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Does free media means fair media?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on January 14, 2009

I strongly felt the need of this topic, so I pen downed my thoughts. The fourth pillar in our Indian democracy, the media always play an important role in our society. It’s the “liberal media” that should be accessible everywhere in our house from village to metros. I am surprised that our blind media still can’t see everything properly. I guess, media is failure to show or present the things the way it should be shown. How many events are really so important that people need to know? Why do we need so many channels?

मीडीया वालों को जब भी मीडीया के ख़िलाफ कुछ सुनने या पढ़ने को मिलता है तो वो भड़क जाते हैं. इसमें कोई शक़ नही कि मीडीया वालों को कभी कभी रिस्क लेकर बहुत ही साहसिक कदम उठाने पड़ते हैं. मैं ये नही कहती हूँ कि मीडीया वाले हमेशा ग़लत बोलते और लिखते हैं, किंतु ये बात सही है कि कई दफे उन्हें जो लिखना और बोलना चाहिए, वो सही लिख और बोल नही पाते हैं. शायद उनके पास ऐसा करने के कई वज़ह होंगे, किंतु इससे हमारे समाज पर काफ़ी ग़लत असर पड़ता है. TV चॅनेल्स की तो बात ही मत पूछो. चाहे वो MTV हो, या Fashion TV, या फिर बच्चों का कोई चॅनेल्स ले लो, इसका असर सबसे ज़्यादा हमारे युवा पीढ़ी और बच्चों पर देखने को मिलता है! 

We must be aware that it is creating a dirty society for our children. We have very limited amount of “events”, but we have so many news channels in the country. In fact, there are so many big and important news, they put in small section or they hide it. I have a question that do they really use some common sense or the right to freedom of speech?

Needless to say, most of the media play to get profit from politicians and big corporate world. As they are fully controled by them, so many media people are the puppet of their hands! And day by day, it’s making our nation a dirty laundry, on the name of full freedom of expression. Does free media means fair media?

What do you say? Should we continue with these channels which are mostly run by market fundamentalists? I think, some positive steps have to be taken to save the people from unwanted 24X7 nature of TV channels, and getting wrong, bakwas and biased news and serials that mislead the public!


53 Responses to “Does free media means fair media?”

  1. Lucky said

    Every time …I am the first to comment…ok let me ctrl+C my previous comment on another post ..here it is 🙂

    Sajish samjho khali ,
    5000 saal se tapsya karta bandar ,
    do u think dhoni`s hair cut is a news ???
    KHALI naam kundli ke hisaab se ashubh
    Big B ko zukhaam hua
    Churel ka hamla, Gadha bana ghora
    pyar mein bure phase yuvi
    showing Magic clips of Chris Angel and David Copperfield and try to make it interesting by saying he is “Dev-Purush”

    I can write a whole book on these type of bloody news…Is this the media we are expecting to have in India ?

    Media is that news reporting in India is run by either advertisers or political parties. So while Aajtak and India TV are running becoz they have big ads coz of big viewership, NDTV,IBN and the so called decent news channels are running coz they get moolah from their political bosses. Most of these channels and other media does what is called Gotcha Journalism

    You do not get news in India what you get is footage and content purchased by someone from channels so that they would be given to you for free. In some cases it may seem explicit in some cases it is more subtle.

    If you want news, go listen to AIR or any international news channel. (And no they are not biased against India as the India media would have you believe. Why would the Indian media want their business go out of their hands).

  2. Lucky said

    I think this discussion wuld be biased cos nobody here to support the media …..there are two things …News channel and the Tv shows /movies

    I believe there shuld be a regulatory body (not govt)who will decide ..wat is right n wat is wrong …… 🙂 …media is playing very important role cos it is only the way of information

    I hav written abt some data in previous post which was related to the news that Bharat is number 3rd in Rape among all the nations… ( unfortunately that comment was delete ,Rewa can better tell abt it ) but if u divide the rape cases with current population of countries then u can come to know that we are just close to Finland which is lowest affected in Rape crimes….News channels are playing wid figures ……in 2007 media spreaded a news that we are badly infected to AIDS n we wer number 2 after south Africa….after this news condom sell raised to 2,00,000K in a yr……..!!!

  3. ranjeeta said

    Media could play a big role but they are biased when they fail to do so.

    It’s up to media members to preserve independence and refuse to be used by politicians and big corporates.

  4. Shahrukh Khan said

    NO….free media does not mean fair media? Infact any thing free does not necessarily mean fair.

    I think we should continue with TV Channels run by Market Fundamentalist as long as those are FAIR…we dont and should not care who runs the channel.
    We as Indians share same kind of mentality irrespective of our region/class/caste. That’s why …any one from our society -whenever takes responsible job such as politician or policeman..can not stand upto the job expectations. And media persons/journalists are NO exceptions. I do think that news media and news media persons have more powerful effect and responsibility on/towards people than even politicians.

