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Just an onlooker!?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 28, 2008

Recently I read a post on a blog written by a blogger Arun Bharti. I tired not to write anything but I couldn’t stop myself. And certainly it’s not enough to write anything about it. Anyway, I am quoting his post below.

Hero or villain

It’s an additional experience in Mumbai. That day I was going by BEST bus to IIT Powai.The bus was too much crowded as usual.90% of the passengers were ,as it looked, from labor class and were speaking Marathi. I was silent and observing people out there. At the Mulund bus stop a lady, 50 something of age, enetered into the bus.She wore salwar-kamij. She went to driver and asked “Tumne bas kyun nahi roka?” I watched and realized she was desperately waiting for that bus since long time and that frustration was well evident on her face.
“Kyun, Ye tere baap ki bus hai kya..? He said.
“No, ye na mere baap ki hai na tumhare baap ki, Ye government ki bus hai or tumhari ye duty hai ki jahan tumko bus rokna hai wahan bus roko” the decent lady replied.
Parallely the public there started making noise. “Are bhai tum chalo,kyun yese pagal logon ki baton mein aate ho..”. Meanwhile a 25 something guy went to that lady and started hitting and slapping her. He threw her “Chunni”.I was shell shocked. I felt fire in my body. Tears fell down on her cheeks. She was helpless and I felt guilty not reflexing to the situation.

After some time the bus conductor heard the incident. He informed the driver. “Kya ? usne yesa kiya ?” asked the driver. Then followed the real drama. He went to that guy and kept hitting, beating, slapping till blood came out from his face. He abused him. “ sala , jo bolna tha unhone mujhe bola , tu mera koun lagta hai, o hindi bolti hai to kya hua, wahi log mumbai or desh ko chalate hain, tum jaise noukar nahi”.

I again felt happy but uncomfortable. I went to bed but could not sleep, just kept thinking about that Bus driver.
Was he a bad man, was he a hero? I am still confused …..


What would you call it…??? Educated? Childish? Crazy? Stupidity? Heroism? or Metro Style?

This is called Mumbai Meri Jaan!

Well, an important opinion it is! We come from a culture where pride is our ‘back bone’. Why are the people behaving this way? We are proud enough to call ourselves civilized but, are we really civilized? What does that tell us about human evolution? Are we really the people of the well cultured society?? Is our culture alive???

The above story description of this “ambient culture” style, as you call it, it’s not done. I do not blame on our culture, but I can’t believe people actually care about their culture at least once in their lives these days. We have so many protectors of our culture here…and see? I really don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Needless to say that it’s happening everywhere all over in India. I think people should have the guts to come out and put some real effort to prevent such error from happening in our society. Everyone deserves respect and as for here this lady deserves it at least for her age!


19 Responses to “Just an onlooker!?”

  1. you might have read bachchan this poem
    mujh par devatva jahan par
    jhuk jayega lok wahan par
    par meri durblata ko dulrane wale—-
    telling her tumhare bap ki—–only show his short-tempered nature but over all he is a good man near to heroism. seeing all the matter arun was mock, at least arun should ask please brothers —-.but he remained keep quiet. is hammam mein sabhi nange hai, you, me sabhi. we belive in speech not action. you know rewa, that driver is true poet. you write only with word but he write in action.

  2. the real villains were those who were keep quiet. Driver is like a coconut. hard from outside but what a mild, delcate from inside.

  3. Nidhi said

    Dis is strange!!!it is such a painful nd foolish act.peple r behaving such a cruel way. SHAME on d watchers who al wre dere to watch d show sitting inside d bus. 😦

  4. Amit said

    We have lost our own sense of identity.

  5. sorry rewa. there are some mistake in my comment. it is because of some technical fulut. and because of cut paste.

  6. Sometimes onlookers becomes victim, sometime hero. And Vice versa.. its changing of roles on the stage of world.

    Of course in this case, I will praise the ‘bad-mouthed’ Driver.

