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Critics and Criticism!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 2, 2008

Criticism is good but a negative attitude of criticism is harmful. We are often criticising others but when it comes to criticise ourselves, we are strangely become expressionless. Actually, it is very difficult to criticise ourselves for the right reasons. We may be able to fool other people, but we should never try to fool ourselves. So, I would suggest try to stick to positive criticism.

Criticism means we have to be honest with ourself. It is not easy, but it is a valuable aspect of once improvement in positive way when we criticise our bad actions without feeling guilt. Guilt does not help us to improve, it can just make us feel bad. When we have become aware of wrong thoughts, we must make sure to avoid it and then we must pay attention on doing the thing in right way.

Well, I don’t mind if someone gives me some constructive critisicm along with some suggestions, but an all out putdown is never accepted. Also it’s always good to see positive criticism on this blog but I wouldn’t entertain any of my readers here for negative criticism which put me down, because whatever I am writing, am writing for my family, friends, nation, not for those who just put their fingers on keyboard just to play a blame game using ugly words! So it is my earnest request to all that if you really wish to see changes then criticise the post or comment your suggestions on posts otherwise it would be better to ignore it peacefully!

“The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret”. We must burn this quote in our memory, and recall it whenever we find ourself being tested. It may change our life! So, we must work out what matters in life. Last but not the least criticise on the writings, not the writers!


21 Responses to “Critics and Criticism!”

  1. rohit said

    Hello Rewa
    Lakh Take ki baat kahi hai tumne. Kuch post me Blame Game Khlne ki Koshi hui, jo Bilkul Galat hai. Tumhar word ekdum sahi hai em totally agree with you. Better hai ke Blame na kare, kuch kare, Kuch bhi hum best kare, akhir nation ke liye hi karege na.

    Late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri ki ek baat yaad aati hai ki deshbhakti yahi hai ki har insaan apna kaam immandari se kare.

    (kher Manner ke laddu ke baad, Kuch or mile to share karna, or haa palash ke phool wale gaane ki talsh suru kar de hai)

  2. Thank you rewa didi for posting such a nice post.i will always take care and remember this post before critising anything.Lekin kya kare, is tereh koi khule aam humare baare me bole to bahut gussaa aa jata hai.lekin ab se khyal rekhungi.thank you again

  3. Anupam Jha said

    O Ji,Chill!
    And the most bizarre part is just 2 comments so far on this post.dont get me wrong.But it shows something,hope u smell this shift of thinking from seasonal readers! Where are those people??
    Writing comments by different names,trying to cull attention secretly.Anyway,Great post,this was required from U as per my opinion. Write a sizzling ditty(poem) soon.Your blog looks impeccably marvellous when you write poems.

  4. Anupam Jha said

    @ Kunal, Sir/Madam whoever,I would reckon your real name if you ever visit my blog.Cowards write comments by different names,isnt it? Not a person like You.

  5. Hmmm. . . .

    We must maintain our gravity. . . We must write within boundary . Our words are the reflection of our personality. . .

  6. Adi said

    I always welcome criticism as it will provide us chance for improvement….. but sometime we became defensive and trying to explain even if person criticizing have something positive also… It’s normal human behavior, which is influence by the culture and environment we grown up.
    This also depends the skill of people who is criticizing. Critic is art, we have taught in management that we should never try to criticize anybody in public… it’s like “PRAISE in Public and CRITICISE in Private”. I don’t know how much this is true but it works very well in life…at least for me…
    I am just trying to say that we should learn to criticize. Write a personal mail, call or any communication. Even if you want to write in public forum it’s OK.. but use polite and proper word and start with positive feedback..

    Finally, We should continue to criticize………………


  7. Anupam Jha said

    Happy friendship day!

  8. Abhishek said

    Well written Rewa.I will advise that we should welcome the constructive criticism.The goal behined constructive criticism is to critique an individual so that they will benefit or improve. The trouble with constructive criticism is that not all people are receptive to it. They may either feel their self-esteem shrinking under criticism, or they may feel that all criticism is negative. The person receiving the criticism must have some level of understanding that someone truly want them to improve.
    I learnt one method to offer a critical advice to people. As per this method when we offer a critique, we begin with a constructive compliment on something the person does well. Then we get to the meat of the matter, which of course is the constructive criticism part. Finally, we end with another constructive compliment. Basically, we are sandwiching the constructive criticism between two constructive compliments. It helps people let down their guard, and receive the criticism without being as defensive.