    To mention there are good media channels run by government…I wonder if any one watches LOKSABHA or DD NEWS. But private NEWS media channels..I think they have long way to be FAIR. But it is FREE MARKET…and we do want fancy stuff with various options…so we love to watch CNN-IBN/NDTV/TIMESNOW/…/Bullshit….. over DD-NEWS/LOKSABHA. We should not blaim media ONLY..but people also who love to watch fancy stories on these TV channels.
    Remember its market….which is totally driven by Customers primarily.

    So I say..

    It’s not what is available …but wat you want,
    It’s not what is shown..but what you want to see,
    It’s not who is showing…but who is watching,
    that MATTERS.

    So Don’t simply blaim but try to change the system/process/media/people.

    I think-The best NEWS-cum-Entertainment channel in India is ZOOM tv. Because it’s simply HINDI channel that provides proper news (celebrity news only) and best entertainment (bollywood)…as they promise/claim….UNLIKE all other NEWS TV channels.

  5. I wonder if any one watches LOKSABHA or DD NEWS.

    @Shahrukh Khan,

    In fact, I hardly watch TV programs or any sort of shows. I watch these two channels almost everyday. These channels provide very good information!

  6. nikhil said

    Our news media should learn from BBC,CNN,Reuters,Blommberg etc ..they are providin unbiased news services for decades….!!!

    I would say our news media is very immatured and on top of it viewers are very very very immatured…..If we stop watching these crap channels….on day they will go off air……!!!

    We have to decide what we watch…..!!!

  7. nikhil said

    @ shahrukh

    Its very sad that todays youth like to watch “celebrity news channels”…what the hell…..Karina went to alps with saif….this is the news we are more interested in….and not what is happening in gaza or Jafana!!!

    Shame on those who watch celebrity news channels…….!!!!!!

  8. Lucky said

    What is wrong in seeing Zoom TV ..I think it is better then to c ACP arjun,pardafash,Apradhi kaun,kal kapal mahakal,khali talli ,yuvi shuvi,Ravan ki mummy,”Aaj aish ne kya khaya”, “kuch piya ki nahi?”…………..

    Aajtal — BJP TV
    NDTV – Communist/Congress TV
    India TV – Jadoo Tona TV
    Times now – Again BJP TV
    DD News – Govnt TV

    I think Pakistani GEO TV is more secular than out TV channels …..Hamid mir is far better than Rajdeep Sardesai …who work only for money n quit NDTV few days back ……..Vinod Dua ,who work DD for 14 years now criticising DD as Sarkar ki aawaj …

    And wat else we are getting frm these channels …. Sas Bahu aur sazis, Rat baki …disgusting !!!

    i think the tv news channels can be catergorised into some specific cat

    1> lamers: one news whole day
    2> show makers : snake and a boy friendship stuff illogical to all but a whole day event to some
    3> hot news onlookers : hookers sting operation and so on (high TRP)
    4> idiots : ahemm what did others show i want to re-telecast
    5> breaking news hunters ! : well all news is breaking news all the time for them wonder even this news will be one to them i wish they show this thread too on tv 😀
    6> Educators : want to make desi liqour just watch their special report they show it as if its a matter of pride to them a operation exposing the illict liqour barons dynasty
    7> vagabonds : anywhere their agent is there to show things like how people spit on roads and how the crow flies
    8> we know all : this guys just go around showing things which are least concern to you or to anyone except the news channels time filling slot!
    9> stingers: they just roam around do goofy stuffs and get all the sex workers a free pulbicity , dug peddlers more audiences, and makes problems for u and me too.
    10 > baba group : ok these guys got a baba/a tarot reader or say anyone who is good for them (supposingly) and make a full day event out of it 😀
    11> crime reporter : the reporter or the channel anchor looks more like a criminal to all ..i think this should inspire all bhai public to take up jobs as reporter or the anchor of some xyz channel

    …. any one can contribute

  9. kiran said

    Its true that media plays a major role in society. The news media covers the news very well but they are not playing fair and balanced. Media should focus on the problems of common negligent people.

  10. Lucky said

    Ye to rahe news channel …..ab bat kare Entertain Media ki

    Number-1 . MTV Splisvilla …..for me it was “intellectual prostitution Show “…..concept was ..Two dishy men. Twenty sexy ladies…..!!

    Color’s Bigg Boss ……. Sambhavana’s Erotic Dance ……I think ppl hav seen all possibility in her ……. online massaging show 🙂

    contribution is always welcomed for this comment …. 🙂

  11. Nidhi said

    few channels r v v bad espcialy fr kinds.i thnk its horrible tht kids hav access to so many bad thngs nw a dys.wat v teach d kinds?

  12. nidhi said


  13. Lucky said

    the problem is not with kids cos they are kids …they dont know the meaning wat they are seeing n they rarely see these things ….but problem is with youth ……MTV is the icon of Bharitya youth …….hey wat they call it…..ymmm “Youngistan”…… Hindustan ka nam badal hi dena chahiye abhi lagta bhi thoda mordern hi hai ….. 🙂

  14. ranjeeta said

    We all know that kids today are growing up too fast. The simple truth is that they have access to much more information than our generations. So it depends on the media people how that news should be presented.

