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Be an organization in yourself!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 25, 2010

Looking at the working of various social organizations, and the problems that they are facing today, I would like to share certain things here.

If somebody is working for society for a good cause, we must help and support him/her.  There are many well-meaning people in the society, who are working to contribute to the society in different ways. But I find that with a good intention too, after some time has lapsed, they get caught up in petty things, and the prime aim of their work loses its focus. Why this is happening is a matter of concern. And just think that if this is sorted out, the energy spent in these petty issues can be utilized properly.

We need to understand that the work we have to do actually is to be a responsible member of the society and this is the real service to the society. This sense of responsibility covers all that we could think of in terms of service to the society, from the family to the world family. And this is naturally acknowledged by the society too as this process is self-replicating.

The crisis today in the society is that we are not trying to be responsible, but trying to decide upon others’ responsibilities landing up in a blame-game. If we turn responsible, each one of us is a mobile organization in oneself, and plays a lead role for others. We need to set examples by our understanding, thought, behavior and work. Rest follows naturally.

On the other hand, if we as individuals are not self-responsible, some external agent has to dominate, and then organizational structures become more important. And then the fight for position, power, diplomacy, publicity, one-upmanship, supremacy,… creep in. If each one of us is responsible and works with clarity and commitment, organizational structure takes the back seat, and is just a means to fulfill certain formalities.

Hence, I urge all my friends to work to be a self-responsible and be an organization in yourself. Your character and living will guide the people. And organizations will be just a means to facilitate you.


7 Responses to “Be an organization in yourself!”

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  2. booger28 said

    Loved your post and look forward to learning more from you – have a most excellent day!!

  3. Ranjeeta said

    Thought provoking article.
    There are a number of people may raise you back because that is the only play they know. Their arguments and statements may involve you in controversy. Believe me they will drag you down, but all you need to do is ‘keep your feet moving and maintain the consistency’.

    They don’t understand that consistency is the important thing.

  4. nidhi said

    1 of d most impt tasks 2day is self-organize.

  5. hgh facts said

    Hi,very informative article. I found you blog from Bing. Keep it up and I’ll visit more often

  6. rohit said

    वाउ वाउ ….रीवा आखिर मेरे ब्लॉग पर आप आईं ..मैने जाने कब लिखा था…. पर एक शिकायत है…आपने एक ही पोस्ट पढ़ी औऱ शायद पूरे मन से नहीं….क्या टाइम नहीं था……..और हां आखिर आपका ब्लॉग इतना स्लो क्यों हो गया….आपकी और आपके पलाश की कमी काफी खलती है…..रेगुलर हो जाओ फिर से यार…..यार आपको पढ़ पढ़ कर ली तो हमने अपने ब्लॉग को शुरु किया जो पूरे एक दशक से लटका हुआ था….


  7. kaifeeanwer said

    One of the best article.. I have read. I can visualize its applicability everywhere. Not only in social work, this atitude requires everyday (personal life, family life, corporate life etc)

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