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Do women need reservation?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 18, 2008

Let’s come to the real topic now.

I mean do we need a reservation for a place equal to men? What can women gain by reservation? Reservation may be helpful for women but what should be the criteria for reservation?

If yes, then why and who really need it? If not, then why we don’t want it?

I begin to realize more and more that whenever we talk about reservation for women, people start making ‘ho halla’ like anything, but we have to look at the reality! Believe me or not but it’s all about number games. The main motive behind the reservation is lead into some real and positive developments, which is yet to be seen. Yes; not everywhere, but there are places where women really need the reservation!

The poor children (talking about girls) who attend school learn less than their peers in private schools in urban India. They are not getting the basic facilities and living in dire social and economic conditions. In fact some of them are not able to go to the school. So, here we must provide reservation, or we should provide such basic facilities to supressed level so that they can at least able to get proper education!

However, the real scenario is different. For example; when a girl is living in a city, wearing branded clothes, studying in well reputed school and getting all facility, and in addition she is getting reservation. Now tell me, Why she needs reservation then? What is the use of reservation here? In practical terms it means those who are really in need of it, they are not getting any benifit from this. So, we have to define criteria then only it will work.

Some of my fellow friends says, women need reservation in panchayat, legislative assembly. It’s especially in governments, judiciary, bureaucracy sector, because these all places are male dominated and without reservation they will not be able to reach there! I think, we must not forget that even if they reach there after getting reservation, still in most cases they act as doll, they are like puppet in their husband’s hands. Kyunki, chahe to unke munh se awaaz nahi nikalti hai ya to fir husband ji or bhai ji unke taraf se bolte hain!

What do we ultimately want? I believe, we want some positive developments in our society. The idea of giving reservation for women in everything and everywhere is not the solution of the real problem; rather I would say it’s making us weaker!

What’s your opinion?


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  1. Suraj said

    Real topic is not “if Women need Reservation or not”……….real topic is where is our women and what can be done to get them where ever they deserve to be?

    Reservation is not the only means to improve….but yes Education is.

  2. Nidhi said

    i think thre shud b no reservation.if v want it den v hav to thnk abt y v need it nd who r in need of it? thre is need fr reservation in favour of rural women.

  3. Vishal said

    Women say that they are not weak and they ask for reservations. why? 🙂

  4. abhi said

    This is real nonsense why do they need reservation nowadys at least? Are they nt beating their hubbies? are they are nt getting enough social status equal to men? are they nt breaking rules to grab whatever they wish to vie with men?

    Yes,there are certain places in our country,where women have been suffering from ages..remote places.donot give reservation to the women who have all the things and still barking to get more n more.too much of anything would b dangerous for the society.

    pick out weaker clan of women,those who are divorced not much educated,poverty driven,give them all the benefits so they can also one day think of blogging.jokes apart.
    Now seriously, recent develpoments in feminist politics in india shows growing concern with under-representation of women in elected decision making bodies,as well as with the view that some sort of reservation or affirmative action is needed to redress existing gender imbalances.The understanding of such affirmations or in the indian case,reservation,includes notions such as equality of opportunity,social justice,positive or protective descrimination,compensatory descrimination,and so on.The current demand of reservation is born under several arguments,and equal opportunity for participation in decision-making is one of them.Propoganda for reservation have been advanced because gender balanced representation is very likely to alter development priorities,perpectives,and concerns.Women’s best interests and priorities are said to b neglected in a male dominated parliament and their presence is expected to make a qualitative difference in increasing the empathy for their concerns.Such altercations mostly have been fitted by those who donot see women as a collectively or who consider it is nt only women who can best gauge represent women’s interest.There are some good men also.Linking reservation questions to equal opportunity and social justice for women as a disadvantaged group has given rise to an inconclusive debate on the criteria for determining backwardness.Does it open the door for euqal opportunity? does it feel or recognise the social justice in true sense? does it alter power relations? Many of these dizziness apparent in the reservation debate have profound implications for political theory,and practice and for the attempts by the women’s movement to give a new meaning and dimension to the slogan-“empowerment of women”. hope you fling something better in the evening!!

  5. abhi said

    once i will read your post in the evening.Then i will come back again.anyways loads of informative tidings on your blog!way to go…carry on!

  6. Gagandeep said

    I would not say women are suppressed. They r capable and doing everything what men are doing. Now women has got equal opportunity everywhere. What is the need of reservation for them?

  7. Su said

    Interesting topic it is.

    Women need reservation.. just the way every suppressed object needs a support to come up higher!

    I read the posts above and would like to comment that the term women is very wide in its meaning. This term includes women from ‘Kalavati’ to ‘Indira Nooyi’ and from ‘Oprah Winfrey’ to ‘Condolessa Rice’ (I assume every reader of my comment knows that I am talking abt the same kalavati whom Rahul Gandhi met) and hope they also know Oprah’s assualted childhood).

    Thus, generalising it objectively is not possible and thus unwise as well.

    We need reservation for women who get abused, raped, molested every single day in millions of places all over the world. We need reservation for women who are separated, unmarried, divorced, rape victims or handicapped and thus are looked down upon in our society.

    Probably no need of reservation in corporate sector as it is quite fair in its selection of the candidates but definitely its needed in parliament and other such domain so that some women enter the premises and help in making the men out there understand the core women issues of our society!

  8. Need of reservation depends on situation.

    We all are well aware of Indian – Social,Political and Economical Situation. So no need to discuss the problems.