  7. @Prem sir, everything is changing…The concept of life keeps on changing…but what kind of changes really required? That is not the question….who is the real victim…but whom to Blame? Can we say that our education system has failed?

    A 25yrs old guy slapping an aged lady aur sab baithkar nazara dekh rahe hein, kitni sharmnak baat hai…We believe in education, but is it the Real Value of our “Education”?

    Mujhe lagta hai sirf engineer or doctor ya koi bhi degree le lene se koi educated nahi ho jata hai.

    We must value education for itself, not just to get a job!


  8. Suraj said

    Be any where in India- and every thing is same…things just appear different. Always remember you, me and everyone- are simply “onlooker”. I know this word in english does not make much impact so does a it’s worst hindi counterpart. (You can think of any thing).

    Education does not solve any thing …..unless we wish to.

    All of us are like Arun Bharti Only (what ever language u speak does not count)…who can simply watch, go to the bed…and then finally sleep…then other day we write blog or comments to blogs (of course in our office time only).

    About Bus Driver- Off course he is Hero…..if he is good or bad -man does not really matter as long as he can be HERO.

    @Rewa and Arun Bharti,
    Hats off to you……..at least you could…ask question to yourself and others.

    Indians Rocks every where !!

  9. Abhishek said

    It is really very bad incident…i dont know how people can be so senseless…some people have really lost the humanity….

    I was wondering…was it the only incident of that kind,that happened that day.?..is it the story of mumbai only…? I think..’NO’. hundreds and hundreds such kind of incidents happens every day all over the world…but y? i am not geting any answer for that…may be insecurity(physical,social,mental and more…) we need to find the root causes.

    What can be the solution?…I dont know..
    On one hand i believe, better education and better environment are the tools that can alive the humanity,it make us capable to think in positive way but on the other hand education is not the only factor that describe our behavior…

    The behavior of someone depends on his/her state of mind at that particular point of time and on his/her values and believes. eg..we can see the behavior of that driver at two different point of time…first he was the villain and at later stage he became the hero…..

    Now question is-
    What controls the state of mind?(we need to find out whats run inside the mind when someone behaves like that)
    What can we do as a socially responsible person for this kind of problem?

  10. rohit said

    Hi Rewa
    It’s happen all over in India. Sometimes we react, sometimes not. It’s very simple human nature.

    Its right that in the end driver did whatever that is not by the law, but in present scenario he did very well. But why not he stopped the bus at stand? (Again a govt servant not finished his duty correctly)
    After that he told that lady “kyun, Ye tere baap ki bus hai kya..? The language used by the driver is the basic and real face of Indian society and its education given by his/her family & then society. We worship Lord Durga, Maa Sita, but in reality we behaved like that driver (educated behaved in different way, like they always expect that wife will behave like Sita or Savitri, But what about themselves) …

    Dear Suraj,
    Very sorry again I am not totally agreed with you. All are not onlooker. Many times I reacted, and sometimes even hit back. But sometimes I too think its daily routine so why I always interfere everywhere? I behave that time like others. (many not reacted because that time situcation is different and not different……((((Here is realy need Hosh Than Josh Dear Suraj. )))
    I faced many strange things many time. People reacted only when u gets upper hand in many clash.

    Rewa, many people reacts differently at different time. Some are onlookers, and some r not, I am agree that with Prem Piyesh’s word that sometimes onlookers becomes victim. But sometimes SO CALLED ONLOOKRS TO HIT BACK.

  11. rohit said

    “””””we belive in speech not action. you know rewa, that driver is true poet. you write only with word but he write in action.””””

    I am totally disagree with you Mr Pandey.

    Driver is not true poet. will you support the driver’s behavior with lady.

