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…..when the blue water plays with the shore to tell something…..

Voice of the heart!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 3, 2008

This time I feel, I am making a write up, almost at the middle-age of my life. Yes, I am almost in the middle of this moment and as I know the average living age in India is about 52 to 56, this write-up becomes very important for me. Sometimes I feel, why world is not simpler, why things get so complicated?

I am about to cross the half of my age and most of life I have spent in hostel. So, I got opportunity to learn and experienced it first hand from various chapters in different the phases of life. Thinking there is no right and wrong thing, it’s just a choice, we can choose best or worse, it’s totally up to us. But again it is a very difficult job to choose a better way!

I have learned many lessons in my life till now, but I am thinking….”how it would be, if I could pass on one valuable message to my close and beloved ones before I could die?

I know, it’s not possible for me…because I am not mature enough to leave a beautiful message for anybody. I myself have to learn and get more and more lessons from others. Nevertheless, I am still in the learning process and wish to lead my life by learning from people. People learn doing mistakes and I too am a same kind of person, each mistake of my life gives a lesson. What’s life without mistakes!

At last, it’s always totally up to us and our choices, but I feel a lesson should be repeated until it is fully learned.



28 Responses to “Voice of the heart!”

  1. ############################################
    write up…..Sometimes I feel, why world is not simpler, why things get so complicated?….
    Yaa it is true that world is too complicated to understand. More over, we have very small life span and lot of tasks to do. This makes the things miserable….

    jeevan chlne ka naam chlte raho subaha shaam..

    @ Rewa
    ##Happy B’day to you##…cheers yaar

    Jitender Singh

  2. @Jitender, thanks a lot for wishing me!

  3. Tanu Shree said

    What’s life without mistakes!….

    very true..Di … I am learning too thru a mistake these days..so wish me happy learning …. Illusions are not the actual part of life…the reality around is wat thats waiting fr our response..Sometimes when we forget our real life , n lost ourself in illusion ;u need someone to take urself out of it…n similarly ..I am coming out ..So I hope u ll see a better me very soon ..

    Wishing U many many happy returns of the day ….

    HAPPY BDAY DEAREST DI>>>>>>>>>>>>> 🙂

    Lots of love ……Tanu

  4. Shubh said

    Happy Birth Day Rewa Ji. Be happy and enjoy you Bday. Where is the treat 🙂

  5. Ashutosh said

    hi Rewa
    first many many happy returns of the day,wishing u a very happy b’day.
    baki mai kya kahu tumane to bahut hi sahi baat kahai hai…………humlog apani jindagi ka aadha safar pura kar chuke hai per is life ka abhi tak koi maksat pura hua hai kya? I think absolutely no……………

  6. May be you are growing,
    By count of years,
    What about the kid inside,
    Who is happy as well crying.

    Cakes are there,
    Candles lit up,
    Friends are there,
    To cheer up.

    Happy birthday to the you, the grown up kid. May God bless you all the happiness.

    Party is due. What others says 🙂

  7. Nidhi said

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy Happy Happy birthday to you

    Hav u decided abt d bday treat? where is my treat? i m waitinggggg. 🙂

    Life without mistakes is not a Life!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anupam Jha said

    Oh you have birthday today? Chill.

    The best birthdays of all are those that havent arrived yet! I wish this B DAY would b that one!

    Have a wonderful and lovely BDAYto u packed with fun and frolic! masti at any cost!

  9. Amit said

    Hi Rewa!

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Many many happy returns of day.
    Treat ke lie chale? 🙂

    A thoughtful write up on special day.

  10. Saingal chukha hamanida :)- korean

    Glueckwuensche zum Geburtstag. – german

    Happy birthday to you. – English

    Janmdin ke hardik shubhkaman – maithili

    Janmdin ki bahut bahut shubhkamnayen – hindi

  11. ***** said

    wrire up(…………..) very cute!
    So happy birthday Rewa
    Long ago i read a poem somewhere i think when you think about a message you must read those few lines
    सबसे खूबसूरत वो समुद्र है
    जो अभी तक देखा नही गया है
    सबसे खूबसूरत वो बच्चा है
    जो अभी तक पैदा नही हुआ है .
    सबसे खूबसूरत वो फूल है
    जो अभी तक खिला नही है
    सबसे खूबसूरत वो सुबह है
    जो अभी आई नही है
    सबसे खूबसूरत वो शब्द हैं
    जो अभी कहे जाने हैं
    और सबसे खूबसूरत वो सन्देश हैं
    जो अभी दिए जाने बाकी हैं
    Okey just cheer up i think i have something which you must read just go links below and get my point

    and at last
    Happy birth day again

  12. ami said

    Dear Rewa DIDI,

    Many many many many happy returns of the day

    Bhagwan aapka jeevan khusiyon se bhar de, aapki saari abhilashaayein puri ho.

