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…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

Whispers of the heart!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on October 15, 2008

No… this is not a rap song, neither a pop song or nor a filmy song!

Guess what??? Anybody know the name of this song? How many of you remember it? I know navodayans can’t forget this song at any cost!!! Even if you might have forgotten the song fully but I am sure every one of you remember the tune at least.

Well, this song is the rhythm of my heart! The feelings towards this song I can’t hide as the music is like my heart beats. It always remind me to see the rising sun in the sky…..I wouldn’t write more about it. This is for dear navodayans, my friends and all my dear readers. Listen the sweetest music and perfect beat, I am sure it will just touch your heart and soul!


कहते हें ना कुछ शब्द, कुछ धुन रूह में बस जाती है, ऐसी ही है यह रचना जिसके रचनाकार श्री सुरेश चंद्र वात्स्यायन हें.

Note: You may find the lyrics of this song here…. Click to Enter.


5 Responses to “Whispers of the heart!”

  1. Nidhi said

    Beautiful music nd sound is soothing.a lovely unusual tunes composed tht slowly settle in ur brain.
    u navodians can make a difference.

  2. Jon said

    Down the passage of time kept looking for him
    Thank you for this passage

  3. Tarun said

    it seems a video so can’t listen/watch right now will have a look later. BTW, I came here after long time, how’s everything, you can listen some nice songs (at least for me) here too.

    Have you read that news NRI one on TOI.

  4. Imtiyaz said

    really its great to hear…..

  5. mehek said

    bahut khubsurat aur madhur hai sunane ke liye aur lyrics bhi sundar.it inspires heart from within.

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