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…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

मैं चली मैं चली…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on April 3, 2009

I was talking on phone and because of the network problem I opened the door and came out of the room. Finished my talk. I felt relaxed. I am happy, excited, completely clear with my feelings and feeling confident of the direction I have chosen. I saw in the sky. When I saw the clear sky full of bright and dim stars that I hadn’t seen for a long time, then I thought of taking a walk!

It was a new moon night. I was silently walking on the street in little moonlight. While walking on the street I was just thinking…a secret smile…a thought of love…a silent wishper that took me closer, and I felt, I am walking with…??…Aahaa…I realized that someone is listening to those silences!

It’s difficult to put in words what has happened to me?…should it happen?…will it really happen?…is it right?…am I just being stupid? No; nothing happend. Don’t worry. Trust me, I am absolutely fine! It is actually a state of my mind, and the wave of my heart is breaking the silence singing the song “मैं चली मैं चली, देखो प्यार की गली, कोई रोके न मुझे, मैं चली मैं चली….!”

Aah!! This is where my words end! You should understand in real sense…I wonder if those words could define my feelings…!

Guess it! 🙂


34 Responses to “मैं चली मैं चली…!”

  1. Lucky said

    😉 ……. I know I banned for it ,but cant resist !!!

  2. Hmmm. . . . . Rewa jee,guess kar lia. . . . . But will not say you in this public place. . . . . 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. mehek said

    aare chand raat,sitaron ka saath,aur ishq ki gli se gujarna hua mann ke khayalo ka,hmmm baat hai sunder lekin hum nahi guess kar sake?aap hi keh digiye:)

  4. @Lucky, chalega! 😉 Thank you.

    @Dr. Abhay, you have guessed? I am sure you would have guessed wrong! 🙂

    @Mehek, you know it. 😛

  5. Adii said

    Sab moh maya hein..
    practicing for FLIRTING to some… HAHAHA
    just kidding

  6. @Adii sir,

    I am just wise enough to realize my true feelings. Aap mere emotion ka mazak udate ho…hadd hein! Aapki shadi kabhi nahi hone wala shap dun? 😛


  7. Adii said

    Lagta hein meri sadi nai hone dene me aapka hi haath hein…
    aisa kya>>>>????

    Anyway….madam read last line also

  8. Hussain said

    MaashaAllah, badhai ho

    iss mein guess karne ki kya baat hain 🙂

    nice way of putting ur feelings, good writer indeed.

    hum toe shadi jaroor attend karrenge 🙂

    – Hussain

  9. San said

    Network problem in Chennai – No way!
    Sky & moon light visible in Chennai – No way!!

    Did you went to Mysore recently where this song was filmed? If not, take a break. Its lovely place.

  10. @Adi, are sir aapki shadi hogi…aur ham aapke liye bandi dhundh rahe hein. Tension nahi lene ka…dhundhne ke liye thoda time dijiye 🙂

    @Hussain bhai, hmmm…Thank you very much for your comment. Also, thank you so much for your kind compliment.

    @San, Achha! Jara reliance use karna. Have you ever visited to any resort in moonlight night in chennai? Kamre mein band rahne se kuch nahi dikhega…bahar niklo Maharaaj 😉

  11. Shashwat said

    Call drop! Sab iska kiya dhara hai?

  12. Ruchi said

    Beautiful emotions, stated in sweet simple words!!
    magar, your words dont end here madam…they should continue in the same sweet flow, vibrant with your hearts truest colors!!

  13. mehek said

    ha ha wahi hai laal surkh chehara liya dahakta khilta muskurata lehrata milta hai hawayon mein,:)

  14. Anupam Jha said

    Oye kidhar chali? duniya goooooool hai:)

  15. Ha. . . Ha. . . 🙂 nobody knows your real love. . . . . Sab naye reader hain islie. . . . . When older will come ,will surely say about your love. . . . . Is it true that love never dies ?If its so ,your love will be forever and i have red that love is not like the bread that can be cat into slices. . . . 🙂

  16. amu said

    mera 1st guessing to kahi aur hi ja raha tha but now i understand this emotion is not 4 our……….., but its 4 ur luv palassh.

