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Should mind give up?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on December 10, 2008

It takes some courage to write your memories. It should be honest and interesting description of everything that has happened once in life, small or big, the good or bad moments, even the unfaithfulness. The fact should be well organized and well placed. And also one should not be far from true view of life as it happened.

Well, sometimes I suppose we are trying to forget some incidents, which always gives us pain when we remember it, but our good memory just doesn’t allow us to do that. What would we do? I feel, we will be suffering with more pain every time when we remember it, and once our brain accepts defeat, we will be feeling that pain increases day by day.

I guess, this all is like a game played by our mind and dil (heart) or the war between mind and heart. I know if we try we can tackle it very well, after all it’s in our hands! But, why does this mind search for the way where we don’t know to take turn….???

9 Responses to “Should mind give up?”

  1. nikhil said

    @ rewaji,
    Its really tough to be honest while penning down our memories, specially if they are very close to heart.
    I write only those memeories which I never shared with anyone..Isase man halka hoat hai..I feel lot better when I pen down those memories which are painful to me….!!!!!
    Its good to have such memories in our pensive…!!! Atleast this is the time when we remember & fear god..!!!
    My grandma says these moments are your true treasures,never avoid them else they will catchhold you…these are true stories of your triumph…how you conquered them…Learnings in ur life..!!!

    Its great to listen her but mighty tough to implement….after all, we think with our Heart…!!!!

  2. anupam said

    Mind is a terrible machine!

    Great at solving puzzles and coding too!Most people,when they hear about the mind ruling over the heart,think a cold,calculated and stuck up neurotic.After all mind is all those things.Wouldnt we rather live with the vivacious.freedom-loving heart??

    So in a nutshell,we have to unravel that when the mind is ruling ruling the heart,it doesnt mean that the mind is at the top of the chain of command.No body wants the mind in charge(m excluding the *best* brains of the world) you’d never get anything done.As i have mentioned mind is great at cracking puzzles and reaching up to the solutions at the rate faster than justin gatlin.But its an incompetent “idiot” when it comes to real life.Rather the mind is meant to b but a conduit for the soul.

    You see, the soul being beyond the body has a higher vision.But it also has some great ideas to express.But the soul needs to get the body involved in that vision and those ideas.But unfortunately,it knows the only way that can happen is by inspiring heart!!!

    The problem is,the soul is just too big for that little heart to contain.Ergo,when the soul makes a direct line connection to the heart the heart is overwhelmed.Sure it may catch fire burn some hearts for a while.But then its all forgotten and over.

    This is the point where the mind fits in.The mind has to reach up to the soul and catch some its vision higher ones.Then it chews on that vision until it b comes real enough that the heart as well can relate to it.Thats the “Realization”.the point of “yeah thats the way it is”.thats the point where the heart kicks in,with lasting inspiration.Its the *mind* that gets the heart to that place.
    To make this more pragmatic real:Lets say you are a poet.You are no doubt.You know your inspiration doesnt come totally from mind from somewhere beyond that,mi right or wrong? cool.Your mind has to open up,tune in to something beyond itself,then the words flow,you can write with your heart.

    But on the other hand,all the time you are writing poems you have to keep that mind in gear.isnt it?If it slides out of the clutch and heart takes over alone,the depth beauty of the poem is lost.

    So some people lose the mind and get caught up in the heart(for example: meeeeeee)others forget about the heart and b come wrapped up in the mind.Neither way is good.The point is to get the soul to express itself in the heart by reaching through the mind.

    Enough now.complex topic.i got disconnected sorry!!

  3. Nidhi said

    it is actually ur mind that is making u ill so stop thnking much nd start living.

  4. Dr Anurag said

    अपने आप को तटस्थता से खंगालना ओर सबके सामने उसी तरीके से रखना मुश्किल है …..

  5. mehek said

    dil aur dimaag dono insaan ko khush bhi rakh sakte hai aur vicharon ki dariaa mein baha le ja skte hai,sabhi kekuch kamjor pal hote hai,unse ubhar keaanna hi zindagi hai.

  6. shubh said

    Mind knows logic. Heart knows beauty. Mind has no idea of what is beauty. Mind rambles, heart is standstill. Both are important but heart should be the way of life which society lacks.

  7. Nidhi said

    v always hav somthing in mind fr dat v just hav to keep on trying nd never give up!!

  8. rohit said

    hi rewa
    Cahlo Aai to sahi….Magar yeh kia hua….Yaade ke beech me se nikli ho..lagta hai outsation nahi gai thi…yaado ka badne gai thi…..Waise jeevan chalte rahne ka naam hai..bhagwan ka diya hua vardaan hai Bhul Jana…To har dukh ko bhool jaao. Rook ke maat dekho..Kia hua, kia kiya,, Apne se kafi dukhi logo ko dekho, Jayda Dukho ho to ro lo, Kisi ka saath ho to phir kabhi bhi dukhi nahi hona chaaiye na khud na yaar ko duhkhi karo. jo ho gaya bhool jaao……

  9. rohit said

    Devanan Ko janati ho. one of My favt hero. (Kishore Kumar and Devanand is favt most favt ) Unhho kabhi peechye mud kar nahi dekha, pichli achievement ko mud ker nahi dekha..islye aaj tak mast hai, To hume Apne star se sikhna jarro chahiye…(real se hi nahi real life se bhi )

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