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Bihar brains!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 8, 2008

“Nothing is written on stone, and we are masters of our own destiny”!

Sometimes it’s necessary to trackback the history as these historical perceptions have a lot of things to tell! I have read that about 2500 years ago, the Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment at Bodh Gaya under a tree, which is now known as the Bodhi Tree“. Mahavir bhagwan was also born on this ancient kingdom of Vaishali where he achieved perfect enlightment. The author of the Hindu epic; The Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki also lived in Ancient Bihar. The birthplace of Sita Mata is a village called “Punaura“, located at Sitamarhi in Bihar. Guru Goind Singh was born at Patna Sahib marked by a glorious Gurudwara called the  “Takht Sri Patna Sahib” built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh is in Bihar. Chankya was born in Bihar and in fact “Chanakya Niti is the backbone of Indian politics. In 1787 Queen ‘Ahilya Bai’ built the Vishnu temple (Vishnupad Temple, 12km, at Gaya) on the banks of river Falgu is also in Bihar.

Have you ever think why Bihar, the land of Lord Buddha is suffering? As we all must be knowing Bihar is very poor in infrastructure. That’s the reason people of bihar have to struggle a lot to make their career bright. Now as far as Biharies are concerned, I know they do hard work that’s why they are not behind and you may find them everywhere from A-Z places in India, and no doubt they always prove their capability by their deeds!

Many of the Biharies are educated but they often have to leave Bihar to look for better opportunities to other parts of India. Needless to say that it’s the poor fate of Bihar that forces biharies to live outside Bihar. People don’t require to talk about biharis with close eyes!
Anyway, let’s read about two IAS Biharis: Keshavendra” bagged rank 45 and “Ravikant” bagged rank 77. Both of them have struggled a lot to achieve their ultimate goals. They have set an inspirational example in front of us and they have proved that Bihar is not behind and never be so! And also a Bihar boy “Shitikanth” tops IIT-JEE exam! Yes it’s Biharis; yes they are the people who are mushrooming everywhere!



20 Responses to “Bihar brains!”

  1. mehek said

    wow all the history and links u hv given r fabolous rews,and ofcourse biharis r not behind than any other state persons,they r very hardworking even more than maharashtrains what i saw,most of people r educated at higher posts but yet lot of people there r uneducated,if they get it,sure it will be most beautiful state of india,amen

  2. Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey

  3. Hi Mehek, thanks for understanding my points and commenting here. You are right dear a long way to go yet….Thanks a lot!


  4. Great to know about the rich history of Bihar. Great people resided in Bihar during the ancient times.

    Its again very gr8 to know about Bihari’s rocking in UPSC and even in IIT-JEE. Thank you very much for sharing these news with us. Congratulations to these great people.

    I feel people within India, are not aware of the gr8 Indian-Bihari people who contributed to the nation a lot. The discoverer of the number zero “0″, the Aryabhatta, was from Bihar! Surprised ! Not only this but there are many renowned people from Bihari origin who have excelled. As for as I know, the Great Ashoka, Dr. Rajendra Prasad (India’s first president), The singing legend Udit Narayan, Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan…all these famous personalities are Biharis. The State that can also produce a BHARAT RATNA, the most prestigious award, really deserves a great deal of gratitude and high expectations.

    It is my request to the author to tell us more about the great people produced by Bihar.

    Jitender Singh

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    I welcome you @ my blogworld. I am so glad to see your comment here and also am happy that you read my writings. Thank you so much for your kind words, and also thanks to your friend who provided my blog link to you. keep visiting.


  6. Nidhi said

    wowwwwwwwwww…..i m so proud of u guys nd 1 should always feel proud of being a bihari. Guess who r most progressive peple in India?ofcourse a fertile land of intelgent brains to explore anything in de world.our Bihar: de land of Buddha nd de brain paradise………..losers like Thakrey will lose steam soon.:)

  7. Nidhi said

    Nalanda University-Located near “Vulture’s Peak” (Rajagriha) in Bihar Province of India.Founded in the 5th Century A.D., Nalanda is known as the ancient seat of learning. 2,000 Teachers and 10,000 Students from all over the Buddhist world lived and studied at Nalanda, the first Residential International University of the World.

    jyada jankari prapt karne key lie kripya yhan click kijiye 🙂



  8. Anupam Jha said

    Thanks for improving my general knowledge,i swear!!So much you know about history,I wish i would have a tutor of history like you during school time!

