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Keep religion out of politics!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 29, 2008

Nitin has posted a topic in his comment # 157 in discussion forum. As he wants to discuss his thoughts here, so I am quoting his views below.

Politics or religion…

The issue is government gave 100 acres of forestland to the Amarnath board,But the issue has given a communal color which makes it worse, Religion in India has always been a sensitive issue and a small spark anywhere always escalates in a big way causing irreparable damage and loss. It’s the common Kashmiri who has been worst-affected by it.The Governor heads the Amarnath board and the chief minister heads the Waqf board in Jammu and Kashmir….Then wht common Kashmiri should dooooooooooo…..

Should politics keep out of religion?…..

Wht is d solution on it….


I would say ‘Keep Religion out of Politics!’

Religion does not teach cruelty, injustice and hatred to others. Orissa case serves as an example for this. Also, we must not forget the Godhra riots or in Gujrat riots, many people lost their lives, their family members, and many such incidents have taken place in the country. Why do they behave like deaf, dumb and blind? These acts are worst in every sense. Nobody should harm anybody.

Religion is a personal choice and we should never mix it with politics. It’s teaches us morality, virtues and good character. The root cause of social political conflict is ‘Caste and Religion’ and no one can defend it saying “caste has nothing to do with religion”. This remains as the ground for politics.

We always talk about reservation. I am not in favor of Reservation system based on the caste or gender, but my only question is, why don’t we talk of removing caste system from our society? Just because caste and religion plays a very important role in election in India! It should be removed for ever to stop reservation or any kind of conflict.

As far as Kashmir is concerned, we must understand that Kashmir issue is ‘not about religion’. Before we arrive at any conclusion, we should keep an eye on what’s happening in Kashmir is all about politics. So, I think politicians should stay out of religion.


Note: Thanks Nitin for inspiring me to write on this topic. I never thought of writing or commenting on this issue. I keep myself far from politics as I really don’t like it.

25 Responses to “Keep religion out of politics!”

  1. Nidhi said

    hw mny thngs sud v forget?i think it is foolish to imagine dat politicians wil b widout religion, our religious leaders widout politics.
    dis wld is a place, whre v sud live nd let live.

  2. Nidhi said

    religion nd politics sud be kept seperate…..
    bt d question is hw to keep religion out of politics?

  3. rohit said

    Kashmir problem is not due to politics or religion only. We did some mistake in 47, so it’s a great problem today. We talk about the valley’s muslim population problems. It’s now fashion. Govt or o thers party talks about muslim people who suffred in Gujrat. Main stream Film maker make films on muslim problems.

    But ever anyobody asked what is the condition of Kashmir’s Hindu Population. Who r leaving in own coutnry or state as refuge. Can any So called Kashmiri Muslim or Hindu Leader try to check kasmiri pandit’s refuge camp. Why Hurriya leader took 12yers to go in any camp. are they r not kashmiri…

    Bascily problems due to the valley muslims and their leader.

    Why Pt. Nehru (who himself a kasmiri pandit) stop indina militry after wining only jammu and srinagr. After wining 1971 war, again we lost on table.

    First maxium Valley muslim killed hindu neghbour and forced them to leave the valley. AFter that they said that militancy is due to unemployment. Is it not a National or Globla Problem. If all will take gun in his/her hand, then what will happend. Why not Unemployed in UP, Bihar, or in any other state took gun in his hand and dancing on othere coutnry directon.

    Whatevre happend in Ahamadbad or in banglore, or in Jaipur, done by indina muslim. Is not they r doing same thing they did first in kashmir, now in all cournty. What is the means of so CALLED AAZADI.

    WHENEEVER U WILL TOUR KASHMIR THEY HAVE ONLY ONE QUESTION . RU HINDUSTANI. WHAT is the meaning of this question. Is the situcation in Pakistani kasmir is better then india.
    No or never, Pakistan is a failure and unsettle coutnry. So first the people of kasmiri and othere some muslim people to understand that inida is there own coutnry. Why they react if somethng happend in amrica or in europe. Why they oppsed Nuclear Treaty with USA. Just beczuse they want to kill OSAMA. it’s there problem . USA was very good for them when porting Osama? That’s rite whatever they did in Iraq is totally wrong.

    what happend with Taslima Nasren. Most indina muslim has no problem with her. But Bangladeshi muslim created problem for her and start viloent agitation aganist in kolkata. See in Assam and Tripura what is happning, Bangdleshi Muslim are now in majourity. and creating problem for indian muslim too. What r the bangldesih are doing in Delhi or in mumbai. Mostly involed in illegal activities.

