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Behind every unsuccessful woman!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on March 30, 2008

A few days back I was going through an article of a magazine. The title of the article was “Behind every unsuccessful man there is a woman.” I  couldn’t stop my laughter after reading this line. What I feel is this: according to the author, woman is totally responsible for the failure of a man!

Till now I have read everywhere the saying of a philosopher: “Behind every successful man there is a woman” and I also believe this. To add the fact here, I think “Behind every successful woman, there is a man” and it to be just as true vice-versa, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that “behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!”


47 Responses to “Behind every unsuccessful woman!”

  1. shweta said

    actually there must b some confusion…………..behind every successful man, there is a women nd behind unsuccessful one,there are two women…….aab bhai jab aise confusion me rahenge to marenge hi ye log

  2. Jitender Singh said

    “behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!”
    Seems to be quite appealing in this male dominated society. It is a matter of fact that directly or indirectly, women are the sufferers. Good effort by the author to convey a strong message via her little stylish words. I hope some fruitful discussion over this topic.


    Jitender Singh

  3. Anupam Jha said

    jab itne saare men ke hote bhi koi woman unsuccessful ho jaye toh kismat hee footi ho uski.waise ye topic kaafi mazedaar hai.soch na parega in future!!

  4. shweta said

    The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things.
    – Jilly Cooper

  5. Tanu Shree said

    “Behind every unsuccessful man there is a woman.” Daring lines ..hahhahaaha… I am very sure that author will now be suffering …cz of sm women assosiation 😛

    n I totally agree frm ur both points…BOTH VICE VERSA POINTS..
    n obviously the last one is very true frm various aspects…..

    Great job Di….
    Keep on going…

  6. Shubh said

    There won’t be any outcome of this topic. One single person cannot be entirely responsible for anyone’s success or failure.

    What I think is person himself/herself is mostly responsible for his/her success/failure.

  7. rohit said

    well rewa.
    comment to baad me, aadmi domestic animal hai, aaadmi na ho gaya dear dog ho gaya, trained karo …wah wah kia baat hia

  8. - amit said

    No Doubt, the role of a woman in every man’s life is very very important. And so a big credit goes to her when a man become successful or fails. Its like a role of a teacher, though its student who succeed or fails, but a lot depends on teacher.
    I seriously, do not think that one fails while other pass. They either both fail or both pass in life. Just like a teacher and student.
    I think the topic should be stated clearly, if we are discussing about “Behind every unsuccessful man, there is woman” and visa versa. This is simply wrong. No one can defend it. Its quite possible that one notices one or two cases like that, but can’t generalize.

  9. Durlabh Darshan said

    wah wah ji wah wah
    kya gal hai..
    but ek bat kahni thi
    Ye kaun kiske wazah se successfull ya unsuccessfull hai ye to mai nahi bata sakta..
    but itna jarur pata hai ki agar dono me se koi ek
    na rahe..
    to ye successfull unsuccessfull ka matlab hi khatam ho jayega..
    kya karna phir success ka, hai na..

    But ye baat bhi solah aane durust hai 😛 padhiye..

    Man discovered weapons, invented hunting.
    Woman discovered hunting, invented furs.

    Man discovered colors, invented painting.
    Woman discovered painting, invented make-up .

    Man discovered speech, invented conversation.
    Woman discovered conversation, invented gossip .

    Man discovered agriculture, invented food
    Woman discovered food, invented diet.

    Man discovered friendship, invented love.
    Woman discovered love, invented marriage .

    Man discovered trade, invented money.
    Woman discovered money, man has never recovered 😛

  10. manishikha said

    wow..so nice of u di…to get us on these interesting topic…
    well….success depends on the mental statge where the happiness begins and a successful woman at that stage can’t be happy seein back all her counterpart part is still unhappy.so that only one woman at that stage is behind the success the other who where behind her.and again the behind the women…n the cycle goes on….

  11. Durlabh Darshan said

    aap bilkul sach bol rahi ho..
    magar mai ab tak dukhi hu 😛
    mazak kar raha hu 😛 😛

  12. Tanu Shree said

    Very funny Mr Durlabh Darshan 😛 ,

    @ Rewa di its really true that looking frm both the sides we do find ppl of both kind here ….and it totally depend on us which way we choose n think!!

