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Bihari or Indian…!!!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on February 5, 2008

Recently I was going through the Mumbai episode of Biharis and Marathis.

Well, I heard a lot about Bihar, the land of Lord Buddha and Biharis from many none Bihari people. Biharis are like this and Biharis are like that etc blah blah…..but could you tell me, “we Indians are like what??”

I guess, people who write about Bihar are similar to Angrez journalists who pass thoughtless comments on India and Indians without having an idea of appreciation and knowledge about people and social structure of Inida!

People deliberately ask, if you are so proud of your state, then, why don’t you guys develop it? Why Bihari prefer to migrate to other states? If they are so talented, why they are filling the streets of other states?

Now, the same I would like to ask everybody, if you are so proud of your country, then, why you guys don’t think of developing it. Why many Indians do prefer to migrate to other countries? If Indians are so talented, why they are filling the streets of other countries? Nevertheless, to add here, why Indians are missing their family just by living far from their birth land?

I think, one can get the answers why Biharis are living in other state by answering these Above Questions.

I am an Indian ‘girl of a gaon’ is the combo of Navodayan, JNUied, Katihari, Bihari. I am made up of ‘all’ these things and not just one of them, and these all things made me to “face the world”. Also, I am a proud of all these and I Proud of my roots as well. So I would like to be called as what I am! I am a proud of lots of things.

Further, when I commit some mistake or I am wrong, criticize me, blame me, punish me or tell me where I am wrong and why I am wrong. Never blame my whole or entire community for the mistakes I do or few of us are doing!

Anyway, I do not want to paint it with a rosy plus glorious color or craft a good diagram and make a beautiful painting of Bihar at all. Also, if I do not do so it doesn’t mean that I am trying to prove myself neutral.

At last I think, we are Indian like a river which is formed of many small rivers not like a small pond. We should avoid behaving like a fish of a pond and should learn to swim in big river. Remember that blame never changes the facts!

This article is just to encourage thinking and not to convince any one. Let’s remove the mind blockage and realise we are in 21st century. Criticism and Suggestions are invited.


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  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    Your point is correct.

    INDIANS angrezon ki gulaami bhule nehin abhi tak isiliye “division” point of view abhi bhi saath liye chlte hain … shame on the part of all those Indians who are still underdeveloped.

    Every Bihari is an INDIAN and we are proud to be INDIAN.


    Ek Ajnabi

  2. A current issue presented with a nice logic.

    More enclosed territory we do make for ourselves, scope of thinking becomes constricted – and that hampers the national progress. For the national progress, we must appreciate all the cultural and linguistic variations and foster brotherhood among ourselves.

    I do imagine sometimes, how nice it would have been, if we could rise up from the boundaries of states and nations too, making the world – one village.

  3. @Ek Ajnabi, you are right angrej chale gaye but angrejiyat nahi gayi….Truely saying we still are their gulam by our thoughts.

    @Prem sir, we can not change anyone and nor we would like to do so but one can change him/her self. The whole world is inside a glass box which is surrounded by glass wall. If people actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to them.


  4. Shubh said

    British did many harm to India. But they did many good things also. Unintentionally. Had there been no British advent in India, India would had been something like middle east – Iraq. English is the gift they gave which enables us to do international business so easily. If there were no British then we cant have people like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc. No Possibility. I am not favouring British. I am just saying another aspect.

    Image of Bihar is polluted by media. Bihar had apperantly no development in the last 15 years. But things are changing now… We were on the top. So, we will be on the top 🙂

  5. Shailesh said

    You are corrent from the point of view of an individual. One is normally proud of his roots but forced to migrate for good living. And that does not mean an individual should made to look down upon his roots.

    My problem is with the people who run the state. What are state rulers of UP and Bihar doing for last 15 years. Migrants should hold their rulers responsible to force them to migrate and then organize senseless rallies as show of strenght in outside states.

  6. Hi Shailesh, Thanks for your views and I welcome you to my blog.

    Shailesh, I do agree last 15 yrs there was no progress we could see. This is what the problem we all are having with people(rullers). However, I don’t blame them only…are you/we not responsible for that? We select them to rule the state or country, but in reality we are not using our right to vote. Tell me, how many of us are using our fundamental right and going to our own state to vote the right person? If we ask our heart truely, we will find that we too are responsible for same. If rulers (according to you those who run state) are doing some mistakes then why you/me/all are sleeping silently. If things are not correct then why one is standing in nonesense rallies? Nobody is forcing anybody to stand in rallies. Also The same situtaion exist in all most all states, not just in Bihar or UP.

    As Shubh mentioned above that Image of Bihar is polluted by media. And these mediawala just want to make things like ho halla hangama type. Unhe positive to pahle dikhta nahi hai so apna roji roti chalane ke liye duniya ke rangmanch per hangama khada karte rahte hen. In mediawalon ko mallika sherawat ke baare mein bolne bolo to ratbhar bhukhe pyase rahkar bhi bolte rahenge but wahin mahadevi verma ke baare mein bolne bolo to dhul chaatate nazar aayenge. Mediawalon, plz don’t mind it. 🙂

    But Shubh, I would again say that it is we the people who stay out of bihar (own state) pass or spread useless rumour about Bihar. Ishliye Hamsab Zimmedaar hen iske. This would imply to all…Actually this is what as they say “people having attitude problem”. And haan shubh, things are chaning and it will certainly change. 🙂


  7. mehhekk said

    hum khwabo ke duniya k niwasi hai,polotics not my cup of tea,but u hv presentated issue very nicely.

  8. LOL @ your comment on Media wale…

    Ask them – Who is Mallika Sherawat? – They will surely say – Are …Woh to sone ki Chiriya hai 🙂
    Ask them – Who is Mahadevi Verma ? – They may say – Are yaar, Yeh kaun si chiriya hai 😦

    Really the media – today “the fourth pillar of democracy needs more strength and dignity beyond commercial benefit, when they play a vital role to take up with current issues.

  9. satyajeet said

    Raj Thackerey is using Regionalism for cheap publicity as the senior Thakeray has done earlier and succeeded, in the same manner as Mr. Lalu prasad has used casteism in Bihar. Its true that these People are a real threat to the integrity of our nation.These kind of remarks for the cheap publicity are so winery that I not even noticed it untill the matter was highlighted.As far as people of Bihar are concerned, they don’t care if they are Bihari, Marathi, Tamil or aliens.They firmly believe in being a good citzen and are proud to be Indians.

    But Premji’s comment on media is baseless… Media publicises all the matters be it rape in delhi, crime in mumbai, kidney scam in UP or kidnaping in Bihar. Its just that Indians are more sensitive to word bihari (kyoki hum jaha bhi jaate hai apni amit chhap chhod jaate hai :)), may be because they are everywhere or literacy rate in Bihar is not as per with the nation.

    I don’t know, may be it is right, what I think is

    “Bihar is the place of budhha…
    Gautam budhha says that there is nothing like “mai”
    you can’t say it..
    Bcoz all together are one..inter related..in the same cosmos.. with each other..all are same.. you…me…
    deep in route Biharis are still leaving in cosmos.. so naturally that they don’t even realise it.. they never says mai….HUM.. MEANS Hum sab.. just one..and see our tone of speaking ….like singing….like hum is nearer to ommmmmmm……..hummmmmmmm…we speak so deeply….never from the surface … but with totality… and they even don’t know it.
    So they speak with some authority…. though other people find it hurting…
    ab baat ye hui ki aadhyatmik to ho gaye, spritual to ho gaye but khane ko lale par gaye becoz they not gave money too much attention. So they became poor… now they needed wealth… and because na koi marta hai na marta hai…..and tum kya laye the jo tumne kho diya… or kya tera kya mera bande attitute gave rise to crime …. which in turn prevented industrialisation of Bihar.. which in turn resulted in migration of Biharis to other places… which they don’t think is other place 🙂 🙂

    are ha, main baat kahna to bhul hi gaya….

    During this North Indian Vs Raj Thakeray episode media never appreciated Raj Thakeray’s attitude.

  10. Isn’t this also a part of democracy. When the peope of India agigate we bring the whole state down, remember 84 riots, godhra roits, Bombay bombings etc. and when leaders do the same thing they bring the country down because of the power associated with them. And also because of the ame power media gived them more attention.

    Well as for Raj, he just needs some votes which he will get because of this episode and then things will subside for another 5 years…

  11. Nisha said

    You guys are like politicians, every time smting happens you shout ohhh media! you sh’nt do this. I am sorry Mr. Piyush the problem is the act of Thakeray Jr(n not to forget the act of Abu Azmi kind’o’things). Let’s talk that na. Hey others all this hs nothing to do with Bihari, mumbaikar, marathi or north Indian, don’ waste your time in remembering wat certain section has done or not. Its a game wanna know?
    Thakeray Jr has got a new party and he’s worried about cold respns from d people. Another outfit from north India, Samjwadi party’s feelin d same in mumbai. one day they start to play jhagda-jhagda in this politically correct game you don’ need to win defeating d other, you need to fight and fight till d common man gets himself in this game leaving his other works. now they make two groups formed on d basis of hate n trust me(U may have noticed it many places n recently in Gujrat) hate is d best way to pull voters to the booth and vote against smone they hate(its always negative though they think positive).
    So! the wonderful game’s on where are you guys? just leave yr works n jump in d game.
    O’ God!

  12. Amit said

    Thought provoking article.

    I completely agree with Shubh that bihar is changing.
    Bihar is the land of Goddess Sita, is gradually developing but media is still showing only bad news about it. I think media has to analyze the facts, figures and the fictions before saying anything about bihar. Indian media is scared to rub politicians and powerful people. They hardly serious about the country as a whole. If they wish to publish the real happenings, then there won’t be any such paper or media on the next day in market. They say that we are having Democracy; but in reality we have hypocracy. Anyway, I feel that somehow things are not as bad as they spread.