  9. shivshankar said

    hi….wish u all..happy friendship day….
    criticism has always played an important role in taking things to a height, which would have never been possible without it.exceptions do exist!!!!! 🙂
    u can take any thing into consideration…be it the defeat of ROGER FEDERER by NADAL or the great NUCLEAR deal..their certain pitfalls sited by the criticizers made them the mantra recited by every people nowdays every now and then…well….coming to the point…..critisim should be well within the limits because it sometimes really hurts and decreases concentration and causes mental agony….well from criticizers end…this is what the criticizer wants…so in this case just boycott such criticism bec. they are useless and meant only for self hype or simply to distract ppl….
    well hats off to real criticism…they are the actual well wishers and they can only take u to greater heights…..because they not only pinpoint the pitfalls but also their criticism acts as motivation to the performer…hence the passion for success has the key as criticism….one more thing criticism is made only to things which has got some stuffs…..there would be no article in any local newspaper editorial if bangaladesh cricket team under perform for decade but if australians under play for a single match then all the leading newspaper of the world will have article in their editorial criticising their under performance…but the irony is that… next day when whole world tries to synchronise with the criticised article… australians come back like a real warriors and shut up all
    speculations….hahaha…great warriors…so we got to be like them and take that criticism in a positive way and check out what went wrong…give urself sometime to work on that and u will find urself leading the zenith….
    so go for the challenge given by real criticizers instead of wondering about the selfish and mean criticizers….
    all the best!!!!!!

  10. rachna said

    those who critisize for nothing dont understand u and those who dont understand you need not bother abot because
    people who matter dont bother and people who bother dont matter
    also make it a point to delete unsavoru comments that dont help any way in the discussions { a suggestion only please } . keep server space free as much as possible because i read some where this all is also leading to global warming . will send you link on this as soon as have some time on hands

  11. rohit said

    Adi em agree with you. But dear your line -like “PRAISE in Public and CRITICISE in Private”. -is nt for society, it’s work in personal life. You crticise your friends/nearone in privatly, bt nt in public.


  12. Amit said

    Hi Rewa,

    A really good article! One thing it’s great that this blog values honesty and faithfulness, the more ethical your behaviour. Criticism can be a good thing, be sure to use it wisely.

    keep writing.

  13. Nidhi said

    Well said!!!! dis is an extremely well written article.i liked d ending nd d way it hs been lnked wid d beginning.

    ‘criticise on the writings, not the writers!’

    Criticise my cmnt, bt dn’t criticise me.i can v wel answer anything to peple if somone throw useless wrds at me.so dn’t criticise too harshly.

  14. mamta said

    hi didu…

    dekho meri problem ye hi ki mujh se bina jhagda kiye nahi raha jata…i can go to any limit….

    if anyone wil say anything which hurts my ego….i cant take it….

    so didu m gandhi ji ke vicharo ki kadar karti hu magar karti hu jo mera man karta hi…….

    aise m rules nahi todungi…magar koi jayda bola to usko chodungi bhi nahi….

    i hope apko samjh me aa gaya hoga m kya kahan chahti hu…

  15. roushan said

    In an ideal way people must learn to be positive and they should criticise the writings not the writer.
    It’s ideal so its tough to do so, I think about my self when I read something writen by some one I tend to think other things too. Like What should be idea of writer, what she/he was trying to say(In my view:-)) and so on. With that sometimes I also think about the writer, my feelings for her/him and so on.
    Its all about preferances and thus writer is closely associated with her/his writings and in my view we can not part these two.
    Negative comments often irritate but we must understand that this world is too cruel and whenever you face things no one thinks about your emotions. I some one has to attack on you, she/he will do in most effective way and mostly that effective way is negative way.
    There is a saying If any thing can go wrong, it will
    So I request all friends here to face things as they come.

  16. Hi Friends,

    I would like to thanks to everybody. I just want to say one thing that ‘Give respect, Get respect’. One can’t just demand respect, I mean to get respect we must give respect!


