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What do you mean by स्वतन्त्रता?

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 15, 2008

आज मैं घर पर हूँ, क्यूँकि……अच्छा लग रहा है लंबी छुट्टी मिली है, और फिर कल रक्षा बंधन भी है. वैसे भी मेरे किस्मत में तो कोरियन छुट्टी का मज़े लेना लिखा है. खैर कोई बात नही है, ये सब चलता है.

आज स्वतंत्रता दिवस है, लेकिन जब भी मैं स्वतंत्रता के बारे में सोचती हूँ तो यह शब्द मुझे ये सोचने पर बाध्य करता है कि क्या हम आज वाक़ई में स्वतन्त्र हैं? स्वतन्त्र होने का अर्थ क्या है? स्वतन्त्र होने का प्रमाण क्या है? हर मनुष्य स्वतन्त्र होकर जीना चाहता है…’स्व+तन्त्र+ता’ से मिलकर स्वतन्त्रता शब्द बना है. ‘स्व’ means स्वयं में स्वीकृत, ‘तन्त्र’ means व्यवस्था, और ‘ता’ means होना, अर्थात् स्वयं में स्वीकृत व्यवस्था (harmony) का सुनिश्चित होना ही ‘स्वतन्त्र’ होना है!

According to me, to ensure harmony within me which is naturally accetable to me is to be ‘स्वतन्त्र’ ! When we establish a system to ensure harmony in all the individuals of the nation and in their inter relationships then only the nation is ‘स्वतन्त्र’ . All of us know that this state is yet to be achieved for us.

The significance of the year 1947 is fact that Britishers finally left the India in this particular year only however, ‘भारत छोड़ो’ movement was running since 1942. So 1947 is the year we became ‘Independent’, as it is said, but in reality this is not gaining ‘स्वतंत्रता’!

Swatantrata is achieved through a process of self exploration and self realization which gives the right understanding in the human being. We need to work for a society in which a system is laid out to ensure this right understanding in every human being which we do not have at yet!

If we see the state of society today, the human being is living in a state of परतंत्रता where his/her desires and activities are conditioned by external influences and not guided by self exploration. The whole education has become a way to make the individual ‘परतंत्र’!

At this stage we need to think upon this and we must take initiative to lay down a proper education system which focuses on ensuring the right understanding in every child and not just load him/her with informations and trainings. And if any such program is initiated for Navodaya, I will be the first to welcome it and work whole heartedly for it. This is the resolve that I take today. What is your resolve?


12 Responses to “What do you mean by स्वतन्त्रता?”

  1. RC Mishra said

    आपके विचार से आप सब कब स्वतन्त्र होंगे?

  2. @RC Mishraji

    मैं समझी नही, आप थोड़ा बताएँगे कि आप क्या कहना चाह रहे हें? If possible please do elaborate your views. Shukriya for writing comment here.


  3. Dear indian. . .

    “Swatantrya garva unka,jo nar fakon me pran gawate hain ;

    Par nahin bech man ka prakash, roti ka mol chukate hain ! ”

    but the situation is changing. . . .
    ” Man ka prakash bech wo ,
    Apni tijori wo bharte hain ! ”

    “Kabhi yanha par khilte the , satya-ahinsa ke phool;
    Aaj yanha par udte se hain,atankwad ke dhool ! ”

    Is our india really independent ?I am searching the fact !

    Are really the emotions towards this precious day is still glowing ?

    Today i went for flag hosting in our college but a single girl was not seen. . . . I was shocked. . . If this were Valentine day ,hundreds of the pairs would have been seen glued together . . . What is this ?

    Jago insan . . Cheto. . . Kuchh kho raha hai. . .

    Regards ,
    Dr.Abhay Kumar

  4. @Dr. Abhay,

    “Are really the emotions towards this precious day is still glowing ?”

    We need to analyse ourselves, isn’t it? The values…are we losing? I think, we almost have lost the importance of values, which we aspire to regain now. And the worst thing is day by day we are turning our nation into without values!

    “Today i went for flag hosting in our college but a single girl was not seen…I was shocked.”

    Abhay, don’t worry! They might have celebrated or must have enjoyed their freedom in some other ways.

    “If this were Valentine day ,hundreds of the pairs would have been seen glued together… What is this? ”

    इसका मूल्यांकन हमे खुद ही करना होगा….!


  5. rohit said

    Rewa or all friends
    Swatantra divas yeh mat kaho ki hum partantra hai. Swantra hai hum tabhi to apni society ko theek karne ki koshis kar sakte hai. Baat ab yeh hai ki hum swantrata ko bachane or sawarne me lage hai
    theek hai politicain sab correct nahi hai. theek hai westerna culture ab haavi hai hum per. per dosto aaj hum khul kar kahde ho sakte hai, khul ker saas le sakte hai, aapke aaas-pass koi freedom fightre ho, to jaraa unse poochna, bhale hi aaj ke haal per wo dhukhi ho, per kia dil se kahege ki phir bharat gulam ho…
    ..mene dekha hai, suna hai, kaam kia hai….so dosto aaj agar hamri kuch izzat hai to hum se hi hai world me….aaj hum swantra hone ke baad hi to apne purane gaurav ko naye sire se naye room me dunia ke sammne laane ki koshsi kar rahe hai…

    Jaha tak valentine day ki baat hai to, na to isshe hume khatra hai , or na hi hume is jayda dino tak dekh payege….