  13. @ Satyajit,
    Media publicises all the matters be it rape in delhi, crime in mumbai, kidney scam in UP or kidnaping in Bihar. All negative traits of ‘ours’ chosen by media and so do you.

    Well dear why did not you choose something positive that Media may put on our minds and change our way of thinking. Hope you are understanding my point.

    @ Nisha,
    the problem is the act of Thakeray Jr
    Who made Mr. Thakery’s wrong aims ( to get publicity ) meaningful. Its no other than media, right I am !

  14. @Mr. Piyush if media gives a story of a crime to let people know things you feel it is making the crime meaningful.:-)
    I do, Mr. Piyush I do get positive things from media too have you ever noticed stories of people marching through development? Mr Piyush turning eye is not the solution. come and face things. these the hell bare facts of our society need to be cured and when you say if media makes it story, it is making it meaningful, it shows you want to see just good things to make you happy. Mr. Piyush forgive me but the country has expections from you rom me from all of us and to meet them we should see uglier things
    and ya as earlier some one said in this very page, media always opposed the acts of Mr. Thakeray and co.
    Please forgive me if I said something wrong. I never meant to hurt you guys

  15. Ek Ajnabi said

    Keep on dicscussing this serious issue … only we the INDIANS can resolve this problem provided we should make our own efforts irrespective of looking at the others… better to go for duty than to wait for others …


    Ek Ajnabi

  16. Hey Mehek, this is a blog post relating to not politics. 🙂

    Dear Nisha, I think the point I need to emphasize here, is that this is not politics nor I like it, and we are not like politicians. Yes, it is true that the way media present things is not the correct way. However I feel they have lost humanity or what. Nisha, its disheartening fact of that the media always target Bihar in 1st hand. From A to Zed, there is no way I would deny their history. The biggest problem with media is hurry hurry hurry…they always in hurry…They even do not take few mnt time to listen properly to public. Result…? I think media people should come to their senses and should maintain the dignity.

    Well, the game you have mentioned is not good and it’s not up to my standards. Also this is not a political playground, so I personally wouldn’t like to play this game. 🙂 Please don’t mind it.

    मैं यह नही कह रही हूँ कि मीडिया वाले सिर्फ़ ग़लत ही करते हें, लेकिन मीडीया वालों को अपना तरीका सुधारना अति आवश्यक है. साथ ही साथ इन्हें थोड़ी सतर्कता भी वरतने कि जररूरत है और अपने कामों को संजंदगी से सही रूप में उन्हे करने का प्रयास करना चाहिए. अभी हाल फिलहाल में असम की राजधानी गुवाहटी में जो घटना घटी है, उसके बारे में निशा आप क्या कहेंगी? आप उसे यहाँ पढ़ सकती हें, मैं लिंक डाल रही हूँ. यह मेरी एक दोस्त Manidipa ने लिखा है.

    To read click on the link It’s A Shame!

  17. @ Ms. Nisha,
    I guess you do hear Media regularly 🙂
    No hurt at all. Feel free to discuss on the issue. I will not turn eye from the situation. Now lets think of the situation. Media – knew very well that Raj had lost his Marathi political base. The statements against anti-natives given by him had a sole purpose – the publicity.

    You may agree with me that, there are hundreds of such narrow minded people in the country. They too give lakhs of such statements at the nook and corners of Gali. Let me know, why Media do feel his wrong statement “so important” and flashed – replayed – highlighted – headlined and wasted our precious time – we spent on the news channels. That ultimately brew the liquor of hatred and we tasted it.

    Yeah of course we saw between the news breaks – the nice creative ads of soaps, cream, toothpaste, napkins, mobile phones and blah blah .

    I simply could not understand – what face of our socio-economy-cultural reflection of India – media provided to us – with such news !

  18. निशा said

    Its long back I’s intern then and d guy who was my inspiration was curious about positive things happening, a very isealistic kind’o’person. He used to tell us to go beween the lines, behind d faces and search if there’ some light.every time we gave him any positive sort’o’thing his faced just went happy but when it came to his own stories it were just like others, like what you all here complain about.
    At the end of our internship he called us to his residence, and showed a series of stories he made in last three years, and those were smthing like him, like what he always said, postive stories like you would love to see. one of us said ,” Sir why these are in dark? You never send it to studio?”
    Trust me I never saw such a bunch’O’wonderful things.
    “These were shown.” he told
    “But Sir! we never saw, never heard”
    I know he said. All my work which i liked went un-noticed on media Friends! Worst news is the best news he quoted from a Bond movie
    You all may be right that you’v seen worst things on media this problem has two aspects
    People don’ care good things and
    when media shows uglier things may be very few, but atleast very few are moved to change this uglier picture from d society.
    You all got to know sm bare things not all but atleast you guys may read between the lines and see behind the faces, not all but you guys can see the real face of darkness and the light hidden not all but those who are learnt can come forward to change the things.
    Oh yes there’re bad people every where, if sm times media is doing good smtimes it may turn sm bad too, th’t i think is needed to be cured.

    Its about Mumbai and Asom and so on. So lets go on that topic. isnt it?
    I sh’nt hv talked on d media.अपने क्षेत्र के भाई बंदो की तरफदारी ग़लत है न! I’m also from media

  19. @ Ms. Nisha,

    Great to find a person from bigger Media. Welcome to our small world of personal media.

    Will you disagree that most of the media are run by Business houses to make money, and many a times out of competition they give priority to money compared to “its own dignity” – picking up “whatever crap or important” they can.

    Its good to read between the lines of society, economy, politics – all is fine.I do agree to make a consciousness among the people on the topics, that goes unnoticed. But why to sell more no of copies or increase TRP showing the naked picture of society in one page and showing the pictures of perfect figure hanky wearing models just near to the same news.

    You may be from – Kerala , Jammu or Lakhyadwip. But say .. should my feelings for you as a Indian should be considered based on – from where you belong. What is a point to discuss on this.

    We could not had cared a dime for “His” statement. That was the best way to bring the Harmony across “our” made territories.

    Please feel free to agree or disagree – as blogs are the media of tomorrow – mainstream media can’t avoid it 🙂

  20. Mayur said

    Hi Rewa,

    I appreciate your views regarding regional identity and stuff but I would like to keep forth some points:-

    1) Everyone knows Bihar is not as Developed as Maharashtra is. There are many reasons such as political framework, crime etc. etc. If you really want to show your identity with pride, why don’t you ask Biharis to develop Bihar instead of migrating to Mumbai?
    2) Bihar was once the knowledge capital of India but it’s nowhere now. Why not to take efforts in educating people and creating jobs there?
    3) If you really want to develop India, it’s every citizen’s responsibility to contribute towards development of his/her region.
    4) You mentioned something regarding people migrating to foreign countries. I would counter your point bu saying those who go abroad are mostly from knowledge class. They ultimately contribute towards India’s growth in terms of foreign currency and hence strengthens our economy. In case of people migrating from Bihar to Mumbai, most of them are working class people who could help Bihar in a big way if they stayed there and took steps to develop their own state. By migrating they scarify their family, their region and their happiness.

    This is what I feel.

  21. Nidhi said

    1: Please Newspaper nd Indian constitution padho.

    2: Bihar is still the knowledge capital of India, check the survey of UPSC,IIT/JEE,MEDICAL,NIT etc results. It is started.

    3: India is our country so all Indians have equal rights and equal responsibilities.

    4: India se bahar nahi jane wale bhi desh ki seva kar rahe hen.JK se lekar kanyakumari tak kisan se lekar desh rakshak ke roop mei khade hen. desh mei rahkar desh ke liye jaan dene waalon ko aap kya kahenge, bevkoof ya ganwar?

    5: Sanvidhan kahta hai india key kisi bhi jagah rahkar kam karo. Ise kahte hen vividhta mei ekta banaye rakhna.

    Aage yeh padho.

    जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हे
    भारत भाग्य विधाता
    पुंजाब सिंध गुजरात मराठा
    द्रविड़ उत्कल बंग
    विंध्य हिमांचल जमुना गंगा
    उच्छल जलधि तरंग
    तब शुभ नामे जागे
    तब शुभ आशिष मांगे
    गाये तब जय गाठा

    जन गण मंगल दायक जय हे
    भारत भाग्य विधाता
    जय हे जय हे जय हे
    जय जय जय जय हे


  22. Hi Mayur and All,

    Thank you very much for spending time from your busy schedule to read my views and also thanks to you for putting your views here. First of all, let me tell you that I have only identity that is proud to be an INDIAN but the combo of manything which I have mentioned above. I wouldn’t deny that I am in love with my country.

    Well, I am not sure how many of you people (None Resident Biharis) have visited the Bihar. Bihar is poor in infrastructure but Biharis have a small heart too. Anyway, I wouldn’t run behind the history and culture of Bihar, would directly walk to the road of reality, so let me come to the points.

    1. Statistics yehi dikhata hai ki Maharastra ka crime rate bhi Bihar ke crime rate se comparable hai.

    2. No doubt jobs need to be created in bihar, which is certainly in the procedure…but you can not deny a presence of biharis in large numbers in premier education institutes like IIT, AIIMS, State and regional engineering and medical institutes, IAS and PCS Cadres…so, Bihar is certainly on its way uphill to education.

    3. I agree with your point, but easier said than done. People who have been born in a developed state of Maharashtra have had no effective contribution towards the developement of the state.However; there must have been a road to its developement. Please enlighten us, in case you are aware so that the Biharis and others too benefit by that knowledge.