    So when all of us, Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/chirsten(whatever our religion) will Kicked outsiders. Will use our voting right. and choose the rite people then something will change.

    We need again Maluna Azad or Ashfaq Ulla Khan( may be most of people don’t know Ashfaq Ula Khan).


  4. Kashmir problem is not due to politics or religion only. We did some mistake in 47, so it’s a great problem today.

    @Rohit, aap is baat ko accept karte ho ki we did mistake! Aur jab mistake hota hai to use ham sudharne ki koshish karte hein, bigarne ki nahi. Lekin hamare political leaders religion or caste ko apna hathiyar banakar logon ko aapas mein lada rahe hein. Aur ye ladai desh ke her kone mein ho rahi hai.

    I am sure the people of kashmir are peace loving, but as a matter of fact, they became the target of religious and political leaders. And when I say the people of kashmir, it means everybody whether they belong to any caste or any religion that doesn’t matter for me.

    Anyway, since long time Kashmir has become a battleground for fundamentalists. But, now is the time for the people of Kashmir to be allowed to live in dignity.


  5. rohit said

    it’s totally in the hand of kashmir people. Why not they try to call back there friends who r leavning in bad condition in theere own cournty. Most of people in kashmir (mostly muslim) are palyigng blame game, but not try to solve there own problem. In 1989 V P Singh Govt did one worng thing. We expect sacrificy from top leader of country and vis-versa from himself when coutnry is in problem. But What happend in kandhar episode. Russia army attcked in Masco Theatre in which many children killed(children not man) but people were behind his president.
    So now Kashmir is now a cancer for our country, and hard step is very important. Its now in their own hand to protect their state from milltants.


  6. rohit said

    Now it’s in kashmiri people hand.Indian people did there best. These days People of kashmir is now only muslim people who r living in valley. Nobody is talking about the hindu’s people who r living in bad condition. Main Valley leader always avoid Jammu or Ladakh. Mistake done by VP Govt in 1989. So its time for hard step. like Rusia did in Mascow case. In whicn many children killed, but people was behind their president putin. But what happend in Kandhar Episode. First Atal govt was not ready for any relaese. But after the pressure of the people he changed his mind….so kashmir is cancer now, and it’s need a surgery. Whole sole change.

  7. Jai Hindustan said

    I just want to add India to remain as ONE COUNTRY only and for this whatever is needed, the Govt. of India should do it…do not think of what world will say and what human right people say…FIRST WE NEED TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY then think of anything else…jai hind, jai hindustan.

  8. FIRST WE NEED TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY then think of anything else

    @Mr.Jai Hindustan,

    We need to save our country…for whom? For the people of our country…and if they are alive….right?

    In the past few months many people have been killed in Kashmir. And unfortunately till date we have done nothing to resolve this in real sense. We are just killing our people, nothing more than that. When I said it is nothing, it means nothing!

  9. Indian people did their best.


    What you/we have done? Indian needs to act and not just talk and talk. We have done nothing for our mother(bharat mata), but we have just crushed her and shattered our Peace.

    We have to put an end all this nonsense!

  10. ami said

    Dear Di,

    see this


  11. satyajeet said

    @ rohit,rewa

    AAj aap pure hindustan ko sudhar kar hi dum lena, atleast kashmir issue to resolve kar hi dena.. bahut din ho gaye.. ab sun sun ke bor ho gaya hu.. are dada ise azad hi kyo nahi kar dete.. kashmir to wahi rahega na jaha hai.. ha hindustan ka naksha thodda gadbad ho jawega..

    jara sochiye..
    religion ko bhale hi politics ki jarurat nahi hai…
    but politics ko to religion ki jarurat hai na bhai..ya phir
    Ram teri ganga maili ho gayi.. papiyo ke pap dhote dhote..

