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…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

It’s just you!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 10, 2008

Yesterday I had nowhere to go and nothing to do! It’s long back since I have stopped writing a diary. I was reading the golden pages of my old diary. Then I thought of writing something on the same page. Sitting in the corner of my room, surrounded by darkness where the table lamp lit not only my room also my memories which I started penning down in my diary.

I was thinking about the day you expressed your feelings to me. I guess, I did not have guts to express my feelings to you. I was waiting for the day I could do it, but you alone made possible expressing your feelings. For the first time I heard something special from you. I just replied to you in a silent voice ‘yes’! We were so much happy, and it seems, we both were waiting for this day. I realized that the little moments were wonderful but not enough for us. Did ever you feel the same as well?

I can never forget that special smile you gave each time you looked at me. In fact I can never forget those moments of my life. There were so many things running in my mind at that time but I was not at all able to speak it out. It even happens sometime now that whenever I meet you I still become silent. I simple wonder, why can’t I speak when I have so much to tell you? Why can’t I write when I have so much in mind?

Yet, day by day our feelings started growing. At times I was not able to see you for few days which made me upset, and hence I expressed my “gussa” to you. You just listened and smiled back at me, never saying anything. Absolutely no reaction! You never shown your anger towards me as usual. I still remember, that day, when I fought with you for same reason and it was very worst day of my life. I have not tried to call or email you even once. At that time I didn’t tell you how much regret and pain I had for what I did. I also know that how much pain you had hidden in you too. I realize you are everything in my life, but I also feel that I hurt you very much that day!

I have not ever told you before why I was angry with you. It’s my way of sharing with you – my feelings and situation, I was going through. Even, just after reaching here, I had already spent day without hearing your voice and without looking at your sweet smiling face. Actually, it’s very painful when I am not able to see you, or not able to hear your voice. I know our wait almost has come to an end and I will be able to be with you in just after few months. I promise to you not to bring similar situation in future, whenever we are together. Yet, the time I spend with you is not at all enough even if I have a 1000 years to do so!

Dear readers, as you would have guessed by now, I am talking about none other than my Palash’. Whenever I take a dive into the ocean of memory or talk about it, I ramble off somewhere. Now, a breath of fresh air…..warm, wonderful, refreshing. Aaha, I let my feelings fly…!


24 Responses to “It’s just you!”

  1. Amit said

    An incredible love story. So beautiful and touching to the heart. Thanks for sharing the most romantic moments and experience of your life. 🙂

  2. Shafi said

    Inexpressible Love Story, but you have the guts to express it. It is too beautiful….
    Thanks for sharing your most precious moment of life…

  3. Girish said

    I am impressed about the beautiful way you expressed your emotions.

  4. Nidhi said

    One,two,three,i read it three tims.wat a llov story.trust me,this is a beautiful story abt true nd commited lov.inbtwn when r u getting married wid ur palash? 😉

    jidhar bhi yeh dekhen jahaan bhi yeh jaayen,tujhe dhundhati hai yeh paagal nigaahen….palash palash palash….whre r u palash?? 😛

  5. Adi said

    Good one…
    Waise ye wala job bhi badiya hein…………… likhne ka kaam suru kar do…..
    pata nai koi kahani kab hit ho jaye…….

  6. mehek said

    hmmmmmmmmm u just took me in the lane of love,and ocean of wavy emotions,so beautifuly expressed feelings,dil chahe ye safar kabhi pura hi na ho,bahut sundar.
    pehchan liya tha ,wo palash:):)
    tere nazdik rehkar aur kuch sikha ho na ho hamne
    tere palash se jaan pehchan jarur ho gayi hai;):)
    duniya ki udherbun mein bhagti rews se, ye pyar mein dubi rews jada khubsurat hai,hai na:):)

  7. Abhishek said


  8. Kiran said

    Truly touching story. Beautiful! You’ve proved it’s true love. It’s inspire us to create beautiful and everlasting relationships.

    Many of what we call ‘love stories’ today are nothing more than the stories of physical attraction and desire.

  9. Nidhi said

    Hoshwalon ko khabar Kya,bekhudi kya cheez hai
    ishq Kijey fir samajhiye,zindagi kya cheez hai
    unse nazarain kya milin raushan fizaein ho gayee
    aaj jana pyaar ki jaadugari kya cheez hai
    ishq Kijey fir samajhiye, zindagi kya cheez hai 🙂

  10. ami said

    So here my dids pure love story. Very nicely you presented about Palash Ji.