    4. As you rightly mentioned, knowledge class moves to foreign countries…and this knowledge class certainly is not region bound. It includes both people from all states including Bihar. Also, for your enlightenment it is not only the labour class but also a big chunk of knowledge class from Bihar working not only in Mumbai but also other metros and cosmopolitan cities. At the same time they are also contributing to the state taxes of the respective states where they are working. I hope decent job avenues open soon in Bihar so that this deflection in not only the working class but also a huge fraction of knowledge class and revenues stops.

    “जिस रस्सी का निशान कुएँ की मुंडेर पर पड़ने में सालों लगे हें, उसको हटने मे इतने कम दिन कैसे लगेंगे? वक़्त बहुत बलवान है और देर सबेर सब का वक़्त आता है. इंडिया को ही देख लो, थर्ड वर्ल्ड ग़रीब देशों में काउंट किया जाता था, और अब सूपर पावर बनने की कगार पर खड़ा है. वक़्त तो लगा ना दोबारा से उठने में, मगर उठा क्यूंकी पोटेन्षियल था. बिहारी हर फील्ड में इंटेलिजेंट और मेहनती होते हैं और अब जागरूक भी हो रहें हें. हाँ हो सकता है इस पेड़ का फल खाने को हम रहें ना रहें मगर जो पौधा हम/तुम, मेरा मतलब हमसब बो कर जा रहें हैं वो ज़रूर फूलेगा फलेगा. इसलिए मेरे प्यारे दोस्तों धीरज रखो, वक़्त अपना रुख़ कभी भी बदल सकता है.”

    At last not to forget, I guess, we have been taught in school that India is the land of the free and the home of the brave. However, being a true Indian we should “Maintain the integrity of entire India.”


  23. Dear Nidhi, appreciating your views. Whatever you have mentioned above is very true and fact with practical approach.

    Thanx dear, keep it up.

  24. Nikunj said


  25. rohit said

    riwa sahi kaha tumne, kuch haad tak hum log hi jimedaar hai. or phir apna ghar buland ho to dekhe kaun katha hai,

  26. rohit said

    media ko nishana bana sahi nahi hai, yeh theek hai ki media kafi kuch aish dekhta hai jo nahi dikhana chihey per media ki problme bhi to samze, sahi kahu to media ki nahi, media person ki. purana zaman to raha nahi jo mission samze patkarita ko koi. jo acha dikhate hai, to uski trp nahi hoti. trp ki chinta nahi kare to media house chlega kaha se, yeh theek hai ki jaydatar tv biz houses ke hai, phir aap log khud socho ki media me kaam karne wale sahi logo ko kitni muskil hoti hai saach ko saach likhna. nakuri to bachni hi hoti hai, saath me saach ka saath bhi dena padta hai, phir ek or musbeet hai, kahi bhi situcation kharab hoti hai to media bhi nishana banta hai, apne desh me kitne log hai jo kisi media wale ke saath aate hai, jab tak ki unki apni koi musbeet na ho yaa apni security ka problem nahi ho. kitne stories humne ki hai, hamesh karte hi rahete hai, or karge bhi, jaan jaye to jaye, per jara khud bhi aage ane ka try to kare, kuch badlna ho to apne me badlaw lani hogi, janta ka presure hamesha asar dalta hai, akhir try to kare, har baat ki liye media per nisaan sathna sahi nahi hai, jara detail dekhe india me hi nahi dunia me journlist bhi kaam nahi mare hai or jail nahi gaye hai, sirf truth ka saath dene ke karan, UMMID KARTA HU KI MEDIA KE LOGO PER POINT OUT KARNE SE PAHLE UNKI PRATICAL PROBLEM KO BHI SAMZE…….KHER RIWA TUMHARI SOCH BILKUL THEK HAI, OR BILKUL CLEAR BHI …..ACHA LAGA PAD KER

  27. @ Rohit,
    As the discussion has diverted from the regional issues to media, I do welcome your views, which is picking the limitations of media.

    First of all, I am feeling pity on media, for being such a weak creature. The people of media as a whole and as group,first of all should think and talk responsibly, as they are said as fourth pillar of the democracy. We normal citizens thought depends on them. And they should represent us largely.

    I do agree that most of the media houses are run for business, and TRP is the target for them. The people’s voice – the media, what they are actually meant for, have changed the face. And it became the low quality food with high spices.

    If the basic news item really touches the cords of people, the things would have changed, and people would have been attracted to buy a paper or switch on the channel which seemed to be touching their mind and soul. Take example of media during freedom struggle. What is missing today then ?

    Now let me cite some example, why do you put a camera on the body of model, to make the picture sensuous. Yeah Ajanta and Ellora too depict female, but there is artistic view, that carried message beyond the ages. What media is so weak, which needs a daily spice to sell the words-that have less weight as they are supposed to be. Just one page of editorial is worth the real media worth payable.

    Why you need to touch the sentimental issues to increase the TRP? Is the Ganesh drinking milk, and a kid in hole require so much of attention.

    The average media person is doing a job and saving his/her job. Ironically they are not serving their passion to work for country – which is the need of hour.

    Please let me know, if I am wrong somewhere.

  28. rohit said

    mr prem
    well aapki baay theek hai, shyaad apne dhyan nahi diya mene kiay kaha….abhi jara jaldi me hu….waise aap ne sari baate padi jarroo ek baar phir dekhe to shyaad aapke har sawal ka jawab mil jayega ….mene sirf muskile baati thi,,,,,

  29. Nidhi said

    Media people have forgotten the principles of No Nonsense.the best media house is selling nacked pictures of indian women for money.so stupid.wt more can be expected??

  30. B.K.JHA said

    Every Indians are equally power to share each other but some of us an interested statewise issues. Every one has kept own views.This is good thing.

    If bihar & up will not be developed then how to developed our country.This is backbone of India. Now bihar take over own image now & developed soon. Mr.Nitish Kumar & Modiji play an unique role in respect of development.We now appreciate & share and kept own views & invite to all intellual indians brother & sisters please attend the development programme.This is my personally 100% assurance that in next 5 years bihar become no.01 in india & world.Because of many resources, manpowers are avail.Please nobody access hurt & divide the country.This is my views.
    Thanks all my Indians!
    Jai bharat

  31. Vivekanand said

    Hi All,

    Bihari !!! A well known word for everyone in India, which is never waited for anyone to recognise Since ancient India.
    we have great Mahavir and Buddha, where as we have Chanakya, the aninomous founder of Indian Ethos and Management, Economics. A place which resembles India as Jagad Guru by adn excellent effort of Nalanda university, Takshshila and Vikramshila.Now i would talk about recent times have you heard about Delhi Police Commissioner Nikhil Kumar and former Home Secratery Govt of India Mr B.P.Singh. In world bank Mr Rajkumar Jha as Senior Analyst and IMF also one Guy at Senior Executive.
    Its that Community which can be found every where in this world at soem dignified post.

    Now i would elaborate why they are Migrating across the world, the real Problem lies Lack of Opportunity , Lack of Good Educational Institution and lack of Industrial Interface in this state.Actaully whenever you would see that then you would find that Here students are seeing Poverty since childhood thats why they want to earn Power, Post and Money , Thats why they are going for IAS & IPS,They go for Govt Job conveniently due to likes for comfort and relax and tension free job. Now why they do the labour job in other state , why not in Bihar now, there is reputation issue because, they want to make good repo in their states so they don’t want to disclose what they are doing in other states, thats why they prefer to work outside.

    Now it comes for eagerness for going outside for study due to unavailablity of good institution, why other states native prefer their states because they have good option, but in case of Bihar, they dont get anything.
    Now you would find filling seats in Central University because they always prefer quality thast why IIT, IIM or Top tier B School,Civil Services and Govt of India made these intitution for entire country , so biharis have equal right as others possess. They can work in trivial and odd situation , they can do anything , can adopt any environment easily. Thats why they excel over others.Bihari is that thing which blends with Execellence with Perfection. thats why they are on the top.

    In research Survey, i was talking to a person during research and we found that with respective of others Biharis like their place most but what actaully India means its a union of several states so anyone is bound to work any where, whether marathi or assameese no one has right to say anything. And, Bihari can go in any part of india whether southern or andman, hey actaully united India in real sense and they feel India is the land of Diversity.

    What India Holds on the world map same with Bihar, India also known for same thing in world , the same applies on Bihar.

    No matter where are from but atleast we are indian we should feel proud, and why not bihar also which land has given birth to great warrriors and great scholars.

    India is well known for its culture and its heritage scholar the same case with Bihar.
    If India is heart then Bihar is Heart beat , Now you can understand what do you want to say Bihari or Indian!! Both share symbiotic relationship, and they can’t be isolated, No one can be defined seperately, Both can’t exist seperate, They are dependent on each other.

    It was entire Input based on our research survey and i am excluding everything like crime and others becasue we know in India eevry where saem condition some states are on top becuase Media wants to lay the Biased role.
    Thanks alot


    Senior Consultant
    United Nations Development Programme & IUCN
    Economic Rural Research
    SAARC Region
    Country Office
    Lodhi Estate
    New Delhi

  32. Anupam said

    I totally agree that there shouldn’t be any such concepts which differentiate a ‘Bihari’ or a ‘Maharastrian’ from rest of india and what Thackray Jr. did was definetely wrong because his intention was not right but not because the issue he raised was not valid. So if you just forget the intention behind it and try to get the issue, then don’t you think that we should give a serious thought to this. Doesn’t it imply that there is some imbalance in economy across country. The concept of State has been made so that there is a government who will take care of State people and bring prosperity there. Local jobs like Sabji bechna, rickshaw, Auto wala, agriculturist (I mean all local jobs people) can stay there well and enjoy life with family. If this is not happening, it clearly implies that there is some issues the way State is being managed. And people are not very happy to work at Mumbai but it’s their poor plight at Bihar which forces them to be there. If Bihar would have been very developed and all local jobs would have been grabbed by people from other places of india…..wouldn’t you mind? Wouldn’t this affect the local people out there? I say a big YES. It affects a lot. If not, then there should be central government only but not the concept of States all together. Issue seems really serious….and need a proper thought.

