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What your heart says?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 18, 2009

Well, I am talking about the love and feelings for someone. When you talk about the relationship between guys and girls, somewhere it’s always taken in wrong way. Often friendship is mistook for love, but if people judge it properly, then they realize that “this would not be love, but it would be something special called a friendship”. I do not say it’s bad but the question is why we are not able to differentiate between love and friendship!

However, love has become a business these days, because before falling in love, most of the girls see whether the guy is settled or not, wealthy or not…all these things and you name it…”love”.  The case is same to a certain extent about friendship also. On the other hand, some boys mistreat it and get blasted from girls because of their mischief.

Basically such boys have a strategy. They all know that atleast 1 in 10 ladki aisi hogi jo unhe entertain karegi, aur bus they are prepared to take blastings from the remaining nine and try their luck in one tenth. It’s totally polluted now!

If the first person you tell doesn’t help you, keep trying. They tell someone else. They think if they just keep trying, at last they will find it, but if you love somebody and they put you feel down or breaks your heart like tiny particles and makes you cry then they simply don’t deserve it.

Actually, it’s a feeling like an addiction which takes place when we fall in love. In this we will find out what love really is and what happens in our mind that makes us fall in love. And when we realize that we are in love with somebody then we must ask ourselves that do they really just fit in the right “love template”? I guess, it is very tough to form the love template!

What’s your idea about love? 🙂


29 Responses to “What your heart says?”

  1. I think love is a function of heart alone and there is no variable called mind…
    So, plz keep the mind out….
    Now whenever I meet some good looking pretty hot girl….I feel… I m in love with her….and only thing I can say…
    “Of course, I Love her…! TILL I FIND SOMEONE much better….”

  2. @Abhishek,

    First of all tumhare heart funcation bhi kafi interesting hein. By the way who is your current love interest?

    “TILL I FIND SOMEONE much better….”

    Boss, much better ke chakkar mein abtak kitni bandiyon se galiyan kha chuke ho? 😉

  3. nidhi said

    ‘They all know that atleast 1 in 10 ladki aisi hogi jo unhe entertain karegi, aur bus they are prepared to take blastings from the remaining nine and try their luck in one tenth’

    guys realy cud fal in lov or thy jst cn pas time wid gals. 🙂

  4. ranjeeta said

    Logic of love has changed in our modern times. Only a few marry for love.

  5. abhi said

    love is a *bullshit* affair! there are so many things in this world trillion times more hitting than love.love is a disease..contagious(ahhh,nt writing this out of guilt,jaisi ladki waisa treatment,tit for tat!!)Numero uno is girls are too selfish to b in a relationship which is known as love really!! novel is coming….about some *good* girls only…so wait…

  6. Gagandeep said

    Our Dear MH government has approved live in relationship. Many people now can opt this lifestyle in India. 🙂

  7. Lucky said

    Friendship aur Love mein dhage bhar ka farak hove hai …..aur je dhage hetche to ke hai love aur ke hai dosti,karor rupye ka prasan hai bhaya

    Vivekanand Tau bol ke gaya ,ke jis ristein mein badlav ki gunjaish ho wo rista na hove kare …..Ib humare yaha to pyar panpe hi dosti ki sidia chad ke hai ….matbal friendship ,pyar mein badal jave hai …..yani ke friendship koi rista na hove hai ……to matlab yo niklo ki ladka aur ladki kabhi dost na ho sake hai……bhai maine na kahi yo bat 🙂 bas Swami ji ki bat ko hi arth nikal riya su …….

    Ab bat kare pyar ki …. pyar hamesha sundar chhori se hi hove hai…kyu bhai ??….. yaani ke pyar aur beauty mein koi to relation hove hi hai …..aur jab beauty na rah javegi tab ke hovega 🙂

    Is duniya mein pyar vyar kuch na hota ……bas sab paise ki maya hai ….. jid din maya aur kaya dono gayi …..to koi na milega pyar karan khatir

    ==>They all know that atleast 1 in 10 ladki aisi hogi jo unhe entertain karegi,
    Rewa ji ……….ladko ke barein mein to aap likhe karo ho kibe ladkiyo ke bare mein bhi likho …….

    Boyfriend ( hindi mein iska koi anuvad nahi hai ) rakhna aajkal fashion ho gaya hai ….jiske pas na hove hai ,use duniya outdated kehve hai …… Ib ek doctor bol rahi TV pe ek din ki ,is sal 92,000 abortion karaye 16-28 yrs ki ladkiyo ne …… wo bhi jab inni sari davayio ke ad aa re hai TV pe …. waise ji mhari budhdhi mein to gusti na yo bat ki mumbai mordern ho ri hai ……ib isne hi pyar kahe to ji …jo Kanha ne kiya Radha ke sang …we ke tha !!!

  8. Nidhi said

    “Friendship aur Love mein dhage bhar ka farak hove hai”


    chal tanne farak pata hain. 😉

  9. kiran said

    Relationships are very precarious dear.

  10. Lucky said


    Pata koni ..pata kar riya su !! Jib mil javega to tanne jarur bataunga 😉

    Waise ji kabhi mhare blog pe bhi comment likho …bahut viran ho rakha hai …..!!

