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‘श्रीमान’-Try to digest it!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 19, 2008

आजकल हिन्दी ब्लॉग्स पर वुमेन को लेकर कुछ बड़े बुजुर्गों के दिमाग़ ज़्यादा चलने लगा है. कुछ तो 45-55 एज के हें, और कुछ इसे भी पार कर चुके हें. शुक्र है कि इन्हें 21वीं सदी में जीने का मौका मिला है. लेकिन, अफ़सोस यह तो 21वीं सदी में जीकर भी ऐसा लग रहा है की पाँच सदी पीछे चल रहे हें. शायद ज़िंदगी के इस मोड़ पर अब उनके पास अच्छा सोचने के लिए कुछ बचा नही है, इसलिए सब वुमेन को गालियाँ पर गालियाँ दे रहे हें. दिए जाओ दिए जाओ, भगवान जी भी देख रहे हैं!!! 
Anyway the thing is, Rachna ji asked me to read a post on a blog called Nari. There I found some more links of few blogs and I read the views of those ‘bloggers‘ about women written in hindi. This post (reply) is for them.

Dear bloggers, the people among you who write such bad words about women in beautiful hindi, how can you write like that? You might be thinking that you have written very well, but it’s worst. How can you use such bad words for the working women? I suppose you don’t have relative girls working in metro-cities that’s why you use bad language.

Though I am not working in Mumbai, but being a girl, would like to ask you that if your sister or daughter works in Mumbai, would you call her an ‘alpha girl’? No, not at all! Anyway, it’s not your fault but probably you are not able to tolerate the success of women and you just feel jealous!!

You must come out of the narrown circle of the small pond of vision in which you are trying to jump helplessly! Before writing a post you have to think in a mature way, and perhaps you need to wash out your mind else you will always remain behind.

Last but not the least, I would say that instead of writing some bad words write something good so that we young age girls and guys learn something from you elders.


35 Responses to “‘श्रीमान’-Try to digest it!”

  1. Adi said

    I had read these posts yesterday only…
    I was surprised that such a senior person can write these comment…. These comments might be right to some extent. But why “woman are blamed” of doing same / similar thing and “men are not” ?
    I just gone thru same write and found this;

    “एक समय ऐसा था, जब भारतीय नारी की छवि ही कुछ अलग थी। वह जिससे प्रेम करती, उसी के साथ षादी करती और उस पर अपना सर्वस्व न्योछावर करती।”

    Wow what a great statement… but for how many percentage of population it is valid… How many parents let their daughter to marry a man of his choice.. (I hope it’s less than 1% or even less).. Girls are asked to marry a man of her parent’s choice.
    Do writer have any data to support the above statement…….?


    “Aaj ki so called ALFA WOMAN agar “man dance” (I hope all will understand and not using unparliamentarily word here) dekhne jati hein to hum use ALFA WOMAN bolte hein. AUR ek wo insaan jo apsarao ko darbar me nachate the hum unhe Bhgawan Bolte hein (I am sorry to write this sentence, My apology to INDRADEO).

    It’s just our mind set or prejudice which need to be changed and let them live the small beautiful life which god has given to us in thier own way..
    Hope for Better Tomorrow…

  2. @Adi sir, Mind blowing…simply a great reply! Your wonderful words are worth appreciating. Aapke beautiful comment ne mere post ki garima badha di. Thank you! 🙂


  3. sambhavna saxena said

    achcha pakda haen is baar tumnae rewa

  4. Hello dear rewa di. . .
    Actually i cant read devnagiri script from my hand set. I have to connect with p.C.
    But as far the matter seems like. . Every body can do anything.In my all M.B.B.S session the top holder was a girl . We boys were always tried to defeat but failed. And now for post graduate exam she has shown her excellent result. Better than we boys. Then how will i not accept the fact. In my college my principle was a lady. She chanded the shape of the college and discipline. How can i ignore this ?Ye to chhote star ki bat hai. . .Ab nari abla nahi. . .

  5. Nidhi said

    Today’s young guys thinking level is much mature than few of old aged people.especially wen people r changing in old age dey get more frustrated.
    working woman ko ALFA WOMAN boltey hain our men ki koi galtiyan nai.kya bigara hai hamne inka.yesab kyon jatey hain aisi woman ke pas if dey r alpha women.its men of a certain age need a woman every next day our isme sabse jada 55-65 aged aatey hain.They r terrors that d women face every day.Thse men who hav learned frm somewhere that part of being a man is having control over women,but nw d result is nt wat dey expect.so dey write dis way.