    @Nidhi….Creating more IAS,IIT doesnt show growth but it hardly serves fraction percentage of people. And if you are aware, then you will be surpised to know that most people keep doing preparation of IIT and IAS because this is only good position to hold in Bihar and nothing else……

    @Rewa, Don’t mind but people going outside India are able to go out because they proved that they deserve to be there (at least in softwares) more than any one and thats the reason they are invited by the companies. you can’t say the same about an Auto wala from Bihar which works at Mumbai…No, not at all.

  33. Nidhi said

    Anupam,u r rt.i think d main problem is u can see a pretty gud mrkt fr dem in society nd dre is no doubt dat IAS officers nd IITians enjoy more status in society.bt somehow i get d feeling dat its nt going to live up to d hype. Peple hv gone selfish 2day bt d problem is so simple who needs IAS?if dis is wat d future is going to be,y hav d IAS at all?if dey dont do somthing rt away wat r v going to do abt it if it’s just not worth.

    if v dnt do anything now den problem wil increase instead of decreasing. So v also need to do something.

    bt dnt v indian hav a choice to settle in any part of india?

  34. Anupam said

    I completely buy your point that we should do something to solve problems and so let’s discuss now ‘HOW TO’ as it seems we are able to identify the issues. We have highly intellectual people on this platform form media to research desk to IAS. So lets pour ideas for How to.

    And no doubt, we can stay anywhere in India and after Globalization, we are almost free to stay at any part of the world. My concern is only that our home also should be a beautiful place to stay so that if we take something from others; we can also offer some thing great to others. And Bihar does offer a lot to others and we can make it little more better by our effort.

  35. rohit said

    Dear Anupam ,
    People form bihar are also working at higest level in other coutnry or in mnc. Try to know that. Lot of doctor form biharr not working only for power or money.

    Mr Vivekanad
    U r right? But why u think Media plays biased report. Media person is working very good in this condition. and Here is not any Freedom Strugle is going. Society change is not alone media agend. Our duty to put the wrong thing in front of society. And As a Govt servent u know better how much Others creat problem in out line. Please try to see the good reports too. Newspaper is doing well, Media Channel is not selling alwyas women body.

    I again want to tell you that fourth pillar of the india is working will full force and corrupted person are nt all mediaperson. they are just 20%. Perhaps anybody don’t know that mostly Mediaperson is still working in war condition in the society. In any agitation(Like Gujjar or dera baba is in punjab) Media is doing best job and trageted by politician, Govt Officals(police etc), terrorists or anti-socical elemnts. But still not complaning.


  36. S Vinod said


  37. Anupam said

    Hi Rohit, I agree you! People from Bihar are at good places but I just did talk about masses and their problems. And working for money and power is not bad Rohit. World is working for that only. The only important thing is not to do bad to others OR do some good to others in parallel.

    Hi Vinod, Really a nice analysis. What you mentioned is right. Accepting weakness is the begining for sure. I like this specially..

    For me…Education is in bold which can change the way we think…. and thus have a great impact.

    But I disagree little bit on the lip service part. Let people say their mind. At least people are discussing these issues and are aware of these. Dont you think it’s a great deal! At least people are concerned about others;they are devoting some time in thinking about others. Definetely whenever they will get chance to do something, these ideas and discussions will influence their act in a big way.


  38. Nidhi said

    media is vry fre nw nd highly biased so de alwys target bihar no matter it is newsworthy or nt.it has been in d news fr d wrong reasons. Why sud Bihar alwys be a target? it is alwys better to target d root of d prblms,target d societies wich r causing dese prblms den peple wil care fr media.de sud learn to tak abt newsworthy thing.

  39. Nikhil said

    hi to all

    I feel that lot of us r not aware of wat Raj thackray is saying or his philosophy…every one is blemin media for maligning bihars reputation…same may be the case of Raj..many of you must hav formed ur opinions based on wat media said about him…

    the political party which he leads is MaHarashtra Navnirman Sena(MNS)..as name suggests it is a regional party which is meant for d sake of maharashtra only..like we hav lot of regional parties across d country protecting their own land nd interest..even we hav parties based on religions safeguarding their interests..which is human tendancy..

    when other states hav resevations for their soilsons wat is d problem if maharashtra just demanded it??
    dont we hav resevations everywhere?? 21 century,global world r d only things which u can writ on papers..

    as u all r well settled u can say all these things..when someone comes from outside(though from neighbouring state) nd grabs ur bread nd butter and leave on streets jobless then u will understand the core problem.

    People wont accept other people to come here,live here grabing their bread nd butter,use all natural resources nd contribute nothing..its very onbious…we can see it happenin to Indians abroad as they r refrienin core citizens to get the jobs..

    simple demand is to hav 80% resevations in jobs..
    if that is denied then the outburst of anger is obvious..nd poor class is always soft target..

    so global stuff,21century all these theoritical things are crap nd of no use practically..!!! Name one state that do not hav any reservations..!!! then why maharashtra?????

    gettin toppers in premier isntitutes is definatelly pride moment..but dont fantacise urself by that..how many of them are really workin for bihari people?? if they r toppers in IAS why admin in bihar is so poor? Instead of wastin time in flaunting historical glory we should concentrate on core things..

    things are changing..it will tek time..

    hav u ever seen wat is d status of poor bihari people who live on d streets of Mumbai?? how they live?? their crime participation??

    ground reality is so different..it not pride to live such a miserable life here in mumbai..but why they r ready to live that way but not ready to go bac to bihar??
    here you will find the answer…!!!

    even Biharis can learn from south indians or gujraties livin in maharashtra..they do not hav problem with it..if only biharies hav problem with d reservations then b ready for d consequences..!

    we hav good amt of south indians here but hav u ever seen any southindian politician tried to come here nd show his political power by celebrating their festivals???

    cant bihari people celebrate chutt puja widout lalu??

    In America we maharashtirans celebrate MAHARASHTRA DIN on US”s independence day..!!
    If u r livin away from ur native..doin job there..plz be sure that u r not takin away anything from them or hurting their ego..though u r superior than then in every aspect..u hav to adjust otherwise you will see yourself thrown out of that society….!!! very practical..!! Nationality,globalisation these things do not matter when it comes to ROZI ROTI….!!!

    so its very obvious i dont find anything wrong…today its maharashtra..tomorrow it may be any other state…!!

    Mangement trainee
    Project Financing,
    Shipping & logistics,
    Sharaf Group,Dubai.
    Navi Mumbai

  40. S Vinod said




  41. rohit said

    perhaps u all forget abt bal tahkrey. Who started his agitation first against south indian in his early days.

    Raj Thakrey is a politican who even against HINDI too. Who even against Big B. Em in Delhi and Delhi is in my blood. But it’s means not that u kick all of others form here. Delhi is capital so why not people will come here.

    See if Situtation is in maharastra changed then Marthi People will not go outside. And mumbai is the Economic Capital of india. So every people has right to live there.

    From last two or three years bihar is not in focus due to bad things only in media. Please correct ur knowledge. Please open ur eyes and seee good reports too.


  42. Amit said

    ‘Raj Thakrey is a politican who even against HINDI too. Who even against Big B.’

    Rohit, I agree with you. I think Thackeray’s comments on BIG B as a “foolish statement” that doesn’t need any reaction. Raj has made such statements “only to snatch the Marathi voters from Shiv Sena”

    Does Big b need a certificate of loyalty from Raj Thackeray? – NEVER.

    The rule of nature: Survive first and excel later. You make the best of where you are, wherever in the world you are!!

  43. Mamta said

    @ nikhil,

    hi nikhil m MAMTA SINGH FROM INDIA….born in bihar now 4m last six years staying all alone in banglore…..N NOT ONLY STAYING IN BANGLORE BUT ALSO CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMY OF KARNATAKA…LET ME TELL U HOW….

    N thr r many many more people like me who r 4m diffrent state n staying some other PART OF OUR COUNTRY…..

    NIKHIL u tell me how many degree n engg n medical col r thr in maharastra….n how many MARATHI R STUDYING THR….i m sure more then marathi thr r other state people who get thr money n spend in ur state…it can be in anything…say staying in hostel,travelling n everything u think of…..same with the working people….just check in ur organisation itself how many NON MUMBAIKAR r thr…they also contribute to ur economy…


    u know here people respect us coz we r contributing to the economy…n we respect them becoz they r good with us…

    Aur ha rahi baat wapis bihar jane ki to wo bhi hoga…U JUST WAIT N WATCH HOW WE WILL BE BACK WITH FLYING COLORS…..



  44. Shyam Vinod Meena said

    Hats off to Mamta. I call this passion, nothing can be done without WILL n PASSION.


  45. rohit said

    hi mamta
    very well written.

  46. rohit said

    dear all

    First of all we are indian. So we can leave wherever we want, nbody can stop us. So Please try to forget that we are mumbaiker, delihte etc. Only for vote Politican can say anything. Like Raj Thakrey, who want to snatch voter of his uncle, just becz Bal Thakrey given the commond into his son hand. Even in Election His party got only few % of votes.