  11. Nidhi said

    Friendship is like the relation between the hands and eyes. It is like when the hand gets hurt, the eyes cry and whenever the eyes cry, the hand wipes its tears.

  12. Lucky said

    Wah wah ….kya upmaye di hai ..hats off !!!

    Kuch pyar ke liye hamari taraf se

    Dil ne apne dard se aankho mein aansu banya
    aankho ki kya galti thi,jo dil ne use rulaya
    arey aankho ne hi to dil ko pyar mein fasaya
    ab bari dil ki thi, jo din ne use rulaya …. 🙂

    kasmein,wade,Pyar,wafa sab wade hai …wado ka kya 😉

  13. Vishal said

    Love is blind 🙂

  14. Nidhi said

    Lov is nt blind.
    Lov sees bt it desnt hav mind 🙂

  15. kiran said

    ‘Love is Blind’ for sightless couple. 🙂

  16. Lucky said

    Na Na ……na to love hi andha hove hai ,na hi lover

    Bas shayar jisne ye bola wo dimag se na sochta tha !!!

    Ib log shochan lag rahe hai dimag se….to pyar ki paribhashaye hi badal gi …..mera yaar pyar kar betha apni hi product manager se …….shaadi kar li ,saath mein package dugna …fir chhori ke father ne de diya ek bungalow gift mein …. hogi ke ne balle balle…..te ji main to kahu hu ke jib pyar mein dimag lagao tabhi fayda hove hai …..Varna to dukh hi dukh hai ismein ji ….

    ये किस का तसव्वुर है ये किस का फ़साना है
    जो अश्क है आँखों में तस्बीह का दाना है
    हम इश्क़ के मारों का इतना ही फ़साना है
    रोने को नहीं कोई हँसने को ज़माना है

  17. shashwat said

    गालिब कह्ते कहते चले गये कि……..

    इश्क़ पर जोर नहीँ है ये वो आतिश गालिब,
    जो लगाये न लगे और बुझाये न बने।


    ये इश्क़ नहीं आसाँ बस इतना समझ लिजे,

    इक आग का दरिया और डूब के जाना है।

    दोस्ती मेँ जोर, लगाने, बुझाने वाली बात नहीँ होती, ना ही आग का दरिया होता है।

    कहने का मतलब ये कि आज्कल के जादातर प्यार दोस्ती के अलावा कुछ नहीँ होता। 😉

    बाद मेँ लोग कहने लगते हैँ…

    ये कैसी मोहब्बत कहाँ के फसाने,
    ये पीने पिलाने के सब हैँ बहाने। 🙂

  18. shweta said

    i mite not be the right person to comment upon this topic but i know how to differentiate and where to draw line i guess because this is what i had been doing since last 3 and a half years.
    when i entered into university, i had secretly decided that if ever i would make a boyfriend he would not be from my college spcly from my class. the reason was if it goes well, everything will be alright but if it wont, i ll have to spend 5 years witha person with whom i mite have shared many special moments, yet i wouldnt want to face him in case v break up. i know it sounds calculative but i cant stand broken relaqtionships of any kind. not even friends.
    i found this guy who was not so smart, a bit wierd, kiddish, full of stupidities. we started talking and then i came to know how sensible this “onida ka bhoot” is. i liked him. we became friends. years passed and this bond grew stronger. we fought, we called names we even said we wont talk to each other ever again. its been arnd 4 years now and we are still friends. we are as thick as thieves. i know whenever i need a shoulder he would give me one and he knows when he needs a lecture he can come to me.
    its not that i dont know hw does it feels to be in love. i know what love is but this relationship is smthng special. i dont love him in the typical sense of the word but i surely love my best friend. we are not in a relationship and the possibilities of it is as distant as that of mine being president of india.
    we are friedns. i have seen people breaking up with their romantic partners. i have seen break up myself. i ve consoled him when he faced it. and i know one thing. i cant sacrifice my friendship for some thing called love.
    so aisa hai ji ki dhaga khinchna jaruri nahi hove hai.dosti aj bhi hoti hai aur pyar bhi hota hi hoga. aur zindagi, vinne rukne se nahi chalne se matlab hove hai. and pyar dosti etc to film valon ke interesting topic hain ji. real life me itne turns na hove hain. real life kahaniyon se jyada khubsurat hoti hai.


  19. Gagandeep said

    Pyaar ye jaane kaisa hai kya kahein ye kuchh aisa hai
    Kabhi dard ye deta hai kabhi chein ye deta hai
    Kabhi gam deta hai kabhi khushi deta hai 🙂

  20. Ranjeeta said

    Love is a complicated!!

    The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person. So, don’t love the person whom you love but love the person who loves you.

  21. Nidhi said

    i m lucky to hav u.its fr u.


  22. Kiran said

    Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall. 🙂

  23. rohit said

    Hi rewa

    Love Bus ho gaya to ho gaya : Koi definition nahi…..8 character, 3 word, 1 sentence . kahne me Aishe tasi ho jaati hai, Per Love Hone me second nahi lagta.

