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Still another navodaya girl!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 14, 2010

A unique road to success of a Navodaya girl!

Yes!…another Nayodayan again, and this time her name is Anita. She has completed her schooling from Navodaya Vdiyalaya  Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh. Read the article below to know the unique road to her success!

Anita Tilwari is in Malaysia, researching on medicinal plants for curing cancer.

She won a government of India fellowship for research at the Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine, University Sains Malaysia, Kelantan, North Malaysia. She also heads a Malaysian delegation to promote awareness about science.

Anita grew up watching her parents till the field and do menial jobs in Alampur, Harda district in Madhya Pradesh. (Her parents still work as labourers in Bhopal.)

Anita’s elder sister did not go to school and the younger one gave up studies after class VII. Both were pushed into early marriage. Anita, however, is unmarried.

She did her graduation and post-graduation in biotechnology and microbiology at Barkatullah University, Bhopal, and later got a doctorate in the same field from the Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (University of Technology of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal).

She got the Young Scientist Award in 2005 (from the state government) for innovation in the field of science.

“She was good in studies and one of her teachers in the village spotted her potential and sent her to a Navodaya Vidyalaya. This was the turning point in her life,” said her mother, Shanta Bai .

Anita has been able to shape the careers of her two younger brothers. One of her brother Valmiki said: “all this would not have been possible without the untiring efforts of my elder sister.” To know more, visit the link : From farms of MP to cancer lab — a scholar’s journey

While each person’s path is unique, it is up to us to be willing to live the life taking courageous advantage of every opportunity. For Anita didi, this has not been an instant success, her success story had a difficult start. She is doing what she believed strongly she should do!


53 Responses to “Still another navodaya girl!”

  1. Kamlesh said

    Proud of her. Where is a will there is way.
    Keep it up Anita.
    Jai Navodaya.

  2. Great !
    Proud to know that.
    All the best for this gritty Girl.
    Navodaya has shaped life of many.
    One is writing this comment 🙂

  3. Prateek said

    The increasing frequency of this kind of news I hear makes me proud of being a Navodayan. Needless to say, some of the Navodayan crop was indeed wasted (e.g. myself :)) but it made many lives and many more in progress.

    Long live Navodayans!

  4. pushpesh said

    good… really an aspiring story….
    we should learn from her………..

  5. satyam said

    super !
    realy it’s a inspiring news for navodayans.
    we appreciate for her work.
    god bless u to do the so many adventure research for nation.


  6. ashish said

    Great job
    I proud to know that thing.
    Always make a way on which all move comfortably & responsibly…


  7. k@iser said

    this is a great thing to know jnvians are going around the wrld,
    i m happy that we r creating the blieves of rajiv gadhi ,our teachers.,parents true

    jai ho navodaya

  8. avnish kumar said

    really great job by anita di.
    salute her .
    awaiting for noble prize by her.

  9. Veer said

    Being a girl and that too from the background as her’s, she has achieved much more than what is visible to the common eyes. She has proved without a doubt that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

    Proud to be Navodayan!

  10. arunabh said

    its gives immense pleasure dat a gal rises againt all odds and dat too in a field different from the leak . may god giv da same wisdom 2 all loke her n we see more anita in the forthcoming time.
    i feel proud to be a part of this elite group !!

  11. Wonderful Anita
    I salute for your hardwork,
    I am also one of them. I am serving in Navodaya since 20 years as a Teacher. I saw many miles stones. My students was reached there. I am proud of them like Anita.

  12. उन्मुक्त said

    पढ़ कर अच्छा लगा।

  13. Pankaj Doifode said

    Great job donne…Anita.

    Also Thanks to you REWA, who alway gave such a good news to all of us.

    Thank You
    Pankaj Doifode

  14. Jyotiraj said

    Anita, Many congratulations and best wishes for all your efforts.
    Rewa you have been doing a great job all along!

  15. ashutosh kumar said

    he won the batlle of life .
    he has indomitable will.
    will be d role model for all navodayan student

  16. Santosh K Singh said

    Great to know! It gives cool feeling to my ears.

  17. Raj said

    gr8 Anita… !!
    cheers !!

  18. HNS Rao said

    Gr8 Anita.
    U r a model to all Navodayans (Why only Navodayans!)I wish the children in Navodayas get to read it .

  19. Suraj said


  20. Saurabh said

    We navodayans are the best……keep the spirit up..

  21. opinder kaur said

    realy great …Navodaya is giving its best and its upto people lyk u who paid back….all d best …

  22. opinder kaur said

    i pasted dis article on notice board so dat other students too notice this type of achievement done by navodaya student….great ..