    Every woman wants security, she wants a man who can meet her emotional need.

  6. Nidhi said

    nw in dis modern day wen women r competing wid men in business,in politics nd in every profession so dey r afraid.bt listen men (few bloggers),u dont need to give up all hope just yet.lets wait nd watch.

  7. Hussain said

    hm it’s all in once mind and the background they come frm. there is no difference in life style of a women n men these days.

    The limited horizon to behave like a civilized human still apply for both women n men.

    I agree that, men are quite open to broder horizone since ages but when it comes to women it is said she should’t cross laxman rekha 🙂 It’s all in our society. In my opinion, if women cross the horizone for the positive impact just like Dr. Abhay said as the lady principal changed the college scenario.
    but negative horizone like live-in-relationships, which is considered to b a aquired syndrome frm west 😉 which is a bothering fact, so only our senior citizens complain about present lot of lass.

    Agreed that the same negative horizone does’t apply to all but one has to learn to behold within laxman rekha either men or women equally 🙂

  8. lovelykumari said

    aapki achchi sonch hai, galiyan dene se kuchh nahi hoga, hum kuchh kar sakte hain,aur wah hai in logon ko bdlana.jo itna aasan nhi.par dekha jaye to muskil bhi nhi..


  9. sambhavna saxena said

    another anti gen next psot from him

  10. sambhavna saxena said

    another anti next gen post from him

  11. mamta said

    aree u guys dont worry he is not much more then a FRUSTATING BUDDHA UNCLE (soory to say but he is)

    koi nahi abhi m unko jara aaj ki generation se milwati hu…..

  12. I am 100% agree with you Rewa didi and Nidhi.These posts are nothing but their frustation.They might have followed a strict lifestyle or might not be able to digest that today the women have become so independent.they are competing with them and they are actually appearing better in some field.I saw an article that companies are preferring to hire women employee.

    As far as living relationship or having boyfriend is concerned, i think that nobody has the right to comment on it.these are all personal matter.

  13. Nidhi said

    hahaha mamta aapka post padhkar hasi aa rahi.

    exactly vijiya!! dey hav no license to comnt on personal matter.peple must learn d proverb ‘Live nd Let Others Live’.yelog ofic main bandisab ko dekhtey hain.ham kabi kuchh nai boltey.mediawaley too bandion ka photo dekhkey dirty comnt pass kartey hain.bus main jao too girls key sath gandi behave kartey hain.nd most of them r aged nd frustrated peple.

  14. Jitender Singh said

    “आजकल हिन्दी ब्लॉग्स पर वुमेन को लेकर कुछ बड़े बुजुर्गों के दिमाग़ ज़्यादा चलने लगा है. कुछ तो 50-60 एज के हें, और कुछ इसे भी पार कर चुके हें. शुक्र है कि इन्हें 21वीं सदी में जीने का मौका मिला है. लेकिन, अफ़सोस यह तो 21वीं सदी में जीकर भी ऐसा लग रहा है की पाँच सदी पीछे चल रहे हें. शायद ज़िंदगी के इस मोड़ पर अब उनके पास अच्छा सोचने के लिए कुछ बचा नही है, इसलिए सब वुमेन को गालियाँ पर गालियाँ दे रहे हें. दिए जाओ दिए जाओ, भगवान जी भी देख रहे हैं!!!”

    haha. waah yaar kya baat hai…..ye log kisi v sdi mein jiyen inke dimaag thikane lagane ke liye tum jaise logo ki sakht zarurat hai. Per apne hisab se ye v sahi hain kyon ki inke dimag ko budhape ke deemak ne khaa rakha hai ye kya kar sakte hain ? O buzurgo sudher jao are yaar kyon apne budhape ko badnam kar rahe ho ?

    budhe babua “old is gold” ki kahawat ko bachayen
    kehin hum log “old is sold” kahna na suru ho jayen!

    Jitender Singh

  15. Tanu Shree said

    Waah Di kya baat kahi hai….