  13. Ek Ajnabi said

    “Behind every successful woman, there is a man” and it to be just as true vice-versa

    han bilkul sahi kaha hai lekhika ne it is both way true.

    Durlabh Darshan ko Ek Ajnabi ka Hello lekin yaa aap yeh name change karo yaa apne Darshan Durlabh karo coz aise lagta hai sabse jyada darshan aap hi de rahe hain hehehe

    Ek Ajnabi ..

  14. ila said

    Rewa,though u r rite in saying that behind every unsucessful woman, there are many men.But we must not forget that aurat hi aurat ki sabse badi dushman hoti hai.

  15. shweta said

    bhai log……aab jara ye samjhao ki itna bawal kyun…….aab kiske pichhe kaun to ek bahas hai vaisi hi jaise pahle murgi hui ya anda……….aji dono ek dusre ke purak hi to hain na…….aab isme kahe itna hungama …….

    @rohit ji–aab sir ji quote kiya tha maine to bas aab jilly cooper bhai sahab ka khayal hai aisa mera nahi……. 😛
    thread achcha hai…..responses bhi mast aa rahe hain……keep the gud wrk going rewa di……..mast hai ji….

  16. Durlabh Darshan said

    Ajnabhi bhai aapko bhi Darshan ji ka namaska..ra
    aiasa hai ki aap jaise bhai bandhu ki wazah se mujhe apna naam daalne me bahut sankoch ho raha tha..
    waise mera naam Darshan hai ji..
    aur durlabh to aise hai jaise rewa ke baad “smriti”
    jitendar ke bad “shera”
    Ila ke bad “aruna”
    Tanu ke baad “shree”
    ya Ajnabi ke pahle “Ek”
    Ab mere naam ke ke pahle Durlabh jinhone bhi lagaya, sochate hai ki mai Durlabh hu..Jaise Kohinoor.. 😛
    Ab ye to Aapne decide karna hai ki we sahi hai ya galat 🙂

  17. rohit said

    kavita sari pad li hai, kafi acha likhti ho….har bhawana ko sabdh dena janti ho, simple words me sab kahna easy nahi hota, per tumhari koshish kafi acchi hai

    dono ak hi raath ki tyre hai..yaar sahi me bawal kiyon? waise bhi har ke behind me koi na koi to hota hi hai,,,,,

  18. Nidhi said

    “behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!”

    Seriously i m not surprised by the statement because it is a bitter truth.the meaning behind that failure has remained largely hidden. Does anyone see the failure in this logic?

    of course u wil realize it. nd it is the failure of men, a family, a country and the failure of system.

  19. Ek Ajnabi said

    Lot of people discussing dis topic hmmmm bahut acha hai per thora seriously discuss karen to bahut acha hoga taki kuch inferences b nikali ja ske hai ki nahi?

    Hi Durlabh(Kohinoor) Darshan ji
    ye bhi sahi kahi apne hum to yahi chahenge ki apke darsan kabi b durlab na ho so keep on pouring your words here

    Ek Ajnabi

  20. Tanu Shree said

    Hmmmm Mr.Durlabh Darshan ji…. Aap to yaha ka main attraction ban gaye hai….almost every one is first replying you… 😉

    Koi nahi keep the spirit up… aise hi Darshan dete rahe to aapka naam bhi jald hi badal jayega…. 😛 , Mr. Kohinoor!!

  21. visarpi said

    ummmmmm………….main rath ka nahi……ferrari ka tyre hun…… 😛


  22. Hmmm….I wonder if anyone actually read my post properly! There is no point of agree or disagree with the title, topic or my views, because whatever I thought I have written! 🙂

    Dear readers, why are you getting confused? I think you all didn’t get my point. Please read my statement properly. I have written ‘Behind every successful woman, there is a man” and “behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!”

    Did I anywhere mention that women are not responsible for that? Then itna bawal kyun doston? Waise bhi kitni woman hongi jinki counting failure mein hogi and is there anywhere mentioned the name of failure women? I think no where, because from the dominant ideology, it is the men who are the most powerful!