  23. Your Teachers must have been proud of your SUCCESS Story, as I do being a teacher in JNV (Bisnupur). Indeed you have been an example to all. Keep it up. Our blessing are always with you.

  24. Bindoo Barik said

    Congrats Anita Di for your marvellous endeavour and achievement.


  25. Nidhi said

    she shud b v proud of herslf fr achieving so much wid such little help….Great Job Anita!!!!
    i hav gr8 rspect fr u.u hv com a very long way nd i’m so proud of u.

  26. imran khan said

    really great effort of her & offcourse novodya play a good role to shape up so many great talent.
    wa all r proud to be novodian


  27. akhilesh said

    congrats Anita Di…. marvellous work in ur field….
    I hope u will be the symbol of inspiration for young generation of Navodaya students ..

  28. Siddharth said

    Symbol of Hope..!!

  29. prasad c tudu said

    marvellous achievement…

    I am very happy to know this news, and pray to god thousand other boys and girls should achieve like this, also I would like thank who build the navodaya (Late Rajiv Gandhi).

  30. G.m.rathod said

    Anita, you are role model for those who wants to prove him/her self in spite of poor background and difficulties. God may bless you.

  31. Ajit Barnwal said

    Many many congratulation to anita di…another example of navodian excellence ..setting an example for all ..i would like to thanks Rewa di for keep updating us with thrilling examples…!!

  32. mushtaq said

    keep it up i am also happy that i was also a student of navodaya i appericiate your sucess god bless you

  33. uttam said

    good… really an aspiring story….
    we should learn from her………..


    I am really proud of you. Really you are the original Navodaya product what Rajiv Gandhi wants.I am seen since last 22 years for Navodaya but your are first girls to achieve & success

  35. Dipak said

    She has shown the path for many other navodayan still struggling.
    Since following the same path got some inspiration………………

  36. Manish said

    Kudos Anita, hats off. You’ll definately act as role model to many more in coming times.

    Also thanks to Rewa for bringing this to forum.


  37. Dharmendra kumar said

    A great example for womens.not for only navodayans but also for all the womens of india.
    Proud to be a part of such big family.
    Hami navodaya ho.

  38. kundan said

    only few are lucky who got the chance to come out of the surrounding. and out of those only few like anita di is able to utlize this apportunity to full extent we shouldf take inspiration from her…..

  39. Ranjeeta said

    She struggled a lot, but there is no question that she is going to make her mark in the world. I salute her for the courage as well as her determination to be successful.

  40. B M Chaudhari, JNV Kolhapur said

    I salute your spirit and commitment. You really made us feel proud. You are the pride and joy of the NVS, Parents, teachers and mother India too! Thanks to NVS for shaping numerous lives!

  41. SleepBarn said

    This is awesome….

  42. More proof of the fact that you don’t have to come from money to make a real difference in the world. Keep going!

    Randolph Mase
    Fiction Writer

  43. Mritunjay kumar said

    Fortune favours brave and ANITA DI you proved that firm determination and good intension so now you become role model for navodayan.god bless you

  44. BodySense said

    What a positive site and keep up the good work.

  45. mani shankar singh said

    Really anita makes proud of all navodyans…….

  46. mehek said

    great girl,very proud to know about her.wish god grants her success in life.

    thanks rews for ur supportimg comment to.sorry for not being in contact for few days.will try to be in connection as possible,but am alwys near to u by heart.luv u.mehek.

  47. manjunath.G said

    I am very glad to appreciate your accomplishment. well done NAVODAYANA. i wish you further success. good luck….

  48. sangram kishor satpathy said

    Great in deed.

    this is exactly what Navodaya Vidyalaya was created for.

    congratulations to all JNVians

  49. Mukul Kumar Gupta said

    Congrts… nd proud of u..
    u really proved wt a navodayan really meant for….

  50. Kailash said

    Proud to be Navodayan. Rewa Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  51. MOHD M ALAM said

    Hats Off to u….
    Proud to be Navodian

    ALUMINI 1994-2001
    JNV, Kolasi, Katihar
    At/Pr: Bhubaneswar, Orissa

  52. sanyasi satapathy said

    great to find such a great news under the great platform
    anita u hav proved this
    may God bless u with all that he has planned for you
    keep ur great endeavor to do the great for the creation itself so that u & our institute b remain great for all time to come in the history of living beings

  53. SAPANA said

    wish u all d best for further research..congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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