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आज भी हँसाती है!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 17, 2009

It was the month of July, I had come back to school after the summer vacation. I was in class 10th. I needed some reference books which I was not able to find there, so I asked my Chachu to send the books. At that time, as he was posted in Delhi, therefore he sent me those books by parcel. After few days, the parcel reached the school during the class hour, then I had been called by peon bhaiya to collect the parcel. However, class was going on so I had to wait for the class to get over. After few minutes we got snack break, and I went to collect the books.

I was feeling a bit sleepy, so I thought of taking rest for few mintues. I slept keeping my head on the desk. However, before sleeping I told my friends “जब सर क्लास लेने आएँगे तब उठा देना”. That day teachers were having some meeting so they did not come to take class, therefore nobody woke me up. 

Later, when the bell rang, they woke me up. We left the class room and we were standing outside in the queue. We were going to the hostel for our lunch, and our teachers were with us. Our PET teacher ‘Jenna sir’ followed me, and he said with a smile on his face that ‘Rewa, looking nice’! I didn’t get him so I was quite wondering. In a few moments, I noticed that all the people who were standing near to me, they were laughing seeing me and my class friends were also with them laughing at me. But still I was not aware of anything, so was not able to find the reason “why their behaviour is different”!

On the way, my favourite teacher, biology mam ‘Namita Tripathi’ came to me, and she was also smiling at me. Suddenly, she asked me that “what have you done on the back of the shirt?” “तेरे शर्ट पर किसने ऐसा किया है?” I didn’t say anything for a moment, then I asked, “क्या हुआ मॅम”? She asked to all those who were standing close to me, but all of them were silent. Then to save themselves everybody started saying, “मॅम, रश्मिता और स्वर्णा ने किया है”!  Then she removed it from my shirt and said to them  “तुम सबको मार पड़ेगी”.

You know what both of them have done? No, it’s not something that was done easily. It’s a great job about which I was not aware at that time. I know, it couldn’t have happend with me. I tell you, when I was sleeping, they took away the address paper from the parcel. They didn’t remove address from it and added with bold letters “मैं बेवकूफ़ हूँ, मैं चोर हूँ” on the paper and had it pinned on my back even without my knowledge or without disturbing my sleep.

However, the worst part is, everyone including my juniors were laughing at me and I was wondering why is everyone laughing at me. I was really in a deep sleep so I didn’t know what they did. If I would have known then I would have removed it, I swear! Anyway, now I feel that it was a pleasant recall. Whenever I hit the road of remembrance, some sweet and some bitter memories pop up in my mind. I find myself being in a fun filled and not to mention that those were easygoing days.

Hmmm…… 🙂

20 Responses to “आज भी हँसाती है!”

  1. sameer lal said

    🙂 थोड़ा कोशिश कर पूरा देवनागरी में लिखने का प्रयास करें भले ही जरा छोटा हो. बस, एक निवेदन है.

  2. mehek said

    yaadon ki galiyon mein ghumna hamesha bahut khubsurat anubhav hota hai:):)waah bahut khub

  3. देवनागरी में लिखने का प्रयास करें

  4. peon को भैया बताना अच्छा लगा। बचपन की यादे ऐसी ही होती हैं, ताउम्र याद रहने वाली।

  5. San said

    Its true that fun during those days still charm us.

  6. Dr Anurag said

    शुक्र है शराफत की बात लिखी थी….

  7. Haan dher yaden is jehan mein kaid hai. .
    Hame yaad dilati hai akelepan me. . .
    Main bhi kho jata hun atit ke panno me. . . .
    Par aaj lagta hai kuchh kho gaya hai…
    Wo jalebi ko lootna. . Thali lekar daudna…
    Bas mat yad dilao,aaj fir ladne ko jee chhahta hai …
    Fir rone ko jee chahta hai. . .

  8. Bachpan to sath chod deta hai par us se judi khatti mithi yaden taumra saath rehti hain.

  9. @समीर महाशय, महेंद्र मिश्रा जी,

    आपके परामर्श को ध्यान में रखते हुए भविष्य में देवनागरी में लिखने की कोशिश करूँगी.


  10. nidhi said

    wat m i missing hre?i miss my school days,nd frnds.tht ws d golden days of my life.

    ye saath guzaare hue lamhaat ki daulat
    jazbaat ki daulat, ye khyaalaat ki daulat
    kuchh paas na ho, paas ye saughaat to hogi
    beete hue lamhon ki kasak saath to hogi.

  11. nidhi said

    ‘They didn’t remove address from it and added with bold letters “मैं बेवकूफ़ हूँ, मैं चोर हूँ” on the paper and had it pinned on my back even without my knowledge or without disturbing my sleep.’

    achha kia tha.bevkuf ko bekuf bolne me achcha feel hota hai.hahaha 😛

  12. Amit said

    Your friends knew you so well. Funny one 😆

  13. ranjeeta said

    “मैं बेवकूफ़ हूँ, मैं चोर हूँ”

    True 😛

  14. Lucky said

    Nicely Written …..keep sharing !!!

  15. kiran said

    Good to know more about you 😉

  16. Vishal said

    very funny act 🙂

  17. Ranjan K Behera said

    That was really funny di…keep writing such stuffs…

  18. nidhi said

    its so nice to walk down the lane of memories when sweet memories keep on pouring and we jus keep on smiling at these memories…



  20. Soumya Mandi said

    हाहा ये मजेदार था दी 😀

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