achhe se samajh aa raha hai…..

  8. mehek said

    i have not read that book , but i agree with give few amount of goodness and u will get it returned in tons and tons of happiness.

  9. Ravi Kumar said

    Some time they do not give Love in return even if you only love her and some time it does not matter what u are giving to her, whether it is love or hate, they always give u love in return, once again it varried from person to person.

  10. Shashwat said

    Godaan bahut pahle padha tha. Purane din yaad aa gaye. Thanks! 🙂

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