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Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 13, 2008

Today I tried writing something. I started with a topic, but I couldn’t able to write and I thought, I might be writing on a wrong topic which is not of my interest! Then I tried my hands on other topics but that too was left in half way. Again I picked up some other topic which was of my own interest and started writing on that but yet couldn’t finish it! Now I feel, No; all topics were interesting but something was wrong with my side!

Why sometimes mind stops thinking? May be sometimes it is fully engaged in thinking over certain things and goes deep into the related thoughts! And I need to simply say to my mind that “stop thinking too much!” But, sometimes the things are getting too difficult to handle and I feel, I am like Mahabharata’s Abhimanyu who has entered the chakravyooh but don’t know how to come out!

Well, sometimes I say to my hamsafar it means to my mind that ‘ये सफ़र बहुत है कठिन मगर ना उदास हो मेरे हमसफ़र…!’


19 Responses to “Sometimes!”

  1. Tanu Shree said

    ये सफ़र बहुत है कठिन मगर ना उदास हो मेरे हमसफ़र…!’

    bohot hi positive approach hai ..apne mind ko apne hamsafar ko samjhane ka… loved this attitude…!!

    Really it becomes hard smtimes to tell urself …go this way ..that is correct … we get confused between certain things…. but paitence n calm mind can take u out of all storms… So just take a deep breath n think peacefully …which way to choose….

    this I hav written not just for Rewa di ..it is equally applied to all of us….


  2. Abhiraj said

    I can very well relate as many times i also feel very similar and I also reinforce my mind with positive thoughts..guess, this keeps us moving forward!

  3. Hmmm. . . This is a general problem. Some time also face the same,and knocked by the friends. Actually in our brain there are many centre that have different imprint and works differently. . . Sometimes particular center dominate over the other.This leads to dilemma.Many of the thought and feelings come at a time. So problem arises.

    What to do in such situation ?
    Think at a particular point.And also the problem will be sorted out if you know the goal of that subject. If possible do meditation. Be concentrated. Kick out the worries.Have positive attitude towards that subject.Any topic might have lesson in it,rather how you present it. You’ll feel that you have now crystal clear path.

    Regards. .

  4. Suraj said

    Believe me………this is not a problem at all. Becuase….this is very usual state of mind. Don’t call yourself Abhimanyou- he was imature and stupid that is why he got killed in very poor way…..and you know wat…..as wrote…Abhimanyou did not come out of this CHAKRAVIEWV…..but you and your mind do come out IDEAL STATE. So you are not Abhimanyou……!!

    You know this state of mind is very important becuase when ever you are in this …..one can find everything boring and keep writing boring stuff. 🙂 But believe me……it’s an ART….not boring people but….reflecting the state of your of mind in what ever you do (while in the same state of mind)

    How boring I am ?? I know Rewa……that you know I am BORKAR !!


  5. Nidhi said

    Thinking is a dialogue v hav wid ourselvs.somtimes v think wid our minds nd somtimes v think wid our hearts.

    somtimes u wil feel happy,somtimes sad,dats d way life is.so smile nd enjy it.
    always listen to ur heart nd get ur mind back on track wid ful of josh.don’t lose ur mind ovr dis,just stop thinking abt anything.

    Yunhi chala, chal raahi -2
    Kitni haseen hai ye duniya
    Phool saare jamele, dekh phoolon ke mele
    Badi rangeen hai duniya

    come to delhi v wil hav fun.

  6. @Tanu,

    Hmmm…baat to aapne bilkul sahi kaha hai and thank you so much betuji for liking the positive approach!

    You know, the truth is if we don’t realize about what exactly we really want then we get confused. And as soon as we realize and accept the truth, we come out of any such confusion. But, sometimes when we deal with certain things and it just doesn’t work the way we wish then we must study the things calmly. That may delete the confusion and solve the problem.


    I can see positive views from the words in your comment. Thank you again for sharing your views. I wish you always keep moving ahead even at turtle speed!