    Waise brain per itna pressure na dale aur thoda kam sochen….warna ek din mere post ke karan kisi ka brain hemorrhage ya heart attack na ho jaye or fir sara paap mere matthe lagega! 😉

    Aur Rohitji, aap gali kyun use kar rahe ho? Insan to bhagwan ka roop hota hai, kuch jyada to nahi kah diya… 😛

    Nice to read all views here and thank you very much for putting your comments. 🙂


  23. mayz said

    i was searchin for d meanin for “rewa” when i landed here…nice blog n really nice name!!!

  24. Durlabh Darshan said

    Ajnabi bhai aur Tannuji ko Darshanji ka lakh lakh thank you 😛
    Hum to yahi kahenge ki aap to kamal ke jauhri hai.. heere to yaha har kadam mil jayenge… Apke tarah parkhi bahut kam milte haiji 😛 aji ye sach hai bilkul..

    Rewaji aap likhti to bahut kamal ki hai ekadam se..
    lekin kya hai na ki..
    bura mat maniyega 🙂 Himmatwala hu isliye kah raha hu
    Kabhi kabhi apne shabdo ko khud hi hajam kar jaati hai.. ha ji ye bhi sach hai bilkul..
    Aapne jo ye likha hai na.. ki
    “behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!” bus
    isme “& women” add kar dijiye last me.. sabki tasalli bhi ho jawegi..
    aur sach hi to hai.. Akela chana kya bhar phodega 😛 hai na
    Ab jo ye samaj hai, itna male dominant to raha nahi ki sab success unsuccess ke liye men hi jimmedar ho jawe akele akele..
    Nari shakti ki apni mishale hai bhai 🙂 use hum kum karke to aank hi nahi sakte ekdam se.. 😛

  25. Durlabh Darshan said

    Ab rewaji aap dukhi mat ho jana..
    Agar kisi ne dil pe li to mera kaha sab galat, shuru se 😛
    wo to mai himmatwala tha isliye likh diya..

  26. Tanu Shree said

    Well I dont think Rewa Di has done something wrong if she has written her view on that particular Article….!!

    She has just said what she felt …I dont think there is something to discuss on her comment … And why would she change her view..she never refused to the fact that EVEN A WOMAN CAN BE BEHIND A WOMAN’S FAILURE …

    Yaar sab ka sochne aur kehne ka tarika hai… So just chill!! 🙂

  27. Nidhi said

    Why should there always be a woman behind every man’s unsuccess, why cant many men behind a woman’s unsuccess??Although wtever she has written is true nd fact bt none of you guys seem to be willing to accept this. Learn to accept it men.
    Why wud she change anything in her writeup? In india, women have been always educated saying that she has to obey the male in the family. So men always think they know best!

    Kooch add nahi karna apne article main.

  28. Amit said

    Hi Rewa

    I appreciate your thoughts on this because I think you tried to open men’s eyes. Your thought is absolutely right and worthful.There are guys EVERYWHERE with this issue.when men do not mind of saying ‘Behind every unsuccessful man, there is woman’ and visa versa, why must you women! keep it up.

  29. That was incomplete you wrote..
    behind this phrase..actually there are 2 more phrases hidden, so read all three phrases together..
    1. Behind everysuccessful man there is a womam,
    2. Behind every man there is a woman.
    3. And there are only very few successful men

  30. Durlabh Darshan said

    oji.. ee kya ho riya hai..
    manne socha blog me sab post isliye karte hai ki apne view pe dusro ka review le sake.. so maine bhi bas apna view diya..
    Ab agar sab kahte ho ki kisi ek ne apna view rakhna hai aur jisane agree hona hai usane reply karna hai ya kisi ne nahi karna hai….
    Thik hai phir to….
    Jai Jai Ramji ki.. 😛 Khuda hafiz

  31. Nidhi said

    @kavi Kulvant
    You also wrote incomplete. main complete one dalti hun-

    1. Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind every successful woman there is a man!!!
    2. Behind every man there is a woman and behind every woman there is a man!!!
    3. And there are only very few successful men and women!!!

    read now 😛

  32. @Shweta, yeh ferrai ki tyer kab change kiya tune? 😉

    @MR.DD, I wouldn’t edit and delete anything in my post! Got my point? I have heard the hindi saying “Akela chana bhand nahi phod sakta”, but this became old now and it can not fit everywhere. Aur haan yeh jankar kafi khushi hui ki aapko nari shakti ke baare mein kuch to maloom hai. Khuda hafiz.