    The news often projects only the simple facts of a story. Who? What? When? Where? The result is our kids only hear who’s killing whom with no explanation of why those countries are at war.

  15. Lucky said

    Log kehtein hai ki aajkal dharam nahi bacha ….arey itni hinsa aur sex dekhenge to kaha se bachega

    Tulsi das ji ne kaha hai ..”Daya dharam ka mool hai ”

    Bar bar ki hinsa dekhne se aadmi ki daya khatam ho jati hai ……use ye khoon ,rape sab normal lagne lagta hai …..ab jab daya hi nahi rahegi to dharam ka tikega …aur dharam nahi rahega to yaha wo sab hoga jo aaj videsho mein hota hai ……….aur bahut hi jaldi hoga ,jyada waqt nahi bacha hai …..obesity ke naye karnamein dekhne mein

  16. ranjeeta said

    kids are exposed to tough issues like violence, sex, drugs and alcohol, death and divorce. It can be difficult for children to understand.

    Why media is unable in projecting child labour crimes in india? We know it is important and this can help them better understand the world around them.

  17. Lucky said

    bachpan mein bus stand par kuch kitabein dekhta tha eg… manohar kahaniya ,satya katha ,dafa 302 …jinki taraf dekhna bhi pap tha….aaj wo hi roj rat 10.30 sare news channel par aati hai …….. log with family dekhtein huye dinner lete hai 🙂 ….ise hi kehtein hai right to information ???

  18. nidhi said

    “The news often projects only the simple facts of a story. Who? What? When? Where?”

    media ye khabar rakhta hai bt (Why? How?) ka khabar lana jane kyon bhul jata hai.

  19. nidhi said

    d topic of sex is al over d news.is d news real?

  20. shashwat said

    “bachpan mein bus stand par kuch kitabein dekhta tha eg… manohar kahaniya ,satya katha ,dafa 302 …jinki taraf dekhna bhi pap tha….aaj wo hi roj rat 10.30 sare news channel par aati hai”


    We shud make a resolution here, dont watch all those channels mentioned above. Talk to ur frnds n family, convince them not to watch. If their TRP wl come down they wl b forced to show wht we want.

    Another thing wht i wan to convey tht today, media n entertainment sector is highly unorganised. ye media wale bolte hain cinema me underworld ka paisa laga hai…bhai inka to pata hi nahi kaha kaha se paisa aaya hai. Govt MUST setup a committe to regularise inflow of funds.

  21. Lucky said


    par ji humare dekhne na dekhne se kya farak padta hai …..TRP aur govt dono ek hi jaisi hoti hai …..So called Smart logo se unhe koi farak nahi padta ,kyunki keval 2-3% “smart” log hi to vote dete hai aur channels dekhtein hai ….!!!

  22. shashwat said

    hmmmm fir kahen kya kiya ja sakta hai? aise hath par haath dhare baithna bhi to theek nahi.

  23. nikhil said

    sirf Sanskar aur Aastha channels hi on air hone chahiye…….Lucky will agree this 🙂

  24. Lucky said


    bhahiya mere ……. maine aisa kab bola ??

    bhai main to sab dekhta hu ,warna itna sab MTV ke bare mein kaise likhta ….Osho kehtein hai ki ,agar kisi subject pe kuch kehna hai to use jan-na jaruri hai …..Bina cricket match dekhe kaise bataoge ki sachin ne pull ki jagah cover drive kyu khela 🙂

    Aastha ..aajkal Ramdev baba ki sharangah bane huya hai ….aur humare sammanit kavi Hari Om panwar ji bhi puri tarah chhaye huye hai…to swasth ke sath sath,dimag bhi swasth ho jata hai ….. kuch galat nahi hai Aastha dekhne mein ….kuch hai kya ??

    Aur agar pada ho to maine likha hia ke media ko hi tay karna chahiye ki kya karna hai ………

    Chal chhad bhai, ye batao kaise ho ???

  25. Lucky said

    bahut kathin sawal hai …….lekin kuch karna bhi chahiye …..kam se kam apne kam mein kuch aisa kare jo is desh ke kisi sector ko to thik kare …. itne sare post likhe gaye ..itni sare comment !!! par result kya …….kahi koi solution mila ?? nahi ……kyunki bat jab apne pe aati hai to bhahiye hum sab bhul jatein hai …..

    humein sharam aati hai hindi bolne mein
    bat hum kartein hai hindi ke vikas ki
    humein sharam aati hai DD dekhne mein
    bat hum kartein hai MTV ke sarvnash ki
    humein achca lagta hai Pizza burger
    fir kehtein hai ke postik hota hai sattu aur gur
    humein sharam aati hai middle class hone ki
    fir aawaze aati hai pashchatya mein rone ki
    humein samuhik pariwar mein rehne mein sharam hai
    aahkal live in relation ka bazar garam hai
    humein sharam aati hai salwar mein kammez mein
    fir hungama hota hai ,mardo ki tammez mein

    kher sabse pehle ye jo sharam hai ke bina MTV dekhe hum mordern nahi ho saktein ,hatani padegi ……!! Shaswat ,aapne sahi kaha humein hi iska bahiskar karna hoga …..tabhi kuch ho payega …….dusra ek regulatory body ho jo niyantran rakhe in news chennels par …….lekin wo Govt na ho …..media hi tay kare apne niyam aur palan kare ……!!!