    We all attend seminars,debate,blog…. put forward some excellant solutions, recieve a huge apploads from everybody. But the suggestion are not finalized, because we never talk about the feasibilty study of our solution.

    Evereybody knowsthe reservation should be given on the basis of economic and social backwardness. But Identification and execution is not possible for next few years in India.

    So whatever we get, we should grab the opportunities. If reservation is given to women, then offcourse they should accept. I have following reasons to support my above statement: –

    1. In India apart of metros condition of women is very bad, even in metro like Delhi more than 70% womens are living with partiality from men. May be you are surprised with my figure, But you can come to delhi, I can show you.

    2. It will give a lot of confidence to women mothers, who actually dont want to put their daughter in her life, but due to lack of opportunities, she fears in taking risk for her daughters life.

    3. Financial Independcy: -Ultimately its all about money and power, which comes from financial independency. If womens get 50% reservation ,then why should not they grab it.

    4. Rome was not built in a day: – We can make changes gradually, if we will talk about to change on a day like in our school and clollege days debates, it will be confined to auditoriums.

    5. Reservation is not curse: – When i was child my parents did everything for me, when i was sick they cared for me, even today. If I say i took reservation from my parent.. Is this justified… No way
    In a similar manner men and women are children of our society and country. If our society know well that women condition is not good, let them uplift by reservation, not only for women but to run the whole society.

    Let me expalin with one more practical example: – there are two brothers in a poor family, due to economic condition only get a chance to study. He bacame an IAS officer. Then he offered his brother a huge business set up or any other assistance – Should he accept his brothers offer or he should deny it as a curse, or may be Ego problem.

  9. Kiran said

    The government must Provide 50% reservation for women in parliament but I am against any reservation for women in the corporate sector.

    I am in favour of reservation for village women.

  10. I am in support with the statement of my good friend Er.Kaifee Anwer.His every statements are strongworthy.And rightly said Mr./Ms. Su and Abhi. But against Gagandeep,dear you have not seen the reality.Try to analyse from the root level. Nidhi is saying about the village women to be provided reservation. I give 100% vote to her.Means till now the conclusion from every corner is that the deprived class should be given chance i.e. to bring the country in level. . . . . Now the scale is to be determined.Ok. . . Thinking for that . . . . Till then taking a short break. . . .

  11. anupam said

    ” they act as a doll”.” they are like puppet in their husbands hands”.

    But why do they behave like that? Where is the problem? In their mindset what they have been holding for years? Or they are habituated to keep mum around husbands and brothers.i donot think so.short of time rite now.will come back later!

  12. roushan said

    I had visited some backward villages few times back in UP and found that there was an initiation of a change. men dominated but women were coming out and starting to understand thing. its slow but it has started. and if even a small portion of women are coming out, its because of reservation offered to them in rural local bodies. I always felt that reservation if implemented fairly helps weaker sections to come out.
    Reservation in political processes is must because it helps women to be able to cop with men in an area where they dominated years. Without reservation it is not possible for women.
    As for as jobs are concerned, if women are getting equal education opportunities, I see no need of reservations.

  13. Suraj said

    Anupam has got the right question…for which I think I have the answer….Some women act like puppet simply because of mindset which is result of religious-old traditions which every one has been following (male/female). This can be changed with modern and honest education. We can see today- this is happening but very few instances like…lady taxi drivers in Mumbai…ladies working in call centers….bio-tech-icon Kiran Muzumdar-Shaw and Great Mayawati. (I am considering only Indian women)

    General Indian society (all religions, male-female)…think that women is weaker than man. This thinking can also be changed….by offering women reservation to ensure women participation…in all possible private/public processes of India. A woman participating actively (not like puppets)- will have sense of responsibility, pride for the work she does and more importantly…no inferiority complex that they are weaker than any one. Reservation does and will help them achieve these things. It’s completely upto the individual woman how and why she wants to use the reservation. That way…each indian woman herself can decide and prove if reservation by law is favour (sarkari-meharbaani) for her or the fair justice/chance/opportunity for her.

    It’s not reservation that will improve status woman….but it’s Indian woman only in particular (and Indian society in general) who can use and respect “women-reservation by law” to improve status of woman in India.

  14. anupam said

    The sort of women you have mentioned in the above post are “proxy women”.Let me define them of course as per my ken.

    It is alleged that many of them are first timers and the worst part they are truly illiterate they rely on their men folk for all the proceedings from dawn to the end.I mean men are conducting panchayat activities.In different words, the women are dinning following their male counterparts sans understanding the nitty-gritty of such elections and of course implications.Henceforth they are termed as “proxy women”.Majority of them are in this clan.

    There are infinite issues involved here.First of all,the husbands or other male relatives(might b brother also.hmmm) cocoon themselves from the panchayat secretary,and block development officers(mostly they suck mentally) if they try to harass the women.

    Again,even if they rely on their husbands the power relations between husband and wife has already changed because of reservations,particularly the husband gets a chance to come to the public sphere because of the wife,and in the process the character of patriarchy gets altered.Therefore,in many low in come families the husband-wife relationships not soured.on the other hand,the husband supports the wife and helps her in her domestic work.
    Besides,those who argue that the women who are coming to the panchayats are “proxy” women(you are one of them sorry) forget to analyze their socio-economic background.Many of the women in nothern part of the country,are hired from the white color background.Since they are educated(dats wonderful) and know about the working of the official system they willnt remain mum in the panchayat meetings.The same critics assume that all the men who work on the behalf of women are corrupt and wish to grab the power..But in reality it may nt b true.