  12. satyajeet said

    waise jo maili ho jawe wo ganga nahi hai.. so politics ko hamesha religion ki jarurat rahegi.. hai na

  13. Nidhi said

    most peple in dis contry prbably nt abt to realize s humanitarian aspect of d prblem.y frce peple to stay on and suffer dre.look hre two siblings fiting fr d same toy.govt hav to take decison nw nd hav to play d role like parents.its nt dat govt can’t do it,de hav to do it,dey hav to bring peace to d Jammu&Kashmir once nd forevr.

    ganga maili nai hue hain ham maila kar rahe hain.ganda politics krne key liye our logon ko apas main lada key yah religion ka sath lete hain.

  14. satyjit bhai

    akhir kitno ko aazad karoge. aaj kashmir, kal khalistan, parso marathaland, phir bodoland. akhir hindsutan ki seema kya hogi.

    tumne rohit ko likha hai ki bhul hui hai to use sudharne ki jarurat hai. aur aaj jo ho raha hai use tum sudhar nahi kah sakti. aur sabse badi baat tum ya anya koi ise matra 1947 se jod kar dekh raha hai aur iska aur itihas bhula diya gaya hai. jaise kashmir matra wahan ke musalmano ka hi hai. ek rashtra ki samsya keval wahan ki samsya nahi hoti. man lo kal bihar ka kishanganj ka ilaka muslim bahul ho jaye to bihar ke anya bhag ke logo ka wahan koi adhikar nahi rah jata. rohit sahi kah raha hai. kashmir ko keval waha rahne wale muslim ka mana ja raha hai aur jammu ke tammu me rahne wale hinduo ki sudhi lene wala koi nahi hai. kashmir pandito ko nikal kar , unki dhajjiyan nikal kar kashmiri kitne shantipriya hai , sabhi jante hai. tanik batao to agar kasmiri algavvadi sadko par pardarshan kar rahe the to kitne hazar kashmiri bharat ke sath rahne ke liye sadko par aaye the? chup rahne ka matlab? aaj kashmir ko sabhi netao ka khel bata rahe hai. ise political issue bhi bataya ja raha hai. aakhir kab koi mamla political issue nahi rah jayega aur janta se sidhe judega. malum hai is desh mein jo kal pakistan ki aazadi mein nara buland kiya tha unme (vartman bharat bhubhag mein rahne wale) 80 pratishat yahi rah gaye. ek aur pakistan lene ke liye. the times of india ne survey kiya tha jisme 68 % kashmir ko bharat mein rahne dena chahte hai , 22% aazad kar dena chahte hai aur 10 % kuchh nahi jante. rewa ye 22% kaun log hai. kashmir ko aazad kar dene par ye log wahan nahi jayenge. we yahi rah jayege ek aur kashmir lene ke liye. is desh mein bahut logo ki mansikata yahi hai- jo mil jaye le lo aur fir kuchh naye ki maang kar do. tum jaise log har baat ko political issue kah ke chup ho jate ho. khud us issue se jud kar political issue banane se bachana is desh ki logo ki fitrat nahi hai. aur is desh ke budhijivi bhi bade ajeeb ajeeb kism ke hai . husain sahab jab devatao ki nangi tasveer banate hai to log unke paksha mein utar aate hai. use right to expression kahte hai. lekin jab koi danish kartoonist kuchh express karta hai to sabhi chup laga jate hai. kyo? wo isliye ki hinduon ka koi mai baap nahi hai , isme sabki apni dhapli apna raag hai. lekin hamare budhijivi varg islam ki talwar se darte hai. aur dekho na danis cartoonist ne chitra banay aur yahan lucknow mein pradarshan kar rahe musalmano ne do hinduo ko maar dala. kuchh baate bhi ajeeb si hoti hai. is desh mein 20 carore musalman hai , lekin unhe alpsankhyak kaha jata hai. vishwa mein itne musalmaan ek desh mein kahin nahi hai. inhe dusari sabse bada samuh bhi to kaha ja sakta hai. aakhir ye kab tak alpasankhyak kahlayenge jab tak hinduo ke barabar na ho jaye. is desh mein alpanshankyak ka asli matlab hota hai musalmaan hona. parsi jo kuchh lakh mein wo jaye bhad mein. is desh ki rawani bhi kuchh ajab hai. gujrat to sabko yad aata hai , nishchit hi wo bura tha. i condenm. lekin dear yahan log godhra ko bhul jate. godhra mein hamare budhijiviyon ki chuppi hi gujrat jaise dango ko prerit karti hai. train mein dudh pilati ma jali padi hai . ispar kisi ki aankhe gili nahi hui. sunita narayan ko best bekri dikhta hai par
    kashmir mein
    zindabad pakistan likha lohe ki garam salakho, ma bahno ki hatho pe