    “onida ka bhoot” kia world hai yaa, mast ekdum…..Badia laga.

    Friensip or Love me diffrence hota hai. Rakha jaa sakta hai. Aajkal jo bhi ho, Log jo bhi samzje, but love to love hai, or friendship to friendship, jisme man or women ka diffrence nahi hota. haa Khyanl Rakhna padata hai…..


  24. mehek said

    hmm jitna interesting post hai,comments bhi waah waah,humto kehenge dosti aur pyar do alag chize ya bhawnaye hai.ek guy and girl bahut achhe dost ho sakte hai,aur duniya wale ye jante bhi hai,pyar to ankhon se nazar aatahai beh jata hai,dosti hum define kar sakte hai,magar pyar ko nahi,pyar ki na koi paribhasha na koi seema,jab usko jakada jaye wo unchaha bandhan ban jata hai.

  25. Hmmm. . . . . . Downloading love template. . . . He. . He. .

  26. What your heart says about LOVE and FRENDSHIP? Exact defination or template has not yet been designed. Because I feel there is no line between love and friendship.
    I love all my friends. True
    My all friends love me. May not be true

    You may think what I am talking about? How can I love all friends? let me start with friendship. Its a relationship when you know each other and understand well. You help each other at the time of need. If it does not happen then, its not friendship. I never see love in the prospective of BOY/Girl friend love only.Love is the bond between two individuals by which they are interconnected. If a boy or girl come close at the age, when they may be attracted due to physical attraction is not LOVE. Most of the boys fell in love with beautiful girls and girls fell in love with boys who are handsome,rich,settled etc. This is not love, its infatuation.

    If a boy and girl are good friends, both the possibilities can happen. They mey be in love or may not be. It depends on their relationship. In India friendship can be between any boy and girl. But when they want to carry the relationship forever as husband/wife, there is lot of issues occur like cast, status etc. So due to our mindsetup, we can’t marry to our best boy/girl friend. naturally we keep the word friendship to keep alive the relationship.

    LOVE is different from modern days boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Boy/girl knows well he/she is my boyfriend/girlfriend but not my love. BF/GF is variable entity but not love. There are many situtions when I know I love her, but could not express her either I have certain limitations or she has.Love is eternal, it could not be explained. So, Freindship between a boy and girl can be true love, but they can’t be expressed.Let we distrubute our unexpressed eternel love to all our rlations/friends, it will make us happy.

  27. Nice post.

    All sorts of people exist and all types of relations are formed. The worse part is that not 1 in 10 but the situation has worsened…and it’s affecting the people with clear thoughts the most. The guys and girls who believe in friendship are affected the most. People have started looking at them with suspicious eyes. The present day BF/GF is not truly love it’s a something ‘HYBRID’ of love and friendship.

  28. Ek Aur Ajnabi said

    Is the Leaf’s departure because of Wind’s pursuit Or because Tree didn’t ask her to stay……

  29. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    Dont mind !Your initiation of this topic is just like an LKG child planning union budget of the country!love is plant which gets visible when it has withstand the adversities of harsh climate,drought,periods of starvation,endured infections of rusts,and overcoming them all,it has grown into a shade giving mighty tree.Extending shade even to the planter who didn’t water it,didn’t notice it growing and never bothered nourishing it.
    Love crosses many stages of life,counters many ordeals and is manifested in a very later stage of life when there is no organic and materialistic need is left among the lovers.It is very easy to preach about the bargainability of girls and strategised approach of boys,this often is done to escape the same allegation which is done by self on others.Love and friendship are two parellel streams sometimes diverging apart and some time converging in! love in true sense is the humid moisture clinging fast tightly left on a dried terrain surviving a drying river on a muddy terrain,inseperable even after parishing.
    I admit an urge of boys and girls to get attracted often erratically referred as infatuation,yes love can be seen in youngsters too!but it is love if it is carried far till boy turns old man and girl old women! You know why—?familiarity breeds contempt,so with attraction of physical looks or a few lucky deeds or even owing to a few skills love is often scene initiating in naives,but my dear friends it starts fading with the growing acquintences and changing physical features of the two.A very deadly syndrome I have noticed in todays world–!people precariously and precauciously fall in love,later they part, and mostly it is a selfish initiative of a female partner labelled very hacqniedly as helplessness,fine but then this parting is very strange you know,girl wants the lover to long lament and miss her always in his life and she doesnt’ appear. But as the forsaken lover approaches normalcy the girl appears temporarily just to bleed his wounds again and vanishes back—I am amazed what a perverted form of love is fast appearing–Anyway now folks need of the hour is to cling to values[of couse love is one among many]and stand firm.make love a driving force to ornament this world again.acquire selflessness,prepare to sacrifice,derive happiness in the well being of beloved,shower love more and more with the advent of age and get fond of a person more and more at the hour of his/her distress and then attempt to define love.We are not truely able to love our parents then how can we be plannig to love an incidently met beloved—please ponder.Sorry for my bitter because realistic comments.Trust me I am yet to see this iotic abstract entity often referred as –you all know.Regard
    Dr vishwas Sxaxena

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