    He is against Hindi. Perhaps he don’t know Lokmanaya Tilak was in favour of Hindi. First Hindi Dictonery written by a Prominent Marthi Journlist Visnurao Paradwakar.


  47. Nikhil said

    hi mamta…
    i really appreciate ur thoughts…let me clear 1st thing m not shiv sainik or MNS follower..i hate politics nd politicians like anything..they will go to any level to be in power..!!
    M also not mumbaikar,i hail from d town which is at d border of Maharashtra nd karnataka bt i feel m a maharashrian or mumbaikar as for last 2 yrs m here for studying..i m very affectionate to mumbai as mumbai gave chance to make my career nd my life..!!
    the thing u said:
    Aur ha rahi baat wapis bihar jane ki to wo bhi hoga…U JUST WAIT N WATCH HOW WE WILL BE BACK WITH FLYING COLORS…..

    really irritates me..nd its universal issue be it mexico,be it bangladesh,be it mumbai,be it germany…

    why we wont cal u “ahasaanfaramosh”?
    m sry bt it sounds lik that…because today u dont hav infra,education,facilities at ur homeplace so u migrated elsewhere…using their resources..(payin for that is not contribution..!!)..nd when u will hav all there in place native u will leave d place…??
    mere Quoting of emotional sentences wont do Mamta..
    you should thank the society for accepting you..!!!
    As far as contribution is concern payin for the services u r using is not a contribution,really..thats wat i understand..!!
    dont feel that if you guys wont use d services it wont run..as it is not ones monopoly..at the same time if we stop trding with bihari trading community here,where will they go??
    its always a give n tek process…think..!!
    You r livin there for 6 years..wat u hav done for d society? tell me frankly..dont feel offended..u can ask urself wat u hav done for bihari community there? atleast lot of us who r away from home can do that..aint we??
    i m associated with NGO who works for “Pavement dwellers” of Mumbai..I hav seen in wat conditions bihari people live there..not only biharis but bangladeshi too..when they say ” saab yaha do waqt ki roti to milti hai aur bal bacche sukhi hai” i could only imagin wat they hav sufferd bac home…!!
    you said”u know here people respect us coz we r contributing to the economy…n we respect them becoz they r good with us…”
    bang on..!! thats wat i said in my previous blog…!!!
    Contribution to economy and society r two different things..think abt it..!!
    human is a social animal..but one should not disturb d fabric of the society..you can hav a look at biharis particapation in the crime of maharashtra specially in Mumbai..its worrying for everybody…!! m not sayin every bihari is criminal…!!!
    bt think..80% reservation is justified nd if it not given then reaction is bound to come…!!!
    its d truth of social mentality..!!!

  48. mamta said



    see in one simple line i just want to say we r indian n we dont need resevation for anything yar….

    N YES EVENTHOUGH I DONT WORK FOR NGO i contribute to society….

    wht did u said u r from a place which is border of maharastra n karnataka…..TO MUMBAI ANE KI KYA JAROORAT THI PADHAI KARNE KE LIYE U WOULD HAVE STUDIED THR ITSELF….


    SAME WITH EVERY INDIAN DEAR….hamare pass resources nahi hi isisliye yaha kam karna padta hi ..opprutnity nahi hi…aur na hi mere pass utni power hi ki m apne pure state ko ek saal me adal du….BUT YES HOW MUCH POWER I HAVE I M DOING IT FOR MY SCHOOL OR FOR ANY OF MY JUNIOR WHO NEEDS JOB…I TRY TO HELP THEM..TRY TO GUIDE THEM….

    aur ha tume ne likha tha na ki wapis bihar kyo nahi chale jate….M FIR SE KAHTI HU WE WILL BE BACK WITH FLYING COLOR….



  49. Nikhil said



    Dear friend m livin in Maharashtra not in bihar..evrythin is so well there so no need to go bac..Mumbai needs volunteers nd m tryin to giv bac to society by givin my lil contribution nd unfortunately people for whom m workin are biharies nd bangladeshis only…dont wory i wont go bac nd stop my work..!!

    we dont need reservations..right..but when all other states are safeguardin their own interests why not maharashtra??
    aur agar paani sir k upar chala gaya to passport visa bhi banwana padega..!!

    now who is bein regional zealot?? u r helpin only ur juniors or ur school..why not any south indian youth or school??
    thing is that u people want everythin,will reap all benifits from d socity and will do everythin for ur community only..(ahsaanfaramosh…)
    nd if do that for our community then we r regional???
    good job..!!! thats d reason why u were so hated all over the places..u r only responsible for that..!!
    bt we will continue to work for every poor person livin on footpath of mumbai,he may be bihaari,bangladeshi or may be from mars..!!
    nd by the way m waitin for u to go bac wid flying colors..!!!
    best wishes…!!
    give bac to soceity who accepts you otherwise you will see yourself kiked off from the same…as simple as that..!


    obviously we are…nd proud to be..!!
    nothin personal…

  50. @Nikhil,

    You know what…after reading your comments I felt bad for you, but chalega. It surprised me that a social worker (as you said you are associated with a NGO) got irritated just to read a comment! Aapko to apne sath aur logon ko lana chahiye taki log aapse jude aur inspire hokar kuch aisa hi kare jaisa aap kar rahe hein.

    Anyway, I am not associated with any NGO as of now…I read all the comments posted on this topic. You know, I feel if we want to do something good for our society or wish to give back to our society then we must not get irritate with anything. We must have paitence to listen good or bad and also learn from our mistakes to make it correct, perfect and best. We must have tolerating capability then only we can think broadly about any issue. Isn’t it? At last try to be mature….That’s all I can say!


  51. rohit said

    I think rewa comment is last and best.

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  53. Amit said

    ‘thing is that u people want everythin,will reap all benifits from d socity and will do everythin for ur community only’


    is there something seriously wrong with your civic sense?
    Hippocratics atitude is the worst. Working for an NGO is not the only way you can contribute yourself to people.

    Rewa, Well Said!

  54. Nidhi said

    thats d reason why u were so hated all over the places..u r only responsible for that..!!

    everywhre peple do strange things nd practice strange beliefs,u too r doing same fr defending urself.

  55. Nikhil said

    @ SMRITI

    ABSOLUTELY tru…nd m sorry for that..!!1
    however isnt it annoying when people say somethin lik that?
    m also human being yar..

    it hurts when people sitin at cozy places,living secured life nd jus commentin widout knowing d ground rality..!!

    but i shouldnt mind it…thank u Rewaji..!!

    really ?? i wasnt aware of that..!!
    I never said workin for NGo is the only way of contribution…!!
    the only good thin i liked abt ur post is d last line..!!
    Atleast u undestood wat she is sayin..!!
    we really hav to think broadly..!!

    @ nidhi

    m not defendin myself..nd abt my beliefs nd practices..i know it better than you…neways thank for readin it…


  56. Dhawal said

    Hi to all members,

    I have been following the conversation all along and found out that tolerance level of the people has gone down.I am maharashtrian but i do believe that everybody has the right for survival,choose the place of work,settle to any place of this Democratic country.But with that comes the responsibilty.
    Responsibilty to be tolerant,responsibility to be the good citizen.We people in maharashtera wanted to see better future fo ourselves and that mentality helped us to grow.People here are responsible,tolerant.So i hope better sense prevail in the minds of bihari politicians and start working for the betterment of there own people so that they get opportunity at there own land and live with respect.Because of high cost of living,biharis who come here live in dismal condition,to survive resorts to other illegal activities and thus making their own life and the life of other people miserable.

  57. @Nikhil and Dhawal,

    You both are same person as per IP address.


  58. Nidhi said

    talking abt crime nd who is commiting crime nw? doing d most decent thing in decent way.gr8!!!!!

  59. @Nikhil Dhawal

    Dear Nikhil, you say that you hate politics and politicians but you are having the same attitude as a politician.I could not uderstand, why you are against Biharis, working or staying in Mumbai.And the most funny thing is that, you dont hail from Mumbai.

    First of all I would like to say that nobody wants to leave their native place.I am in Chennai and of course i would like to mmove to my native Darbhanga given chance.But we also have the same compulsion like you have.You also had to leave your town to make your carreer and we also had to leave our place to earn our bread.

    As far as economical contribution is concerned.If you think that we are paying the prices for the facilities we have, then why should we be thankful to that palce, who has accepted us.Because it is nothing like that have accepted us, we are paying for everything and therefore it is there compulsion to accept us.Why Mumbaikar are not having that much of talent that a bihar grabs their seat.any company would of course prefer the natives to be their employee as it better the chances of longer stay of the employee in the company.

    And yes of course, we do help students from our state to find a job and making a career.And we do that because they ask us. And trust me, if you or someone from other person aks us, they wil also get the same attention and same reply.It is just a matter of contact.Like in central university, we do have our seniors and juniors from other states also and we do help each other.
    yes, since people from bihar have less opportunity so we are a bit more sympathetic towards them.But it is your cheap mentality that made you think that we help people from our place only.And if you seriously observe, Marathi people have the regionalism feeling more than any other state people.

  60. nikhil said

    dhawal is friend of mine nd he also wanted to share his views..
    Cant two persons use one PC??
    kounse desh me yeh crime hai?? nidhi think before writin..!!

    Rewaji I was not aware of d fact that to share our views here, we hav to use different PCs..!!

    bt in my dept only i hav net connectivity…!!!

    neways…smart wrk…!!! impressed…!! detective???? hehehehe..!!

    bye…lunch time..!!!!

  61. if they will get a group, they just start talking in Marathi and khuda na khsta unke beech ek banda kisi aur state ka hua to we log to bilkul ignore hi ker dete hain.