    Dear friend
    We need poet too in our society. Without them who will gives you the mirror of your society…


  12. rohit bhai,

    har din bhid bhad mein drivero ke sath mein ek do aisa vakya hota rahta hai. aap keval ek paksha hi dekhte ho. yahan delhi mein mujhe aaye din dreivero ke sath yatriyon ki bhi galtiyan dikhai deti hai. kitni bar we stand ke pass aane par apni seat par se uthate hai. khair jo bhi——us driver ne mahila se jo kaha ki wo nischit hi galat tha. par dusare hi pal jab koi vahashi banane ki koshish kar raha tha to usne us aurat ko bachaya bhi. par arun bharati jaise log us bus mein chup the. beshak driver ne rough bola lekin over all he is a nice man. yahan matra rough bolna problem nahi, problem hia logo ki chuppi. jab tak hamare par na gujare hum chup rahte hai. aur mujhe lagta hai ki rohit aap ya khud mai hota to arun bharati ki tarah chup hi rahte aur shayad rewa bhi. main problem yahi hai rohit ki hum aaram kaksho mein, AC mein baithkar tukbandi likh le, lekin vyvstha ke shikar logo ke kandha se kandh milakar unke sath kam karke kavita likhna nahi chahte. jaise mahashveta devi likhti hai. kavita likhna badi baat nahi hoti . sabse badi baat hoti hai kavita jeena. jis din log kavita jeena sikh lenge us din arun bharati ko blog likhne ki aawsyakta nahi hogi. lekin bus mein wahi ek hero bhi tha aur shayad wahi villain bhi. baki log patthar the. sudhar villaino mein ho sakta hai pattharo mein nahi. uska rough bolna utna bura nahi rah jata , jitna ki uska us ladies ke paksha mein jhagra karna. tum aur main aise log hai bhale bura na kare lekin chup chap bach ke nikalne wale mein hai . kaun lafre mein padne jaye. main abhi bhi kahunga us bus mein ek hi aadami tha. ye aadami hi hota hai jo apne ko gira ke shaitan ban jata hai aur ye aadami hi hota hai jo apne ko utha ke devta bhi ban jata hai. waise rewa ka paksha lene ke liye dhanyavad. she is so nice girl that one feel divinity in himself whenever one feels his accompany.
    take care
    your brother
    alok pandey

    hum to wo syah naseeb hai dost
    ki khole dukan kafan ki to log marna hi chhod de.

  13. rohit said

    Mr Alok

    1 hi din me aapka jawab dena jaroori laga muze.

    Aapne mere likha hua dhyan se nahi pada. Aapke sabhi sawal ke jawab mil jate.

    Read my first comment carefully then write something. You will get all answer….driver not did his duty correctly. His last work whatever he did was good. And i Support.

    Haath ko jalakar hi Aag ki Garmi ka pata nahi chalta, uske nazdeek jane se hi pata chal jata hai.

    Arun Bhartiye ho yaa koi or, kai baar log react karte hai kai baar nahi. Depend karta hai. For Your Kind Information i hit back many times in that situation(see the first coment, what i want to say.)

    Second Har kavita ko tukbandi kahne ki galti nahi kare. AC me Beht ke kavita (aapki Bhasa me tukbandi) ka Arop na lageye. Aap Agar AC Me ho to ho, Hum AC me nahi Rahte.

    @your comment on rewa.
    Dear Friend i know her thru this blog only.Rewa Ka favour karna uske writing ke karan hai. Na ki koi or reason. Me Blog ki dunia ke saath real life me bhi rahta hu. Or haa kabhi rewa ka favour karna pada to jaroor karuga, not only me but all who is regular here.

    Mr Pandey
    Aap Kafan ki dukan kholete hain to kholete rahe
    Hum to Jeevan ki Roshni ka Chirag le ke ghumte hai.


