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Value Education Workshop!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 18, 2010

I was talking to few of our alumni from different regions regarding workshops on value education. Such workshops are being regularly organized at IIT Kanpur and IIIT Hyderabad. I requested them to attend a workshop and they appeared more than happy to attend it. They have been sending names through mails or on phones.

The next workshop is at IIT Kanpur from June 9 to 16. For the coming workshop, about 15-20 alumni from Patna region and a similar number from Lucknow region have shown enthu. Avnish, Dharmendra, Rajbahadur, Dr. Prabhat and Tarun (all being JNV alumni coordinators), have been helping me in this effort. This is really encouraging for us to coordinate for such activities. I will post the names of confirmed participants on this blog in a week or so.

More workshops are going to be organized this year. These workshops are useful to people of all age groups and professional or educational background. Let me inform you that after this workshop, another workshop is scheduled at IIIT Hyderabad from July 3 to 10. I request all Navodayans to come forward and put your names for the forthcoming workshops here.

As of now, I am coordinating only for Navodayans. But any interested reader is welcome to come forward and put your name here. We will arrange for your stay, food and other amenities during the workshop.

Dr. Kalam himself had an exposure to this workshop. He presented his views on the workshop on the eve of Independence Day of year 2006 in these words:

“…This scheme is concerned about addressing the basic causes of major problems of violence, corruption, exploitation, domination, terrorism and war. It has been found that violent and anti-social behaviour, unless dealt with care and with professionalism, could aggravate the extreme behaviour.

… develops tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty in human conduct by enabling self-knowledge that understands harmony in the self and in the entire existence.

The academicians could bring about marked change even among the inmates of jails through the use of these techniques.

… is a ‘teachable human value based skill’ that can address inheren`t conflicts within the mind of the individual, within families, in organisations and in public life.

Inner conflict is the very essence of violence. For example, with the skills imparted, it would be possible to reduce the overall period of secondary education from 25000 hours of teaching to 20000 hours, since children become more responsible and productivity conscious. These experiments can be outreached to influence many people by developing networks using ICT through our educational system, that needs to pay increasing attention to this aspect of human development.

This process of imparting self-knowledge would promote a learning atmosphere, where this whole movement of inquiry into knowledge, into oneself, into the possibility of something beyond knowledge would bring about naturally a psychological revolution. From this comes inevitably a totally different order in human relationship and therefore society as a whole. The intelligent understanding of this process itself can bring about a profound change in the consciousness of mankind.”

Full text of Dr Kalam’s speech is at Address to the Nation on the Eve of 60th Independence Day : National Awakening

kindly note that the maximum number of participants we can have from Navodaya family in any workshop is 15. Kindly keep sending your names for participation and we will assign the names to the scheduled workshops as per your convenience.

Thank you.


17 Responses to “Value Education Workshop!”

  1. nidhi said

    wat abt delhi?

  2. hi
    here avnish kumar
    i m intersted for attending the workshop from 9th june to 16th june in kanpur.
    with regards
    jnv bikram

  3. Chandni said

    hi di how r u????
    i am chandni pursuing B.tech from A.K.G uptu. i m in 3rd year.
    And i m intersted to come.

  4. Santosh Dubey said

    Good Morning Di,
    Its a great opportinuty to us.I will surely attend the workshop.
    with regards.
    Santosh dubey

  5. tarun said

    hiiiii di sure………i will be there………diii maine kuch fris… se baat ki…..haaa….wo ye puch rhe ki certificate milega ya nhiiiiiii…..thora cheap ha…. but they want to know…..

  6. gulshan kumar said

    hi di..
    i m gulshan frm jnvk..i m in b.tch 2ND year ..i will must attend this work shop during 9-16 june.
    but i have aproblem..will u please me give your number ,i wanna talk to u regarding this..
    thank u di..

  7. Dear Tarun,

    Hmmm…. It’s ok, we will distribute the certificate in the Get Together to only those who do not miss any of the sessions.

    Dear Gulshan,

    Don’t worry about any problem at all. I have sent my number by mail to you. Try to message me your number, I will call you.


  8. Vikas said

    Rewa…You ROCK..

  9. Mritunjay kumar said

    hi di
    we know that this kind of effort can be given by only navodayans. this workshop will be surly success but i m very sorry that not able to come there. but in future i will be.
    with regards

  10. SINDHU SHARMA said

    Hello Smriti!dis s Sindhu,an alumni of JNV BARUN,AURANGABAD…i dnt knw U bt wanna congratulate u 4 taking an initiative in dis respect…may b i wnt b able 2 participate coz m busy wd my xams..bt next tym 4 sure…AL D VERY BEST…GO 4 IT:):)

  11. This is great. This is required nowadays.

  12. kundan said

    hi di…

    this is kundan here….i have planned my schedule and i will feel previlaged if i got a chance
    to attend such a workshop which will help me to be a perfect citizen of india. i think it wll help me to understand humans behavior in a beter way.

  13. sarita said

    Its a great effort to strenghthen the network we are already in since decades, all the best. I guess I would love to join the july session given chances.
    regards, SSR

  14. Dear All,

    Kindly find the names of the participants for the upcoming workshop on value education from June 9 to 16 appended below. The names have been chosen on first come first served basis and the convenience of the participants. Interested students will be having career counseling program too.

    List of the Alumni for IITK Workshop

    I am sorry to those whom I had to say no for this workshop as the maximum number of participants we can have from Navodaya family in any workshop is 15 (though we are sending 22 names this time, thanks to the organizers).

    Kindly keep sending the names for the forthcoming workshops. The next one is scheduled at IIIT Hyderabad from July 3 to 10.

    I would also request the jnv-alumni coordinators to coordinate with your jnv friends and kindly send the names.

    Thank you so much to each one of you.

    Rewa Smriti

  15. @Sarita di,

    You are kindly invited. It’s my pleasure! I will let you know the details of the schedule and stay arrangements.


  16. […] You are kindly invited Value Education Workshop! […]

  17. nice blog ,great .==

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