    Women not only take up issues relating to basic needs,such as drinking water,availability of doctors…but also general developments activities,for eg.augmenting the income of the panchayats and generating irrigation facilities for the paddy field.

    Thus we see that,contrary to the popular criticism,the standard of the political institutions at the grassroot level has nt been lowered as a result of women’s rerservations and on the other hand the development process has been engendered to some extent!

    By the great topic.keep it up!

  15. Gagandeep said

    I have a question to abhay and all of you who are in favour of women’s reservation- did Indira gandhi, Nandini satpathy, Mayawati, Vasundhara raje scindia, Jaylalita and many others like them need any reservation to come to Parliament or to the state assemblies? They came in public life on their own merit, so why you are talking about reservation for women’s empowerment?

  16. kaifeeanwer said

    Dear Gagandeep,

    The population of women is almost equal to men. But you have women leaders name on fingures. Why ?

    According to your examples, you think women can empower themselves. You are true, I agree. But its not applicable for more than 50 krore population. You have given names of womens for last 50 years, could you please give me approx figure, what precentage it is in comparison of men.

    Have you gone through the background of the women you have mantioned, They all belong to strong family background. You can’t generelize exeptions over general public. We have supported reservation with a view to benifit general population.

    Whenever we make decision, always have more options. then we anlyze which is more benificial in terms of total growth, covering more population.

    Women are not going to die without reservation, nor their growth will stop. But If reservation is given, same growth can be achieved in the time frame which could not be achieved in decades. For refernce please read my previous comment.

  17. NiKhil...!!!! said

    Educate Men….!!!!

    Think of yourself,your father,your brother,your uncle,your grandpa…every one has suppressed woman in our own family one or other way..!!! we have to change ourselves…anyways women are smarter than us…we need to just encourage them…!!!

    The word Reservation suggests handicapness or dependability…so I guess woman needs “Encouragement”.

    In this world nobody is equal…every one is unique…so question of men women equality is of no worth discussing. Men & women are so special,so unique in their respective classes,we really can’t compare them. They are no equal thats why god made them different creatures. So we should not really compare them with each other.

    Equality of rights and duties..yess…!!! we have to facilitate both of them in right proportion…So in case of rights & duties they need encouragement but No reservationssss…!!!!

    However “The answer lies with Men again”…hehehehe..!!!!


  18. abhi said

    @ nikhil, nikhil is gone!

  19. Tarun said

    sirf title parke kahoon to – nobody should not have reservation.

  20. Gagandeep said

    {But If reservation is given, same growth can be achieved in the time frame which could not be achieved in decades.}

    Hi Kaif,

    I believe in ‘whoever has abilities, must come to represent’. It may take time but right and deserve candidate at right time for any responsibility!

  21. Kiran said

    ‘The word Reservation suggests handicapness or dependability’


    Are we a perfect society to have a perfect democracy? If men do not need educational qualities to be a member of parliament, what is the harm in women having reservations.

  22. mehek said

    i feel that reservation should be for person who realy needs it,like women who dont get opportunites to improvethemselves.agree with u rews.

  23. Dear Gagandeep,
    I dont have much time.. But in short will say every one cant be Indira,but if they are given chance at least they can lead their life healthy ,they can understand right and wrong. . . They will come our of the remote area. . . Rightly acid kaifee with examples.Are use ability nahi hai tab na use mauka dene ki bat ki ja rahi hai. . . agar hota to reserv. kyon. .

    The reservation meaning disability. . . I am against it. . .Not at all. . Might be she will be able to fight with you in next phase when she will come in level after reservation. . . So dont blame them. . .

  24. Suraj said

    TOPIC:Do women need reservation?
    comment#17 By Nikhil: “The word Reservation suggests handicapness or dependability…so I guess woman needs “Encouragement”.”

    TOPIC:Place for him – Mumbai or Agra?
    Comment#11 By Nikhil: 80% reservations…..& there will be peace….!!!!

    Any one …..please justify this hypocrisy !!

    Quote from comment#17: “Think of yourself,your father,your brother,your uncle,your grandpa…every one has suppressed woman in our own family one or other way..!”

    Looks like some one again forgot to give credits to…mothers, sisters, aunts, Saas, bahus, grandmas etc…in the Indian Society for the same act.

  25. Hello all. . .

    How to develope India. . . Regarding this matter what Mrs. Tony Blayer,wife of ex prime minister,briten,a reynold advocate by profession say. . . “to develope any nation the women of that country must come ahead and there should be equal participation in every field. . . A well educated and well promoted female can rear their child better who are the next hero of the country. . . To do this the govt. must implement some formula to bring the female also in stage. . . Should be supported. India can also lead if they bring the female in level. . . . ”

    the above statement,is really precious. So the govt. must implement the reservation policy. . . with some criteria. . . Those who need it and who dont need it should be classified.

  26. @Suraj 🙂

    I was also thinking about same statement which has been written by Nikhil above in his comment#17.


    On the one way you are saying that “Reservation suggests handicapness” and on the other hand you are talking or demanding for “80% reservation” in your comment#11. Why two different statement for the same subject? I really couldn’t understand your views that has confused me. Which one is your original statement?

  27. Abhishek said

    The big question – should we have the concept of reservation in India? – Definitely yes. Because in our country people are not getting equal opportunities to fulfill their basic needs (food, cloths, shelter, health and education), to improve their life standard and it’s a big hurdle in the overall development of the country. Now the big ? is reservation for whom, on what basis and in which field.

