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Let’s talk together!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on July 25, 2008

We used to sing this song ‘Ek chidiya Anek chidiya’ in our childhood because that time we used to like it’s music. And today also we like the music in the same way we were liking and humming. But now a days as we grow up we do understand the real taste of this song and the need to understand the deep and beautiful meaning of the rhythm. Whenever I listen this song, I lost myself in my childhood memories. Sometimes, I listen this song over and over again! This song has an emotion and wonderful lyrics. Not many know that the inspiration behind the beautiful words is, in fact has lots of love. Even now, I pray that if I would get a situation where I can write such a lovely and inspirational song. I just love it.


Anyway, coming to the point. I read all comments written on the post Bihari or Indian! I need to rewrite what I meant to say and my intention is to introaspect ourself and my view will be beyond the narrow mentality of any such party politics.

No gujarati, no marathi, no tamilian, no bihari…please stop this all nonsense otherwise once again somebody like British will come some day and rule us. They will use Divide and Rule Karo funda, so why don’t we learn from our mistakes! Why don’t we realize we are INDIANS first then a tamilian, a punjabi, a hindu, a muslim, a marathi, a bengoli or a bihari or anything?

We need to start development activities not only in Bihar but in all the socially and economically backward states with the help of educated people of our beloved India living in different parts. As Anupam requested in his comment # 34, let’s talk HOW to make it the best place to live, work. I know we live in one of the best places in the world and we have ability to make our country a best place to live in.

Now come on, put your fingers on your keyboard and give your valuable suggestions…!


7 Responses to “Let’s talk together!”

  1. Amit said

    Rewa, great and classical post. It’s a beautiful song that makes me nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood days.

    The road to development will now need the combined efforts.

  2. Nidhi said

    to is ped ke aam bhi tor sakte hain?
    tor sakte hain,
    par jugat lagani hogi. 🙂

    hind desh ke niwasi sabhi jana ek hain,
    rang-roop vesh-bhaasha chahe anek hain.

    bela gulab juhi champa chameli
    phool hain anek kintu mala phir ek hai

  3. “Ham swarajaya ki richa nawal,Bharat ki nawlaya ho !”

    yesterday i went to visit Bodhgaya and and met a couple of Germany. . . Asked . How is our india ?”nice . . . Very beautiful. . . 2nd question i asked which place you liked most to cute 12th class student. . . She said its very tough question. . . Cant give its answer. . . And said all part have its special value for me. . . A girl other than indian can say like this then why not we ?


  4. Abhishek said

    We need to change the image of bihar. For that We (Politicians and people of bihar) need to take lot of initiative. The key factor of the growth is investment and huge investment.Onve there will be huge investment,people will get employeement,their income will increase,than they can afford better education and health fascility. then they need to reinvest their savings and increase the more oppurtunities for people of bihar.Government of bihar has to attract the foreign investors by providing the condusive environment for business.The people should come to front with their Inthreprenural skills.I really appreciate the step taken by one of your friend (IIM graduate) in Patna.

    If We Biharis will do the things for ourselves what we are doing for the others then we would be envied, not despised.

  5. rohit said

    Hi all
    Why only for Bihar friends, why not talk about our dear counrty? Why not we work for our beloved mother country?

  6. Jyothsna said

    Hi..Iam Jyothsna (JNV Warangal)…dis is my first comment to di’s blog…di first of all, I want to appreciate u for ur creative n thought provoking posts…….really Im vry much impressed by dem….

    Mujhe lagti hai ki to develop any country education as we got is not required….one shud know the value of their life, value of relationships, value of da family ,value of happiness…. poverty to hamare dilo mei hota hai…if we can love evrybody n if we can treat evryone as our frnd den der wont be any poverty… whenever I talk to my friend babloo I ll get to know about so many things…ek baar usne poocha ki kya hum ek child labourer ko aur hamare baccha ko eki jaisa kyu nahi dekh sakte hai…..dats true why cant we… hum navodaya vale dil ke sachche hai…right di…. if evry one of us can adopt one orphan or one poor child n if we can provide him all da facilities (actually dey don’t need facilities but wat dey need is da love n affection )n can give him proper care den in my view dis may be one of da ways dat we can return something to our society….

    Didi aapko pata hai na iam still learning hindi…if at all my hindi is not good don’t mind it…ok…

  7. Suraj said

    Bhaiyon aur behno……….Agar Navodaya ke bachhe ho……..to navodaya ki tarah baat karo………..naki politicians ya aam aadmi ki tarah !!

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