    One more example for regionalism is your comment.Bihari or Indian,we didn’t get any cooment on regionalism from any other state but you felt bad and started blaming the biharis.

    As far as reservation is concerned, it shows your lack of confidence and lack of your talent to get placed in company.Maharashtrian should work.Biharis get place because of their talent even if they are having poor background.But why you people dont have the talent that you need a ladder of reservation to reach your goal.Do consider consequences of this reservation.It will simply drive the companies out of Maharashtra because business means profit.And if they have to employ Marathis, at their own cost, companies would definitely run away.

    Nikhil Dhwal, we should not forget that we are Indian and unity is our Power.We should think about the welfare of India.Yes people are suffering from regionalism and other cheap mentality just weakens our country.Politicians will give a speech like that because they need vote bank.But we are responsible citizen and we should be aware of that.

    Bhagwan na kare ki wo din aaye ki Passport aur visa banaker Mumbai jana pade.Iska bas ek hi matlab hai ki Maharashtra ke country ban jaayegi and it wont be part of India anymore.Biharis are everywhere in India like Punjabi’s are everywhere in World.Per kahin to Pani itane chadne ki naubat nahi ayee.Phir maharshtra ko itani problem kyun????

  62. nikhil said

    @ vijaya

    And the most funny thing is that, you dont hail from Mumbai.

    its not funny at all..here you will find the difference of mentality..see m not from mumbai bt as they provided me chance to live here..so I feel my moral responsibilty to contribute here..(though I pay for everythin)..and I feel m a mumbaikar..bt thing is that you people live here,share everythin but you remain bihari only..you will think of bihar only.you wont try to gel wid d society or contribute towards it..now why should we accept you??

    You are payin for everything dosnt mean you can do anything here..society accepts you thats why you get a chance to use services and then u get chance to pay for it..otherwise from where you will pay for it if society will deny everything..???

    preferin biharies, as biharis are ready to do any work for few bucks nd live in pathetic conditions as its bettr to live in that conditions than goin bac to bihar..!!

    and if you hav urge of helping other people then you shouldnt wait till the person asks you..if someone is drowinin in front of you then will you wait for his request to help him??
    Whole bihar is askin its youth to do something for them bt lot of them r servin other states..How many times you hav went bac home to caste your vote in every kind of election?? you ask urself..!!
    if you can hav lil bit synpathy towards ur people,why cant we hav lil sympathy for oue people?( 80% resevations only)

    Marathi people have the regionalism feeling more than any other state people.
    on wat basis can u say?? hav u been to maharashtra?? any stats??
    we wre not regionalists that is d real problem..we accepted all wid good faith nd now we r deprived from our own resources..!!

    and about goin bac to native…obviously one should go bac..as you owe somethin to your maatrubhoomi..bt the same way you own somethin to your Karmabhoomi too…!!! so think if you can do for both of them..!!payin for services is not doin somethin great..!!

    one cant excel widout opportunity ..think who gave you opportunity to show ur caliber..wher u stand? you should be thankful to soil who gave you the opportunity thogh yopu pay for it..!!
    if dont feel anythin for the soil where u got chance to prove urself..shame on you..!!

    chao otherwise i ll mis my lunch..
    ladies nothin personal..

  63. nikhil said

    if they will get a group, they just start talking in Marathi and khuda na khsta unke beech ek banda kisi aur state ka hua to we log to bilkul ignore hi ker dete hain.
    does that mean regionalism?? nice definition..u stay in Chennai how many people there speak hindi??? why u dont hav guts to raise ur voice against them?? andhra has 80%,Himachal has 80% kerala has 68% reservations then why not maharashtra..?? how many comapanies ran away from these states? dont argue for d sake of arguing…! why companies will run away?? wat u want to say companies r here because u guys r here? rediculous..!!!

    One more example for regionalism is your comment.Bihari or Indian,we didn’t get any cooment on regionalism from any other state but you felt bad and started blaming the biharis.

    no one from other state is not replying dosnt mean that they r fine..!! dont tek stances as per ur convenience..!!

    do not hav narrow approach..how many of u are well settled? 20-25% of ur community? or all of u are workin in MNCs?? speak abt deprived people of bihar..

    why people of bihar livin on foothpath?? drivin auto rikshaws? crime?? sellin paani puri?? livin miserably?? think..

    how many marathis r there in other states livin miserably?
    dont compare urself wid Punjabis..!!
    learn to behave lik them..!!

    Out of 88 Mps of maharashtra 26 r non marathi..

    learn to live peacefully or be ready for the consequences..!!

    my last post..!!!

  64. Nikhil ,

    Many persons at footpath sleeping, you may find Biharis. Is there anything wrong – if for sake of two breads, they give their sweat and blood , labour hard and earn money for home – without thinking of own lavish dreams. Of course they represent our weak aspect of socio economic development. If there have been sufficient labours / vendors in Mumbai – how should they find such jobs in large number !

    But think deep on the part of those sleeping on pavements. For whom they are working – for their kids, wife ( may be they think till this).

    As intellectual you may go deeper – they earn for their village – for their district – for their state – for their India !!

    The tendency of finding job and earnning money must be praised. Yeah they are easy targets of course – as they are weak and poor . But not many think deep that they are improving their home situation giving blood and sweat.

    Today all Biharis are working hard – be it labours ( you may say spread over India) – students ( In alll engineering/medical/administrative colleges) – polticians (who turns down an unefficient govt.) – the staying outside professionals ( Engineers / Docs and so on ) who did not sold the home property and willing to go back to home again.

    As a bihari – we neither have shame to clean a toilet ( Do you know who started Sulabh Sauchalay) or nor feel proud of being the CEO / Top professionals at Mumbai Corporate/Govt offices ( find many ).

    When in the administrative group ( here the politicians), the feeling of supremacy comes devoid of human attitude – the downward trends are bound to occur. So please don’t say Bihari or Marathi. ( And the criminals are criminals – they don’t know about any state or ethics – they are punishable with penal codes – be it a burglar or mob evoking politician – punish them !! )

    No Indian state is complete in itself with all the resources. We need resources from other states too. Each have something great and unique and some weakness. Come together and make whole country strong. Even if one of our state is weak – like one part of body is weak – we can’t stand proud. Lets work hard and keep the unity intact and make the country strong.


  65. “You are payin for everything dosnt mean you can do anything here..society accepts you thats why you get a chance to use services and then u get chance to pay for it..otherwise from where you will pay for it if society will deny everything..???”

    Society accepted because they have the compulsion to accept me.they dont have any other choice but to accept us otherwise Mumbai or any other state are not filled with kind and saint people that they will let us do job their aur make our own career.and the one example is you, who even dont belong from Mumbai.You spent just only two years in Mumbai have this attitude.Whatever We are today, is because of us only.We had talent and so we got the opportunity.We are the deserving canditate.Comapny or your state is not a social worker,who offered us the job so that we can improve our condition.

    “so I feel my moral responsibilty to contribute here..(though I pay for everythin)..and I feel m a mumbaikar..bt thing is that you people live here,share everythin but you remain bihari only..you will think of bihar only.you wont try to gel wid d society or contribute towards it..now why should we accept you??”
    hoe can you say that every bihari is just paying for the service but you are contributing to the society.NGO are nothing a source to earn money or you can better say, its a part time job.Do you spend your hard earned money on the mumbaikars or anyone else,who spend there night on pavement.May i know how much do you contribute.No.your NGO is also nothing but a source to earn money.
    Yes We will remain Bihari and I feel Proud in being Bihari rather than being a Mumbaiker like you.As fas as regionality is concerned, go to any central university or you can ask any body there about it.Marathis make their group.If you are with 4 marathis, you will definitely feel like a outsider but if you are with 4 biharis, you wont have a feeling like that and it is true.you cannot deny.Its bihari who mingles very easily.If they are wiht you, they wont talk in bhojpuri or some other langauge, considering that there is someone, who wont understand them.But answer me honestly, do Matathis also have the same feeling.
    And fighting for reservation is a proof that you are scared of biharis talend and you lack self confidence.I was not in Maharashtra and thank GOD for it.But have you heard any demands and any protest against Bihari or people from other states in any of the states of India.

    “one cant excel widout opportunity ..think who gave you opportunity to show ur caliber..wher u stand? you should be thankful to soil who gave you the opportunity thogh yopu pay for it..!!”
    one cannot excel wihtout oppotunity but more important is Talent.We have talents and because of our talent only we got the opportunity.Talent always successfully finds an opportunity for itself.That is what I believe.Nobody called us from Mumbai and told ok, you come and work, we are giving you the opportunity.They called us because we deserved that.But you are fighting to get opportuniyt in your own state.you need reservation to get that job for few bucks but you are confident of even getting that job.Thats why you started fighting and threatening people from other state.We are thankful to the soil who produced the talents because talent search opportunity for itself.Develop talent in yourself and your problem will get solved.

    And I feel Proud because according to you only, I pay for the service and then get it.So why to be thankful.Just for the opportunity, which I deserved.This is not any opportunity but I am working and they are paying (as per your words)
    But yes my Bihari mentaliye says ,I am grateful to my Janmbhoomi, Karmbhoomi and everything and I am contributing in the state development by paying tax.Comapny are here because of us.But anyway,Yes I am grateful to my karmbhoomi but more grateful to my motherland because nothing can be greater than motherland.I proud to be Bihari and I proud to be Indian.

  66. As far Voting Part is concerned, I was not eligilbe till now.Last year I voted in the Zila Parshad election.

  67. nikhil said

    well said Prem…Flawless..!!