  26. shashwat said

    chaliye theek hai. log aage aayen, aur kahen ki aaj se news channels dekhna band.

  27. rohit said

    good topic rewa

    Dost kafi baate hui hai…Media 2 type ka hai…Print and Electronic media…Print media ke pass 175 saal ka ithaas hai. or eletronic media india me abhi sirf 10 saal se hi kahada hua hai…
    Print Media me kafi kuch likah jaata hai soecity me…isper dekhe….
    ..kuch programe hote jo chalte hai…phir band ho jate hai. kuch purne programee hai jo band ho chuuke hai…..
    AAp Sab logo ko ek baat bata du, ke media india me puri free nahi hai…Govt ka kafi sensor hai…Electronic Media per Apna control laane ke liye govt har 3-4 saal per ek bill lane lagti hai. or phir kafi virod hone per hi bill rukta hai…lekin bill rukta hai …abhi tak cancel nahi hua hai….contral karne ke liye govt chati hai ki koi bhi bite, koi bhi interview Bina Police ke permission ke nahi challe..kia aapa support karege…Kahte hai ki kisi victim ka interview bina police permission ke nahi air hoga..kia aap ko lagta hai victim police ke dar ke baad media ko interview dega..nahi na….

    Badai or kharaab har field me hota hai..Fake currency, Dawood ki report karna easy nahi hai. Illegal nexus ke report karna, Police or liquor nexus kaun nahi jaanta, lekin hota kia hai, kuch log agar Bike hue hai to har koi nahi bika hua…..Jinki jaan gai unka koi support nahi karta….

    Dost kai media person Maare gaye hai….or small city me har mnth me kai media person maare jaate ahi, unka koi fund nahi hota, unhe koi support nahi karta.,,akhir kiyon…..Apni family ka risk leke woh akhir kiske liye apni jaan deta hai . Society me koi nahi poochta unki family ko..Agar 100-200 media person rich ho gaye hai to kam se kam 50,000 media person hai jo less income ke baad bhi Ladi jari rahkhe hua hai….Kirpya unki shaadat ko naa bhule…kashmir me kitne mediaman manre gaye koi ginti nahi hai..Lekin govt na hi society unki family ke liye aage aaiii…Akhir Kiyon ???????

    Dosto Yaad Rakhna…Govt ka control har haal me aapki awaj ko band ker dega….

    Yeh Theek hai ki channel kai political party ke supporter hai or Business House ke hai…but still there is many people who always try to write down real things….Many time people threated me
    “”””Our news media should learn from BBC,CNN,Reuters,Blommberg etc ..they are providin unbiased news services for decades….!!!””””

    Very sorry Nikhil. BBC Was totally biased. And still… London Metro Blast se pahle bbc India ke saath saath all world ke terrorist ko Extremist kahtha tha….Extremist Attack kahta tha…..uska answer hota tha ki who international channel hai, Jab London me attack hua to bbc ne ishe Terrorist attack kaha….Jab Sari dunia me media ne Poocha key eh U-Turn Kiyon…tab 2-3 din baad who waapas aaya apni purani line per…..

    News tv channel dekhna band karnna ..kabootr ka bili ko dekh ke aankhe band karne ke barab hoga

  28. rohit said


    ….मीडीया वालों को जब भी मीडीया के ख़िलाफ कुछ सुनने या पढ़ने को मिलता है तो वो भड़क जाते हैं….
    aishe baat nahi hai rewa…me explain kar raha tha….kiay kabhi badia programe ki tahri Bhi karo yaar…

    Journalist (Even me) threatened by criminals/govt officer/politician on regular basis, its’ there routine now. Many crime Reporter is under threat by criminals. Becz we show the face, and they don’t want to come on cam. …..we have more enemy then friends, all corrupt person wann to kill us.


  29. rohit said

    2 talented palyer ke liye sposer ki leiye 2 hours ka programem kia tha..sponsoer nahi mila pura, becz they r just kid..not star..so log bhi aage nahi aaya….tha….

  30. Lucky said

    Rohiy I do agree with ur comments …..I think we shuld provide security for Reporters…….

    ==>Journalist (Even me) threatened by criminals/govt officer/politician on regular basis, its’ there routine now. Many crime Reporter is under threat by criminals.

    Lekin kahi media criminals se link to nahi ……. pata bhi kaise chale kyunki apne dhandhe pe koi lat thode hi marta hai …..bade logo ke bare mein yani bade patrakaro ke bare mein to media kuch bol hi nahi sakta …..aur hum logo ka gyan shrot bhi media hai …….fir kuch choti machchliyo ke bare mein bat kare ………karname thode chote hai ,fir bhi kabile tareef hai ……..