    In our country the whole population is divided in to two broad category -1) socially and economically forward class (SEFC) and 2) socially and economically backward class (SEBC) irrespective of the cast, creed, state, gender and religion. The people belongs to first category have access of all resources, facilities and opportunities and they are growing with rapid pace but at the same time the people belongs to second category do not have the easy access of all the facilities because of various reasons and there are not visible growth for them. Unfortunately more than 50% of Indians belongs to the second category. This difference in the growth rate continuously increasing the gap between these two categories of people and we cannot dream a DEVELOPED INDIA without bridging this gap. To bridge this gap the socially and economically backward people need some privilege, some support and some backup.

    Reservation cannot be the only option, but can be the one the options to promote and uplift the SEBC people. But at the same time we cannot compromise with the quality and we cannot dilute the standard what we achieved in many years just on the name of reservation.
    Reservation can be used as a tool to provide the facilities, to provide the opportunities to access the resource available in the country so that the SEBC people can get the chance to make their base strong and can compete with the SEFC people. But at the same time we cannot offer the responsibilities, authorities, right to take crucial and critical decisions just on the name of reservation because, we cannot afford to put the prestige of our country, lives of our citizen and the growth of our country on the stake. So big “NO” for reservations in parliament, for top government post, in medical science, for top corporate posts and in higher education (Masters, PhD and researches).

    Now again the same question, reservation for whom, on what basis and in which field?
    I believe education for all is the only tool that can help to bridge the undesired gap between aforementioned two categories of people. So we can have the concept of reservation in the field of education to uplift the SEBC people. If we will look at the figure, around 93% of children in the age group of 6-14 are getting enrolled in school but 70% of them to drop out of school before they reach the secondary level because of various reasons. All these dropouts are belongs to the SEBC. Remaining 30 % who reach to the higher secondary are having the higher proportion of students belongs to SEFC. So, if our motive is overall growth of the country, if our motive is to provide same platform for everyone to make their base strong, if our motive is to provide equal opportunities to every Indian, we need to look to those 70 % dropouts who are not getting chance even for higher secondary education.

    There is no direct solution for this complex problem but I have some suggestions:
    1. We talk about the reservations in higher education in government institutions. Why not reservation at secondary and higher secondary level in reputed government schools and colleges (definitely somewhere we have to sacrifice)?
    2. Government spends 6% of GDP in education every year; despite we have only few schools at optimum standard. Government should spend more to improve the standard of primary and secondary schools and there should be reservation for SEBC people.
    3. In primary and secondary level of education there are lots of private players and it is completely unorganized. Since Primary education is the state government responsibility, state government should regulate this sector and should provide the reservation in these schools.
    4. Government has taken lot of initiative and so many schemes are implemented, but all these schemes are not very effective because of the lack of proper control. Government should come up with the private players in the primary and secondary education sector to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.
    5. Private educational institutions should take initiative and should provide facilities to people who are deprived from the basic education as their corporate social responsibility (CSR).
    Reservation is a forced tool and I think a forced tool may not be as effective as expected.
    We must have an ethical approach to tackle this issue. I learnt that, when all firewall get fail than the only firewall can work is ‘ethics’. I hope the top leaders, top industrialists and all top talents of our country who availed the resources, facilities and opportunities in this country will payback to this country by supporting the people who still struggling for their basic needs (food, cloths, shelter, health and education).

    Coming to the point “Do women need reservation”? I will say big “NO” for this. Yes, there is lot of gender related social issues but reservation is not at all the solution for that. I think reservation based on cast, creed, state, gender and religion is neither logical not an ethical approach.

  28. Hi Abhishek,

    Nice suggestion. You have written some meaningful analysis. But I observed you have dichotomy in your statement like most of the participants here. 60 – 70 % of your comment indicates in favour of reservation for women, but at last you are against it.

    I am surprised everybody is agree that women are underprivileged, even then they are against reservation. I appeal everybody, please clarify all your confusion to support or against reservation. Then put forward the supportive reasons. This will show exactly what you believe in ?

  29. Nikhil said


    First thing both the statements are original. And used in different context or as per the realm of that subject.

    see Reservations are of two types..
    1. For Protection of sect/individual/interests etc ( Indian Economy before 1992-93)
    2. For upliftment of above said.

    So when it comes to 80% of reservations which was my earlier post,it is basically to protest or to safeguard the interest of people of particular state as they should not be deprived of their own resources. If other states are providing resevations for respective people,there should not be any reason that would abstein maharashtra implementing that,ultimately we would like to clear it all if all states also do the same …!!

    In case of Woman reservations…if we really see,they have reservations everyehere be it trainss,buses,education,govt jobs etc.. This is not to protect then but to uplift or to encourage faminine strata of the society.
    The topic, I guess is very subtle… as far as other fields apart from politics are concern,woman have adequate reservations.
    In polotics,give them encouragement to participate but dont give reservations as it will lead to handicapness.
    (Lalu And Rabri would be a good example)

    @suraj and Rewaji

    I guess you have some reservations against me..!! hehehe
    Expressing different views in paralance with the different subjects is not hyppppppocracyyyy…!!!!
    neways atleast you remember my posts…one positive I can take home..!!!


  30. Nidhi said


    Mr. Lalu did nt gt ny reservation to reach thre in cent as a railway minister.do u knw his qualification?if nt den u must improve ur GK!
    nd wen u say ‘The word Reservation suggests handicapness or dependability’ den u shudn’t demand fr same thing. THIS IS CALLED HYPOCRISY.
    if u r demanding fr reservation den u hav to accept dat u r a HANDICAPED,nothing more den dat..