    Dr. Mahesh Parimal ke liye ……

    its really shamefull to read such an article from anyone…. Its OK that u can write watever u do wish …bt there are some boundaries… mujhe to yahan kaafi badi negative thinking nazar aa rahi hai.. n above that “why is he just looking at one side of the coin ?” …why isnt he taking any example of a male…Just becoz He is a male… BRAVO!! 😉

    He must be proud of himself after writing this article .. but I feel that the title n the matter is not at all matching… agar topic yahi tha to title Alpha Women kyu nahi daal diyaa bhai? … ya ho sakta hai likhte likhte misguide ho gaye honge,,, 😉

    Really jahan hume samaj ki cheezon ko sudharne ka zimma lekar kuch acha kuch naya karna chahiye.. wahi kuch log aise bhi hain jo har cheez me buraii dhundh rahe hain… Amazing !!

    ye sahi hai kuch log hote hai aise jo nahi mante rishton ko ,shaadi ko ,par is context me aap saari working women ko gaali nahi de sakte… aur wo bhi sirf women ko kyu? bhai kya aapne jitne ladke dekhe sab dhudh ke dhule the kya???

    Kash aap samajh paate ki aaj ki women saari aisi nahi hoi … aur wo akel hi iski zimmedaar nahi hain……

  16. mehhekk said

    rews bahut hi achha post,with u dear:):)

  17. praveen kumar said

    “आजकल हिन्दी ब्लॉग्स पर वुमेन को लेकर कुछ बड़े बुजुर्गों के दिमाग़ ज़्यादा चलने लगा है. कुछ तो 50-60 एज के हें, और कुछ इसे भी पार कर चुके हें. शुक्र है कि इन्हें 21वीं सदी में जीने का मौका मिला है. लेकिन, अफ़सोस यह तो 21वीं सदी में जीकर भी ऐसा लग रहा है की पाँच सदी पीछे चल रहे हें. शायद ज़िंदगी के इस मोड़ पर अब उनके पास अच्छा सोचने के लिए कुछ बचा नही है, इसलिए सब वुमेन को गालियाँ पर गालियाँ दे रहे हें. दिए जाओ दिए जाओ, भगवान जी भी देख रहे हैं!!!”

    शुक्र है कि इन्हें 21वीं सदी में जीने का मौका मिला है…………
    it sounds very sarcastic ….. dont you think that………… you dont have any right to use succha caustic words for them…i appreciate your feelin abt the women n the various facets revolving around it …. this is the way in which the the old blokes have been tuned….and this societal tuning couldnt be retuned each and everytime……….furthermore i want to add that itz not their problem….it was the ala mode of their time……..instead of brickbatting upon the old blokes you all should target the ideas and thinking of young chaps … if you are able to change their thinking upon this issue than only you would be comfortable with the changes which you all are expecting in future……………. in todays era women is going hand in gloves with men ….rather say womens are doin better than men in some sectors as like IT and medicare… but instead of being a blind activist you should focus upon the synergie…The synergie of men and women…women alone or men alone can not achieve the ultimate goal of any nations ie the DEVELOPMENT.

    “BRA BURNING” CAN NEVER BE A SUSTAINABLE MODE OF DEVELOPMENT…it will end up with great and ad infinitum warfare of gender and equity…

  18. Jitender Singh said

    Dear Parveen

    Did you read her post carefully ? or you popped in just because you could not digest her clear views ? In her post, where did you find that she is only taking the side of women ? Infact she is taking the side of truth that you are not able to digest!

    शुक्र है कि इन्हें 21वीं सदी में जीने का मौका मिला है…very right because she has written it for those old people who object the success of women by merely blaming all of them on the basis of ‘few observations’! I will say she has written very less for such culprits and diplomats. We also have our grandparents but they never had such cheap feelings for the young generation. Infact if you can not move with the time, you should take a side ! Change is the law of nature and you need to withstand with it. Instead of appreciating the success of women these old bones start emphasizing to count their shortcomings! Yaa I am not denying that some women have gone in bad direction but then why to blame whole the women community ? How can you say that women working in the metro cities are not good ? This is ridiculous.

    You say “BRA BURNING” CAN NEVER BE A SUSTAINABLE MODE OF DEVELOPMENT…How dare you, how can you universalize such cheap thoughts? Remember your sisters and mother are also women ! Why don’t you say that our present PRESIDENT is a WOMEN ? This shows your bad attitude towards women, that forces you to count negatives more and forgetting about their big successes! Thats why she said “Shree maan try to digest it!” So better keep your frusatration aside and start appreciating the success of all !

