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Tring Tring…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 24, 2007

Ring ring ringing…….I am scared! Whenever my mobile starts ringing (specially in office time) and if I heard that I am calling from this and that bank for credit cards or loan, before they complete their sentence, I politely say in simple words, “No, I am not interested at all” and I just cut the phone down. I really get irritated of those! 😦

I really don’t know what the hell of namunas they are made of. In fact you start saying no no no but they will not stop calling you. I use to say, its ‘wrong number’. Sometimes when they call me on Saturday and if I am in the mood, then I pretend to be a servent. 😉  I might say “No, I am not the person you are searching for. Also I start saying, actually I am not the house owner; they left for their office duty and I am a “servent”. And naturally I speak in Hindi and make my accent like a kaam karne wali. 😛 They don’t know hindi so they just disconnect my phone by saying ‘sorry mam’…..hihihihi…..and it works like magic for a while 🙂

However hopeless to say that I am tired of saying no no no over and over, but they are same energetic people.  My god, they are so strong and having such patience, they keep calling calling and calling and enjoy. It seems for them it’s a good timepass, but bhagwan bhala kare insabka aur hame bachaye insabse…….!


10 Responses to “Tring Tring…!”

  1. vijaya smriti said

    yes, you are absolutely true.Whatever excuse you give,it does not bother these people and they will keep your phone ringing again and again.I was also facing the same propblem.Then one of my colleague suggested me something about that which I would like to share here.

    If you get a call for the loan, dont make any excuse as it does not work.Simply show your interest and get the details of the loan. After the details of loan just ask whether they are ready to pay the interest for the loan.it means show them that you need a loan urgently but a loan without any interest.
    I am sure this will work because it has worked for me.

  2. Nidhi said

    The ultimate timepass for that they get money.Seems like everyone is facing the same problem you have mentioned. 😦

  3. Amit said

    hmmmm a universal problem but that their duty. nothing can be done. 🙂

  4. Hemant said

    Now this is the only trick I will follow to avoid others and to have fun. I will become driver kyon ki mein to servent bi banane ke layak nahin hun as I do not know how to do house chors.

  5. Hmmm….Vijaya. you know wat, I have applied the suggestion given by you…..hehehhe….they were shocked by my response and was telling how it possible me….i said, then stop calling me! 😉 Thanku for suggestion.

    Haanji…Amit and Nidhi, this is a wonderful timepass for them and an universal problem for us and many people are suffering bcos of this problem. aapdono kuchh karte kyun nahi hen…kuchh karo 😉

    Hi Hemant, hehehhe…..hasi aa rahi hai aap per….soch rahi hun hasun ya roun… 😆 koi nahi driver ka role aap per fit ban parega… 😛

  6. mehhekk said

    hey hey realy funny:):),seems needed after deep dard bhari poem full of emotions which had tears in my eyes,now tears of laughter ha ha

  7. mehhekk said

    hey rews seethis is other poem on palash ke phool,i dont know who is writer of this but its nice.

    Mera khayal hai yeh,hakikat si ho jaana tum,
    meri bahaon mein aa kar so jana tum.
    Apni khushboo se mere ghar ko mekhana tum,
    phool palash ke chun lana tum.
    Duniya ke nazaare swikaar nahi,
    apni muskurahat se mujhe behlana tum.
    Surkh ho jaye jab zindagi ki fiza,
    phool palash ke chun lana tum.
    Mausam basant ka jab bhi aayega,
    apne aangan mein khushboo layega,
    cheh chehati chidiya si gana tum,
    Door gagan mein kahin udd jana tum,
    Phool palash ke chun lana tum.
    Jab bhi ho jaye udaas man mera,
    mithi si baaton ko hothon pe rakh lana tum.
    Aangan mein udte sukhe patton ko,
    apne aanchal mein samet lana tum,

  8. Tring Tring…ab lagta hai track change karna padega…from dard bhari poem to dil khush karne wali poem. 🙂

    Hey Mehek….its really very nice poem….kisne likha hai yeh mere palas ke liye…I am thankful to him/her. And also thanx to you for putting this poem here and visting my blog as well.

  9. आपको बचाएगा
    तो इनका भला
    कैसे हो पाएगा

  10. @अविनाश वाचस्पति, सरजी उनका ही तो भला हो रहा है और ऐसा ना हो की उनका भला करते करते ख़ुद ही उपर सेर करने चले जाऊँ. खैर उनका वो काम है, ख़ूब दिल लगाकर करे यही आशा है उनसे. 😉


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