  31. Nidhi said


    The women’s roles were kept secret.it is women who need protection as men control everything.some parnts doesnt like to spend much money on women fr deir education too.it is d underprivileged nd d unrepresented women who need reservation.so women need to be given reservation.

  32. nikhil said


    Dont get angry…!!!!
    To be a minister, there is no need to have any qualification…!!!!
    My point was that when Rabri was CM,everyone knows who was actually running the state …!!!
    So there are chances that if we give reservations to woman in politics,it may happen that woman may become pupet of men who will actual have all the reins of power in their own hands…!!!!

    My general knowledge is very “General”,I accept,and I am handicapped,dumb,idiot too…what else you want???
    Are you happy now??? Hehehehe…!!!!!
    Thanks for writin in…!!!


  33. Nidhi said

    ‘To be a minister, there is no need to have any qualification…!!!!’

    i knw dre is no need fr qualification fr leaders.so nw d point is ‘if given chance to women’.nd fr dat dey need reservation…!!!

    women perfrm better dan men in some situations in which dey hav more political experience nd live in cities,villages less dominated by men.

  34. nikhil said

    Villages are more biased as far as woman liberlisation is concerned compared to cities…you find it other way..I doubt what you say..!!!

    The way you girls are putting your points ( or fighting with me only, hehehe)it proves that you all are far better than anyone else…!!!!! hehehehe

    nothin personal….


  35. Nidhi said

    i m nt against reservation fr women bt thre shud b som criteria fr reservations.it shud b given to poor nd suppressed women in d society.

  36. Nidhi said

    ‘you all are far better than anyone else’

    Yup,i m far better dan supressed women so m nt demanding reservation fr myself 😉

  37. nikhil said

    aap to mahan ho…Ma Durga ke saakshat swaroop ho…I wish every woman should be like you…so we will not require to discuss such topics henceforth…hehehe
    Jokes apart, bt seriously we all who are blessed to get education without any bias from our parents should utilise it for betterment. Forget about politicians and politics…why we should wait for them??? Atleast we can teach one girlchild..how much it costs for primary education?? 4000-5000 pa ???? we spent lot of money for useless requirements…for a family of 4…having 2 earning menbers…4/5 k wont be much burden….!!!!
    we freinds appeared for Teach India campeign…every student should do that…!!!!! we can teach our maid’s children be it a girl or boy….!!!!!

    there is no point in discussing what India should do or society should do…all is crap…we can make change at our own…

    I really admire Kaushlendra whoes action speaks louder than words…!!!

    So I really request Rewaji to put ads on ur webpage…revenue can be used for good cause..!!!

    A journey of million miles,starts with a small step…!!!!


  38. Abhishek said

    Hi Anwer,
    Thanks for your comments. Just for clarification on-“60 – 70 % of your comment indicates in favor of reservation for women, but at last you are against it.”

    I believe, nowhere I given any statement in favor of “reservation for Women”. Yes, I mentioned the necessity of reservation in our country for those who are underprivileged, those who are economically and socially backward. It does not mean the”Reservation for Women”.
    Do you think only Women are underprivileged? I do not think so.
    Do not you think we should have a common platform on which all underprivileged Indian can get equal chance for their development?
    We should try to solve the big problem first (Education for all in secondary and higher secondary level). Small problem will take care of themselves.

  39. Suraj said

    This is great discussion here. Different people …different opinions !!

    From this discussion I find that, in our country, many people believe that…reservation means compromise with one’s ability and eligibility. But believe me…this is not the case. There is a specific eligibility criteria for one to avail any kind of reservation facilities. If one is simply a poor, or a woman or belongs low caste, or from rural area, does not qualify to avail any reservation facilities in any sector and in any case. This is so because to pass an exam one has earn minimum score or possess specific skill to do a skill-based-job. Reservation does not mean different exam for a socially backward person , different job and salary to a woman or different power and rights to a poor.

    I think and believe- “Reservation = fair justice/chance/right to those who could have done good or even better…because of their skill but could not.. because of social, physical and environmental factors.”

    But this fact can be proved by only those who actually can and do -avail reservation facilities (if those are already available). Some one might have proved it wrong.

    India does have any problem which can be small or big. All problems are equal….and believe me same also since independence…PAANI, SADAK, BIJLI (even in 21st century). And EDUCATION still is a key to everything here…there is NO compromise with it…and Education does not mean…earning a degree or doing a research but changing our attitude and improving our own and other’s life with gain and application of our learnings and knowledge. To give every one a fair chance to be part of this process…Reservation is just a tool we need to use. IT’S NOT COMPETITION BUT PARTICIPATION..which is more important.

    Suraj P Borkar

  40. abhi said

    @Nikhil, It is disgusting to see the readers like “nikhil” trying to criticise the Author in an unwarranted fashion.If you have different viewpoint express it somewhere else.No body invites you to read and then write fluctuating comments.The author is a role model model for us and any such statements criticizing our favorite Author is equivalent to abusing her fans and “regular” readers!!!!

    @Author, Your views are simply beauftiful and makes “sense” donot get disheartened by such petty gimmicks!! whats in a name? Nothing,couldnt stop writing this after seeing Nikhil’s comment especially on you.You are self confident high achiever girl,who would nt get dissuaded by such comments!!

  41. Hi Friends,

    Thanks for putting your views here. I respect each one of your views and I mean it.

    Reservation – This thing always created by politicians for their vote bank. This is not the solution of the root cause! Solution means which can never need the other problems, and when its create problems then it is not a solution. Right?? So, according to me Reservation is not at all a solution!