    Good Luck
    Jitender Singh

  19. Anupam said

    though its totally aganist my nature to plunge into discussion but this time i guess i need to write not to buttress the author,but to clear up the matter which looks taken up by few male organs in an unseemingly way.

    no matter how much anyone wish to enevelope the fact of rising women n gals,its like a rainbow after every thunderstorm.it has to b.she has written the above stuff not to protect herself and those philistine gals.her words were 100% true. you cudnt reckon such a narky words from a old aged man.web is not to pan women or anyone.maturity doesnt come from age…and by puking that post that old man must have overted his stale thoughts in an unprecedented way.which wont b ever accountable to any NORMAL HUMAN BEING.EVEN TO ME,THOUGH I M 100% CONSERVATIVE WHEN IT COMES TO WOMAN.

  20. rachna said

    if you cant understand what woman retrogression is then dont try to show you do . for you feminism is womans body ie why you talk of issues that have no relevance to this post
    read hindi blogs and read them in depth
    on one the blogs its even written that independent working woman are sexual workers and nothing more
    and dont expect us to give you all the links and spoon feed you . scout around and see how ” woman bashing ” is a fashion statement these days .
    rewa is not here to change attitude her post is about sexual harasment on hindi blogs

  21. rachna said

    and rampant gender bais towards woman writers .

  22. Dear Mr. Praveen Kumar,

    According to you this post is written in a sarcastic way.I am really surprised to read your comments. If this is sarcastic, then which adjective would you use for the Maheshji’s post in which he has coined the term Alpha woman for carrer women. I cant even use the word sarcastic for this post. If Rewaji has not any right to comment on this post in this manner,then Mahesh Parimal ji has not any right to post such an article.

    And why does Mr. Parimal target women in most of his post. He keeps on writting on today’s women situtaion but why does not he gave some of his thoughts to the older situation of women.and why older situation,even today there are women in a worse situation than you can imagine. Not writting anything about these women and not a single post about any alpha man shows only his frustration towards the changing situation of Women.

    @The synergie of men and women…women alone or men alone can not achieve the ultimate goal of any nations ie the DEVELOPMENT.

    Of course it is true. But i think that each individual’s development is needed to develop the nation. Then why you are not able digest the success and development of women. So please, if you cannot digest it, please keep aside.


  23. Anupam said

    displaying bra or underwear strap halter tops these are not the things which we can expect from someone almost 30 years older than us.yes,if u write such things u must write good *things* at the same time.so the propaganda of ur blog would nt stroll in vain.

    either you have swallowed some lizards lying outside in the dustbin and that made u to fit on someone like “Rewa”.have some balance Sir!!!

  24. Ek Ajnabi said

    Kahna aap jaise logon ki soch open nahi hone ke karan hi aaj AIDS jaisi bimari saamne aa rahi hai jis se bachche se lekar buddhe sab lipat rahe hein bcos u people dont want to talk to us openly ! You highlight ‘BRA BURNING’ but why don’t you count ‘LAW HOLDING’ for the modern women. Needless to say you people feel jealous of the success of modern women. It is true that women alone can not develop the nation but then no woman is objecting this, they are only some BUDDHE-KHUUSAT like you who start doing leg-pulling:-not only by age in fact by thinking also. Are yaaro khaamian dhuundhne mein to sabse aage ho aap log, achaaian to dikhti hi nahi hai na ? Compare karo aaj ki naari aur aapke time ki naari. Aap kya chahte ho ki naari ab bhi aapki SLAVE bani rahe ? You might be crazy oldies, aap jaise logo ke liye Government ne tabhi alag se OLD-HOMES bana rakhe hain kyon ki aap log waqt ke saath nahi chalna chahte.

    Haan aisa nahi hai ki saare Bujurg bure hain. There are many respectable old-people who appreciate the success of women and help them come forward. Per yahaan baat aap jaise old logo ki ho rahi hai.

    Come on Buzurg ji, yong generation se haath mila lo agar apni bhalai chahte ho otherwise agar aapko 21vin sadi mein nahi rehna hai to hum kya kar sakte hain. Hum sirf aap ki lambi umar ki hi kaamne kar sakte hain……

    Jai siyaram.

