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Your attitude, not aptitude, decides your altitude…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 28, 2011

I read somewhere “The deepest need of each one is to love and to be loved” and I fully agree with this.

Then, why people hurt others unnecessarily? Do they have a license to hurt others? Some people just like to drag you down. What would you call them?

Is it the question of their attitude?

I don’t want to go into details, arguments, justifications etc. I just want to say if you feel  good when others respect your emotions and feelings, you must make others feel the same!!!

What could be more important? What you treat others the way you want to be treated.


11 Responses to “Your attitude, not aptitude, decides your altitude…!”

  1. sukirti said

    exactly di” our aatitude, not aptitude, decides our altitude…”
    n i dont need to ive any example…. coz mere samne toh ek jeeti jaagti example hai…. ..
    my one n only REWA DI ……
    aap hamesha se mere ideal rahe ho…….aap kitne simple ho…yeh hum sab jante hai…
    mum aapke baare mein hamesha batati hai……..woh kehti hai” ban na hai toh rewa ki tarah bano….just luk at her…..she was so simple in school n abhi bhi hai…..but thing is that….jis tarah se woh labour karke success ki taraf ja rahi……shayad hi koi kar payega…..coz abhi ke time mein toh sab shortcut marne ki dhunn mein rehte hai…..”
    plzzzzzzzz…di ek baar aap mujhko chance doge naa apne under kaam karne ka…coz mujhko bahut kuch sikhna hai aapse……!!!!!!!!!
    the way u write …the way u speak…. n sabse best part hai… jab ap bolte ho toh sab aapko sun na pasand karte hai……..mere pass good listening skill hai….. but meri speaking skill thodi kamzor hai…:(
    i want to be a good speaker like u….!!!!!!
    luv di…for all u did… n what u will be doing in future for navodaya……<3 ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Rahul Albela said

    need means worry so be an observer and just enjoy the world and live without expectation………
    and no problem no worry only peace… though tough but possible…

  3. certaily its attitude which makes us perfect people i.e decides our altitudes. becoz “President Obama frequently reminds us that we are facing the worst recession since the Great Depression. That might be so. But it is our collective attitudes that got us here.

    Paradoxically, people now have more information, are better educated, and are more informed than before, but our negative attitudes brought us to this crisis, and it is a change in attitude that will get us out of the hole.” sidhe sadhe shabdo me bole to agar kisi ke ander kuch kar gujarne ki tammana ho to use duniya ki koi v badhayen nahi rok sakti hai. uase chahiye hoti hai ek sahi rasta dikhane wala…..o to aaplog hai hi……isiliye to navodayian hone par garv hota hai.
    thanx di

  4. shubhangi said

    i agree wid u di….but sum people r so hurtless dnt knw wat joy dey getz by hurtin othrz…….dey dnt evn realise…..so itz better nt to giv so much importance to dem to hurt….n ya vry true itz our positive attitude decidez altitude….

  5. mehek said

    yup true agree with u rews,also one should love thyself,and we learn to love others then.

  6. nidhi said

    v dn’t hav 2 keep toxic peple in our lives.

  7. satyajeet said

    to khali mai hi nahi tumhara barai nahi karte rahta hu.. Aur mai yu hi kisi ka barai nahi karte rahta hu.. Ab kaisa feel kar rahi ho? ha ha ha.. You r simply superb. Mind blowing.

  8. satyajeet said

    @nidhi , bcoz u need them. Nd wen u need them, u never realise they r toxic. Actualy no one is toxic, or all r toxic 4 somebdy,its just some emotional/chemical locha 4 small frame of time as no one wants to b bad.

  9. satyajeet said

    Mujhe ek bat puchni thi… Ki ek bura admi daya ka paatr hai ya nafrat ka..

  10. satyajeet said

    aur ek bhalai ka mara bechara emotions ka bhi mara admi jo ki apne bhalai se jaghasai ka bhi patra ban jata hai, chahte hue bhi bhalai chod nai pata.. Bhalai ne bhim ke gade se jiske armano ke tukde kar diye… Uske andheri duniya me koi chirag kaise roushan ho…

  11. I remember that line in a movie.. “the greatest thing in this world is to love and be loved in return”. It is always nice to have a positive attitude towards people.

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