    Apne kitne ache se in flowers ko notice kiya hai warna aaj to log apni busy life me ghar ke bazu wale ko bhi notice nahi karta.reallyyy its very nice.thats why i always want 2 be like u.

  17. @Shashwat, hmmm…how did you find out about this prob. 😉

    @Anupan, ye duniya gol nahi, duniya daamadol hai! 😛

    @Mehek, I just want to say a big thank to you for your lovely comments all the time!

  18. ma’am, emotions khubsoorat hain. likhne kaa tarikaa khubsoorat hai.
    baaki guess-vess kuchh nahi kar sakte. korean padhte padhte dimag me emotions ka achaar bantaa jaa raha hai. aap kaise bacha ke rakh paayin apni creativity. kuchh tips hame bhi dijiye.

  19. kundan said

    di ab to public ko ullu banana band karo……bechare sab itni asha lagate hain ki koi to hoga……..

    waise maine v guess kar liya hai..[:)]

  20. Amit said

    Beautifully expressed. You always bring something fresh. I guess it’s your love ‘Palash’ that guides your spirit.

  21. Nidhi said

    Very beautiful post.
    Oh gori gori chali kahan,tu chori chori chali kahan,ura key dil chali kahan???????
    Palash mil gaya.teenu or key chahiye.ho gai tu balle balle.. 😉

  22. Kiran said

    Love is one of the most beautiful emotions ever! This is beautifully written in a few words. Your palash is as beautiful as you are. I wish palash could understand ur emotions. 🙂

  23. रिश्तों का रूप बदलता है,
    बुनियादें खत्म नहीं होतीं|
    ख्वाबों की और उमंगों की,
    मियादें खत्म नहीं होतीं|
    इक फुल में तेरा रूप बसा,
    इक फुल में मेरी जवानी है|
    इक चेहरा तेरी निशानी है,
    इक चेहरा मेरी निशानी है|

  24. Nidhi said

    koe na roko dil key udaan ko,dil wo chalaaaa….
    aj fir jeene kei tamannaa hain.

  25. Vishal Prasun said

    Well expressed!

  26. Ranjeeta said

    Let your emotions flow for ever and may god keep your spirit alive.

  27. anil kant said

    खूबसूरत एहसास …बहुत प्यारा लगा

    मेरी कलम – मेरी अभिव्यक्ति

  28. Abhiraj said

    couldn’t resist commenting – “Behad Lajawab – bahut pyara” articulation of feelings!

  29. Veerendra said

    Ise hum kahte hain “khalal hai dimag ka” 😉

  30. हवायें भी होंठों को चूमती हुई बहुत कुछ कह जाती हैं।

  31. dr vishwas saxena said

    –I am fully in line with your poem— yes the feeling can be described as hidden bliss coming out of a lurking needle piercing the body culminating pain to blithe–
    —so love is a driving force,isnt it?
    Now my querry is if love enables an ordinary man to perform a valiant feat, can heat be used in healing the social groups ailing with violence,terrorism,brutality—cant it be a boon to emancipate this ailing world?
    I have some faint memories of a chaupaee of ramayana!saying thatdevi ahilya was emancipated from the course by the very touch of srirams’ feet–Please ponder and perculate it in your poetry too. i know my comment shall be disliked but what to do youngsters like you have to rebuild this world !

  32. rohit said

    hello rewa
    er kaun mila , kaha chali…..wah wahh wah palash ka rakeeb thund liya kia…yaar

  33. San said

    Now I can understand what below line mean for Rewa:
    “मैं चली मैं चली”

    I admit my wrong understanding in the previous post in this blog. 🙂

  34. Mayank said

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. It was a great read.

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