    @Mayz, welcome to my blog and thank you for liking my name and blog. I just visited your blog too and liked it. keep visiting.

    @Tanu and Nidhi, thnx alot to both of you. Don’t worry, baddi baddi shahron mein choti choti baaten hoti rahti hai. love to read more from both of you dears.

    @कवि कुलवंत, welcome to my small place of blog world and shukriya for putting your views here.


  33. shweta said

    tyre nahi puri gaddi hi badal di hai 😛

  34. Tanu Shree said

    Dear Shweta… yaar kabhi hume bhi ride dena..apni gaddi me..wud love to go on a long drive …wat say n Rewa di saath me aap bhi chaliye..we gals will have fun ..waise bhi yaha to kaafi waddi waddi baatein ho rahi hai…thoda ghoom ke aate hai … Mood fresh hoga.. 😉

  35. shweta said

    ummmmm ……………khayal achcha hai………..jara dusre tyre se bhi puchh leti hun……..kya hai ki itni ladkiyan…….thoda consider karna padta hai na!!!!! 😛


  36. rohit said

    well rewa
    mene gali to nahi di…sawal hi nahi uthdta gali dene ka, tumhara blog best hai, akhir best hum logo ke remark se bhi to hota hai na, so hum gali kiyon de…..

    waish bhi me DARSHAN ki baat se sahmaat hu…..
    behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!” bus
    isme “& women” add kar dijiye last me.. sabki tasalli bhi ho jawegi…….

    topic mazedaar raha, kisio idhar heart attack nahi hone wala….fail or pass hona kuch kuch apne per bhi depend karta hai.


  37. Enough discussion went on the topic 🙂 Comments bigger than the little post 🙂

    Though its painful, when a woman is unsuccessful because of men. But no where you will hear many a woman made a man unsuccessful.

    women have been always supporting males to grow up, and reverse is not true always in the same manner.

  38. सारी बातें सही है जी, हर सफल स्त्री और पुरुष के पीछे तथा हर असफल स्त्री और पुरूष के पीछे एक दूसरे का हाथ होता है.. और किसी का तो होने से रहा।

  39. Vivekanand said

    Hi All,

    Success and Unsuccess no one can blame to others , its world culture when it comes to take credit they take ownselves, and when blame comes they search a weak shoulder, whomso ever it can be,

    Behind Every successful Person there is woman, becoz ‘Yatr nari Pujyate tatr Devata ramyante’ its totally good. and one thing i totally agree Girls are the most beautiful creature of nature so how can anyone blame them, girls are on the top because they always playe very character very justified where men cant whether mother sister , wife friend or lover.
    anyway but i would say in one sentence if Behind every successful women there is man then behind every nsuccessful women there are a dozen of men who has made their life that type,

    from the reserch desk

    Senior Consultant
    Economic & Rural Research
    Country Office
    New Delhi
    SAARC Region

  40. Kiran said

    I want to say, “Behind every crime woman commit there is many men.”

  41. Ranjeeta said

    Behind every successful woman there are generations of struggling women – Arundhati Roy.

  42. Vishal Prasun said

    “behind every unsuccessful woman there are many -many men…!”

    I couldn’t stop laughing for a while but this is truly amazing.

  43. PK said

    “Behind every successful man there is a woman”

    I don’t know whats behind but ahead are a lot of beautiful woman..

  44. Ruth said

    Behind every unsuccessful woman there are alot of men and women. Thats the fact.

  45. Satyajeet said

    FEW R NOT..

  46. MD Khan said

    Any one please give me reference from where you got this article. I am studying this issue and need to write reference.

  47. kai said

    Women are the ones being suppressed,tortured and taken advantage of,therefore the phrase “behind every unsuccessful woman there is a
    man” is absolutely true.

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