    Sanjay Kumar Singh a crime reporter has been arrested over a spate of dozens of car thefts and burglaries, accused of using his contacts to move stolen goods, newspapers reported on Thursday.Singh covers the crime beat for daily newspapers in Bihar.

    TOI reporter took offence at the name of the pet dog of a Bollywood star and registered an FIR on Friday—more than a month after the article appeared — on grounds of deliberately injuring religious sentiments (Section 295A of the IPC).

    An Indian television journalist was arrested for allegedly trying to get a depressed businessman to kill himself and his family on camera.

    The Live India TV reporter Prakash Singh was on the charges of Criminal Conspiracy, cheating, impersonation. It was found that the reporter and the woman who featured in the sting as the alleged school student or a prostitute were in connivance

    The Criminal Investigation Department of the Tamil Nadu police arrested a Coimbatore-based reporter of Nakeeran magazine on Wednesday in connection with the murder of a youth allegedly by forest brigand Veerappan in 1998.

    Ashish Chakroverty has been sent to jail today. He had been duping people by giving false promises of getting jobs for them in an electronic news channel, situated at Kapoorthala Crossing

    Ashwin Pinto, a reporter for a web site, was arrested Saturday morning in South Mumbai, India, for allegedly sending an email impersonating as Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, a senior police official said.

    Bade logo ki bat bad mein karenge 🙂

  31. Lucky said

    I was in hurry ……forgive for my typo errors 🙂

  32. Shahrukh Khan said

    RAM RAM !!

    Some one said-“Govt ka kaafi sensor hai”…Bullshit !!
    I watched- Wardrobe Malfunction in DELHI fashion show on NEWS CHANNEL (AAJTAK)…and they literaly showed (early clippings)…stuff youth wants to see in private.
    I watched- Man with Iron Rod in his CHEST- total explicit content on CNN-IBN.
    I watched- porn clips on CNN-IBN, STAR NEWS and INDIA TV.
    Lucky has given few more-very good examples above.

    Some one justified-how BBC is biased-well, that still does not change the fact that our India media is biased…and should still learn from BBC and Reuters.

    Here is case- Raj Thakre..boycotts English and Hindi TV Media because he thinks those are biased but allows marathi TV media only….and Marathi media also covers him exclusively. This shows how media is biased.

    Another Example-10 Lacs people get converted to Buddhism volunteerly in India (year 2007)and No Indian News TV-broadcasts this news…but BBC.

    Indian TV MEDIA has Freedon to blaim PAKISTAN for Mumbai Attacks without any official proof/evidence/investigation but they think A R Antulay does not have even right raise a question.

    Indian news media hire hookers/prostitues for exposing BANGARU (TEHLAKA)/SEX RACKETS/CASTING COUCH but then they also make news reports on prostitutes and their customers. HYPOCRISY ! (Lukcy has given even more better example)

    Some said-“I think Pakistani GEO TV is more secular than out TV channels “. Very Right…I agree !
    GEO TV PAKISTAN- which first tried to investigate AZAMAL KASAB in Pakistan-is more better/secular than CNN IBN….which simply boasts of BULLSHIT !!

    Comments#28, 29 and 30 suggests that those are by some media person only.

    IF we will be served with bullshit again and again then it makes perfect sense to “tv channel dekhna band karnna” even though it sounds like..kabootr ka bili ko dekh ke aankhe band karna. …at least till we find better option or better BILLI.

    Oohhaa..I am tired now.

  33. Shahrukh Khan said

    Oye Lucky Lucky Oye….
    Hats Off to your Media Research !!

    SHOAIB ILLYASI naam ka ek banda ek bahut famous crime report wala show chalata tha…dont remember show name…but I think this guy also was later convicted under some serious crime. All crime shows these days are derivates of that show…I guess.

    Film- PAGE3 and “Mumbai Meri Jaan”- exposed Indian media (Print and TV) very well.

  34. Lucky said

    @king khan ….bhai tera nam bha gaya dil ko

    Shoaib Illyasi ne to apni wife ka hi katle-aam diya …….bahut pass mein hi rehta tha noida mein mere ghar ke 🙂

    Fir unka anuj bhi aaya India TV pe …….abhi ka pata nahi kyunki chhad diya dekhna hi …

    Bhai Hamid meer mein himmmat to hai bolne ki kuch ……yaha to itna paisa bhar diya hai in news reporters ke muh mein ki, bol to kya …saans bhi nahi le patein hai bina apne aakao ki permission ke ………

    ==>AAp Sab logo ko ek baat bata du, ke media india me puri free nahi hai…Govt ka kafi sensor hai…

    ab soch lo ki ye so called sensor bhi na ho , to kya karenge ye news channel …. 🙂

    ==>Dawood ki report karna easy nahi hai.

    bhai ek photo tak nahi le paye 1997 ke sharjah match ke bad dawood ki …….wahi purani batein jab tab TV par dikhatein rehtein hai ……..

