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Living to love you!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 26, 2009

It was quite windy when I was walking down the street in my colony today. Lined up with Gulmohar trees on both sides, the street was soothing to my eyes and soul. Painted in red with flowers, it seemed to be all prepared to welcome my Palaash!

Sometimes you have a fear in your heart which inhibits expression in words of the feelings you have for someone, a fear that expressing your feelings openly may wear it out. I kept looking on the red flowers lying on the street, and wondering if the fear could be reasoned out.

I reached home, remembering the moments I spent with you. Those moments keep flashing in my eyes as if they have become an innate part of my being. I want to live forever all those moments that bound us together in just a few days…

…Spending my evenings with you after my office hours, going for dinner and a long walk, and the pain which I had when I left you at the railway station with tearful eyes. It was really so hard to let you go. It made me feel all-alone. Getting down from the auto, I just closed the door and all the windows of my house, lied down on the bed and cried a lot. It was so tough to eat, to sleep, and I was thinking only about you continuously.

I paused! I knew we have to walk a long way…I wiped my tears. I never knew and I still don’t know how to say, how much I love you, and all I know is our love will grow, on and on till the end of time…

Wait…there is a ring at the doorbell, probably somebody is knocking at the door.

Excuse me please…..!


34 Responses to “Living to love you!”

  1. San said

    .\ (0)
    . \ ^
    . \ /
    . \ /
    . \/


  2. Vimal Kishore said

    lovely expression of feelings. I must say u have gud skills dat u cud explain ur feelings, bt i don’t find any words to explain my feelings when i m alone, anyways.. my gud wishes r wid u.

  3. nahid said

    Tere pyar ko salam, tere dard ko salam,
    tere gamo aur khushiyon ko salam,
    tu salamat rehe tere har jazbat ko salam,
    ye meri dua hai nahi koi kalam..

  4. rishibala said

    very well written

    jyada senti mat hoiyega
    those moments will be back soon

  5. rohit said

    hey bhagwan palash charo or bikhre de tumhare …. palash ke bahane hi sahi pure 2 month ke baad kuch likha….

    kaha kho jaati ho ….


  6. Partha said

    wow! so nice…

  7. Smriti Bharti said

    very touching……

  8. Abhiraj Anand said

    Thanks for sharing those feelings in this blog.

    You know, I am very happy for you. Nice feelings somehow always have shades of happiness and sadness. Live life fully, memory of togetherness (bas kuchh din/pal ka hi sahi)will surely keep both of you dreaming about the next time when you are together again at same place.

  9. rupali said

    woh i am speechless for a moment, u have given the words and wings to ur feelings.

  10. nidhu said

    very nice expression for ur feeling.

  11. Shubh said

    Very touchy…nicely expressed.

  12. Nihar Ranjan said

    It’s harder to put the feelings into words.

  13. Lucky said


  14. kundan said

    ab bas karo di….rulaogi kya??

    aise description dogi to sab ko apna pyar yad aa jayega…

  15. Bhabhi!!!

    Your honest relationship between your feelings and expression (your words)has Made these lines simply superb and very touching.

    warm regards
    Sushil kumar

  16. Abhishek said

    Hey its really superb….these feelings are really very very special…. i feel only one man(definitely very very special for u) deserve to comment on it….
    Only thing i can say….these lines are very touching and nicely expressed….

  17. Nidhi said

    sorry on comenting so late bt nyway im here again!! 🙂 😉

    Great post!
    i lov ur story soooooooooo much!!!!a true lov dat is ful of honesty.i’m so happy u finally met ur palaash.dis is just d start of a new chapter in ur life.wat wil b d next chapter in ur lov story.keep on writing,i wil read it.

  18. उन्मुक्त said

    लगता है, वही है दरवाजे पर, जिसके ख्यालों डूबी हैं आप।
    यह समय भी सुनहरा होता है जाने मत दीजिये।

  19. amu said

    sahi likha hai di………..aur ye sach bolun to meri feeling bhi hai.kisi ko dil se like karne ke bad usse dur rahna kafi muskil hota hai. par jindagi rukne ka nam nahi hai, chalne ka nam hai…..
    aur kahte hain na intezaar ka fal meetha hota hai.jab aap dubara apne luv se milogi na to pichla sara bhul jaogi. us samay sirf acha hi acha hoga………hai na?

  20. mehek said

    wellllll wellllll so simple and true expressions,just like smooth river water flowing in mind.awesome.jane do na is baar,phir laut e aayega ek din,agle mausam wahi palash khilenge dobara tere liye.

  21. rishibala said

    soon u vl be wid ur palash
    good luck
    enjoy those moments at the fullest!!!

  22. Ami Jha said

    http://amijha.wordpress.com/2009/08/09/218/ –for you di

  23. kshama said

    Brilliantly worded & expressed!

  24. I’ve read that post a couple of times. Although the language is subtle it really packs a punch. There are too many cynics in this world and it is refreshing, and moving, to read words as pure as yours. Thank you!

    Best wishes,


  25. Anupam Jha said

    Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind! lovely post!

  26. rishibala said

    waiting for the 2nd part of living to love you

  27. Ranjeeta said

    speechless now!

  28. Amit said

    This is a lovely post that says so much. It makes me happy just to read your blog.

  29. Ami Jha said

    How is married life Di

  30. RITESH said

    EXCELLENT ………………. DIL KO CHOO GAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. RITESH said

    EXCELLENT ………….. DIL KO CHOO GAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Its refreshing ……..gives me energy 😛

  33. Shashwat said

    Sanjida kar diya aapne.

  34. RAJ said

    just chanced upon it. It’s awesome! Not for the words alone but for the essence of ur feelings encapsulated within. U’ve poured ur heart out.

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