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Do Men really cry…???

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 21, 2008

One of my friends said that there is a statement…”men are not allowed to cry”…He also said that “they want to cry…but the society doesn’t allow…”

Well, that becomes the question, isn’t it?

Who says men can’t CRY? Are they cold hearted people? Don’t men have emotions? They too have emotions and feelings, so the answer to the question is they do cry! But, the truth is that “men are looked down if they cry…” On the other hand, you can’t always get to see these tears. Their tears are soundless and hidden somewhere deep inside the soul!

Many times I have been asked by some of my friends that ‘is there any room for tears in a man’s world’? Also, I heard quite often that women are weak so they always cry. Yes; you can say so, I don’t mind it! But, is crying a sign of weakness? I don’t think so! If it’s so then what about the men? Don’t they cry or are they simply born to be brave?

However, the fact is that it’s tough to see where they are going behind all those tears but it happens with both men and women! Most of us do cry when things go out of control. Whether it is a VIP or the common man, the heart is the same. Sometimes, you won’t be able to see the tears even a woman’s eyes, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t cry. In reality it’s hidden inside the heart, and I think it is more painful. Also, some of men do cry more than a woman cry and you can’t say that only happens in the movies!

A real man cries, Trust me. So, there is no point of arguing about it, just see it! 🙂


41 Responses to “Do Men really cry…???”

  1. Nidhi said

    Men do cry obviously.men r nt robots,de do have emotions.
    real men get sad,gt angry,gt happy,gt emotional,r afraid,gt love.so Real Men definitely do cry!!!!

    do Women realy cry more dan men?

  2. Nidhi said

    As far as socety is concerned,d society as a whole never wnt anyone cry.
    bt does anybody realy care?

  3. maine kaha tha na keval shari par stri ang viksit ho jane se koi nari nari nahi ho jati. nari ka matlab hota hai pardukhkatrata, komalta, tyag, shajata and so on. main nari pind ki baat nahi kar raha balki nari tatva ki jo purush mein bhi ho sakta hai. to jahan nari hai wahan aansu hai. maine bahut si aurato ko dekha hai jo pal bhar aansu baha kar sahaj ho jati hai aur purush ko janam bhar kuhukate hue. kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai purush jyada swendansil hota hai. jo ankh se nikli sabne dekhi , jo dil se nikali kisane suni. ye kya kya topic tum utha lati ho rewa. likhna hai to is par likho- arundhanti roy ne kaha hai ki kashmir ko aazad kar dena chahiye. you are agree

  4. Dear all. . .
    Tears will turn to pearls if you have the reasons of it. . . Really the tears are beneficial…Dont laugh at all. . . Not only the emotional but also medical aspect in tears ,protective mechanism in it. 1st your worries and stress are lightened when you tears. . .2nd protection of the eyes. . . And the bread and butter for the poet. . . So just have tears in your eyes. . . Tears of the happiness and tears of the sorrow. . All will turn to pearls. . .

  5. ami said

    Chupke chupke raat din aasu bahana Yaad hai 🙂

    Hi Di, i bought a Macbook last week. Its so cooolllllll.

  6. Un Un Un .. Subuk Subuk Subuk ….Unh Uhn Uhn ….Subuk subuk … 😛

  7. Shivam said

    Rewa, what is the defination of a real Man? 🙂

    Nidhi, men do cry but women cry more than men, cause women are more open about displaying their emotions.

  8. nari ka matlab hota hai pardukhkatrata, komalta, tyag, shajata and so on.

    @Alok, please Purush ka matlab bhi bata dijiye.

    ye kya kya topic tum utha lati ho rewa. likhna hai to is par likho- arundhanti roy ne kaha hai ki kashmir ko aazad kar dena chahiye. you are agree

    Alok, topic interesting hai, isliye dala hai. About Arundhati Roy’s statement, if it’s true then let me tell you that I do not agree with Arundhati’s statement, and I would never be agreed with it! Reason I will write later in my next post.


  9. Suraj said

    As a man what I can say is: Men do cry……may be more than women- I don’t know. But if crying is only about showing tears in eyes then women cry more than men.

    Actually this is bullshit question “do men cry?”…this is purely- gender biasing. MAN and WOMAN are human so crying is human activity only…no can say…if men cry less or more than women.


  10. Satyam said

    Though i m a regular reader of your blog,but couldnt stop writing,you appear quite self-centred!

  11. nitin said

    I don’t understand, Y u people r talking on dis ,we all r human n men also r human beings so they have every right 2cry bossssssssss………

  12. Gagandeep said

    Men do cry but all the women cry for no reason.

  13. mamta said


    mere pass bahut sare example hi…n i feel somewht when i see a guy crying….i feel normal when gals cry…they have this stupid habit of crying for evrerything…..

    During my counselling i see boys they get so emotional…belive me its bad to see boys crying…
    n yes i see my friends crying whenevr they drink..now tht is funny….

