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Will it lead to another Bandit Queen!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 18, 2008

NRI wife paraded naked for calling painter over

JALANDHAR: In a shocking and brutal retribution for being “seen” with a man, a 30-year-old wife of an NRI was allegedly paraded naked in front of her children, mother-in-law and relatives as a bunch of angry villagers cheered on while some also recorded it on video….. Courtesy – TOI news

Anger disappears when the situation changes and you start thinking more objectively. After reading the above news we can realise, we are what we are actually! Jalandhar city is the part of birth place of Indian Civilization where the Haddappa Civilization evolved. As it is known that this place is very developed and in such a place it’s very hard to believe such worst incident.

Now coming to the point, some men are never wrong, and if you think they are then you are too bad. Isn’t it?? They think, they are always right and if they do some crime, it’s their brightright! So, just don’t say or react over their brightright otherwise you will not be counted in the lists of perfect women!

The thing is we had only seen it happens in hindi movies but, these Indian men now made possible in reality. This Sarpanch has no right at all to take such worst action. So, he has to be given ‘FANSI KI SAZA’ and rest of the men who all were sitting and watching that lady over there should also get punishment, so that in future not even a single man can ever have courage to do such crime.

Indian men…Ahem! Well, they even never want to see what a mistake they do or how it looked like, okay? okay?! But Men, you really have better things to do in your life. C’mon, that’s not your thing to do and feel proud by doing such nonsense! No one has right to do so with any women in this planet. And if this is happening then I am sure there will be many Phoolan Devis taking birth in our society!


19 Responses to “Will it lead to another Bandit Queen!”

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  2. Suraj said

    This is a news but not new or unusual……India has very good very history of having such cases.
    It is not a crime by a man or men but by society as whole. Please note that it does not make different where you are born………in Jalandhar (Sindh land) or tribal area or Jungles of UP/MP. People are same where every.

    It is definately not time for Another Bandit Queen……because there has been or will be always time for new bandit queens ..I would say bandits……one should not wait for events like these to happen.

    It is Indian Society as a whole that sucks which has Men, Women, Upper caste, Lower Caste, middle Caste, Village, METRI, small town…….. every one.
    So Indian society…….Shame to you all !!

    JAI HIND! (?)

  3. Oh God. . . . Its really surprising ! Shame for our society ! Peak of inhumanity ! The law should come in front . . . . . They must be punished ! Must be punished !And this should not be repeated again in our india. . . . . . .

  4. dominant people in rural India has always been committing such crimes and they were left away in name of tradition or so, but where a tradition says that you will behave like this.
    I agree with Rewa that those responsible must be punished in a way that next time one must think again and again before even thinking such crime.

  5. mehek said

    this is disgusting,just digusting,those men should be treated the same by that same women before hanging,so nobody repeats this again.when this society will grow on education level hope the things change.

  6. Nidhi said

    wat men think of themselves?
    Shoot d idiot or giv d worst punishment possible. keep him in a small darkroom one v r afraid to enter nd put a big running RAT inside his clothes that he wears.

  7. Surabhi said

    What do I say here as a comment Rewa..?! 😦
    We all are responsible for such a derogatory act. People who did it and people who witnessed and recorded it and let it happen are perverts!

    This is a very saddening incident and as a human I feel ashamed. 😦

  8. Nidhi said

    jisney video banaya hai sabko bhookhe ped par latkao our sabke smane pito.itna pito jisse koi dobara aise harkat karne ka nahi sochega.

  9. ruchi said

    Who did they think they were while inflicting such inhumane punishment on the woman? God??
    Well , even God would not think of such treatment towards a women , whatsoever be the crime!!
    Such Men are real Bast@*ds,who think they can get away with such crime .I think the incidence is equivalent to the sin of 100 rapes, and the SARPANCH should be meted out with the punishment for it.Also , shame on the other men , who sat there and watched spinelessly! I think that they do not realize that they are encouraging such criminal behavior through their silence.God forbid, but it could be even their women tomorrow!
    If the women was at fault of infidelity , which was punished in such a way, in what way should the sarpanch and his supporters be punished for committing an even higher order of crime of parading the modesty of a women ?

  10. Kiran said

    None of these men needed to define themselves. Humanity has lost its humanity. This Sarpanch need to be left alone in the cave with so many rats. How he scream, cry and fighting with the rats. I’m gonna enjoy watching him dying. He is a rapist.

  11. Khyati said

    I’d like to see this bastard just get fired.

  12. Tarun said

    Me too wrote four lines of comparison on this on oct. 16, it’s really shame.

  13. Hi Tarun

    I got to know about this news from you only.

    Aapne jo link diya hai, main us topic per aapke blog mein comment dalne ki koshish ki but I don’t know what is the problem there…mere sare comments spam mein shayad gaye hein or I am unable to submit my comments there. Please do check it.


  14. Amit said

    This is a shameful deed. The sarpanch and the whole group of villagers must be punished. Next time no one should dare doing such stupid things towards women.

  15. Vishal said

    Shameful! This Sarpanch also should be treated the same way.

  16. Kiran said

    We always ignore such issues in the name of culture. Will the sarpanch make a man from his village parade naked if he goes to a red light area????

  17. Tarun said

    I don’t see any comment is hanging in spam folders for moderation but I noticed your comment on my SanGeet blog.

  18. Nidhi said

    sarpanch v kai baar RLA main gaya hoga, wo kya our koi v man RLA mai jaane wale ko nangaA nai kar sakta. KYONKI KISI MAI ITNI HIMMAT NAI HAI.

  19. Rohit said

    If Accused will punish within time. then it will not happen again, and more thn society Law Inforcement system is only 10% working, so it’s happened many time. it’s nt a such case. What happend abt Sati Pratha, when first british took hard action and then law punished them, then Sati Pratha is not now in india.(Such Cases happned, but only 1 or 2 in years .) ..so as soon as you punished accused, problem will solve.It’s like afzal Guru Type case. so Political and Inforcement system is very week.

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