  14. रोहित भाई एसी तो दूर मेरे पास पंखा भी नहीं है। आप रोशनी के चिराग लेके घूमते हो मुझे भी औरों की तरह आप की जरुरत है पर भाई जितनी जरुरत संसार को आपकी है उतनी ही मेरी भी यानि मेरे कफन की । और मेरे न होने पर आपका जीवन का चिराग कितना रसहीन हो जाएगा सोचा है? नहीं न। सोचना। यह मृत्यु ही है जो जीवन को रंग देती है।
    धरती पर जो भी आया
    उस पर मौत की उजली छाया
    तो मौत भी मर जाएगी
    मुझसे कफन ले जाएगी
    उजले उजले चादर में
    रंग बिरंगे छीटे होंगे
    तुम न चाहो मुझको तो भी
    एक दिन हम तेरे होंगे।

  15. vijaya smriti said

    Umra ka takaja ab kaun kerta hai.
    Dwapar yug me bhi jab arjun ne apne dada aur guru per baan chalaye the to ye to phir bhi kalyug hai

  16. rohit said

    mr pandey
    Sorry for late answer.
    एसी तो दूर मेरे पास पंखा भी नहीं है।

    comment acha hai. Aap ki problem hai ki aap comment pura nahi padte. Humne kaah Kuch or aap bolne lage kuch.

    I WROTE :
    AC me Beht ke kavita (aapki Bhasa me tukbandi) ka Arop na lageye. Aap Agar AC Me ho to ho, Hum AC me nahi Rahte.

    Appke pass hai ki nahi , yaa hamre pass hai ki nahi mene nahi kaha.

    @मृत्यु ही है जो जीवन को रंग देती है।
    धरती पर जो भी आया
    Bahut badia hai. Saath me MUKDAR KA SIKANDER KA gaaan bhi sun lete. Hasta hua jo jayega, Mukadar ka sikander woh kahleyega. Kisi ki maatu ki kaamana karan hamaara kaam nahi.

    Kafi soch chukne ke baad hi life je rahe hai. Ab Sochan Chod Kuch kare to better hoga. Karne ka time hai, Sochne ka nahi. To kuch kare better hoga.

  17. rohit said

    MR Pandey

    Apki problem hai ki aap pura Comment nahi padte.
    @रोहित भाई एसी तो दूर मेरे पास पंखा भी नहीं है। answer past kar raha hua dubara
    …AC me Beht ke kavita (aapki Bhasa me tukbandi) ka Arop na lageye. Aap Agar AC Me ho to ho, Hum AC me nahi Rahte…….(form prv comment)

    Sochne ka kaam kafi kia hai. Ab Act karen ka time hai. Act kar raha hu. Aap bhi utheye or Bihar ke logo ki maddad kare.

  18. rohit said

    Mr Alonk Pandey
    Kripya kareke Pura comment pada kare.

  19. rohit bhai

    ek hi comment teen bar. aap mujhse chidh gaye ho kya. itna bhi irritate mat ho jao yar varna haste hue jane ka khwab pura ho na payega. aur tum amitabh nahi ban paoge. aur maine aapka pura comment padhkar hi likha tha “AC me Beht ke kavita (aapki Bhasa me tukbandi) ka Arop na lageye. Aap Agar AC Me ho to ho, Hum AC me nahi Rahte” main bhi to wahi kah raha hun . phir se sun lo dear एसी तो दूर मेरे पास पंखा भी नहीं है। aur mujhe sochne dijiye aur beshaq dubte bihariyon ki madad kijiye. 50 ya 100 rs contribution ki awshyakta hogi wo mai dene ke liye tayyar hun. dubte logo ke liye nahi balki aapko wahan tak pahuchane ke liye. aapki wahan jarurat hai dear. unko aap gaa gaa kar jevan jo denge. mera kam to baad mein shuru hoga.chalo achchha hai aap kafi soch chuke ho. kafi sochne ke baad act karna shuru kiya hai. aur dear mai to pahle khub kam kiya aur ab jakar soch raha hun. shayad yahi antar hai. aap shuruwati jeevan sochne mein hi nikal diya ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. ab jake aapki ankh khuli. agar pahle hi khul jati . khair der aaye duruasat aaye. lage rahiye. jeevan aapke sath aaye.

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