    U should see my dad…he cry when ever he watch any saas bahu serial…specially on bidai scene….love for great daughter like me…. 🙂

  14. sat said

    I used to cry a lot in my jnv days and then in my college as well.. because i was feeling very good after that.. like some burden taken off…
    but gradually I can feel now that all my emotions seems to be dead… if any body can help me that will be a good deed…

  15. men cry more than women but they donot shedding more tears. jo dikhta hai wo hamesha satya nahi hota.

  16. sat said

    @alok pandey

    aisa nahi hai. men bhi jab bardast nahi kar sakte to foot foot kar rote hai
    aur jab wo bardast kar sak rahe hote hai to unke emotions control me hote hai.. halaki womens me bardast karne ki shakti jyada hoti hai but wo itni adhik bhavnatmak hoti hai ki aansuo ko rok nahi pati..
    bachho ke sare gun womens me hi jyaada rahte hai.. bachpan se thodi kam matra me
    najukta, sundarta, komalta, bhavnatmakta.. and men me jyadatar adhivaqta waale gun hi aate hai… bas apni baat manvani hai..

  17. Shubh said

    At times, both men and women feel to cry. But, women express it more.

    There are different types of crying. Generally, we think crying is only due to unhappiness. But, There are cryings due to happiness also. And sometimes crying due to happiness is even more deep than cryings due to unhappiness.

  18. @Satyam,

    Downloadable! Good to see your comment, I liked your cute tag line. 🙂

    According to your opinion, may be I am a self-centered person. If by calling me self-centered you mean to suggest that I believe in understanding the self and responding accordingly then I would like to be called a self-centered person! Being self-centered may also mean placing myself in other’s shoes and finding out where the shoe pinches, but if you mean to say that I keep myself above others or I look at others differently, I would like to disagree!

    The point why I raised this topic is that I feel at my heart that at the level of the self men and women are the same, their expectations in relations are the same, what gives them joy or sorrow is the same and so on…So men can cry, they do cry! I hope if you verify honestly, you will be bound to agree with me.


  19. @Shivam,

    What I mean by real men are the ones who behave naturally and do not try to bear a false face!


  20. Anupam Jha said

    Crying is a natural phenomena Boss! what to do with gender? Some men are smarter to hide,some can let tears to emit charily keeping manly harmones intact, some can get confused when tears flow down their cheeks,and agogly pulls a h.k. and wipe out tears, for the sake being a man!But like laughing,tears have also a place in everyones life.Yeah men do cry!!! Cherish it as long as you alive.

  21. rohit said

    Hi Rewa

    First tum jaisi bhi ho blog ke hisaab se theek ho. Self centred person ho, per sabko ek platform per to aane dete ho. jasi ho waise he rahna..Badlna nahi ok.


  22. rohit said

    Sare Dosto inculding Blog ke Mahrani Rewa ji…
    1- yeh kis kitab me likha hai ki mardo ko rona nahi aata
    2-yaar bachpan se maa hi itna ptati hai ki rona to bachpan se hi chalo ho jata hai future me mardo ka.
    3-Agar Ladka rota hai, to maa hi kathi hi ke Ladka hoke rota hai.. matlab First to Maar Kha ke pito..phir agar Rone lago, Maa (Yani Nari) hi kahegi ladka hoke rota hai…
    4-yaani sahi musbeet hai agar rote hai to Rone bhi nahi dete….
    5-Medical Ground Ke hisaab se RONA OR HASNA Dono Bdaia hai Health ke liye. (TO HASTE HI KIYON NAHI RAHE)

    7-Rone ke kai tarike hote hai. Bachpan se yeh sunte sun te ke mard nahi rote, Sabke sammne to nahi rone ka try karte hai. But Jab alone hote hai to rote hai. ….Mardo ka Rona DIL me hota hai jise kai log nahi dekh paate.

    Baki Nari Roti Jayda Kiyon Hai Usper Sab Bhai logo ne Bdadi Likha hai….

    NOTE :
    kia hai yaar mardo ko rota dekhna chahti ho KIYA….Haste hue badia nahi lagte kia???? Tum Ladkia Jitna Bhi Band Bajao Ladke Haste Rahte hai…Tabhi to HUS-BAND Ban Jate hai yaar…

    SO NO TEAR, NO GEAR…MATLAB. Tear Life Ki gaaadi Ka Gear Hai. Ek bade Sant ne kaha hai…sant ka naam batna jarrooi nahi hai.!!!!lol!!!!


  23. “There are cryings due to happiness also.”

    Hi Shubh,

    It’s very true what you have said. In fact sometimes I also do the same. Generally, we do smile when we are happy. But, sometimes why do we cry when we are really really happy??


  24. nitin said

    hi gagandeep……sahi bola

  25. Men do cry but all the women cry for no reason.


    All…? Is there any solid reason behind it??

    @Rohit, main kisi ko rote huye nahi dekhna chahti hun…Achha ek baat bataiye…sare men kisi ke bhai or beta hota hai….aur husband to wo baad mein banta hai…to kya koi apne bhai, bahan ya bete ko rote dekhna chahta hai? Koi kisi ko rote huye nahi dekhna chahta hai, her koi khush rahna chahta hai aur dusron ki khushi dekhna chahta hai!

