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Quiz Coordinators Needed @ Patna Region!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 19, 2010

We are planning to organize a general quiz for the students of JNV Patna region, tentatively from the month of July’ 10. We are in need of quiz coordinators to organize this event. It is a golden opportunity for visiting your Navodaya (… your home) too.

You may drop your names as response to this post. And if you want to go to some specific Navodaya, kindly mention the name of the Navodaya too.

Main aim of this event is to involve students in some creative activities and select some of the best talents for further polishing. Apart from that, we will use this opportunity to disseminate first hand information about good institutes and the qualities they are supposed to develop to be there at these institutes. This will help us inculcate certain desirable characters and personality traits in the students of JNV which will help them to be role models for the society. Here we go with a brief structure of our quiz event:

The quiz will have three stages:

a) School level,
b) Cluster level,
c) Final round.

We will encourage maximum possible number of teams to participate at school level. We will be selecting the team with the highest score from every school for the next level (i.e. cluster level). This will be followed by the selection of the best team from every cluster of ten schools. The final round will decide the best team in the region.

The final round will be concluded at a regional level GET-TOGETHER at any JNV of Patna region chosen by DC, NVS Patna.

Our coordinators will be there to organize quizzes in each school. The team of coordinators will have two members for every school. Each coordinator will be from some reputed institute, college or from a reputed profession in India. Besides organizing quizzes, these coordinators will also spend time with the students counseling them on issues like career, and will share their experience of their journey to these destinations. We think, this will help students in long run. The quizzes will be conducted in phases cluster wise.

The final winning team will be receiving an award that will be valuable for the career.

The details of the quiz procedures will be given in the next post. Kindly come forward and do not miss this opportunity.

Just as a piece of information here, we are planning another quiz event at Hyderabad region…


27 Responses to “Quiz Coordinators Needed @ Patna Region!”

  1. ajit kumar sinha said

    This is a very nice idea.I m in college but my exams will possibly last in may.if there is some work for me.i am always ready.

  2. pushyamitra said

    mr rakesh sinha a teacher from navodaya supaul would be best to do this as i feel. he is my teacher and i feel he is best quiz master.

  3. Hi Pushyamitra,

    Thank you so much for writing the name of Rakesh sir. We will surely request him to organize the quiz there, but we need a coordinator from alumni side too to take care of the activities and etc.


  4. Rahul Ranjan said

    its a good idea…till the april i m in college…i m always ready for this event.

  5. avnish kumar said

    me avnish from jnv bikram .
    i will organise this event in my navodaya home jnv bikram.
    presently i m in ism dhanbad.

  6. santosh kumar said

    here santosh kumar from jnv bikram and buxar.
    i will interested in organise this event in jnv buxar.
    presently i am in iit kanpur.

  7. manish kumar said

    me manish kumar from jnv barun .
    i will organise this evet in my navodaya home jnv barun .
    presently i m in ism dhanbad.

  8. navodyan said

    nice to see so much response.
    plz who want to become co-ordinator for this event,plz they must write:
    4.EMAIL ID
    5.MOB. NO
    IF any co-ordinator want to organise in more than one navodaya ,most welcome.

  9. avnish kumar said

    for this event ,ideas for these things from all navodayans be welcome
    1.how it should be conducted?
    2.about sponsership
    4.how co-ordinators should be arranged?
    with regards

  10. sachin said

    i m sachin kumar from jnv barun……i would like to coordinate the quiz in jnv barun (aurangabad) bihar
    i m presently in iit roorkee

  11. vikash kumar said

    hi,i am vikash from jnv barun and i am ready to organise this event in jnv barun.presently i am in NIT Jamshedpur

  12. Nikki kumar said

    ya its a good idea.

  13. navodayan said

    plz give atleast email id in post so that we could contact for sending u event related details.
    if all co-ordinators will also mention their contact no,it would be better for us.
    with regards

  14. Anshu Kumar said

    I am Anshu kumar from JNV BARUN presently in NIT Jamshedpur.I will be pleased to get such opportunity by which my schoolmates or any navodayan will get advantage from me.

  15. santosh said

    hiii i am santosh kumar…presently in NIT Hamirpur but in the june i’ll join a telecom company…
    i want to organize the quiz in JNV Madhubani….
    kindly mail me.

  16. Santosh K Singh said

    I am ex JNV Bihiya, Bhojpur. Presently working in MNC at Bunge India Pvt. Ltd; DALDA Brand you might have heard as Manager – Environment, Health and Safety. I will feel proud if I get the oppurtunity to coordinate this Quiz competition for my home school.


    Santosh K Singh

  17. Avneendra Singh said

    Hi Rewa

    I am avneendra ..can call me avi. I am frm JNV kanpur nagar. I think we met in IIT Madras. A grad & post grad both from IIT and at present working with National control law Team of aircraft & missile system of Def R & D Org.

    I would love to be a part of the event. Any navodaya vidyalay will work for me because its not place but people is what matters..and they are all same..young buddies.


  18. Sumit Pranav said

    Good idea and Good initiative!

    I can support the program by-
    1. being a part of Quiz Organizing team in JNV Purnea, Bihar (and any other vidyalaya)
    2. providing my good collection of educational audio, video material that can be used in quizzes and for motivating and educating children by showing them.
    3. counseling students for career, specifically in the IT Sector.

    -Sumit Pranav

    Technology Manager
    Nirvana Infocom
    269, Rama House, Masjid Moth
    South Ext., New Delhi, India

  19. hi Rewa didi
    I am Nahid Iqbal i want to organized in jnv katihar now i am in katihar if you want to co-operate me then i am taking the responsibility for organized the quiz in jnv katihar bihar.

  20. kundan said

    Hi! rewa didi
    I am kundan from JNV Barun, Aurangabad presently at IT BHU. Its nice to see so many initiative from JNV Barun. I wll also love to be part of this event to encourage our young brothers and sisters and get a beautiful review of the past as well.

    I can organise it at any JNV, even more than 1, if smwhere their is short of cordintaiors. I wll feel privilaged if i got a chance.


    IT BHU

  21. Ravi Niranjan said


    I am Ravi from JNV Kharonadih, Muzaffarpur currently at IIT kharagpur. I would love to organize the event at my Vidyalaya.


    Ravi Niranajan

  22. avnish said

    hi to all
    plz inform about this initiative to all navodayans who are in contact of all you people so that we could conduct it efficiently.and also give your valuable suggestions.

  23. Dhruv Jyoti said

    i am ready to coordinate the quiz in the Koshi region Navodayas

  24. @Dhruv Jyoti,

    Thanks for coming forward. Kindly mention the name of JNVs where you want to organize the quiz program.


  25. avnish said

    hi to all
    plz mention your date when you r free to organise this .plz hurry.
    with regards

  26. Awanish said


    well this idea is very nice and i think that ,max people [JNV’S] were interested to work with u.
    i am awanish from JNV BUXAR.at present i am in DELHI,but when ever u want to conduct it i am ready for it.
    so plz inform me.
    and one thing i must say that,jes type ki bhi help ho sakega mujhse ,i am ready for that.
    its golden chance to do some thing for our family [JNV family].

  27. Asad Rashid said

    I have been an ardent quizzer since my school days. Though currently working in an MNC based in Ranchi, I am very keen to be associated with any kind of quizzing as a Quiz Master. I have an exhaustive bank of self researched questions and would love to conduct quizzes.
    I had been working in Patna for last 3 years and have no problem in going back there for conducting quizzes.
    Pls do respond if you think my services would be suitable for your requirement.
    Asad Rashid

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