    So i am hoping for a good news soon.

    Lets see when this good news arrive.

    With lots of Luv and wishes for you Di:)

  11. Dear Ami,

    Don’t you know about Palash? Are Palash koi aur nahi mera favorite flower hai. About good news…Hmmm…if I will have any I will surely tell you and also will invite you for same. Thank you for your lovely words 🙂

    with love.

  12. Manoj said

    Wonderfully expressed. You have great skill in saying the things..good keep it up.

  13. Sanju said

    Good creativity in Orkut…

    This is surprize of the day 🙂

  14. Apke isk ko kisi ki nazar na lage. . .
    Khuda kare isk aur gahrata hin jaye. . . .
    Kisi bag ki khubsurti nahin,aapke dil me samata jaye jaye. . .
    Aur buri nazar wale mere pas aata jaye. . . .
    Apke isk ko kisi ki nazar na lage. . .

  15. Suraj said

    Mere khwabon ki is gulistan me
    tumse hi to bahar chhayee hai !!
    Zindagi ke phulon me rang to palash ke hai
    lekin ooname khushboo tumhi se aayye hai !!

    Bola Madam…..!!

  16. Nidhi said

    Bhai waah suraj kya mast shayari hai yar 🙂

    Koi phool hota too alag baat hoti
    jo khud Guldasta hai,use gulab kya bhejun.

  17. Suraj said

    Gulaabon ka hum kya kare
    Jab Niyat hamari sidhi hai…?
    chund phul hi chahiye guldaste ko
    baaki khaak hi… Kuber ki Nidhi hai!

    Eppa Solladdi …!!

  18. Nidhi said

    nw back to ur shayari.let me use both commands copy and paste 🙂

    1) Khaak se bane ho khaak hone ko,
    Khaak se hi nafrat hai Zamaane ko,
    Khaak me milna hai ek din,
    aasman ke suraj, ye Kabtak jan paoge..??? 😉

  19. Vishal said

    Excellent expression of love.

  20. Suraj said

    Naseeb insaan ka ….chahat se hi sawarata hai
    kya bura isame…jo koi kisi par marta hai ?
    Aabi -khaki hi is pyaar me bharna padata hai ! kyon ki …
    Mehak aur rang- palash ka..waise bhi to oodata hai !

    ajoon kaahi ..??

  21. Nidhi said

    ye lo mil gayi

    yakeen hai khaak main jagah mil hi jayegi.
    tabi ro ke chitkaar lagayi hai.
    aur kalam ne phir guhaar lagayi hai.
    abhi to bahut kuch karna baaki hai!!!!

    palash main mahak kabsey hone laga?? 😉

  22. Gagandeep said

    Bole to jhakas story, simply the best.

  23. rohit said

    Lag raha tha palash hoga…end me nikla bhi….ab yeh palash mr palash ban hi jaye….

  24. Ruchi said

    this reminds me of an old timer-
    मेरा ख्याल है यह,हकीकत सी हो जाना तुम,
    मेरी बाहों में आ कर सो जाना तुम.
    अपनी खुशबू से मेरे घर को मखाना तुम,
    फूल पलाश के चुन लाना तुम.

    दुनिया के नजारे स्वीकार नही,
    अपनी मुस्कराहट से मुझे बहलाना तुम.
    सुर्ख हो जाये जब ज़िंदगी की फिजा,
    फूल पलाश के चुन लाना तुम.

    मौसम बसंत का जब भी आएगा,
    अपने आँगन में खुशबू लाएगा,
    चह चहाती चिडिया सी गाना तुम,
    दूर गगन में कहीं उड़ जाना तुम,
    फूल पलाश के चुन लाना तुम.

    जब भी हो जाये उदास मन मेरा,
    मीठी सी बातों को होठों पे रख लाना तुम.
    आँगन में उड़ते सूखे पत्तों को,
    अपने आँचल में समेट लाना तुम,
    फूल पलाश के चुन लाना तुम.
    मेरे सपनो को तोड़ कर न जाना तुम,
    अपने अटूट रिश्ते का विश्वास,
    मेरे बेताब दिल को दे जाना तुम,
    फूल पलाश के यूँ ही हर बार चुन लाना तुम.

    Its my all time favorite…whenever I read this poem , I am reminded of you , Rewa…

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