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Trust – makes and breaks U!-2

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 15, 2008

I think I am trying to be mature in terms of dealing with world’s toughest topic; “TRUST”.

Well, as I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts “Trust- makes and breaks U!-1” that I will continue with this topic, I have come up with some more thoughts.

I feel these days many relations miss the trust. Sometimes you spend whole life with someone and still don’t find trustworthy. Sometimes few moments are enough to get trust on somebody, but what matters? This should be maintained till the end of life which is quite difficult in many cases. If truth to be told then cheating, breaking trust, promise, marriage etc fact become common in culture these days. Moreover, I guess these things surprisingly happen in the society in between the well civilized people! It can hamper the relationship, which can be otherwise be very good relations in the society and surrounding. Why just for the self desire or profit people are breaking the trust? We all know that we can not make our life happy without others (in any relationships) but still we do same mistakes. Why so? Probably our mind and soul have no co-ordination.

Be trustful, but never expect it from others. We make family and one must trust each other in the family. A family means love must be there, feelings must be there, sharing thoughts with others must exist. Last but not least, I feel trust is the backbone of every family. Why trust is becoming weaker day by day and making headlines in newspapers?? If I think deeply about it, I get confused about the life. What is the correct way to live life happily ? Is there any trusted rule about how to live a life….?



21 Responses to “Trust – makes and breaks U!-2”

  1. Surabhi said

    Dear Rewa..

    Nice post! I cant really answer the qns you have asked bcoz these qns evade me as well.. but I would like to add another dimension to your post.

    Trust can be built. I think, trust is a man made thing. You can build it on others and can make others trust you too.

    My personal view is that in order to build trust in any kind of relationship, be it spouse, frnds, employee-employer or any other relationship, pple have to honest with each other. and to be honest to others, we must be honest to ourselves first. I guess, this is where the problem lies. With cobwebs of millions of things around, we get confused as individuals and thus dont stay honest with ourselevs.

    abhi itna hi.. rest later.. lemme finish my assignment.. 😉 he he he

    C ya

  2. Nice Post.

    Yes, trust is required. But now a days you know – people are full of choices. Full of options. You have lots and lots of options. If one is unable to make relationship with one person he looks of another. If not you then someone else. That’s what it has become. Earlier people do not used to have choices. They had only one choice. So, maintaining trust was easier. Because, you don’t have any other option on which basis you would break trust. Now, now people has lots of options. So, they are not bother about long term trust with particular person. Because, they know even if I break the trust I still have other option at my disposal.

    For example, if someone has a breakup with someone, doesn’t matter go ahead there must be someone waiting for you. If not you then your friend. And if not your friend then your friend’s friend or some third stranger. That’s how it has beocme today. I have doubt if our generation can generate couples better or even equal to our previous generation. That is our parent’s generation.

    Most probably, you won’t be as good couple as your parents are. If you want to be happy in your life reduce the choices and options.

  3. EK Ajnabi said

    “Trust”-makes & breaks U!…..exactly trust is the base of every relationship and more importantly it plays the central role in the special relation of couples. Before I say something on “this”, I would like to review some aspects about origin of the trust. Trust is a feeling that never allows you to ask! It naturally happens that we start trusting; sometimes perhaps more when we like the actions of whom we start believing. Similarly, if we do not like the action of someone, we start losing our trust somewhere in our heart n mind. This shows that ‘our observable actions’ are solely responsible for making and breaking of trust!

    We know that whenever trust breaks, it hurts most. Why does it happen ? Just because whenever we trust, we predecide all the actions of the related person in our heart and when it doesn’t go that way, our heart feels it much difficult to change the presumed action-images (its a special property of our heart). Ultimately it results in pain!

    Once we know the cause of the pain we have to our credit because of the trust breaking, we can try to heal a little via trying to convince our heart! Remember guys ‘straight trees are cut first’, so try not to be so innocent and honest that people make your fool by winning your trust and then giving you pain in return after breaking your trust. But even if you try to take pecautions, it doesn’t work so try to develop your will power so that you may be able to get ready to face any bad situation arising from the trust breaking.

    Finally, why the topic on “trust” is so difficult or toughest ? Certainly due to the fact that, it is not in our hands whom to trust on but we suddenly start trusting! More or less it is like an equally sounding notion of “Love”! I guess these two feelings are related to each other in some sense. anyways I feel I should stop here.

    Keep Smiling Always

    Ek Ajnabi

  4. i like your every creation , but what i feel during reading this article that i am reading a “updesh”. In reality it doesn`t touch my core of heart. i expect more from you.
    best of luck di.

  5. Aditya said

    I have tried to define trust (based of some studies)….Pls follow the link..

    One of the main component of any relationship is trust… if trust somebody ……. you we be more open and feel more comfortable with him or her… otherwise that relationship will be only a formality of social boundage.
    Even in family … ofcourse we trust each other …… TRUST is the main component which keep our family together … the day we strated loosing trust on other member ….. means family will start fragmenting….

