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Bridging the Gap: Ms. Sarita Sundari Rout!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 1, 2010

As I was surfing the net, I came across a link which talked about an interview with a Ford International Fellow. It was all about a navodaya girl’s personal and professional journey. As the article mentions about her:

She is a girl next door, frank, open and friendly. Fiercely independent, bound in family values and spiritually connected. A qualified techno-economist, she abandoned the luxury of the city bound job offers and urban life to work in the remote regions of Orissa. She chose the development sector as her profession not just for a career but with a dream to become a change agent. She found her inner calling in serving the teeming millions in the tribal and rural areas of Odisha. In a candid interview to Loveleen Kaur and Kamala Kanta Dash, Sarita talks about her personal and professional journey and shares her views on pressing issues of our time. Courtesy: An Interview with Ford International Fellow from Orissa Ms. Sarita Sundari Rout

When we were chatting, we went to our school days. Both of us were sharing our school memories. Then I requested her to write her feelings about navodaya. She sent me these lines which are really encouraging for all of us:

“I believe ‘short term pain for long term gain is good enough in comparison to a pursuit for short term gain and long run pain’.
Having said that, I would rather say, we all had had a chance of learning during childhood schooling; it was a way special for me. I am proud enough to share all my experiences (being a Navodayan) in any forum I was or currently a part of. My economics teacher once told me, “Keep your signature safe, one day it will fetch you millions”. Why had he told me that way, I couldn’t make it at that point of time? I could understand it of late, a decade later although. Every time I am being asked to share about life experiences and objectives that I would work on, I never have a second thought in expressing my desires to work for the community I found left behind in the mainstream society. We all live for people we love or know, we least dare to think beyond that…. I wish to break that chain of thought. I am she, who would always try to bridge the gap between we, the collective, and I, the stand alone being. Being Navodayan has already given me that edge.”

I was just reminded after going through these words that there is something in the Navodaya education that gives you a motivation to work for the roots which help you flower. And of course, the simple words of our teachers, which we are not able to understand during school days, now slowly keep unraveling their meaning and lighting our path throughout our journey of life.

Sarita di, we are proud of you!


16 Responses to “Bridging the Gap: Ms. Sarita Sundari Rout!”

  1. Navodayans are the Best and we proud as Navodayan…… Best of luck to Sarita

    Dear Rewa ,
    Thanx a lot for sharing infromation …



  2. Vikas Mittal said

    Very True Said…one more example of Navodayan reaching to heights and yet simple and attached to roots. Thats what we learned in our school time. We proud of our Navodaya and Sarita to you also.

    Rewa ..Thanks a lot for fetching some valuable information and publish for us.


  3. Nidhi said

    ‘I wish to break that chain of thought. I am she, who would always try to bridge the gap between we, the collective, and I, the stand alone being.’-inspiring!!
    i hope it inspires people to do the right thing.
    saritaji,wat inspired u to work in rural area?


  4. ram kumar said

    good…… all best for the journey of ur life. best wishes from all navodayans are with u.

  5. after serving navodyas during their inception stage,it gives immense pleasure to those who toiled hard to see navodayans blooming all over the world! Wishing good luck to sairta and many more like her who have proved the immense value of the scheme.


  6. avnish said

    DEAR saita di.
    i have proud of u.and i wish all the best for ur future and hoping some valuable guidance for myself.
    with regards

  7. bindoo said

    Congrats Sarita for your great achievement….. We Navadayans are proud of you…. keep it on…..Best of luck…..

  8. sanjeev kumar naik said

    we proud to be navodayanssssssssssssss….. it is so nice .keep it up sarita.we all with u.

  9. manjunath.G said

    you have made us pride….

  10. manjunath.G said

    you have made us proud…..

  11. mehek said

    hi rews its great to read about sarita,she makes feel proud.thanks for sharing.

  12. Aditya said

    Dear Sarita,
    Salute to yoiur dedication toward society.

    As navodayan we felt proud on your achievement and will always have our wishes towards you success and dedication towards work.

  13. People always suggest to change your dream,to do path breaking endeavor.Few actually follow them.Those who do make huge impact for themselves.SHE is privileged to be one among such people.I feel proud that I belong to a family that nurture and inculcate such value.

    ALL the best for all her future bright path breaking steps !

    Arun Bharti

  14. jagannath said

    Thanks for such

  15. badal said

    thank u so much……….to bring this presnality among us………

  16. Sarita, I hope you are continuing your endeavour.

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