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Institution expectations vs Individual aspirations!?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 30, 2010

I was discussing with Sarita di about an incident that happened in a Navodaya Vidyalaya few months ago. She said, ‘this is trans-cultural shocks!’

A 13 year school boy was burnt to death in a fire at school! It’s difficult for me to believe. This was a total shock to all of us. I do not know whether it’s a suicide or a murder. As I got to know that he was in class 7th, so I guess he might have spent a maximum of 8 months in JNV. What compelled a child to do so? I have no explanation for it. It’s worrisome and a point of concern for all of us, despite the fact that we may or  may not have spent our childhood in a residential school called Navodaya.

Can anyone really explain Why this nightmare scenario actually happens? Why such kind of incident are occurring, of course without a warning bell? Why there is such fluctuations in system performance? I doubt whether they really worried about students at all? Why is the students behavior changing toward each other that causes someone’s death? Why would anyone let it happen? What could be the cause behind it? The strong feeling of stress, confusion, lack of concentration, peer pressure, self-doubt, competition and pressure to succeed, or influence of the so called modern technological toy such as a cell phone etc…???

Are we able to create a good relationship between hostel inmates? The reasons behind his suicide/murder can be complex but many of us are simply clueless as to what the real scenario behind would have. I think it is better to understand the complexities of the child mindset that can lead them to the worst situation. We do need to develop new ways of co-relating to students at all levels and understand their deep rooted psychology.

I invite a healthy discussion here to sound out your opinions…


13 Responses to “Institution expectations vs Individual aspirations!?”

  1. sarita rout said

    Hi smriti,

    Thanks for taking note of the discussion we had on the awful incident that took place in a residential school some months ago.

    It is not a new one rather, I may remind my friends that we have had such incidences in the past, Mumbai students mass suicide in early months this year was terrible.

    As a developmen thinker, I always challenge my own thought of a ‘secured heaven’ that I got during childhood school in various Navodayas. Is it a complete definition while students like me were provided with good food, books and all other facilities. What if some, out of N number of students in such schools, pupil were unable to corelate, creat, observe, seek and learn in a multi cultural and multi tasking environment? In later part of my observation as an outsider, I realised that I accommodated to the system because of my nature as an open minded child who adjusts a lot, but lion share of us were shy, confused, reluctant at times and above all…out of the mass while deliverying performance based results. There where such residential school system fails. They create future scientists but failed to help those ‘left out’ students to let them grow as best human kinds with humanly touch.
    That is a concern area, now a days, in schools in Asia I would say. Its good to produce hi-tech results, but it is also required to think of people who need support for producing results in the long run.

  2. Shanta said

    As long as we keep worshiping engineers, doctors, IAS officers, as long as they will imprison the mindset of students, as long as we all only strive for careers, such things will keep growing…

    Love for nation, love humanity.. life meant for service will direct our soul to follow disciplined life.. discipline is the key word…

    so lets echoed with Vivekananda’s voice for building character rather career…

    someone will have to work in office and some have to work in office.. we as a alumni always organized programs to inspire students to work in office and seldom guide those who have to stay back at their own villages for toiling in their fields or working in some store..

    so we have to think our own course of action.. can we change ourselves.. forget about others and think that can you be useful for at least a person in your life..

    don’t tell success story of our seniors in schools but tell the story or sacrifices our forefathers.. tell the pain of farmers, show them the crushing faces of labourers and tell them how could be useful for them by using their intellect…

    change is inevitable and we all are now marching for change

    go through http://sewasamarpan.blogspot.com/

  3. Ankit said

    I can’t believe that nobody saw him in burning. He was just a child and he might be screaming. Nobody heard his screaming? No one was near his room as if he was going to burn himself. Where were his friends and what school administration was doing at that time?

    There must be some suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. It’s time for the authorities to examine the case carefully!

  4. mehek said

    well that was very sad incident,its difficult to guess whats going in little brains,but what i feel is there should never be to much pressure of studies on kid,ofcourse some strikness is necessary but no bambardment.

  5. Ranjeeta said

    Hi Rewa,

    This is something that you wouldn’t even think of in your worst nightmare. It is often more difficult to accept the death of teenage. I can’t make out whether it’s murder or suicide. The most important question has become whether a teenage child has the mental capacity to commit suicide?

    The factors that cause teenagers to commit suicide differ slightly from the adult counterparts. He might have been the victim of bulling by other children.


  6. Ranjeeta said

    I have a few suggestions from my side for this discussion :

    1. Counseling to educate teachers and children is a must!
    2. Develop a helping relationship with both students and teachers.
    3. Organize important events to facilitate development of relationships among students.
    4. School administration needs to nurture an open and trusting relationship with their students.
    5. Encourage to understand and support the social and emotional needs of students.

  7. Hi,
    I appreciate your initiative for the healthy discussion on this horrible incident. I even could not imagine a small children of age around 12 could burn himself or commit sucide. I am very confused and sad about that incident. As I do not know the cause of that incident.I want to know more about the situation of that navodaya. One point i would like to say that whether we the alumni , like or not but the navodays mentality is changing with growing technology.

  8. Amit said

    ‘Getting ahead’ strategy of an institution is spoiling the children/students.

  9. Dr. Tariq Zaman Korea said

    Dear Rewa Ji
    Blog is quite impressive that raised the issue of child care. The incident mentioned is quite alraming. The most important aspect is to figure out the case for the prevention of such incidents in future.

  10. Shashwat said

    Looks like a case of murder. A kid can not have guts to burn himself.

  11. Namita Shanu said

    If you lost a child or a family member, how would you feel? Only those who have lost something so precious can understand the pain. A 12 or 13 year old child cannot commit suicide by burning himself to death in a fire. There must be some reason why it has happened. Something has gone wrong.

  12. Nidhi said

    i can’t believe dis happened.
    if thre is sudden or surprising death den d soul is held down.
    i can’t believe dis happened.

    High ambitions responsible fr children’s death.

  13. Brington who could not bear the humiliation meted out to him in presence of his classmates and the staff of the school, committed suicide on the same day at a hillock in his village, the fact finding report stated.


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