  26. Do men really cry ? A long discussion…What it will conclude, remains to be seen. Keep on pouring your ideas. Its always good to see different views and it often leads to a diversified vision. Now my turn: I just want to say when people listen their heart, they follow what it says. Directly or indirectly, it is ‘the heart’ that cries not “men” or “women”. To many people it looks funny but you know even-animals cry some times ! Anyways, to conclude my answer, I would like to admit “men are well behaved like the other souls and in particular, women”. One can distinguish their cries on the basis of ‘show’ and ‘hide’ but basically these are same (for me). In this view, I can not deny that men do not cry.

    Tera mujh se hai pehle ka nata koi…..
    Jitender Singh

  27. @Sat,

    I basically have no idea what to say about it. But, I believe that emotions can not be dead till we alive, if our emotions dead that means a person is truly dead. What you have said that happens, sometimes we may feel so. It seems to be the real pain that you feel. Perhaps, your emotions are way ahead of your brain. This is what I think about it, I may be wrong. Anyway, keep your emotions alive!


  28. sat said

    Hi rewa
    thanks for the only attention I received against my request..
    plz try to understand me..
    whatever you believe is your belief
    what I feel is my feeling.. more sensitive than your belief I guess.. It’s very strange that I don’t feel strongly about anything… like everything happening is natural without any surprises.. at times it seems like I am loosing my mind.. In some situation I am supposed to cry but tears are not coming.. its like half dead.. I am very kind hearted person who never heart anybody but my enthusiasm is long gone…
    Yes, few months ago I read Chetan Bhagat’s “three mistakes of my life” and that made me cry.. before that I read a book from some saint that kept my eyes wet for few hours..

    You say “Perhaps, your emotions are way ahead of your brain”
    But I don’t want it to be like that..Last time I laughed out loud was perhaps when I watched movie Bheja Fry.. Nothing seems to provide me the required jerk.. at present there is nothing in my life I can’t live without or I am longing for..
    Perhaps, I am more Than Half Dead.

  29. rohit said

    Me koi Ilzam nahi laga raha rewa…Serious mat ho………Err yaar mene kaha ki bachpan se hi MATAJI pitai kar kar ke kar kar ke har mard ko bachpan se hi rona Sikha deti hai..Bus itna kahti hai ke beta mat ro, ladka hai, matlab Pito Per Rona nahi…..Islye Bade Ho ke Mard BiBi se Pitte hai, per rote nahi, Haste Haste Pitte hai, tabhi Achhe Husband Bante hai … LOL

  30. Amit said

    A man who crys is a real man with a good heart, he is not afraid to show his emotion or confirm to the ‘standard’ idea of a ‘tough’ man.

  31. “Bade Ho ke Mard BiBi se Pitte hai, per rote nahi, Haste Haste Pitte hai, tabhi Achhe Husband Bante hai “


    Aisa nahi hai…aur ye kisne kah diya…ek to bibiyan kabhi apne husband ki pitai nahi karti hai, aur dusri baat jo husband pitai khate hein wo fir achhe kaise ho sakte hein? 🙂

  32. rohit said

    Tum Bhi chakker me pad gai…. Yaar bibi se ptine wale mardo ki Organization bani hui hai…. Kafi bibi se maar kahone walo ki footage mene dekhi hai, indina panel code me Aurto kp pitne wale mardo ke khilaf law hai, per Patio ko pitne wali Aurto ke Khilaaf kuch nahi, Gharulu Hinsa ka kannor Aurto ke liye hai, na ke mardo ke liye, Agar proof bhi mil jaye ki bibi pitit hai, to bhi mard ko sifr talak mil sakta hai, Per Aurat ko koi saza nai yaaar. heheh!!!lolololo!!!!…

    Mana ke me unmarried hu……Lekin Bibi se ptine ka matlab samza karo….iske pichye choopa hai pyare, tabhi to husste huste pitne wale husband kahlte hai…

  33. rohit said

    “MATAJI pitai kar kar ke kar kar ke har mard ko bachpan se hi rona Sikha deti hai..Bus itna kahti hai ke beta mat ro, ladka hai, matlab Pito Per Rona nahi””
    is per kia kahna hai

  34. @Rohit,

    Bachche jab badmashi karte hein to uski kabhi- kabhi pitai hoti hai. Lekin ye pitai unhe achha banane ke liye hi hota hai, fir unhe pyar bhi bahut milta hai. Aur ye girls or guys dono ke sath hota hai.

  35. rohit said

    woh to theek hai yaar, but mata hi to kahti hai ki mard kia ladki ki tarah rota hai. .Matao ko sochna hoga isper .>>

  36. FUPPL said


  37. Amit Kumar said

    hahahahaha…..men do cry…..human being cries….and those who don’t cry they are not human…vo shaitan hote hain…ya bhagwan….:)

  38. sanjeet singh said

    men do cry but de dont show anybody

  39. SAURABH said



    @Saurabh, wo kaise? Prove it? 🙂


  41. anamika said

    nice thinking…………………

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