  42. Suraj said

    Hey Folks,
    Let us not dictate what one should do here and some where else….! Every one has right to do..what ever he/she thinks in any natural way.

  43. Dear all. . .

    It is really good that we must search the permanent solution. . . But achanak se kuchh nahi hone wala. . Aap kahoge education. . . Thats good. . . Very powerfull tool. . .Awareness. . . Thats good. . . But abhi ki jarurat yah bhi hai ki kuchh niche ke tabke ke logon (mahilaon ko ) ko jarur promote karna chahie. . . Not in every field. . . Where very good skill is needed. . . But at least in those field that may really help them to solve their basic needs. . Aur waise bhi mahaul aadmi ko bahut kuchh sikhata hai. . . Every body have almost equal grey matter in brain. . . Jaroorat hai bas rt. path ki. . . We aaj piche islie hain ki unhe mahaul nahi mila. . Use bhi ek mauka dijie. . . Sayad mai navodaya nahi aata to aaj yanha nahi aata. . . Aur mujhe is bat ka koi lanat nahi,ki main reservation se Navodaya me chayanit hua. . . Par mujhe environment ne itna takat dia ki har jagah lad sakun. . . Wahi mauka agar use mile to sayad kal wo behtar bhawisya ka nirman kar paye. . . . Fir likhunga. . .

  44. Suraj said

    Salute to undying spirit of Dr Abhay Kumar !!

  45. Cheers to Dr. Abhay.. I acknowledge your points. You are absolutely true. I am again repeating my point of view Reservation for Women is beneficial after having analysed all the parameters.

    It is very easy to say about permanent solution. they sounds really wonderful, but how these should be implemented. Dr. Abhay has given the example of Navodaya. There is reservation for Girls as well. My all classfriend(girls) from Navodaya has achieved the positions which our society could not think before.


    It sounds good “Solution means which can never need the other problems, and when its create problems then it is not a solution”

    Can you give me single example ?? Solution is never 100% perfect. every solution is associated with some problem. But we have to decide which solution is better (here for the upliftment of Women).

    There was opposition for reservation to SC/ST, It creates some problem. But today we can see, the changes in their development.

    I agree with you to solve the root cause. But how ? Everyone has a common answer – EDUCATION. How education can be given to women. What are the basic reasons of poor education in women and their social backwardness. Even today boys in the same family gets education from good convent school while the girls are from Government school. Because gardians are not sure that girl will get a job. Instead of it,he is worried about her marriage and dowry. If opportunity is given to women in jobs and eduction, whole society will accept and promote the women’s education. In india still 80% education expense are for the sake of financial returns.

    We all know, why women bears all the tears ?? Because she is not financially independent. In India womens are like cows, they have to follow the men. But if we see the condition in Metroes, its a little different, as they are more educated and financially independent. The same is needed to the rest of women.

    If reservation is given, then sure it will offer them educational, social and financial upliftment. This step wil lead towards the permanent solution.

  46. Nikhil said


    what do you mean by that?? as far as my knowledge goes I have not writen a single word against your favourite author…and if I feel that any point is wrong i will try to put my points…remember I am opposing or supporting the thoughts put by any author,it doesnt mean that i am against or with that person…dont personalise it…!!!!
    you are nobody here to tell me what should I do…!!!
    If you have problem with my posts..dont read it…nobody is inviting you to read it…ignore me…or put sensible arguments against it if you have..!!!

    @ Rewaji
    Have I said anythin agaist you?? or disheartned you?? Is it really a condition to always say yes or praise to watever author says to write on your blog??
    If you have any grudges plz let me know..!!!!

  47. Anonymous said

    WOW…We indians love to debate… Even if deep down inside we agree we have to oppose it….

  48. nikhil said

    post 46 is mine…!!!

    @post 47 : anonymous
    We Indians jus not oppose for sake of opposing…if u hav any arguments against any post you can put forward…!!!

  49. anonymous said

    Nikhil should take care of home ministry,sudden crisis! Remember i m nt Abhi.

  50. nikhil said

    @ anonymous

    Hehehehe…I not politician yaar…by the way why are you hiding youe identity??? waise bhi naam me kya rakha hai??hehehehe…thanks for ur suggestion…!!!!!
    Gud day

  51. @Nikhil and all,

    I have mentioned in my above comment stating that I respect everybody’s views…I meant to say that I respect each comment of my commentators on this blog, wheather it’s positive, negative or against of my views that doesn’t matter for me, but I have to read and learn from them.

    I am not hurt reading anybody’s comments here. I welcome my readers views on my post, but if I find the comments are not related to the subject (main topic) or a personal attacks on me or my readers then I would prefer to delete the comments. For that I am sorry!


  52. Hi Kaifee,

    I can give you many examples…But, the point you are missing is that it is not a solution which is creating the problem but rather it is interpretation of the solutions by the other which is creating the problem. For example: if somebody speaks profen language at you, you have a choice to get into opposition or to understand the others mental state. Geting into opposition is not the solution and it is sure to create problems. Understanding the others mental state and then responding is the solution. This in itself will not create any further problem but if the other misinterprets it as something else then it may create problems. So here the solution didn’t lead to any other problem but rather its misinterpretation and it is always the case.

    I believe we should find some solution which can be better than this. Tell me, what if govt. provide or open a central school or same kind of schools in village specially for village girls? As you said in your comment that metro or city women are more educated than a village women. It’s true, because there are some basic facilities easily available for them!

    Anyway, I am not against of women reservation, but it shouldn’t be provided to all women! If you say, reservation is the best solution then we must have some criteria for it, also we must have time limit for this.