    lekin wahan par sunita nahi pighalti hai, wahan nahi jati hai.

    nahi nahi tum ye mat samjh lena mai kisi ka bhi samarthan kar raha hun. dono galat hai.
    samsya ye hai ki vam soch ki hamri adhik budhijivi kisi bhi cheez ko do najriye se dekhte hai. unhe musalmano ka rahnuma jo banana hai. jab tak is desh mein ek kanoon nahi hoga aur tabtak kai samsyaen rahengi aur ham materialistic life mein jeete hue chup chap inhe poliitical samsaya kahtre rahenge.

    sach to ye hai rewa hindu vibhin jatiyon ka ek jabarjasti sthapit kiya ek jamawada hai. shadi mein, jine marne , tij tyohar mein , hum alag hote hai. holi mein kitne rajpur gaon ke bujurg harizan ko pair par abir laga kar aahirvad lete hai. harijan to chhod maine apne gaon mein aaj bhi dekhta hun holi ya tyoharo mein bhid ka rukh kutiya se mahal ki taraf hota hai. haan musalmano ke bhaya ne hame hindu bana diya hai. waise hi rashtrabhakti ka matlab keval pakistan ko hara dena hota hai. bhale hi china hazaro km jameen le baitha hai. hamara dhyan ustarf nahi jata hai. pada rahe is desh ke logo ko koi farq nahi padta. political issue hai. bihar mein badh aati rahe. is desh ke log kashmir se kanyakumari tak sadko par nahi aayenge. sab chup hai. political issue. yahan ki samsyanye bihari hoti, assami hoti hai, jharkhandi hoti, marathi hoti hai. waise hi kashmiri hoti hai. ham bhaut bate hai aur ham rashtra bhakti ke dawe mein bahut khokhale hai. bhai satyjeet ki tarah hum beparwah hote hai jab tak wo samsyan hamare ghar mein na aa jaye.kandhar se simtata bharat kashmir tak aa gaya.satyjeet bhai abhi kitna naksha tum gadbad karoge. jante ho tumhari hi mansikta nehru ji ki thi. tharparkar,chatgaon, lahore mein adhe hindu the lekin unki soch thi ki kuchh jameen idhar rahe ya udhar koi farq nahi padta. unhe gaddi ki bahut jaldi thi. khud unke shabdo mein hum thak chuke hai.
    baki baad mein likhunga
    ha aur sath mein rohit ko mubarakbad, achchha likhta hai. desh ka koi part ek panth bahul ho jane se hi desh se alag hone ka adhikar nahi rakhta hai. ye 370 hai jo hame wahan basne nahi deta. varna kya wo ise muslim bahul kah sakte the.

    kashmir keval kashmiriyon ka nahi hai balki anya bhago mein rahne wale bhartiyon ka bhi hai. aur kashmir ka itihas keval 1947 se hi shuru nahi hota hai. hindustan ka jad yahi se hai.aur tab se jab shayad musalman nam ki chiriyan ka is dharti par astitva nahi tha.

  15. marry said

    Every political leader should keep religion out of Politics. This will give a good face to politics.