    ==>Kahte hai ki kisi victim ka interview bina police permission ke nahi air hoga..kia aap ko lagta hai victim police ke dar ke baad media ko interview dega..nahi na….

    court ki kya jarurat hai ,aap unke muh par camera rakhiye ….news dikhayiye or SMS se janta faisla kar degi

    kya aap jantein aap logo ke karan kitne log suicide kartein hai …..bina jurm sabit huye pure deniya mein uski bejjati kar dete hai bas TRP ke liye ………….

    Main ye nahi kehta ke media galat hai ….lekin jis tarah se media apni takat ka galat istemal karta hai mujhe us par aapatti hai ……har reporter ke political links hote hai …. har chote bade kam media walo ke baye haath ka khel hai 🙂

    ab thodi chhoti bat …….

    1. Car ke upar press likhwa lo .traffic police wala nahi rokega
    2. reservation ki line mein aap ki variyata hogi
    3. Bina ticket yaatra karo aur bolo ..bhaiya press wale hai
    4. press club mein fokat ki chai aur cold-drink
    5. kisi bhi neta,abhineta ke sath fotu kichva ke duniya pe rob dikhao.

    bhahiya curreption ne media ko bhi nahi chhoda hai …..bas apni to yehi dua hai ki aap log jago aur khud hi sahi karo apne profession ko ……….hum kuch nahi karne wale …. 🙂

    apna kya hai…. aapka channel nahi dekhenge to koi aur sahi

  35. nikhil said

    @ Rohit

    “Being biased” and “being crap” are two differrent things….!!

    You may call them biased..but they are far more ahead of our media…!!!

    Terrorists are extreamists only……!!!

    If you see, every medium follows specific ideology..like “Paanchjanya” follows BJP/sangh idoelogy…so they will cover their angle….you cant blame them for being biased…! they will follow what they believe in…!!

  36. shashwat said

    Aapk bahut si baaten manane ka mann karta hai. Lekin aap jin chote shahar ke reporters ki baat karte hain, unhin chote shahar me mera exp hai ki re[porters asks for money, paisa do nahi to chaap denge!! Kuch log gundon se jada inse darne lage hain.

  37. shashwat said

    Dont knw if i m right or wrong but i feel ki netas n mediawalas reflect mentality of corrupt society.

    Jise bhi power milta hai, start misusing it. Kal agar hamen mile majority of us wl do the same.

  38. lucky said

    Ab bat kartein hai badi machhcliyo ki —

    1. RAjdeep sardesai bole to padambhivushan Rajdeep sardesai :

    Why is that Sardesai can air sting operations on Gujarat Riots and Non-Congressi MP’s, but he cannot air CD on cash for vote scandal ? (When both mentioned scandal are subjudiced)

    Is this because Anil Ambani have stake in TV18 which in turns have stake in IBN, and he happens to be best buddy of accused Amar Singh ?

    Because Sardesai is impartial and have leaning towards Congress Part ?

    What is funny is that he talks about ethics and morals. With his decision on this cd he has unmasked himself.

    Sardesai and his colleagues have helped raping Indian democracy, Congrats on that.

    I wonder what he got for this, money / shares / licence for new channel.

    Rajdeep Sardesai is is probably most corrupt journalist in India.
    Shame on Sardesai.

  39. lucky said

    =>Indian TV MEDIA has Freedon to blaim PAKISTAN for Mumbai Attacks without any official proof/evidence/investigation but they think A R Antulay does not have even right raise a question.

    Antulay sahab ki to bat hiu nirali hai ……. lekin ek bat hai pakistani media mein chhaa gaye hai wo ……unhe samajhna chahiye ki wo parliyament mein beth te hai na ki kisi college class mein …..bhai concept clear karne ke chakkar mein bharat ki international image ke sath hi khel gaye wo….bhahiya Govt aapki,minister aapka chupke se pooch lete …….nahi chupke se kaise poochtein …aalkaman ka order tha ke public mein pooche …..taki pata to lage ki kitna sochati hai congress minority ke barein mein ……

    bhahiya ek they joshi sahab ……reporter hi hai ….unhone likha ki unhone shahid karkare ki maut ke bad kuch logo ko saffron flag liye dodte dekha ….wah re reporter …log tumhe hi dikhe …baki janta to so rahi thi …… !!!

    live commentry dikha rahe they mumbai attak ki …..camera rakh diya fojiyo ke sir pe…….ab Govt kehati hai ke bhai mat karo ye sab….kuch rule banao…to mirchi lagne lagi …….!!!

    Is desh ke charo pillers mein dimak lag chuki hai …….Govt,police,court,media sab mile huye hai ….!!!