  53. There was opposition for reservation to SC/ST, It creates some problem. But today we can see, the changes in their development.


    Tell me, how much changes you are seeing on this basis? I feel, most of the well settled people’s sons and daughters are using the benift of rservation! I may be wrong but this is what I am able to see. Do they really need it? I believe ‘NO’. Vastav mein jinhe milna chahiye unme se kai sare logon ko to iske bare mein maloom hi nahi hai. Aur agar maloom hai bhi to wo saksham nahi hein ki inka fayda utha paye. But, this is leading our nation in different way because we don’t have a well define criteria for this. And this is a numbers game which are played by politicians as they need to increase their votebank!

  54. We all know, why women bears all the tears ?? Because she is not financially independent. In India womens are like cows, they have to follow the men.


    Do you think if they are financially independent, they will not bear all the tears or they will not have to follow the men? It all depends on people’s mentality and attitude which you can not change or buy by money. To change this, we don’t need reservation, but we need right understanding! It is required for both men and women, not only for men or nor only for women. Also, women have to open their mouth!

  55. Par mujhe environment ne itna takat dia ki har jagah lad sakun. . . Wahi mauka agar use mile to sayad kal wo behtar bhawisya ka nirman kar paye.


    Hmmm…to aapko environment se itni taqat mili ki aap khud ko bana paye! Aap ye bataiye…Environment koun banata hai? I think we create good or bad environment and we are responsible for this! Can’t we create same environment everywhere jisse girls or everybody apne bhavishya ka nirman bina reservation liye kar sake? I know it’s tough but not impossible.

  56. I would like to comment but…I am afraid that my comment might get deleted or edited…as blogger has already warned about that.

  57. Dear Suraj,

    Hmmm…if you would have read my words properly then you wouldn’t have hesitated to share your views here. 🙂


  58. with reference to comment#53

    Blogger is pessimistic…because she asks a question……
    “Tell me, how much changes you are seeing on this basis?” (SC/ST reservation)

    Any one who is normal Indian – would not have asked this kinda question. As an Indian, one can easily see and know….the positive changes with right attitude.

    There would not have been this kind of blogs and
    these many comments if there is no change in life
    of people who availed SC/ST reservations.

    MAY GOD BLESS INDIA…..if there is GOD and INDIA.

  59. Amit said

    I do accept these reservations in city has no meaning. However, reservation to village women for basic education is fine. They don’t have resources.

  60. Su said

    To Suraj..

    This reply to your comment comes from me on behalf of the “pessimistic” blogger as u called her.. so insensibly.

    First, hope u must have heard – ‘NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION’. So, kindly change your attitude towards people who have the courage to question something in the system. Atleast they are aware and zealous enough to open their senses and analyse things unlike.. well.. almost all of us!

    Second, if u call her a pessimistic.. then kindly call all those 50,000 Indians as pessimistic who marched at ‘Gateway of India’ to question the authority and their ways. Because as per our PM and his consulates, India has been figting hard against terrorism but still how many of us see the change?

    Third, can you be magnanimous enough to explain your definition of the word ‘normal’?
    And ohhh..! maybe you think a person is normal who believes in just picking up the right things and ignoring all the rest! do you?

    Last but not the least, if you think you are an OPTIMIST and a NORMAL person, then first start respecting an individual’s views and then learn how to present your views forth.


    No matter what other say.. I think what you wrote and the way you atleast put efforts to bring such topics on the forum is commendable. Like most of the pple on this blog (I assume), even you are working.. but I respect you for your zest and concerns for our country and the society. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. Dont let others affect you! C ya.

  61. with reference to comment#60
    ..Who ever “Su” you are…who told you that I called that specific question a stupid one? I can understand that like every ‘normal’ Indian you too are disturbed by Mumbai attacks..that’s why..you are pushing every thing towards that. And…I am neither optimistic nor normal.


  62. Nidhi said

    Any one who is normal Indian – would not have asked this kinda question.
    MAY GOD BLESS INDIA…..if there is GOD and INDIA.

    with reference to comment#58
    i too thought same abt u,cos ny optimistic person nd normal indian wudnt hav written d way u hav written.

    SC/ST reservation has been creating a lot probs nd violence in many states.nd i m afraid dat reservation to women may increase domestic violence aganist women nd gals.

  63. thanks Nidhi for thinking…I wish you have read my next comment as well…any way NP.! ..my home state & many others in India have already caste and women reservations…and there is big problems bacause of that but development. yes…there are some griddy UCs and RHs who have problem with it.

    and as I said above I’m neither optimistic nor normal.


  64. abhi said

    @Nikhil, Great! You might get somewhat flummoxed to see my words against you,as you have mentioned in one of your comments-“who m i to stop you etc”!

    Of course,i donot have prerogative to censor your comments but i have freedom to halt someone who is starting his comments with lines like-“educate men”!Hope you have good memory and if nt then atleast sharp eyes to look above…Write on the topic! Write using the nitty-gritty of any parleys going on in the public!
    Dont try to b oversmart and mindlessly humourous.everything has its own place! I have nothing against you at all.Like you i m also one of the commentors here. This is nt a playground where you have the liberty to banter the opposition by sarcastic sense of mind! When you know there are folks around you writing their views,then never start with “educate men”!Ok?

    Dont reckon that after this comment i will ever sock you back,never i will,trust me!Respect others in short the summary!

    @Rewa, madam ji you cant delete my comment.No worries at all!