  16. satyajeet said

    Alok ji..
    Bahut achha laga aapko padhkar, Apki kshamtao ka andaza to mujhe pahle se hi tha.. aaj padhkar laga wakai me dam hai.. aapke jajbe ko salaam..
    aapne puchha
    “Phir Hindustan ki seema kya hogi”
    aji yahi to mai nahi chahta.. sare jhanjhat ki jar hai ye to.. seema.. mai nahi chahta ki Hindustan ki koi seema ho..sara jagat hi hindustan ho.. usase kum par samjhauta mujhe manjur hi nahi hai hame.. sapna bhi chhota kyo dekhte ho bhai..mera ek dost se jhagra bhi ho gaya tha seema ko lekar [:)] detail me aapse kuchh din baad hi baaat kar paunga.. ummeed hai mujhase aap utna naraj nahi honge ki kuchh din intazaar bhi na kar sake.. bhai sambodhan ke liye aapka aabhari hu.. shukriya

  17. satyajeet said

    Hum ganga maili nahi kar sakte..
    kar hi nahi sakte..
    jiski boond maatra chhirak dene se sabkuchh pavitra ho jaata hai wo khud bhala kaise maila ho sakta hai.. agar maila ho raha hai to samajho hum jise gangajal samajh rahe hai wo kuchh aur hi hai..

    Rajniti to doosit hai hi.. rajnitigyo ko thodi samajh ki jarurat hai.. unhe asli gangajal se nahlana padega.. kuchh karna padega.. hai na.. hume abhi bahut kuchh kahna hai, karna hai .. bas aap apne aankh kaan khula rakhna.. kuchh din ki hi to baat hai..

  18. ajnone said

    All comments welcome on my last post, please. Help me understand – I believe my last post skirts the same question. What do you think?


  19. satyjit bhi

    jis apnatava se aapne mujhe intzar karne ke liye kaha hai.
    hum intzar karenge tera qyamat tak
    aur bhai aapka khayal ki pura sansar hindustan ho bahut khubsurat ho. mai samjhta hun aapke jajbaat aur mai uski kadra bhi krata hun. jis vashudhaiv kutumbakam ki aap baat kar rahe hai aaj uski ke liye ladai to chal rahi hai. talibani pure sansar ko musalman karna chahte hai aur aap jaise log pure manav ko ek karna chahte hai. kashmir masla unhi ka hai. jisme ek taraf aap hai dusari taraf taliban. so bhai apne is jung mein kashmir chhoodne ki baat na kare. aap use pakde raho aur aap jaisa chahte ho banao
    talibaniyon ke hath mein mat jane do;

    aap pura jag jitana chahate ho lekin aap apna ek pair dharti par rakhe rahna aur ye dharti hai hindustan.
    wo kahte hai kashmir bin pakistan adhura hai
    swapn adhura hai jinna ka , ek itihas adhura hai
    hum bhi kahte hai , mili hame adhuri aazadi hai
    jisme pakistan nahi, wo hindustan adhura hai.

  20. nitin said

    Bascily problems due to the valley muslims and their leader…
    u r line …..
    plzz dont generalize…any one our new war will start hindu n muslims..

  21. rohit said

    Where we started and where we r going.!!lol!!Kashmir issue postpond ker do, detail baad me baat karge. Pahle Apne Bihar ko to bachao….15 din se sarkar or central govt chup chaap bethi hai. jitna kar sakti thi uska 10% bhi nahi hua hai. OR koi state hota to ab tak kai log lag jate. Bihar GAreeb hai so koi poochta nahi. not only i am, but many people are saying.

    I am tryng to help, if you too, help. We r tryng to relocated people, and try to adopt children after the KOSHI ka kahar. becz children are future of bihar and nation.

  22. Rohit said

    ladia kafi idhar-udhar ho rahi hai. First we stop this. and now First Time to act for bihar. kuch kaam kia jaye to better hoga.
    we are tryng to relocate the peopel if u think you can do something then tell me. we try to arrage and adopt 100 children(becz children is the future of nation)So is realy anyone here for help, thn write us.

  23. उड़ीसा में बेहद गरीबी के मारों को पढ़ाए जा रहे धार्मिक पाठों के कैसे-कैसे दुष्परिणाम सामने आ रहे हैं, जानने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं.

    मगर प्रशासन है ही कहां?

    Read full story. http://hindi.tehelka.co.in/indinon/national/133.html

  24. Hair Loss said

    Well I always like to comment on your post. But this time u made me speechless with your marvelous work. Keep it up

  25. Nidhi said

    Read dis wat peple r doing on d name of religion.

    The brutal rape and murder of a Hindu orphan by Hindu fanatics, who thought she was Christian.


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