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A farmer’s son makes it again, Thanks JNV!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 31, 2011

On a hot summer day in May 1992, Mahesh Dan Charan, a farmer from a small village in Jalore district of Rajasthan was traveling in a bus. Mr. Charan noticed a teenaged boy sitting next to him reading an English magazine. Bored of the summer heat and the bumpy ride, Mr. Charan started talking to the boy. The boy Haneef Khan, a resident of a nearby village, told that he is a student of eleventh standard at the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), located in the Jaswantpura town of the district. As the conversation went on, Haneef told Mr. Charan that JNVs are a chain of residential schools run by the Government of India to cater to the need for quality education for talented rural students. An inquisitive Mr. Charan asked more about the school. Haneef told him that the school selects students for admission in sixth standard through a district level entrance test conducted every year and the total expenditure on education of selected 80 students is paid by the central government. JNV provides all the facilities including residence, food, stationary and uniform.

The next day, Mr. Charan met Mr. Babu Lal Vishnoi, the teacher of the primary school in the village and told him about the conversation he had with Haneef. Mr. Charan expressed a desire to have his elder son Manohar, who had just passed third standard, to appear for the admission process. Mr. Vishnoi explained the procedure for application to the JNV entrance test. The next week, the teacher brought a book for preparation for the entrance test and started guiding Manohar to appear for the exam in 1994. Manohar got through the exam and took admission at JNV Jaswantpura.

Courtesy: DNA

It was April 2009 and Manohar Singh Charan, a Civil Engineer of the Batch of 2007 from IIT Kanpur,  got an offer for admission at IIM Ahmedabad. Manohar visited his school and delivered a talk on various possible career options after passing out of the school. Today he is graduating from IIMA. And Manohar is just one of thousands of such stories of successful socio-economic transformations crafted by JNVs.

Today, JNVs are nurturing grounds for talented underprivileged students from rural families. These schools are not only providing access to better education to students of humble background but also strengthening the social thread of the country by producing citizens of high moral standards. At persent, there are countless navodayans leading successful lives shaped by JNVs and this is proved by their valuable contribution to the society in multiple forms.  And I am very much hopeful that such students will never forget to give back to the society to the best of their capacity. I feel very happy when my young brothers and sisters say “are di ye to beginning hai!”

Manohar, wherever you are, I hope you will continue serving the society throughout your life…


20 Responses to “A farmer’s son makes it again, Thanks JNV!!”

  1. TARUN said


  2. sarita said

    That is why I am saying everywhere..east or west..Navodayans are the best. I will send you an article I have just finished on Robert Chambers and my interaction on Participatory methodologies in development.


  3. arshad said

    really nice di.
    navodayans can do anything that they want in their life.
    my best wishes to all anvodayans to do well

  4. Bincy said

    Hi Didi, good one. The core purpose of Navodaya is as you said “strengthening the social thread of the country by producing citizens of high moral standards.”

  5. Satish said

    Rewaji … very good one.. the way you started is quite impressing!! I was just feeling as if Manohar explained his story.. yeah he is on right path now with very hard effort… wish him a very good luck .. hope to read many ore from you ..

  6. We are proud to be member of such a great institute and I congratulate you bhaiya..You are Inspiration to thousands and Icon of whole Navodaya family.and thanx Rewa didi for ur great efforts let us know about navodiya people and kept us unite!!

    Navodian Rocks!!

  7. Hussain said

    Hallo Di,

    Thank you so much for ur efforts in motivating us with all d inspiring stories. Yes, v belong to this soil n v strive to sow fruits on it.

    a lil act of humbleness will do wonders towards humanity.

    lets keep up d spirit.

    Rock On!!

  8. Hello di,
    Really I feels immense pleasure when some of our bro/sist getting success in the society. I would like to share one more achievment by younger brother NOOR MOHMMAD got selection in IES Exam-2011 in CIVIL ENGG.

    We NAVODAYANS need to be a good citizen as well as an ASSET for the NATION.

    I am very thankful to REWA di for their Gr888888 contribution for NAVODAYA FAMILY.

    Rock Navodayans!

  9. piyush said

    Awesome 🙂

  10. avnish kumar said

    hats off for manohar bhaiya,

  11. dore said

    being a farmers son myself i can very well understand how my dear navodaya has contributed in my suceess of becoming a consultant doctor who did MBBS,MD, DM in critical care and trying to get my EDIC degree. i owe my life to navodaya for everything it gave me for my life.

  12. Nitin S Maheshwari said

    Well done Manohar!!! You have given the recognition to not only urself but ur proud parents. Your father had foresightedness!! Your achievements are commendable!


  13. Fantastic.
    I would bet that in next decade the Navodian will the future leaders and change makers helping India to prosper at much faster rate to become a leading nation..

    What we need next is community and Collective efforts of Navodian to give back to society and bring a real change in society after fabulous individual achievements.Since Navodians are spread across the length and breadth of country it wouldn’t a big deal.We need to speak up in society to bring education to the masses because Education is real tool of empowerment as we have seen in case of Navodians.

    Once again congrats to Manohar Charan !!!

  14. Rahul Singhai said

    This is great..Navodayan Rocks..!!
    keep going guys.. thnks Di for sharing it 🙂

  15. mehek said

    wow thats great,proud feeling,for talented rural indian children and great they r getting this oppurtunity.ofcourse india is having lots talent.

  16. smita kapadekar said

    Congratulation ….


    hi friend
    i was study in 10th 2012

  18. The great jnv jalore

  19. manohar bhaiya , you are the best .

    we proud of you and congret for the same .

  20. sawai singh said

    bhayya itz me your junior

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