  7. rohit said

    Wah Wah Wah Wah RRREEWWWAAA
    Amm yaar kahe sochti ho ki confusion me thi.
    ..kabhi Kabhi Rewa sab kuch accha lagne lagta hai
    ..kabhi Kabhi Rewa kuch kahne ko man karta hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa kuch kahne ko je nahi karta hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa Khusi ko Shabd nahi milte hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa bus chop rahne accha lagta hai
    ..Kbahi Kbahi Rewa dil mahsus karne ko kahta hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa Aisha aksar ho jaya karta ha
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa dil shaant ho jaya karta hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa shaanti confusion peda karti hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa Vichar apne aap thahr jate hai
    ..Kabhi Kabhi Rewa Kuch na kahna bhi kafi kuch kah jata hai

    Per Rewa (river) Kabhi rookti nahi….thaherti nahi…

    Ho jata hai yaar
    ….Ek or kavita tumahre naam..keybord ko baza ke, instant kavita..is baar petrol me tali hai ..nai kavita hai ..heheheheheh


  8. rohit said

    @ SURAJ

    MR Suraj…Abhimanyou- was neither stupid nor imature…..kai baar jindgi ke pamane ko banae ke liye kai logo ko jaan ki bazi lagani padit hai………..


  9. Suraj said

    Hi Rohit sir…….110% Agree- JAAN KI BAAZI lagani padati hai….but BAAZI jitana bhi to matter karta hai na sir. Abhimanyo…lost HOSH in JOSH….(as school kid…any way he was a kid) and hence proved him self..stupid and imature.

    I like your serious notice.

    Wishing you all a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !!

  10. @Dr. Abhay,

    Actually if our brain and body work together then I don’t think there would be any problem! And if you notice then you will find brain always wants to take over the body. As you said every topic have lesson in it, yes; it’s very true. But, I think only having crystal clear path won’t delete the confusion of your mind till we have communication gap. So, I think one must have crystal clear communication within mind or with other then only all confusion will delete from the way of life.

    What do you say Dr. ji? 🙂


  11. rohit said

    @ suraj
    man he was killed nt in josh….he was there for his father pride. that was a challeng, by Guru himself . he wantted to arrest Yudhisdhaar, and as a real warrior it’s nt possible to take the challenge. becz there was only one situtaion DO or Die….so he gone there after much thinking.

  12. rohit said

    Mere kavita acchi nahi lagi kia?

  13. Suraj said

    Seems like you know everything about Mahabharata. Good. Actually I do not know that much details…like if he thought or not before going here or there. But I appreciate your knowledge and seriusness about Mahabharata. I am your fan now.
    …..just small correction for statement”…he was there for his father pride”. Actually it should not be “FATHER” but “FATHERS”…he had 5 well known fathers. It might sound funny !!

  14. rohit said

    My dear Suraj.
    Again a mistake, Abhimanyou was son of Subdra-sister of Lord Krishna. Subdhra was married with Arjun, so Abhimanyou was not son of five pandas he was son of Subdhr and Arjun. Arjun was the person who won the Swamvar and married with Drupadi. After that he married with two other women. Third was a Manipuri Rajkumari.
    Only Drupdi was married with all five Pandavs. Her 5 son was killed after the end of the war, by Ashwavathama ( son of Guru Drona acharya, and only second person in indian mythology who is still alive. First is Lord H anuman.

    Yaar, it’s simple Knowledge, and Most of Indian people know about the story of Abhimanyou.


  15. Suraj said

    You are absolutely right DADA……..I have already said that I am ur fan !! Information you shared above is really interesting …thanks for that.

  16. @Rohit, aapki poem achhi lagi. Hmmm…it’s very true ‘Rewa(river) Kabhi rookti nahi…thaherti nahi…” 🙂


  17. rohit said


  18. mehek said

    sometimes why things happen the way we dont want to go them in life,sometimes why we know we r wrong still we do that thing,sometimes mind takes wrong dicisions , well may be even there is some good in that ahead,or well mind is circle,he he he everybody goes thro this seems all the time,we cry and then laugh and go ahead again:).will come again to read more when time permits,till then by rews:)

  19. Amit said

    Hi Rewa,

    We are in the real world. Everybody faces up and down in their life. As a person of faith, I believe God gives us wisdom and talents to understand the situation. So we can handle any situation in our life.

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