  17. Suraj said

    People will respect the ONE whom they think they should. So one should…..just earn the respect or….command the respect (Never demand)

    Just follow the pedge that we all use to take every morning assembly in our schoolday….”I shall give respect to my parents, teachers, classmates and all my elders and treat every one with courtesy”. There was nothing for giving and taking.

    Don’t forget our school learnings.


  18. Suraj said

    This is comment for Main Blog Topic- CRITICS and CRITICISM.
    Please note that this is my purely personal opinion…….which might be 100% wrong.

    CRITICS- is simply one who criticise you. There is nothing like….BAD/GOOD critics. Same time…….there is nothing like negative/positive criticism. If person being criticised finds criticism as some bad remarks/comments/words…….i think it is OK. Becuase it actually it serves the purpose it need to…….i.e. CRITICISM.

    However there is something called as CONSTRUCTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE criticism. Now whether criticism is constructive or destructive it purely depends only upon the person who actually criticise and person being criticised. You can not say anything about critics personally based on criticism he/she has done…..simply because you don’t know the person (may be you don’t need to).

    Very Important thing: Most of the time…..criticism of person’s work or writing is taken as criticism of person itself. This is very common mistake by all in general.

    So unless you understand the terminology and concept of criticism……..don’t use the terms. One has to have guts to digest critics comments……whatever it is. Only thing you have to do……if you agree….accept the comments and work accordingly other wise simply ignore and continue your job. Please note that every body is not same to give same comments/feedback and in same way. Different people has different ways to give different comments for the same feeling.


  19. मुआफी के साथ गुजारिश =मुझे अंग्रेजी थोड़ी बहुत आती है – ब्लॉग खोला उसमें अग्रेजी देख कर बंद करने ही वाला था की हिन्दी की एक लाइन पर नजर गई = पढ़ा कविता बहुत अच्छी लगी , पलाश , ठंडी हवा , टहनियां ,,अलसाई घास , आम कवि कम ही प्रयोग करतें है इन शब्दों को / कविता पढ़ कर आनंदित हुआ

  20. Hi Brijmohanji,

    मैं कोशिश करूँगी कि अपनी बातों को ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा अपनी मातृभाषा हिन्दी में लिखूं. मुझे अच्छा लगा ये जानकर कि आपको मेरी कविताएँ, कुछ मेरे लिखे हुए शब्द भी आपको अच्छी लगी. आप यहाँ आए और कुछ अनमोल शब्द मेरे लिए छोड़ गये इसके लिए मैं आपकी अभारी हूँ.


  21. Anurag Ranjan Singh said

    कलम के सन्दर्भ में आलोचकों की भूमिका की बात उठाई है, ये बात बिल्कुल प्रासंगिक भी है| आलोचकों और लेखकों में मैं बस इतना ही अर्थभेद मनाता हूँ की लेखक अपनी लेखनी के माध्यम से संवाद का आयाम स्थापित करता हैं तो वही दूसरी तरफ़ आलोचक लेखनी के उस स्थापित आयाम को व्यापकता का आवरण देता है| इन हालातों में लेखकों से ज्यादा आलोचकों की भूमिका साहित्य और समाज के लिये महत्वपूर्ण है| लेकिन आलोचना का सकारात्मक संवाद कहीं उससे भी ज्यादा आवश्यक है| सही मायने में लेखकों और आलोचकों को लेकर पाठकों में मतभेद हो तो सही है लेकिन मनभेद हो तो उतना ही नकारात्मक परिवेष का निर्माण होगा इसलिये इस बहस से दूर रहना ही हितकर होगा| आये दिनों दिखने और सुनाई देने वाले असामाजिक परिणाम भी इसी और संकेत करतें हैं कि मनभेद के पूर्वाग्रह ने समाज की कितनी क्षति की है| मैं व्यतिगत होकर ये कहना चाहता हूँ कि हमें अपनी सोच को विस्तार देना होगा जिसमें इतना सामर्थ्य ज़रूर हो की वो पूर्वाग्रहों को तोड़, याथार्थ की परिभाषा गढ सके|

    आपकी आलोचना का मैं स्वागत करता हूँ, आलोचना का स्वाभाव भी सहज ही किसी को नहीं मिल जाता| ये विशेषता विस्तार न ले तो हर तर्क कुतर्क ही होगा|

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