    Aur koi bhi apna kam nahi karta….bas dusro ke kam mein adange dalta hai ……lekin humein kya …apni to dal roti chal hi rahi hai 🙂

    Baba nagarjun ki kuch lines yaad aa gayi

    thor thor par bheek mangti budiya bharat mata
    pata nahi bharat putri se kya hai iska nata
    naye rastra ki nav durga hai ,naye khoon ki pyasi
    no din kapoor jale rat din ,fir bhi wahi udasi
    loot pat ke kale dhan ki karti hai rakhwali
    pata nahi dilli ki devi gauri hai ya kali

  40. Abhishek said

    It is good to see that we young Indians are so caring and protective for our society.
    People are so anguish for Indian media…No wonder, the anger is genuine .It is true that few Indian TV channels are twisting the facts, interpreting it as per their convenience and offering only for their own benefits. But because of few biased and few incompetent TV channels we should not blame the entire media.

    Only TV channels do not represent the Indian media. Radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet are the integral part of it. Broadly we can devide it into two parts: press media and broadcast media. I always find good to have more options available. It is the individual’s choice to rely on the press or on the digital means. I think people are smart enough to make the right choice as per their interests and priorities. If we don’t like Aajtak, we r free to switch over to ‘NDTV profit’ or ‘Lok sabha’ or what ever we like. If we don’t like ftv, mtv or vtv we r free to switch over to ‘aastha, sanskaar, etc. I feel it is more important to know, what we really need rather than questioning the availability and access ability of biased and twisted information. One thing I want to mention here is that every thing in this world follows the theory of demand and supply. The media play the role of suppliers and we are here at the receiving ends to create the demand. So we are here to decide who is going to survive in this competitive world of media.

    Some facts and challenges for media as well as governments:

    1) I do agree with the author, the extent of corruption in the press, and especially the business press is widely believed to be growing. There is evidence that companies ‘buy’ news coverage by handing out cash to business journalists. There is also sufficient evidence of political journalists being corrupted in various ways. Definitely Press Council of India needs to take some extra effort to inquire in to these corruptions.
    2) There are serious disparities in the reach of the mass media in society – between urban and rural India, between men and women and between classes. This unevenness of social reach and impact does not seem something that media strategy can do much about. It is for India’s development strategy to address these troubling disparities and distortions. I think we need to relook the potentialities of radio as the mass medium that can reach all sections.
    3) Diversity and pluralism must be recognized as a vital advantage for all the mass media.
    4) For media the challenge is to learn four positive functions:
    1. Credible informational function
    2. Critical adversarial function
    3. Educational function
    4. Agenda building role
    India’s relatively independent and pluralistic press has a good track record with respect to the first two function but third and fourth function need to be perform to make a real difference in society. If the educational role is developed in systematic and imaginative way, the exciting results are likely to follow.
    5) Hope must also be invested in the new media, especially the internet, which need to be kept open and not restricted, and made to promote diversity and pluralism of content as well as free access to sources of data and knowledge.

    I feel it is unfair to blame whole media on the basis of few incompetent news channels and just by pointing out some disadvantages of free media. As the author correctly said, the media is the fourth pillar in our Indian democracy, we need to reconsider the positive aspects of the free media, before saying that it is fare or not.

  41. mehek said

    baap re hum to tv news se door bhagte hai:):),sahi kaha rews,news channel ko apna vajjod badalne ki jarurat hai,news ke naam pe anapshanap dikhate hai.

  42. ranjeeta said

    “If we don’t like Aajtak, we r free to switch over to ‘NDTV profit’ or ‘Lok sabha’ or what ever we like. If we don’t like ftv, mtv or vtv we r free to switch over to ‘aastha, sanskaar, etc. I feel it is more important to know, what we really need rather than questioning the availability and access ability of biased and twisted information.”


    It’s not matter of choice, it’s matter with Kids today. For example: The issue of drugs can be very confusing to children. You can’t leave as it is. Kids can get their first glimpses of stereotypes from the news and other media. That is why it is so important to monitor the news.

  43. Vishal said

    If something happens to a girl, all media will make such big matter, give their own unusual story, that she was tortured, kidnapped, raped butchered and burnt alive. But if a boy dies, police even refuse to take complaints, no government comes to help or listen, and it’s hardly comes in any news media.

  44. Ranjeeta

    You are right. This is really very sensitive for kids.
    But for this point I feel, parents has to play an important role. They have to put the check over their kids.

    I don’t think its logical to check the ‘media’ in the time when the “World is flat”.You can filter few news channels, but how will you filter the websites…

    We are shouting for reducing the no. of channels… but at what cost…?At the cost of someone’s freedom and choices…I don’t think its advisable…

    Anyway, one more news channel is going to come on our home screen very soon….ET NOW, the television arm of The Economic Times, will beam into homes across the country. Hope this will be the credible and authoritative voice on Corporate
    India and financial markets in the electronic media space.

    I like watching business news… I like to hear good corporate leaders speak…and if someone says, these news channels are mostly run by market fundamentalists and we should filter it…Probably I won’t support…

  45. rohit said

    hi all
    mene kisi channel or media person ko defend nahi kia. Har palace me dimak hai, sahi baat hai. Per phir bhi media me kafi log hai, jo jaan per khlete hai, apni duty ke liye. Baad naam bada Journalist nahi ho jata. Kuch din ka naam Life time achivement nahi hota. Jo bhi bada Journalist hua hai, kaam ke dum per, JO political link har waqt personal kaam ke liye use karta hai, use media me izzat nahi milti.