    Valentine day se milta julat festival hamere idhar bhi tha…

    BACHPAN ME EK lekh likte they hum sab….ki Swtantra or Swchandta me diffrence kia hai>>>>…
    use ab samzane ki jarroot hai dosto

    bus yahi diffrenet hai, hum swtantrata ko swchandta samzete hai…or kuch nahi….60 sall ka azad bharat aaj khud ko naye sire se stand kar raha hai, salo ke neend se jaga bharat aaj puranit chijo ko dho, parkh kar aage laa raha hai. apni kamio ko door karne ki koshi kar raha hai….
    so hum sab ko lagana hoga is aage le jane ke liye…


  6. rohit said

    स्वतन्त्र होने का प्रमाण क्या है? हर मनुष्य स्वतन्त्र होकर जीना चाहता है…’स्व+तन्त्र+ता’ से मिलकर स्वतन्त्रता शब्द बना है. ‘स्व’ means स्वयं में स्वीकृत, ‘तन्त्र’ means व्यवस्था, और ‘ता’ means होना, अर्थात् स्वयं में स्वीकृत व्यवस्था (harmony) का सुनिश्चित होना ही ‘स्वतन्त्र’ होना है!
    …..har insaan swtantra nahi ho sakta….is line ke kai matlab ho jayege….soeicty ko banae ke baad kuch rule to manne hi padege….har insaan apni marzi karge to yeh swtantra nahi swchandta hogi….rewa

    Bus chinta ki jo tarkia hai na use phir se suru karna hoga..

  7. Nidhi said

    r v realy independent?
    i dont think so.

    if v r realy fre,den y r v stil under d curtain of povrty nd backwardness?wil india b independent anytime frm al d caste,gender nd religion basd politics?

  8. Menka said

    Independece in Thought
    Independence in speech
    Independence in action…right now we are blessed by all these.and it depend on us whether we are using our rights or not at the same time whether we are performing our duties also or not..but still I feel somewhere we forgetting the fight for freedom, the effort given by all freedom fighters , their blood, their lives and their soul…all

  9. Suraj said

    Azadi naa tumne laayee na maine….so we stupids do not know the value of real AZZAADI….how ever we can define it very well. That’s Irony.

    We know that our ancestors fought for our FREEDOM…but how? As we and world know

    that our AZADI was result of peaceful efforts by movement led my M.K. Gandhi- with Satya and Ahinsa.

    So there was no blood sheding…. I know it sounds wrong….because actually there was blood

    but…it did not contribute as much as M.K. Gandhi’s AHINSA AND SATYA did. And I do believe that

    without BAPUJI …”INDEPENDENT INDIA” would not have been possible. As there was no blood

    (or little blood)…we do not value our freedom much…we take for granted. When I say we- it’s you, me and rest of the all Indians.

    Another reason is: Opressed section of the society (more than 60% of total indian community) was opressesed

    -before BRITISH RAJ,

    -during BRITISH RAJ and even

    -after BRITISH RAJ

    ……so FREEDOM after “1947” do not mean any thing to most of the population of India….and believe me NO ONE CARES about that. There is very simple reason- we got freedom from BRITISH only- not from our own-Indian customs/religions/regions/people.

    so yes..when we say India is changing now….indian people are fighting for thier own-FREEDOM-….so now here is BLOOD – we can call it JIHAD.

    -LTTE-TAMIL, J&K- AZAAD KASHMIR, PUNJAB-KHALISTAN, NANDIGRAM, NAXAL in “BENGAL-ORISSA-MAHARASHTRA-CHHATISGARH-BIHAR”- There is also something called as movement for TELANGANA-VIDARBHA-on the lines of CHHATISGARH-UTTARANCHAL and ZHARKHAND- all about political and geographical freedom. But don’t forget there are movements for freedom from HINDU-MUSLIM-X-Y-Z things, CASTES and regionalism…so there will be blood shed….that might give us real value for real freedom.



  10. Joseph said

    What Suraj has written on the fall outs of independence is correct, I think, but what he has written on Jihad is absolutely wrong. Jihad is not an answer for the diffciulties we face today. It is time for all of us to unite under the tricolour and work for the under priviledged of our nation. Let us think India first and only then religion.

    To a great extend all our problems can be solved if we get rid of castism and caste based reservation. The reserveration criteria must be baseed on income of a family. Let all those who are economically backward get the benefits of reservation. There are so many people from forward communities starve. Likewise, there are so many people lead luxury life in backward communities. Starving stomach does distinguish between forward and backward communities.

    Politicial parties should rise above narrow political considerations. Caste based politics can be exploited as vote bank. But those who are playing with this dangerous game should realise that castism cannot solve our misery. India is a multi-linguistic and multi-religious country. And therefore we should ensure an ONE INDIA POLICY.

    We are a young democracy. WE have to come forward through trials and errors. Let us hope for our bright future and not blood shed. We have to also think that blood shed has not solved any problem in this universe. Conciliation sounds better than confrontation.

  11. “We should ensure an ONE INDIA POLICY.”


    Yes; We must! An “One India Policiy” in everything, in everywhere and for everybody. You know this is what I liked most in your views. You really brought a hot topic. I would be back with my views soon on this. Thanks a lot!


  12. rohit said

    HI Joseph
    I am totally agreed with you. But problem is this that will control politician. When we r even not use our voting right. Actually Freedom struggle is totally different. Mahatma Gandhi led for our political Independence. He also tried to fight with society problems. That time People are here Like Jinha who was in his personal, very liberal, but policitly he was conservative, just for the power and post. And Mahatma Gandhi was very conservative, but his political face was liberal due. So we need to take lesson form that time and try to change our society. Why we forget that what is our strength?
    So it’s time to come forward and to do something, but not only creative, try to do something solid, which impact force people to think something.


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