  65. Nikhil said

    @ abhi

    “why you feel so insulted when I say “EDUCATE MEN??” isnt it related to topic?? No ons has problem when i say educate men except you..!!!! I really feel men should be educated ethically(not degree wise)at first place then only their attitude towards woman will change..!!!

    if you have problems,then Plz read that comment as ” Educate men(excluding Abhi)henseforth…!!!!

    You have no freedom to halt anybody my friend,let me remind you again…!!!

    Half of your life has gone praising other and trying to halt others for no reason,I guess…so kindly put your views on topic if you have…!!!

    Rewaji is there to decide which comments are related or not and she is doing wondeful job..so i request you to concentrate on topic and not on my mindlessly humourous & sarcastic sense…!!!

    Dont advise anybody on how to start post or how to end it…!! please

    I respect everyone here…!!!!

  66. Kiran said

    It’s well true that men need to be properly educated.

    Some men believe that a woman is property and nothing more than sexual objects. In indian society people think that woman is not more than a pleasure tool, and a reproducing mashine for men. It seems to me that there are some areas in India where women need reservation.

  67. Hello Everybody !!!

    It was nice discussion. I appreciate all the views. Eveyperson has its own thought, It depends on the level of experience, attitude, perception, knowledge etc.

    The topic “Do women need reservation?” was excellant. It bring more people to this plateform. This comment is based on my last week visit to the villages in the nearby area of my hometown KISHANGANJ. My district is surrounded by Nepal, West Bengal, Purnia, Araia and Katihar. Recently reservation was given to women in school jobs. I want share the experience I have from the villages. I asked to more than 30 women who has job now. 100 men (approx), 50 women, 30 girls. See the result

    30 Women (in job): – strongly favour in reservation for women
    30 girls : – extremist supporter of Reservation for women
    50 Womens: – 80 % in favour, 10% neutral, 10% oppsite
    100 Men: – 50% in favour, 20 % oppsition, 30% neutral

    What Changes has taken place in the situation of women. I am confirming it again, “”The changes which has not taken place in decades, we can see in last 2 years””.

    If anybody has doubt in my last visit he/she can visit the places I have mentioned for cross verication of my results. Detail report of changes can be taken from the NGO’s and Government bodies working in this area.

    Discussions never ends. So I don’t want to reply the questions like “Changes in the condition of SC/ST after reservation”.

    We all know the criteria for reservation should be based on economic and social status.There are many solutions given in previous comments which will help Indian Government to decide what parameter should be for reservation.

    Some comments are opposing reservation due to its misuse and finding towards an alternate solution. I think the next topic should be “What are other soltions to uplift Womens condition without resrvation”

    @ rewa

    If possible, please start this topic. When we will have the alternates, then we can compare which is more appllicsble and more result oriented.

    After that we can say No to reservation for womens.

    But till we find the alternate solution and implementation, I think Womens Reservation should be continued due the results it has delivered, is far more than expected. If a system is already implemented and giving desired result, then Government will hardly listen to the alternates. But still we should try to find the better solutions.

    I am 25 years old, having experience in living from remote villages to metroes. Continiously watching the womens condition of our country for last 20 years, trying to find solutions since my childhood days. I found that Indian Government’s step reservation for women is the best, I have ever seen. So I support the reservation for women. But I know the position of “BEST” is always replaced. I welcome all your solution apart from reservation. Don’t give only suggestion, but also its whole implementaion cycle So that we can put forward our alternate, better than women reservation to Government for implmentation.

  68. Akhilesh said

    There should be no reservation at all, it never does anything positive which i personally feel. it only divides the society. give reservation to sc, give reservation to st, give reservation to obc, give reservation to ph, give reservation to defence, give reservation to freedom fighter, give reservation to minority. what is this. some now ask reservation to locals (raj), some now ask reservation for women.. later some one will ask reservation for men. this is all politics. Reservation cannot help country to go forward.

  69. priy@nk@ said

    offfffff u all r coming here for fighting….come on this site provides us to share our thought about reservation……… so plzzz ………. according to me reservation should be there but it only depends upon the situations ..it will provide only poor n rural womens…for development of india…n ofcourse there is no use of reservation for city girls..who r wearing branded clothes…etc……….
    thank you

  70. priy@nk@ said

    n plzzzz anyone is angry n opposite from ma thoghts…that’s nt ma problem………
    thank u for reading ma such good thoughts
    bi n takecare of allllllllllll


    hmmmm the statement does women need reservation….??huh …..its just they want to descriminate oneself y so?leaving in a country like India where all human being are treated equal then y such differences …its for those politicians who wants to fill there vote bank.Its just a bizzare thought friendz…and those who support it they really dun knw wat they r upto????..ya it would have been fine if these reservation was for those womens who r below poverty line….but from these rights only elite women will be benifitted..and i really dont support thisWOMEN RESERVATION,,,Y DONT MEN NEED SUCH KIND A RESERVATION…?

  72. Tushar said

    statement does women rely need a reservation ? today all the women talk about the equality between both the sexes in every sense wheather it is economically socially and legally but in the same time they are self discriminate their own self in the society by the means of reservation . they are showing that they r the weaker one , then men or they need a reservation for upliftment , they r only doing contribution in promoting the existing ideology of our society .today when the women travel into metro they made an impression in the minds of men that they r so weak ,they are so sensible , and they cant do anything without the mercy of reservation . m stricly oppose this reservation . and advice the women not to ask for the reservation ask for the mental reforms in our country

  73. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group
    of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the
    same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.
    You have done a extraordinary job!

  74. Prince said

    Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

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