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Asking for babies’ names!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 8, 2010

Well, my friends keep asking me for babies’ names. As I forget to send the names, so few of them have now started threatening me. Last week my youngest sister was looking for name for her friend’s niece. Today one of my friends was asking for a name for a baby girl! So, I thought of putting a post here asking for the same.

Every parent wants to give the best name for the baby girl or boy. These days parents are looking for the unique yet meaningful babies’ names. The names should be those that parents and grandparents love, particularly grandparents. The name should sound like an Indian name and try to say something about the child’s individuality.

I am asking for a soft help. If you have come across some nice names, please leave some names for babies along with their meaning here. Or if you have a name you would like to share with others, please share!

Well, my friends keep asking me for babies’ names.

23 Responses to “Asking for babies’ names!”

  1. shashwat said

    Shashwat se acha naam kya milega. Ek aur naam hai- Shashank.

  2. @Shashwat, I was expecting the same from your side! Thank you so much. 🙂 Kindly put the names with meaning.


  3. shashwat said

    Shashwat- Eternal,
    Shashank- Moon

  4. Holy~Devil said

    Arun: The Rising Sun
    Nidhi : Dhan Daulat 🙂

  5. Namaste 🙂

    Generaly people are suggested a few initials for baby names by their spiritual gurus. If we get those intials then it will become easier to find the names. Because people believe that a child name should be according to his/her birth time.


  6. rishibala said

    khushi 🙂

  7. Dr vishwas saxena said

    Parents are the best people to work out[i repeat’workout’]the names of their offspring guided by some happening,person whom they get inspired or linking with an event of occurance.So it would not be apt to suggest names.Let it be an imploring trend to name children on the convictions of parents only.Nevertheless I would substantiate my statement by giving an example of a name kept by parents and it is ‘stuti’and it was kept simply because the mother who conceived this girl had nightmares of two miscarriages,financial setbacks and many ordeals engriping them from all sides.But dtiful this couple struggled with hardship keeping faith on God praying for a respite from this period of trouble.And lo!they were blessed for their prayers by a bay girl as cute as a fairy.With her arrival dramitically they got reinforced on finnancial front,regained their lost esteem and what not.To them this girl was a boon of Sthuti of god and thus was her name.With my deepest wishes to all prospective parents
    Dr vishwas Saxena

  8. Stunning! I adore the post so much! xoxo

  9. nidhi said

    Picking d rite name fr ur child is a very tough task.nd fr sure,u’ll often require a suggestion frm ur family nd friends.

    ADYA – it is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Goddess Durga’.

  10. zeal said

    There is a book available in market suggesting nice names. Look for it.

    I agree with Dr Vishwas.

  11. Sweta said

    Mayank-means Moon
    Ishi-name of Goddess Durga

  12. nidhi said

    @Fr dose who feel it is a bad idea,u cn ignore d post.

  13. Mamta said

    I like names which have parents first letters…for eg. my husband name is Ritesh so I will name my daughter RITISHA ….n my name is Mamta so i will name my son MITR….
    Mujhe lagta hi ye idea acha hi…you can sugget them this..

  14. nidhi said

    Bhavi – emotional
    Bhuvi – heaven

  15. mehek said

    i luv the name misthi and atharva. rewa u didn’t mention what names u suggested:)

  16. nidhu said


  17. nidhu said


  18. nidhu said


  19. @Mehek, I have suggested one of my friends “Bhargavi Bhavya” (भार्गवी भव्या)

    Bhargavi – charming, beautiful, the name of the Goddess Durga, Laxmi, Parvati and daughter of Sun.

    Bhavya – Auspicious, suitable, excellent and also the name of the Goddess Durga.


  20. Kiran said

    Aahna – exist
    Ishya – spring

  21. rohit said

    मुझे भी एक दोस्त के बेटे का नाम रखना है। टाइम ही नहीं मिला पहले मुझे . अब उसके पास टाइम नहीं है। वैसे ये अजीब बात है कई बार लोग अपने नाम के विपरित निकलते हैं। मेरे एक अंकल का कहना था कि जितने भी भारतीय अपने बच्चों का नाम विदेशी लोगो के नाम पर रखते हैं उन बच्चों को लेकर माता पिता ज्यादा परेशान रहते हैं। उन्होने अपने एक बच्चे का नाम शतरंज के महान खिलाड़ी बॉबी फिशर के नाम पर बॉबी रखा था. औऱ बेटा उसके ठीक उल्टा लगभग नालायक निकला उनकी नजर में। उन्होने कई उदाहरण दिए मुझे विदेशी नाम वाले बच्चों के। है न अजीब निष्कर्स।

  22. kabeer ……!!!

  23. kiran said

    ‘Unnati’ means progress.

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