  6. Nishath said

    one keep trust with another then he/she has to be trust with us. trust makes and breaks our life. without trusting with another we can not continue our relationships.eg.friendship between me and rewa, she trust me and i trust her so our relatioonship is predictable, if trust not between us this relationship will not continue.

    Trust which show us our life and death so trust makes and breaks our life.

  7. mehek said

    very true said,if we r faithful or trustyworthy to other people,we will also get trust from them,dhoka bahut kum milega.chahe do insano mein kitna bhi gehra rishta ho,vishwas ke bina sab adhura hai.

  8. Nidhi said

    It hard to trust.Trust influences hw d relation wil evolve as well as that d relation influences hw trust evolves over time.Of course the choices is urs whether u make it or break it. Dont take for granted that d peple who r working ‘with’ u r doing de rt thing.Trust but verify. Be careful wat v say especially d promises v make.thats all for now.

  9. Anupam said

    when u have self belief in yourself,u cant look for solutions in someone or something outside your own self.instead u keep trusting on ur own.and later gradually that unbreakable trust shows u solution which will take u to the top of any summit personal or professional,not a question!

  10. Jitender Singh said

    well such topics have been of interest knowingly or unknowingly in our life. Whenever trust is there, there are the blossoms of some relations. If trust is lost, everything is perhaps lost! So always try to be trustworthy.

    Swami Vivekananda, once said (I modify it a little), “If money is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; but if trust/character is lost, everything is lost.”

    Jitender Singh

  11. @Jitender, you have written “but if trust/character is lost, everything is lost”

    Wait…Tell me what do you mean by character here? They are two different thing. You can not write oblique here. This particular quotation is for character word only.

    One thief, lier can have a loose character and this character is a personal trait.

    But, Trust is something which exist between different individual!

  12. Jitender Singh said

    hmmm u r absolutely correct but what I mean to say is this:

    but if trust is lost, everything is lost..!….means …’Trust’ n ‘character’ they are different entities but their effect as a whole is always the same!

    Jitender Singh

  13. Tanu Shree said

    Ya its very true that Trust is loosing its identity these days… and people every where are just using up others n moving on…. why so?

    “Why just for the self desire or profit people are breaking the trust? We all know that we can not make our life happy without others (in any relationships) but still we do same mistakes. Why so? Probably our mind and soul have no co-ordination.”

    We must think on this fact … n this may change the thinking of such people !

    Trust developes wen poeple respect n love frm the core.. if u do u ll trust him/her urself!!


  14. ’Trust’ n ‘character’ they are different entities but their effect as a whole is always the same!

    @Jitender, hmmm….I think, both are different things and their effects are also different. ‘Chracter’ is changing and it’s all about individuality so mostly seen it harm at personal level. Also, one can always try to improve it.

    But when one break the trust, there are always other person suffer. You can never retain the same.

    I think ‘Trust’ is first play to produce the character. Trust is the importance of preserving the character. All expect a trust-worthy character in life. However, it is clear that a Trust play a wider role in everybody’s life.

  15. Prem Piyush said

    A good post on trust. I wish to put a quote here :

    Never break four things in your life; Trust, promise, relation & heart because when they break they don’t make noise but pains a lot….

    – Chales.

  16. Abhiraj said

    There invariably involves two entities while we talk about trust – one who trusts someone(be it family, individual etc.) and the one who gets trusted. Our control is on ourselves and not on whom we trust. I belive, one’s integrity and ethics have larger role to play, choices will always be there in life and so confusion, however, ultimately it’s the strength of ones value system and corresponding integrity and ethics that may decide whether the entity whom we have trusted will be for life-long or til the time when “means” are getting satisfied. Wish we had an “utopian” world!

  17. “Trust should be like the feeling of a one year old baby when you throw him in the air; he laughs…because he knows you will catch him…”

  18. nidhi said

    its truth that trust builds up on its own invisible but jus the one which can be felt…its take time to build trust someone but it may take a sec. to break the trust.and when someone trust breaks its the most painfull moment becoz in our heart strikes a question are people worthwhile to be trusted when the other doesn care to break the trust?

  19. rishibala said

    “Be trustful, but never expect it from others.” this is wat is happening wid me. my frnds share most of their secrets or anything personal wid me just bcoz i dont leak their informations. they hv this much of trust on me that wat they share wid me vl not be told to a third person.
    i m trustful indeed.
    bt wenevr i trusted them i was at loss
    i never got a reliable frnd. nd now i really dont trust them.
    trust is really becoming weaker day by day.

  20. concetta said

    nice blog

  21. Rahul Albela said

    smritiyon aur bhavanaon ka jaal ek sahaj bandhan hota hai , ye umeed yani ki expectation jagata hai aur ek samanya manav hone ki wajah enmae uljh jana bhi swabhvik hai but… hai to ye ek bharm matr.
    jivan ek virtual reality hai jise samjhne k liye apni chetna ko thoda jagana hota hai,, apne aap ko pehchaanana hoga…
    best tarika hai kuch bhi karte rahea aur samast sansaarik chizo ko ek ya dusri ghatna maankar aansakt bhav se jivan jite rahea… jo bhi use nirpeksh dhang se swikarne ki kosish karea..
    bus aur kya

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