    Yes Bihari people are rocking everywhere even in this trendy world of blog,people like you!! But Rewa when we would have a Wipro Office at Muzaffarpur?? I guess in next life.

  9. @Jitender, haanji you are right, Aryabhatta was also from Bihar! Have you heared about Mr. Vashishth Narayan? He is also from Bihar. Thanks for writing a comment here. If you really wish to know more about Bihar, plz go through this link.

    Click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Bihar

    @Nidhi, hmmm tusi great ho jee…achha kiya tumne yahan link dalkar. shurkiya dear.

  10. @Anupam, hmmm…koi nahi jab hamsab chahenge tab Wipro kya Infosys bhi bihar mein khul jayega…I feel this all depends to us. Isn’t it?

    Are haan…aapne pahle pucha hi nahi warna main sach mein history teacher bankar aa jati. Actually mujhe abhi afsos ho raha hai, kyunki mujhe ek achhe intelligent bachche ko dantane ka mouka milta…ohho miss kar gayi. 😉

  11. shubh said

    I want Bihar to produce companies like GE, MS, Intel, Google, Yahoo! etc. BTW, Rewa you forgot to mention another Bihari legend Ms Jaya Jha 😉

  12. Ek Ajnabi said

    I have gone through the posts and comments of people about the nice post. Needless to say that the IIT qualifying candidates from Bihar are rising in number and more over the highest ranks are achieved by them. Great going. But even after this huge success, such a great State is suffering why ? its a serious question. Perhaps the reason is the flood that causes a huge loss to people every year ! If such master brains could think of solving this problem, our Bihar could be at the top of the Nations. I wish this problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

    Ek Ajnabi

  13. @Shubh, Ok! sorry, I was about to mention her name with others too. Yea, she was my brother Babloo’s batchmate in IITK. Thanks for reminding me!

    But, as I feel that the people who are clearing IIT or UPSC are not only the legend of Bihar! For me, those who have struggled a lot to build the career and giving back to the society are the legend people of India.

    By the way, for me all my readers and commentators are legends of my blogworld! 🙂


  14. Amit said

    we the people of Bihar can change the face of the state in a positive way.

  15. @Ek Ajnabi, correctly said! North Bihar always suffer from flood every year during the monsoon season and kills many people every year. Also it completely destroy many homes…lakhon ghar her shal ujarte hein. Fir is ujarne aur unhe banane ke beech mein hi unki puri life chali jati hai.

    @Amit, very true. Kisi ne theek hi kaha hai “jahan chaah wahan raah.” Thank you!

  16. Yes, i am agreed with you that bihar had a very glorious past but due to our politician,we cannot say the same about the present bihar.yes Bihar is full of talent but they dont get enough chance and enough facilities to develop and show their talent.
    As one of IAS topper from bihar said in the past,

    “Bihar me sansadhan ki kami nahi hai balki saadhan ki kami hai”.
    We have enough talented human resources in Bihar.If they get even the least facilities,Bihar will have glorious present too.

  17. rohit said

    we biharis have great potential in us.
    what we lack is the leadership quality and how to sell ourself.

    like laboures in punjab go abroad to earn more….but ppl of bihar go to other state,though they are underpaid………its complete exploitation of talent……..

  18. ranjeeta said

    I am not from bihar but i must say, people should learn from Bhaiya’s and Bihari’s on how to make progress. You can succeed if you work hard, it doesn’t matter if you are called bhaiyas.

    Why can’t we call and talk to panpuriwala Bhaiyya?

  19. Hi, I came here from one of my blog link this page, after reading this post i m so happy that you have mentioned all about that proud to be a bihari. keep posting such a nice post. god bless you and ur family………………..happy posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shashidhar kumar

  20. kundan said

    jai bihar………….

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