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A Condolence!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on September 21, 2008

As I had planned to take proper rest and to enjoy to the fullest with my lovely bhai and bahan, so I did! And for the last few days I have been suffering from fever, cold and cough. But what to do, I had to come back to my workplace, and finally I am back!

Today almost after 15 days of gap I checked my mailbox. There are so many mails but I checked two or three mails as I am not keeping well. I found a mail sent by one of navodaya bhai Madhu Babu, and after reading that, I got disappointed. I am quoting that mail below.

Hi Friends,

This morning(14th Sept…sunday), Yugandhar Reddy committed suicide by jumping from 4th floor of the NIMS;Hyderabad.Reported spot dead.I express my hearfelt condolences to him. And express my support to his family.

Gangadhar Battula.

Although Yugandhar fought a long and a very hard battle with life, he gave up hope and left us forever!  May God give strength to the ill-fated mother of two sons who struggled a lot to improve her child’s life. In 1999, she had lost her husband in a faction violence, and now she has lost the last hope of her life.

Friends, let’s pray together for the departed soul. May God rest his soul in eternal peace and bless his family members with the courage. I extend my deepest condolence to his family and friends.


12 Responses to “A Condolence!”

  1. Roushan said

    May God bless his soul peace and give his family strength

  2. rachna said

    I stand with NAVODAYA in their moment of grief and pain

  3. Nidhi said

    May his soul rest in peace nd God gives more courage to his mother during these difficult times.

  4. Dr Anurag said

    May God bless his soul peace and give his family strength

  5. May the deceased soul lives in peace.

    Rewa, as I have seen the mother-son-the hospital everything physically, the whole episode revolves around my eyes…

    Sometimes, seeing the pains of sufferer like him – we wish somehow if they get relieved of the pain..But alas only death erases the pain from the person forever !

  6. May god give peace to his soul. . . . Strength to their parents & family members. . . .

  7. Amit said

    God Bless his soul and rest in peace.

  8. बीमारी के बावजूद आपका ,सम्बेदना के लिए आना ,सच्ची मानवता का परिचायक है / वैसे तो सर्दी जुकाम है , मौसमी ,लेकिन आपके शीघ्र स्वस्थ होने की ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करता हूँ

  9. mehek said

    may god help to rest the soul in peace,hope uill also get well soon rews,tk cr

  10. Condolence to Yugandhar. . . .
    You are not in this world now. But we will always remind your courage. . . . I studied the “Alport syndrome ” and its physical complication in my books,but today went through the emotional complication of it. May God empower her mother. . . . .

  11. rakesh said

    may god give a nice next birth to that soul

  12. AJIT said

    May God bless his soul peace and give his family strength…..

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