    Apne kai naam gina diye unke baare me, Aapki mane to indian media me immandaar koi nahi, what a great joke..!!!lol!!!…

    ..Maaf kare PAKISTAN KI tarfadaari na kare. Bina Shabboot ke indian media ne hamla nahi kia tha. Media ke pass proff aa gaya tha…Kasab ka saach media ne hi nikalla tha GEO se bhi pahle(london based newspaper open the truth)

    Fight ka First Coverage kai galtia deta hai. Aap kia chahte hai govt pura sensor kar de. Aap ke tahra hum bhi roti dall me khush rah sakte hai.

    4 naam gina dene se har media wala rich nahi ho jata. Ho sakta hai app kewal rich media person ko jaana chaate ho. Ghar beth ke Baat karna assan hota hai…kabhi koi kaam kia society ke liey..kare to kai baate aaygi …buri bhi acchi bhi….

  46. rohit said

    Car ke upar press likhwa lo .traffic police wala nahi rokega
    2. reservation ki line mein aap ki variyata hogi
    3. Bina ticket yaatra karo aur bolo ..bhaiya press wale hai
    4. press club mein fokat ki chai aur cold-drink
    5. kisi bhi neta,abhineta ke sath fotu kichva ke duniya pe rob dikhao.

    Koi bhi real journlist aisha nahi karta. jo press wale hote hai woh kum hi karte hai, log prss card show jayda kare to jaan jaiye naya mullha hai, yaa sirf fayda uthane wala koi power ka bhuka aadmi, aap bhi use hit kare, toke koi nahi rokega….

  47. rohit said

    bhai ek photo tak nahi le paye 1997 ke sharjah match ke bad dawood ki …….wahi purani batein jab tab TV par dikhatein rehtein hai ……..

    Dawood ka photo to govt ke pass nahi, barukhrdaar,,,, ab batao hum jaan kiyon de..lol ..agar esay hota to kuch nahi milta, new pic kafi dikhai hai ,dekho….dhyan se..

  48. rohit said

    …apni to dal roti chal hi rahi hai…..

    Yahi Sab soche to desh ke liye kaun aage aayega….

    Ek line me aapki soch ka pata chal gaya…..aage kuch nahi kahna hai ..lol

  49. Siddharth said

    I agree that there are some problems in the news presentation and priority. Its not that they are always on wrong foot. Consider mumbai attack, they forced Three Ministers to resign. Take the recent example of Mangalore girls molestation case. Whatever action has been taken, its because of media. On the other hand, they are not here for free service, they also need money to survive. So a little creative linerty is acceptable 🙂

  50. The respect of both print media and multimedia is lost somewhere and the people responsible for this are the media persons themselves. We can’t blame the journalists alone. Everybody is a part of it, even the common people. TV people do it because it increseas their rating and the rating increases because people watch it. So if people decide to look out for good stuff TV people will be forced to show quality news and shows. I hope the only possible solution.

  51. Anonymous said

    Respected All,

    Journalism ke liye ye bade hi sharm ki baat hai ki Dainik Bhaskar Bhopal mein DB Star naam ke Editor Avinash Das ne journalism ki student ke sath rape karne ki koshish ki…yahi nahi uske mana karne par usko peeta.

    Aur jab us student ne yah baat sabko batayi to use dhamkaya gaya. Avinash Das naam ka yah editor patrakarita ke liye kalank hai. ndtv mein bhi rahte hue bhi isme aisa hi kiya tha jab use wahan se bhaga diya gaya tha.

    Is gandi harkat ko usne tab kiya jab ki wah khud hi university ka visiting faculty ban chuka hai. ab aap hi bataiye ki isse guru shishya ka rishta dagdar nahi hua kya?

    Is gande insaan ne us ladki ko dhamki dee ki agar wo ye baat kisi ko bhi batayegi to ye uske sath aur bhi bura kuchh kar sakta hai. isne us bacchi se kaha ki “Tum mera kuchh nahi bigad paogi. Mai Dainik Bhaskar ka Editor Hoon aur tumhara carrier banne se pahle hi khatm kar doonga”

    Avinash ke is gande kaam mein DB Star ke hi ek reporter Ashwini Pandey and Manisha Pandey ne uski khoob madad ki. in dono ne bhi us ladki ko khoob daraya aur dhamkaya..

    Zara sochiye ki ek ganda admi kisi Bade brand aur banner ka sahara lekar kya kuchh bhi galat kaam kar sakta hai. aaj usne ek student par buri nazar daali kal kisi aur par dalega. ho sakta hai ki ye aisi hi harkat apne office mein bhi kare.

    ummeed hai aap sabhi is mudde ko gambheerta se lenge.


  52. anitha1234 said

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  53. Samuel said

    Agree absolutely. None of the multicultural lefties can ever understand what makes freedom essential.

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