  68. Nidhi said

    Sab apke trah nhi hai. apko sirf argue krne ata hai.tum jase log he desh ko barbad krtey ho our social worker banane ka natak krte ho.tum kya ksi ke bare main sochoge phle apne bare main socho.

    ricksaw chalne wale,thele wale,bhelpuri wale, pani puri wale v insan hotey hain. pahle insaniyat. karm hi puja hai koi chota bada nhi hota.apni soch ko sudharo fir bihari our marathi ki bat karo.

    nd u better try 2 learn how to behav.bad main dusro ko sikhana.

    very very well replied!!!

  69. Nice reply from piyush.:)

  70. Kunal said

    What is happening here in Maharashtra is basically a response to unequal distribution of the resources in different regions. The anger in Nikhil’s language is palpable and understandable. When Prem Piyush says that the terrorism has no identity except for their own, but what if we reverse the argument and then find that out of the small criminals there are say 50 percent from Bihar and UP. Now, here this utopian idea of no identity of terrorism is getting confused as we find that the two identities are overlapping to the extent that it is no longer possible to ignore the compelling correlation. So, if Maharshtra finds (and of course people like Raj Th help in instigating/fomenting these observations ) that a large fraction of the petty criminals hail from the immigrant population, we can not expect them to be very civil and polite at their own peril. Also, the argument that the Biharis and UP people are taking up their jobs is so obvious that it becomes counter-intuitive to think otherwise. So, the anger is understandable to some extent. Now, let us try to deconstruct the argument otherwise. When Nikhil says ‘we’, what exactly does this mean? The people from Maharashtra? Then what is this set of people from Maharashtra? Is it the set of people who came to MH two decades back? or only those who came here say 100 years back? And also, why this boundary on the map, which is basically more for the administrative than any other considerations should represent the set ‘we’. Is he clear what would happen if suddenly ‘Mumbai’ identity becomes the most prominent one and he starts being treated in the same manner as Biharis are being allegedly treated. So, this argument of identity is rather a complex one and as Rewa says she is a product of many mixed identities at the same time and it is the context that determines which identity is being referred to or rather should be referred to. The argument of the basic obfuscation in the definition of set ‘we’ can be extended on the national level too, however, the state is a much powerful identity and it somehow makes sure that its identity is somewhat more privileged. So, when Nikhil starts threatening about ‘them’ and ‘we will make them face …’ he is basically being a zealot and brainwashed by the political arguments of MNS and I must confess such arguments are very attractive and suits us individually, are escapist and hence simplistic and hence quite contagious. No amount of the arguments in support of the contribution of Biharis in the development of MH (and we can construct an argument like since they have contributed to the state so much, they have the first right on the resources on the state) would be able to convince the MH public as a whole as it requires certain patience, certain breadth of thought to accept these rather than the simple ones being generally offered by the politicians.

  71. Kunal said

    Regarding the solutions of such problems, one can have several approaches. One of the ideas that was offered initially was the ‘trickle-down effect’. However, what we find here is exactly the anti-thesis of this approach. So, the inequalities of the regional distribution in terms of resources have to be tackled first and that is the job of planners, however, the execution rests on the political will-power. Also, one may also think in a rather lazy manner that the problem will find the solution itself by say MNS being successful in evicting the Biharis, MH facing shortage of laborers, demand for laborers again increases and a dynamic porous medium flow takes place. However, we can not ignore the perils of such pernicious arguments as for its obvious dehumanizing approach. The key to such solution, in my humble opinion, would be to develop more city centers, say in Bihar and in MP and in UP where the economic costs of development is much less, and the marginal benefits so high that only the fools have resisted this. The location of Patna and Indore for instance are so strategic, that it would be foolish on the part of corporates to ignore these opportunities once they arise in these areas. The infrastructure needs to be developed by these poor states and many economic special benefits are required to be given as taxholidays. The example of HP is very laudatory in this instance. The role of center becomes prime importance in this situation as the basic infrastructure like the airports and the roads would not be able to executed by the states alone. So, the state and the centre have to join their forces to solve this rather intractable problem. Personally, the solution to this problem lies more outside MH than in MH. Also, my personal emphasis on the institutional reforms may be subject to criticism, cynicism and scepticism, however, I would not undermine their importance. Till that happens, we can keep trying to educate Nikhil and he in turn trying to convince us about the ground situation and the truth being both of us arguing from the same pedestal and perfectly justified to a great extent.

  72. Kunal said

    And as for the credentials that allow me to put forth my opinions from whichever goalpost I am looked at, I am a confirmed Bihari, born, brought and educated in Bihar and spent whatever amount of life I have spent in Bihar.

  73. nikhil said

    bravo kunal…
    very very well said…
    I would love to read more from you nd educate myself..nd convincing others regardin this is totally out of my prowess..

    i think wehen people tek the “we” nd “you” stance,it may hav a long chain of instances which may lead them to do so..when MH people say the things abt one particular community one must go through in deep to analyse that..why biharis nd UPians ? why not south indians or punjabis or Muslims or gujratis?

    well u may lable it as regionalism..but when it comes to ROZI ROTI nothin matters..As far as MNS nd politics is concerned i hav med ma point clear..

    whatever points regardin institutional developments u hav mentionesd are worth thinkin..!! wnderful..!!

    People here,should learn to apppppreciate if someone doin good job insread of pullin his legs..or sayin watever abt the wrkin bodies..( NGO nd MOney..!!)widout knowin it..!!

    LOt of then are BOL BACCHHAns..only talkin abt development bt not clear abt wat to do exactly abt it..or not takin any initiative to do that..funniest thin is , lot of stayin away from state for few extra bucks nd talkin abt development..!

    Neways IAS members of community can put some serious inputs regardin this..we r lookin forward for the contribution..!!

    Thnks kunal for putin in ur thoughts which compelled me to write again..!!

  74. Nidhi said

    There r many positive thngs in ur life dat will catch ur eye bt only if u wil see thngs wid ur open eyes. 🙂

  75. Shanta said

    Hi all,

    Nice discussion is going on. I am sorry that I am able to read all the comments now but still writing something regarding issue of migration:

    1. Mumbai is the economic capital of India and so it must be above from any feeling of regionalism. Economy of Mumbai has power to influence the economy of whole country. All Indians should get equal chance to stay here.
    ” When a person becomes king, he has to give priority to his people over his own personal desire and needs.”

    2. It is not fare to make Bihari run away from Mumbai and call people from Solapur to replace them although Solapur comes in the same state but it is in different region. If they can come on the basis of state then other also have equal right to come on the basis of nationality.

    I would not like to go in deep. But would like to share some facts:

    1. Officially about 200000 Bangladeshis are staying in Mumbai and unofficially this number touches to 500000. They are actually facilitating terrorism in the country. No one is raising their voice against them.

    2. Gujarati, Rajasthani and people from other state are also staying in equal proportion in Maharashtra. Do Raj Thackeray can raise his sound against all of them together.

    3. The labours employed for setting stage for speech of Raj was also from Bihar. Why did MNS workers not find labour from Maharashtra?

    Some suggestions:

    Whatever the situation, but people of Bihar should think how to develop Bihar and to change its scene in the country. Once the status of Bihar will change, no one would be able to raise their voice against Biharis.

    My friend who is one year junior to me, was able to bring 16 hours electricity in Hazipur with the help of some friends by revealing the fact that DM was selling electricity to Industry. People have to raise their voice against bad administration.

    I feel hurt by caste based reservation in 21st century.I feel even more hurt by seeing cast in 21st century. I will always say, if there is caste, then there must be caste based reservation. So simply start practising cross caste marriage, give full respect to all. But still I will fight for job based reservation so that labours will also get chance to see some IITians, IAS among them. Leave this, it is another topic to be discussed.

    JNV Darbhanga

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  77. Tanweer said

    Mr. Nikhil,
    I just went through your comment posted on this forum. Though you are doing great job for underprivileged people. The word, the sentences and way you have described yourself is not great and I can say that the job you are doing only for money and you are getting paid for that work. I am in Dublin and we are also doing lot of charity work. We students collecting money and using it for social welfare. It will be surprised to you that we built multistory school in UTTAMNAGAR (New Delhi) and we also working in Africa and Latin countries. You can get our fellow students there in Delhi even today…..They are working very hard……..carrying bricks and cement by themselves in this hot conditions.

    Everybody wants to live with his/her loved ones at home…but due to some reason we are away from home. It doesn’t make any sense to say that always migrants are beneficiaries. It is based on mutual benefits.

    How Bihari labours contributing to Maharashtra?
    Mumbai is the economic capital of India. Most the corporate office is there. These corporates producing goods in Mahrashtra and other state. If goods are produced in Maharashtra, you are getting revenue coz corporate offices are there and selling is done by them.
    Where goods are saled?
    Most of the goods are saled in Bihar and UP.
    You are asking of 80% reservation in private job. If we rasie 80% hike in sale tax…what will be your future?
    Why Bihar is Poor?
    We never thought any thing narrow minded like some state did in the past that led to emergence of regional parties like Shiv sena. We always consider ourselves as an Indian and we gave preference to the country over our state and you people always given preference to your state.

    If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to ask me..tanweer.alam@ucd.ie

  78. rohit said

    I am totaly agree wtih tanweer and shanta views.

  79. nikhil said

    @ Tanweer,

    Hi,m not as great writer as you , one shouldnt comment on the thing which he does not know…How can you say that I get pay for the work m doin?? By my language? You are great yaar…!!!

    Then I hav lot of space to doubt you if I read your comments nd the language you hav used that you are from DUBLIN..!!! Bt your work is commendable..!!! best wishes…!!

    Learn to express urself in a better way..as you are representing Indian community out there…learning english wont tek much efforts for genious person like you…!!

