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Bihar’s Super 30!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 9, 2008

“You can’t be brave if you have only had wonderful things happen to you.” – *Mary Tyler Moore*

Life does not have to be perfect or to be wonderful, and I know village people are not so lucky like city people. Luck can only take you so far…after that, the talent takes over. That is what makes us different from others. They have done so many things with the minimum resources.

Well I am not talking about history or geography of Bihar. This is all about “Bihar’s Super 30“- all 30 make it to the IITs! It is the first time that Super 30 achieved 100 % success. As the name of the institute denotes, it enrols every year only 30 aspirants from poor families through conducting tests and provides them with free coaching, lodging, and fooding. This is the first time when all of its 30 candidates passed the highly competitive IIT exam. The state again proved that it can be poor economically, but is rich in brain drains.

Patna: All the thirty students enrolled in Super 30, an innovative coaching institute in Bihar, have passed the highly competitive Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) this year, the institute announced it.

To read more about it please do click on the link “Bihar scripts name in golden letters in IIT


24 Responses to “Bihar’s Super 30!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    I am very happy to know about the mega success of village people in Bihar. Bihar’s Super thirty is a big achievement and we wish that this success grow exponentially. Tha main point is the success with a limited resources. All Indians should learn a lesson that success depends upon our hard work and dedications wheeled by proper guidance, not on wealth.

    karat-karat abhyas ke jadmati hot sujan
    rasri awat jaat te sil per parat nishan…

    Hats off to all such hardworkers.

    Ek Ajnabi

  2. @Ek Ajnabi,

    Thanks for your inspiring words! “Bihar’s Super 30” is a big achievement not only for Bihar, but for whole India!

    “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore!”

  3. Great to know about the Bihar’s super 30. They have really set an example and we are proud of them. At the moment these lines of Mohammad Ali are coming to my mind, I dedicate these for the Bihar’s Super 30:

    “Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

    Great going. Thank you very much Rewa for sharing this wonderful news with us.

    Jitender Singh

  4. Ruchi...celebrating Rewa's Birthday!! said

    Yes dear, the birthplace of geniuses like Aryabhatta , Chanakya is again on the roads to the discovery of an identity that it had lost long back due to some dirty political game and dispropotionate publicity…These kids (we can certainly not call them poor as they are generously bestowed with brains and an endeavour to achieve) have made us proud, also kudos to the said institute!!
    This rightfully proves” where there is a will there is a way!!”..himmat-e-mardaan, madad-e-khuda!!

  5. Nice post ! There is no question on Professional / Administrative courses excellence of Biharis. We do feel proud of us in this regard. But irony is, there are not many young junta have the same social/politically motivation for the excellence. Only very few return back to roots again and stay back to achieve excellence and motivate others.

    Whom to blame ? – first myself !

  6. shubh said

    Think about those 99% of student who culdn’t clear JEE. Their number is almost 3 Lacks. What about them? Instead of 30, think about those 3 lacks students who couldn’t make it. How will they be feeling? They are probably better manpower. Think about those who had no money to appear for JEE (as it costs Rs 1000?). Think about those who have not heard of JEE. Think about those who failed in 10th (one of my cousin who lives in the village failed in 10th Bihar Board this year, he was craying.), 10+2 for whatsoever reason. They are greater in numbers. And you know – they way Job scenario is changing you probably may not need to go to IITs to grab a job. Because, these Jobs don’t require high intelligence. Just learn Java and enjoy the coffee.

  7. rachna said


  8. @Shubh
    ‘Think about those 99% of student who culdn’t clear JEE.’

    Yes the points raised by shubh really bear a healthy discussion. It is as important to discuss the weaknesses as to discuss the success. If the many poor people could have enough money to appear in such tests, the scinario could be different. Along with, hard work and dedications, EXISTENCE is also important. If one was born in a poor family, what is his/her mistake ? I think if such candidates miss entrance tests just because of poverty, its the mistake of Government. Only government can do the needful. Or sometimes there are good people around (by luck) who sometimes give financial support to such scholars. What do you say ?

  9. Amit said

    Well done guys.
    Change is not instant. It is a slow process. Even if a small percentage of people get motivated and send their children to school it will be a success.

    Rewa, thanks for puting all this information on your blog.

  10. Anonymous said

    great news 🙂

    @ shubh, then start working for other 99% populace instead of just posting n arguing here, kehana aasan haain but we hv to involve ourselves to do something practical.

    i believe i’m doing my share of work, r u?? if not start now!!

  11. @Anonymous

    Hey you are right at your point but please don’t misunderstand Shubh’s point of view. Instead of arguing we should think collectively. Then only our actions can produce something good. I hope you will also give some more insight into this discussion. Please pour more of your valuable ideas.

  12. shubh said

    @Anonymous, your comment doesn’t deserve a reply.

  13. hussain said

    I don’t need a reply dear,

    It was just my view, that i expressed. I appreciate ur thought of being concerned abt d rest, if u really care then get invloved in doing things. ther r many NGO’s to work with. if ur doing then it really great n keep motivating others.

    I spend my weekends in such activities so i was suggesting to others aswell.
    if u do or don’t do it’s ur wish.

    I did’t understand why u wrote [@Anonymous, your comment doesn’t deserve a reply.] anyways who cares

  14. Ya friends . . . Bihari brain are great. . . In all field. . . They all are disciplined too. . .I congratulate those brains . ..And say to those who are not in 30. . . They are also couragous. . . Our wishes to them also. . .

    Dr.Abhay Kumar

  15. sad news is its mentor is not happy with the way now its shaping..
    its life…salute to him…he has done so much to the needy.

  16. @Jitender, hmmm….nice quote…shukriya for writing inspiring words!

