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An Insight Into Navodaya!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 5, 2009

An Insight Into Navodaya

Book Information:

Name: An Insight Into Navodaya
Number of pages: 128
Language: English
Writer: Navjeet Singh Sandhu

The book describes the life of the students, teachers and all other concerned with one of the biggest and most successful schooling system of India. It’s not a story of an individual but an image of the system itself. It tells how the students are groomed in the institute, the obstacles they face, the struggle they do and the voices they raise. Book enables the reader to visualize the scenario of the schools pointing out the reasons of failure and success of the system. It’s the very first book of its kind giving out firsthand experience of growing and learning in the prestigious institutes.

For more information, please contact Navjeet. His mail id navissandhu@gmail.com



3 Responses to “An Insight Into Navodaya!”

  1. pawar arvindra said

    hi , all navodians . i am missing the unforgetable moments of navodaya. do u ?

  2. nidhi said

    ny chnce to put somthng new hre?pls remember to post something intresting on ur blog.its time to do somthing abt it 😉

  3. Hi to All !

    This book is available / sold at navjeetsinghsandhu.weebly.com

    It takes a minute to ORDER a book.

    So order for yourself and your friends – Right Now.

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