    Saflta aapke kadam choome.


  13. Ek Ajnabi said

    जन्म का ये शुभ दिन तह दिल से मुबारक हो आपको
    हमारी दुआ है खुश रहो हर खुशी मिले आपको

    कभी धूप ना सताए हमेशा छाया मिले आपको
    गुस्ताख़ी माफ़ देर से आए हैं पैगाम देने आपको

    फिर भी ये मुबारकबाद देने हम आए हैं आपको
    उपहार में हम दे रहे हें ये चन्द पंक्तियाँ आपको

    जन्मदिन का पल-पल, हर पल, सुहाना लगे आपको
    जिओ सैंकड़ों बर्ष हर बर्ष लेकर बहार आए आपको

    इसी तरह चन्द पंक्तियों से हम बहलाते रहें आपको
    गुज़ारिश है रेवा जी एक अजनबी का नज़राना क़ुबूल हो आपको |

    सदा मुस्कुराते रहो…..

    एक अजनबी

  14. Ruchi...celebrating Rewa's Birthday!! said

    Happy Birthday dear!!

    rightfully stated!! Even Newton describes himself as” a small child wandering along the seashore, picking up curious shells and marveling at them, unconscious of the vast ocean of reality is swelling and crashing before him.”
    We keep learning lessons of life throughout irrespective of our age!!
    And you too dear ,have re-proven this fact with the above writing at the threshold of your mid-life,Happy birthday once again!!

  15. Ek Ajnabi said

    @ Nidhi
    Life without mistakes is not a Life!!!!!!!!!!

    well said, I liked this line very much. It really conveys a very deep meaning of what life is actually ! Thanks for sharing this nice thought with us.

    @Ruchi…celebrating Rewa’s Birthday!!
    ” a small child wandering along the seashore,…crashing before him.”

    Great perhaps you also have studied a part of Newton’s Principia or so. Beautiful lines. The world is so complicated that
    ‘Even Einstein asked questions!’. Thank you too for sharing these wonderful lines.

    Keep Smiling Always

    Ek Ajnabi……

  16. Ruchi...celebrating Rewa's Birthday!! said

    Baar baar din yeh aaye
    Baar baar dil yeh gaaye
    tum jiyo hazaaron saal , yeh meri hai aarzoo..
    Happy birthday to You
    Happy birthday to You
    Happy birthday to You to dear Rewa…

    waise hai to yeh purana filmy gaana
    par isi se kaam chal rahin hoon , kyu ki aaj dil ho raha hai shayaraana :))))

  17. mehek said

    am late to wish u:( ,still belated birthday wish my dear rews,true said we should repeat lifes lessons to till we fully learn it,dil ki aawaz se nikla har lafz sahi hai rews,nice article,lots luv,tum jiyo hazaron saal,saal ke din ho pachas hazar:)

  18. Surabhi said

    Truly said Rewa.. life indeed is all about choices!

    Wish you a rocking day once again..!

  19. suvimal said

    these r the thing which exit but atlest didi u should enjoy yor b’day inspite of thinking about ur death


  20. Durlabh Darshan said

    Hey Rewa,
    Heard you are celebrating a belated birthday this year…. Bet all those other fools sent u birthday wishes on time!
    It’s your good friend Durlabh Durshan who is again on right time, even after geting late,right? 😛 Hope so.. 😛

  21. rohit said

    well rewa, pahle to b’day mubarak ho, (belated hai to kiay. jab maloom tab kia, jab jago tab sawera type, wiase mera bday bhi 4th may tha,,,0

    or haa , yaar life me kisi ko nasihaat to tum de nahi rahi ho, bus apne vichar de rahi ho, kisi per dhoop to nahi rahi ho..vicharro ka sampreson kafi acchaa hai, …..or rahi dusro ko sikhne ki, to phir shikh doosro ke mistake se bhi liya jaa sakta hai, Perhaps tumne RISHI DATATREY Ke bare me suna hoga, Unhone 40 Guru se sikhne ki baat kabuli, per koi bhi insaan nahi tha…unhone keet-patango, or nature se sikha….or rahi umar jis per tum likhti ho ki -I am not mature enough – TO tumhari jankari ke liye baata du ki na to Astawakr or na hi Addi guru shankracharya ki age bhaut kam thi jab unhone apna sandesh de diya tha…or door mat jao, Vivekanand to 32 ki age me apne kaam kar ke chalne bhi gaye the….theek hai tum saint nahi ho, per hum sab usi parampra ke varis hai…..