    Ek Ajnabi

  25. praveen kumar said

    well……….Mr. Jitender thanx for succha prompt and polymathic reply.

    Answering to ur question i would like to clarify you that i read the post carefully ….n i popped in coz i found it to be interesting to me…


    But i think you have mistaken few of aforesaid words of mine…..
    Dont take it otherwise but your words offend my nostrils that you are no more a gender sesitized person…..you have gone beyond it from where the corridors of activism starts…..
    It may be salubrious to you but not for the rural development professionals as like me…..my views, ideas and the solution to these types of social and ethical problems are guided by the lodestar of my experience of the dynamic rural india. where gender issue plays a critical role.
    well…. I`m sorry if i hurt ur feelings but all these type of activism doesnt works in the hard core rural india where they nosedive and ultimately shatter in to pieces with nothing as a result.

    you may call it a passimistic but i found it to be a very rational approach to solve the problem where womens contribute 90% to the local economy of rural sector with their meager earning of only 9% of the total earning of the rural economy. In suchha situation you need to take the help of not only gender sensitized persons but you need to woo some orthodox persons too these persons may prove sometime too much beneficial to solve succha issue and hence i respect them too..another reason is that they prompt us to think upon these issues from the context by which no one dared to see before.

    sorry for steering the topic in to completely different horizon …. i m new to this blogging world n hence dont know the points of etiquette .. hence apologize if i m incompatible to this blog.

    last but not least

    i have got a good digestive system……ha h ahha h(just joking)

  26. Surabhi said


    You talk about ‘synergie’ at one hand, ‘bra-burning’ on the other and then u even possess the nerve of calling urself a ‘gender sensitive’ person..!! Clap clap clap..

    Where is your sensitivity and compassion and so called ‘rural development’ affinity when u use the phrase ‘bra-burning’ and generalize it openly?

    I am still yet to get your RAW point bcoz you say in rural India, gender issue is a problem and you show your concerns towards its resolution but at the same time, you dont cease to raise gross remarks about fellow women in the cities. Is it that you want to work for the upliftment of rural women at the cost of paraphrasing indignified comments on urban women..!?

    Way to go boy! I would say.. talk to these rural women who nurture a dream of giving their daughters the ability to make it big in the ‘City’ world just because they see a ray of hope of their liberation in their daughters getting educated and earning on their own. But there are few men who dont step back from stampeding their dreams by raising objectionable questions on everything women do.

    FYI – I hail from a north Indian village. Studied in a city, worked in a metropolitan city and now again studying in a European country and again going to get married in a rural family. I dont think how you can categorize people from rural or urban India and then talk about upliftment of one section & eradication of the other.

  27. Tanu Shree said

    Well Mr Praveen Kumar ji …

    As u said:
    “i have got a good digestive system……ha h ahha”
    I really Dont Think ur these lines are true… n yaa u r right that u r joking here ….

    “”शुक्र है कि इन्हें 21वीं सदी में जीने का मौका मिला है…………
    it sounds very sarcastic ….. dont you think that………… you dont have any right to use succha caustic words for them…””

    Praveen ji if this is called sarcastic then please go thru the post by Dr. Mahesh Parimal once again ..u ll get some very interesting words there decorated very well for today’s women .. Now tell me…Do you think He has got all the rights to say such words for women..

    Old people have their own thoughts n idea of living but that doesnt mean that they are gonna point out various innocent things too…. If sm thing is wrong according to them then they must first think frm the either side …being Buzurg … they must put up sm high bookmarks so that younger generation can grasp up sm knowledge frm their thoughts …n they(youngsters) can apply them in their lives… Not by moving up in a totally wrong direction n then proving urself right !! how’s this gonna work out ??

    N sm of ur words here are just SUPERB ..crossing all the limits of respect that one should have fr a Woman … Mindblowing … Why havent u answered n clarified for using that beautiful word which i even dont want to repeat here ….

    Ur second comment is going in a total different direction n I wud not like to write anything about it … but I would like to add here that Its really hard to believe that u r a social worker… Coz a social worker is always moving in a new n brighter direction …

    Think again !!


  28. Nidhi said

    Shreeman Praveenji

    ‘furthermore i want to add that itz not their problem….it was the ala mode of their time- wat time?’