    I found your argument very childish…!!
    WHo are you to hike taxes?? & will you afford to buy these goods?? They will be so expensive for the poor states like bihar.. then wat will you eat??? so think before you write..!!

    Everyone should give preferance to nation..its very easy to say that sittin at the bay..!!!
    wat is NATION?? collection of states,right?? If we people develop our respective states it will ultimately lead to development of nation as a whole..but development of nation doesnt mean that developing METROS like mumbai..
    Migration of people will always lead to erosion of afluent resources available out there but it wont countribute very little to their native place,which leads to regional disparity…!!!
    Think abt the brain drain happening in Bihar..if the state retains them we can see Bihar at much better position..!!!

    I hav no doubts abt your capabilities dude…!! keep it up…!!

  80. mamta said


    Jo ko nikhil…man gaye tumko…itna samjhane ke bad bewakoof ke bewakoof hi rahe tum..

    U do one thing..go back to ur native(as u said somewhr border of maharastra n karnataka..i didnt get to see tht name..this is how u said it) n make it the capital of ur DEVELOPED COUNTRY MAHARASTRA….N DANCE ALL ALONE LIKE FOOL…..

    HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA HA HA HA….belive me u wil look great….

    n yes do let me know later…till how many days days ur country is developed…DANCING ALL ALONE….

    n yes…u mind ur language first…

    “They will be so expensive for the poor states like bihar.. then wat will you eat??? so think before you write..!!”

    Who r u to judge my pocket….

    U first learn how to speak or if u cant dont worry i l teach u….

    Aise tumko kuch sikha nahi sakte…tum bhi raj thakre type ho….NO BRAIN…

  81. rohit said

    Mere samj me ek baat nahi aati, kahna kuch chaateh oh kahte kuch ho……brain drain whole nation ki problem hai..aur Koi kahi bhi rahe, kisi bhi state me, kisi ko rokne ka haak nahi hai. Mera Desh Mahan tha, hai, rahega. Politician desh ka bhala kitna karte hai yeh sab jante hai. per sare kharab nahi hai

    Agar resourse ki baat kare, to jara batao desh me jitne mines hai kaha hai? Uns mines se nikle iron se desh ka bhala hota hai. Kia woh sirf bihar ka hai. Agar Puri royality Bihar Ko mile yaa sabhi factory bihar me lag jaye to kia ho.

    India ki last 2500 yrs ki history ne se 1500yrs ki history bihar ki history hai. Maghad Ki Satta gai to uski virasat pure hindustan me koi nahi sambhal saka. South em Rajaedra Chole ko chode ke.(Woh bhi single king) Last 1500 hrd yeres em kaun sa raja hua jisne hindustan ko ek sutra me bhanda. Akbar bhi pure hindustan per kabhiz nahi ho paya tha.
    So ek baat yaad rakhna Hindustan ki kismat jsiase bhi ho bihar or UP ko hi likhni hai.

  82. Suraj said

    Bhaiyon aur Behno…………..

    I know it is serius issue but don’t go too personal with it. Don’t make Rewa’s blog page a battle field for biharis Vs non-biharis to express your DIL ki BHADAAS.

    Please note that we as indian -people and indian -state, are same. So don’t make out things/statements from picture given by our media and our local people (bihari or non-bihari). And just to support your statement (which might be fake), never use any statistics like “Statistics yehi dikhata hai ki Maharastra ka crime rate bhi Bihar ke crime rate se comparable hai”(Thakre might say…this is becuase of biharis in Maharashtra….It’s JOKE) because statistics also shows that PATNA has greater literacy rate than CYBERCITY (Sikanderabad) OF ANDHRA PRADESH. I can give you 100% assurance that these statistics are of no use AND indeed make no sense for you and me.

    Also note that there is no STATE in India which satisfies all parameters to be “A DEVELOPED STATE”. Maharashtra is powerless these days…….there is biggest electricity crisis that any state in independent India could ever had. ANDHRA-MAHARASHTRA- there are farmers every killing themselves every day. TAMILNADU-KARNATAKA- killing each other for water.

    I have never been to Bihar. All I heard about bihar is from my bihari friends only….99% of whom are upper cast biharis (YADAVs/PANDITs/SHUKLAs etc). I have read alot about BIHAR in books….watched documentaries/feature films (all bad -70% and good -30 % things). So this gave overall no so good picture of BIHAR…and well about BIHARIs….I have done engineering…..so most of my bihari friends very BINDHAAST/KHATARNAAK/DILDAAR/DADAs/YADAVs/AMIR ke BACHHE. I had talented/Cool BIHARI friends and all of them were in NITs and IITs and JNUs.
    BUT I do believe that all these things movies/books/people I came accross about BIHAR don’t represent 100% bihar. I may be wrong.

    Please note that…no one faces problem who work with MNCs/Private Companies/Govts/NGOs/MEdia. Problems are always faced by AAM AADMI who lives on the streets in the SLUMs whether they are bihari or non bihari…I am talking about class three and four people. They will be always screwed up and manipulated……… by THAKREs (if they mumbaikars)…..by Yadavs (if they are biharis-lower casts in BIHAR) or Abu Azmi (if they are UP-BIHARI).

    You, me and Hum are all…..scoundrels. Remember those are scoundrels who think they are been ruled by scoundrels. So….Don’t blame politicians……Thakres/Yadavs/Azmis…….they are heros for our people (at least for some people)…though not for you and me. If you think you are better than them (politicians)….then come on.. lead our people and make them eduated more aware like you. If you can’t do that………the shut the F$#k up!!

    Please Don’t fight….becuase you and me…..biharis and non-biharis we together have a great responsibility …….to make a better BIHAR and better INDIA.

    Sorry…Nikhil and Mamta …your comments I found…..too personal for each other though good…
    ………lekin agar pyaar nahi karana hai to ladaai bhi mat karo……..kyon ki zyaada ladaai karane walon ko thoda-bahut pyaar bhi karana padta hai !!


  83. Suraj said

    FOLKs…….give comments to What Rewa has written under main topic…if you don’t like any thing don’t cry and blame person individually….rather reply properly. Rewa is doing great job of providing a very good platform for her friends to share their views on important topics. She has started this very good discussion…so let us keep it good and try to make it even better.
    Folks……….Encourage your friends.

  84. milind said

    The issue is not at all related whether they should be accepted or not the issue is about that the by neglecting qulifiers biharis should not be given any more preference as this is not according to the laws

  85. Ashish said

    Mr. Shyam Vinod Meena,

    if you are so sure about your ideologies then why dont you correct the place from where you belong…Rajasthan. Its not that Rajasthan is a very bright state, its in the same shakling state as Bihar is…so now its the time for you to see beneath your coller.

  86. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    Dear initiator of this discussion
    what I could gather from your statement are following questions culminating into outbursted discussion and converging into an issue!these questions are as:
    1.Your ethnic sensuality for the state of Bihar evidently manifested by your reactions towards people’s notion for Bihar state!
    2. Causes of current state of affairs of bihar leading to a noticable migration of biharis.
    3. Your pain towards non acceptance or surprised response of community members for your shaping up as an individual linked with your referred state and rural backdrop.
    I respond to it in the same order only:
    1.I am convinced that every individual is possessive and conscious about her/his state of origin.We all are in habit of labelling any state on the basis of its economy and its present contribution in the countries capital.So pronounced is its impact that we glorify its history and people too.A few northern states enjoy this favour.Bihar despite of its rich resources and other contribution got noted for a few traditional pattern of people and circumtancially got misinterpretated for biased generalisation.Now my point is if you are so sensitive to this plight of state then elevate your standards of accomplishment in every field and end all the preconcept notions.As already quoted by you that the people of state have shwn their worth in iit/upsc/other prestigious exams.But it is not enough,To build a new image you have to channalize all the youths to trigger change!
    this doesnt require a senstivity or anger , this requires anguish converted into well structured action.Secondly instead of feeling offended for your state you yourself feel that the people of one part of India are migrating because of various reasons.why cant a statetegy be taken to curb that? ponder upon it and launch an stategy with your peer to begin with.I suggest govt. has already started a country wide intervention by creating National rural employment gurantee act[NREGA]and let me add a personal touch its good to be an student of JNU/Navodya,but it doesnt’ change your original self cause you will acheive by your personal merits and not by institutional support.We cannot regard JNU OR Navodhya as a property of any one particular state or province please.Even if you could have studied in your state you could have been special by the virtue of your personal accomplishment only and I feel so you are!
    2.Migration is an epidemic and is prevailing in every state in want of employment only,Best way to curb is in hands of sensible people like you,concentrate your tallents in the upliftment of your villages in whatever field you may be.Then only you have right to defend your state.
    3.I think third point is already covered.
    I am from rajasthan but am proud to be an indian first.See,belongingness to a state is to equip you with its socio-cultural wealth and bring laurels to the nation. I imbibed the history and approach of valiant rajasthanis and converted into my todays persuit to enshine name of my nation only.When my poetry was selected by keats shelly memorial the mail of curator of this organisation spoke “I am glad to see the effect of john keats as far as in India,that too far in the muuddy terrains of rajasthan—!” similarly UNESCO released my research paper on its official website for global agenda the bracket against me beared the word INDIA–I felt quite nostalgic!
    before I conclude may I request something,please shed this habbit of proving yourself[I mean all of us]patriotic by abusing the Britishers only.Never forget that it was their existence which made us feel one and as fellow countrymen lest we were in habbit of saluting our local landlords.Accept it candidly that we have also learnt from them.I remind you one slogan think globally and act locally.Be open to every country true to ourreligous scripture saying
    वासुदेव कुटूम्बुकुम
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

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