  22. janmdin mubarak ho …

  23. ami said

    Yes di, i so happy to see bihar coming across so well in education.

    Last friday or thurday, in times of india in special edition, news came as pf bihar has come forward in education for school going children. It got reduced to more than 50% of last data of not going school children in bihar.

    Rewa di, you know, all crdit goes to late Sri Madan Mohan Jha,Commissioner-Cum-Secretary,
    Higher Education Department,Bihar, Patna.

    He filled all the vacant seat of middle and high school teachers in merit basis in bihar. A full campaign has been done for teacher recruitment.

    He was passes away just few month back.Its Mr. Nitish kumar, chief minister of bihar, who gave him this golden oppurtunity.

    Today he is not among us, but his deeds brought up bihar till here.

    A tribute to him.

    Jai Hind

  24. rohit said

    well rewa/ami
    yeh jaanker acha laga ki akhir kuch bihar me hua to….ab yeh to bihar me rahne walo, or hum jase bahara janmene walo per hai ki kis tahra se ek acchi suruaat ko aanjam tak pahuchate hia.

    THANKS for telling us abt Madan Mohan Jha,-perhaps a silent warrior who did his best..like sardar patel, who passes away just after his work completed..may be god too send him for thhis spl work, silent warrior ko mere shardanjali…


  25. Hi Friends,

    The kind of happiness that only comes from love. Your each words made my B’day perfect beautful and great as it’s containing lots of affection. Thanks a lot to everyone who wished me!

    Also, I would like to thank you very much for your kind words and contributions to this blog! Everyone, thank you for your responses, great comments, and wonderful lovely words on my blog and I mean it!

    Thanks a lot!

  26. और अंत में कुछ पंक्तियाँ याद आ गयी उसे आप सबके लिए यहाँ डाल रही हूँ. कवि “शिवमंगल सिंह सुमन” जी की है और कविता का शीर्षक है ‘आभार’! आज दिल बस इतना ही कह रहा है, आशा है आप सबों को अच्छा लगे!


    जिस जिससे पथ पर स्नेह मिला
    उस उस राही को धन्यवाद ।

    जीवन अस्थिर अनजाने ही
    हो जाता पथ पर मेल कहीं
    सीमित पग-डग, लम्बी मंज़िल
    तय कर लेना कुछ खेल नहीं

    दाएँ-बाएँ सुख-दुख चलते
    सम्मुख चलता पथ का प्रमाद
    जिस जिससे पथ पर स्नेह मिला
    उस उस राही को धन्यवाद ।

    साँसों पर अवलम्बित काया
    जब चलते-चलते चूर हुई
    दो स्नेह-शब्द मिल गए, मिली
    नव स्फूर्ति थकावट दूर हुई

    पथ के पहचाने छूट गए
    पर साथ-साथ चल रही याद
    जिस जिससे पथ पर स्नेह मिला
    उस उस राही को धन्यवाद ।

    जो साथ न मेरा दे पाए
    उनसे कब सूनी हुई डगर
    मैं भी न चलूँ यदि तो भी क्या
    राही मर लेकिन राह अमर

    इस पथ पर वे ही चलते हैं
    जो चलने का पा गए स्वाद
    जिस जिससे पथ पर स्नेह मिला
    उस उस राही को धन्यवाद ।

    कैसे चल पाता यदि न मिला
    होता मुझको आकुल-अन्तर
    कैसे चल पाता यदि मिलते
    चिर-तृप्ति अमरता-पूर्ण प्रहर

    आभारी हूँ मैं उन सबका
    दे गए व्यथा का जो प्रसाद
    जिस जिससे पथ पर स्नेह मिला
    उस उस राही को धन्यवाद!

    Once again thanks a lot!

  27. abhayart said

    Dear Rewa jee. .

    Really appreciale words you said. . No one is perfect. . . When i went to my home. . Met Dr.Cap.S.R.Jha,72 yrs. old , the chairman of I.M.A. ,Araria. . He nicely invited me in his nursigog home and said “When ever you come home,come to my clinic. . Something i will teach you something you teach me. . “really he impressed me. .

    Ya one thing i would like to modify in your article. . Sorry to say. . The average life span in our country has increased and presently. . 62.2 yrs.(Male ), 64 yrs. (female ) . . .

    Dr. Abhay

  28. @Abhay, Thank you for correction. I was about to correct it as my friend Roushan told me same thing yesterday. But, bhul gayi thee correct karna…Anyway, achha hai tab to abhi main aadhe age tak bhi nahi pahunch pai hun. 🙂


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