    @Ruchi…”himmat-e-mardaan, madad-e-khuda” kya khoob likha hai…your each words are lovable and full of inspiration! Simply love you dear!

    @Prem Sir, understood your views. I can not blame people coz it is not like they forget root, in fact most of the poeple wish to do something for their roots. Lekin kahte hein na kuch mazboori hoti hai aur kuchlog paise kamane ke hod mein bahut aage nikal jate hein jahan se wapas aana thoda mushkil hota hai aur kuch log ise nasamajhi samajhte hein! So, I can not blame anybody!


  17. @Shubh, I agree with your points, but tell me who is responsible for this all? You/me or all of us? I can say hamsab zimmedar hein iske! But, main thing is we have to think upon it.

    @Rachna, thanks for your comment!

    @Amit, yea, of course bihar is changing but we can not see it sitting far from our root!

    @Hussain, hmmm…I know you are doing good and hope people must be getting motivated with your social activities!

  18. @Dr Abhay, hmmm…bihari brains are great! Jab Doctor sahab kah rahe hein to maan liya 🙂

    @Anurag, thanks for commenting here. Why mentor is sad now? Please do elaborate your words!

  19. Nidhi said

    SUBHAN ALLAH! kya kamal dikhaya hai.
    hearty congratulation on ur success nd i wish many many more for u al in d coming future.

    ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’-The Alchemist

  20. @Nidhi, hmmm…shukriya for writing a lovely quote, and thanks dear for a lovely comment!

  21. mehek said

    wow thats a great great achievment, all of there hardship has paid back to them, wish congrates to all 30 for their grand grand success.

  22. San said

    First of all congratulations to all who made it possible.

    We all have appreciated this grand success of Bihar including me but did we thought what we (rather I) did that made my Bihar feel proud. Don’t worry… I am not asking you to create another Lal Killa in Patna or make it hi-tech.

    I am demanding to contribute what ever you can to make your home land a better place to live. Your contribution may be as small as helping someone, growing a tree, or as big as constructing roads or power plant. Meaning is do what ever u can.

    I can proudly tell that I have tried changing quality of education in my native district in Bihar. Let’s see what you can do.

    Try for a better Bihar.

  23. Vivekanand said

    HI All,

    Actaul achievement would be that if they would add something to our country . Govt is spending 10 lakhs bugs on every students of IIT and all are serve to MNCs in other countries, so what is the value addition to our country, at the end of day our country would face brain drain, Is money everything no nation why? If you think its achievement then it can be but in the researchers sense its nothing just do soemthing fro our country if Dr A. P. J Abdul Kalam, Mr E. Shreedharan has not studied in IIT , but they have done tremendous work fro our country that makes a real sense, not just cracking IIT and afetr 4 yrs working for Foreign countries, IITians and IIM pepole should think about think if they woudl add something valuable to our society and country and desirable for country. we need that person who can add some bricks in the wall for nation not just highly intellectual and working for abroad, adding some more GDS to USA economy.

    Thanks alot

    Senior Consultant
    Economic & Rural Research
    SAARC Region
    Country Office
    NEw Delhi

  24. Nidhi said

    i’m speechless 😀
    hw cud u forgt to post here? X-(

    Hat-trick for Bihar’s Super-30: All students make it to IITs

    All 30 students of Super 30, a free coaching centre in Bihar, have cracked the highly competitive Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) for the third consecutive year, the institute announced on Wednesday.

    “We are really upbeat and celebrating the 100 percent success for the third consecutive year as all 30 students have cracked the IIT-JEE this year,” Anand Kumar, the institute’s director-cum-founder, said.

    Super 30 that helps the economically backward students crack the IIT-JEE has been selected by The Time Magazine in the list of The Best of Asia 2010.

    The magazine, in its latest issue, said that every year, about 230,000 students take the exam for a seat in the IITs but only 5,000 grab it.

    “Last year, 30 of them came from one coaching centre in Patna, capital of the impoverished north Indian state of Bihar. That may not seem like many, but for the Super 30 centre it’s a pass rate of 100 percent,” it said.

    Mohammad Sadab Azam, a student of Super 30, said: “Thanks to Super 30, I cracked the IIT-JEE. Everyone is in a celebratory mood. We are happy.”

    Azam, whose father works as a labourer in a village in Gaya district, said that he had never dreamt of cracking the prestigious exam.

    “It was all because of Super 30,” he said.

    Anup Kumar, another Super 30 student, said the facilities and encouragement from the faculty made it possible for him to crack the tough exam.

    The institute selects talented students from poor families and provides them with free coaching, food and accommodation.

    According to Anand, “Hard work, proper guidance and supervision are the secrets of our success.

    “We were sure that the results would be positive as we teach them to eat, sleep, walk and talk only IIT,” he said.

    In 2003, the first year of the institute, 18 students made it to the IITs. The number rose to 22 in 2004 and to 26 in 2005. In 2007 and 2006, 28 students made it through ITT-JEE. In 2008, for the first time 30 students cracked the IIT-JEE followed by 2009.

    Anand said the institute is supported by the income generated from his Ramanujam School of Mathematics, which has students who can afford to pay fees.

    The Super 30 was started by Anand along with Bihar’s Additional Director General of Police Abhyanand. But two years ago Abhyanand dissociated himself from the institute.

    The success story of Super 30 was telecast by the Discovery Channel last year.

    “Super 30 is an amazing initiative and it needs to be taken to maximum people around the globe,” said Christopher Mitchell, whose film for Discovery also bagged the Audience Choice Award at the sixth Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

    Three years ago, Norika Fujiwara, a former Japanese beauty queen and actress, made a documentary film on Super 30 for its innovative and successful attempt to send poor children to India’s top engineering colleges.




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