    Time ke sath chalna seekho nai too kal apka pota v aise hi kahega apko.lantern ka jmana nai hai tubelight jalao.

    ‘instead of being a blind activist you should focus upon the synergie’

    jao dr.parimal mahashay ke dimag main yah bat dalo.patrakaar ka role neebha rahe hain our nam kmane key liye betuki baaten woman par likh rahe hain.

    ‘in todays era women is going hand in gloves with men ….rather say womens are doin better than men in some sectors as like IT and medicare’

    shreeman parimalji ko yahi batwa to hazm nai ho raha hai.


    My reaction to dis is dat most frustrated men will end up dis way. likhne se pahle sochtey kyon nai? apne Dr. parmilaji sey yasab sikha kya?v r nt feminists nd antimen.Peple like u viewed feminists as bra-burning man-eaters wich is nt rt.many young women today r afraid to use d term u used.ap jaise ati gyanvan log vatavaran ko dushit kar rahe hain.ur mind is filled wid too too much carbondioxide. washout it man.

  29. Dear Parveen

    The way you have replied in no sense shows that you are/were a social worker at all ! I doubt whether you stcik to your words because your last and this post convey entirely different meanings. This shows how loosly you write and you have no control on your words, whatever you think, without giving a single thought you just start writing like kids do often. Anyways my aim is not to point your shortcomings, let me come to the point.

    She has written the post specially regarding the women working in metro cities, not in rural area (because the oldies like you have problem with those successful women)! Doesn’t this show that you do not read posts carefully ! And mind you, INDIA is not rural as a whole, visit some fully developed areas in INDIA and you will realize.

    You didn’t hurt my feelings because you could not even touch them. Yaa I am happy to know that you at least say “I AM NEVER EVER AGAINST ANY WOMEN”, though it doesnot seem to be compatible with your real thoughts.

    Finally, you say “i have got a good digestive system……ha h ahha h(just joking)” yes this statement of yours is correct, I agree that you are really joking here !

    Try discussing properly, I am always there to reply, but if you keep on writing self contradictory posts, no body will be able to care.

    Good Luck
    Jitender Singh

  30. Tanu Shree said

    @Nidhi ….

    Love u yaar kya kaha hai…. maza aa gaya ….

    Ab to khulengi kuch logon ki band aankhen jinhe wo band karke sochte hai sab kuch sahi hai ….. par sach kuch aur hi hota hai…. So Mr. Praveen ji n DR. Parimal jee ..savera ho chuka hai…Jagne ka time aa gaya hai … Ting Tong !!! 😉 🙂


  31. @ Nidhi….
    danke ki chot di hai aapne. mazaa aa gaya padh ke. Har baat ek damm sahi aur suujh buujh se likhi hai aapne. simply gr8 n very true.

    @ Tanu
    hmmm chhutki tin-tong nahi…aise logo ko to bahut bada bhompuuu chahiye jagaane ke liye. Coz they don’t want to hange their vision! They are happy like frogs jumping within a pond.

  32. Nidhi said

    Dear Tanu nd jitender, THANKS A TON!!!!!

    main v hindi bloggers ke kuchh blogs padhi thee.yelog woman ko bhaddi galiyan likhtey hain.itni v akal nai hai our blog likhne nikle hain.kal inke bete betiyan padhengey too kya sochengey.yesab dusron key ma,bahan, bibi,betiyon ko galiyan dey rahey hain.khud key gher main nahi jhaktey.insabko yah v nai maloom ki insabko janm dene wali v woman hain ham jinki puja kartey hain.ma ke pet sey janm lete hain our maa ko galiyan dete hain.aison ko too narak main v jgah nahi milega.yumraaj wahan sey v galiya dekar bhaga denge.

  33. rachna said

    मानस पुत्रियाँ मानस मातायें …….. एक रिले रेस
    great going young ones , your rewa di is on this link and i appreciate your being so vocal and you are all 100 % correct

  34. gr8 Rachna ji….

    Keep on contributing….
    I am sharing a part of a devine mantra wid you all which I always kept secret:


    Jitender Singh

  35. drakyadav said

    मैम बात तो सही हैं पर आजकल बुजुर्ग लोग शायद अपने दायरे सेउपर नही उठ पायें हैं |मनुष्य की सीमा वाही हैं जों उसके कल्पना के उड़ान की सीमा हैं|आपका अजय

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