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Chhath Puja…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on November 16, 2007

It’s me again to share with you my feelings. May be I am missing something here. You know what! Today is “Chhath Puja“. I especially love this festival very much and the reason behind this is I love Surya bhagwan! Sun God, considered the god of energy and life-force, is worshipped during Chhath for well-being, prosperity and progress.

This festival is devoted to the Sun God (Surya Dev). It is celebrated on sixth day after Deepawali. On the first day, devotees, mostly women, take a dip in the river and start fasting that runs till the last offering on the fourth day. People gather on the banks (ghat) of the River or pond near by their home to take a bath in its holy water, pray and make ritual offerings to the “setting Sun God (on first day) and “rising Sun” (Next day early in morning)during the puja. Chhath is a way to be grateful to the Sun for giving the bounties of life on earth and for the fulfillment of wishes of believers. Also, the devotees fear of the punishment for any misdeed during Chhath. This is the unique and one of the most popular festivals celebrated mainly in the northern regions of the state of Bihar in India.

Today, this evening thousand of hands must be offering ‘Araghya‘ to the Sun God on the occasion of Chhath puja. The banks of river decorated with a million lit colorful lamps…..It looks like Ganga mata is coming like bankar nayi naveli dulhan, if you would be there you would feel so. My Maa is keeping fast and doing this puja for me too but I am not with her now, so I feel really I am missing something ‘very special.’

Anyway, dear Readers…..I am putting few songs, if you wish you enjoy listening these chhath Songs, sung by bhojpuri singer “Sharda Sinha.”


17 Responses to “Chhath Puja…!”

  1. Yeah the Sun is the only visible God, giving life to the humankind. So does exists the ultimate bhakti bhav of the devotees.

    Thanks for giving the links related to the Chhath Puja songs.

  2. mahesh anand tiwari said

    i like this festival the most.

  3. Prem sir, thanku for your comment!

    Hi Mahesh, thnx to you for your comment. yes, i too like this fest very very much.


  4. Kamlesh said

    Chhath ka prasad mujhe nahi mila. 😦

  5. Nidhi said

    Mujhe bhi prasad nahi mila abtak????? I was also missing chhath puja very much. main abhi gana sun rahi hun……..’patna ke ghaat par hamhu araghiya debaei he chathi maiya….ham na jaib dusar ghaat he chathi maiya.’ 🙂

  6. Nidhi said

    Beatiful songs
    ‘koun kokhi lihayle janam he suraj dev…Uthau Suruj bhail bihan he mayi………….’
    aapne ghar ki yaad dila diya.aankho me anshu aa gaye. missing so much. 😦

  7. amu said

    hi di,
    North walon ke liye chath puja ka wishesh mahatva hai.pure dhai dino tak jaise ghar me utsav ka mahaul rahta hai, kharna se paran tak.khaskar sham wale ghat ke din to jab

  8. amu said

    hi di,
    North walon ke liye chath puja ka wishesh mahatva hai.pure dhai dino tak jaise ghar me utsav ka mahaul rahta hai, kharna se paran tak.khaskar sham wale ghat ke din to jab dip jalta hai to lagta hai mano aaj phir se diwali hai.
    really i love this festival.so bas kuch padhkar kuch likhkar beete hue lamhon ko yaad kiya karte hain.aapke article me chath ki jhanki dikhakar kafi acha laga.

  9. Kamlesh, babu prasad to abhi bhi ghar mei rakha hua hai…mujhe mera ek friend chhath ka prasad de gaya tha aur main abhitak kha rahi hun. chalo koi nahi…..mera bhai kabhi dukhi nahi ho sakta….next time se tumhare paas bhi pahunch jayega….done. 🙂

    Nidhi, tumhe bhi prasad milega…ghar wale pakka rakhe honge….and plz dont feel to cry…..rona kabhi nahi rona…chaahe toot jaye koi bhi khilouna…..dekh yeh kya kum hai hamlog door hokar bhi sabhi ko apne paas pa rahe hen….so be happy 🙂

    Amu, hmmm…bilkul sahi kaha hai tune…aur kya pakka apna bihar ka lang use kiya hai kharna se paran tak…wow…sahi hai. thanku.

  10. Amit said

    The most famous festivals in Bihar. I missed both diwali and chhath. prasad?????

  11. Hemant said

    Here I am not agree with Rewa. Instead of offering worship to Surya bagwan she should write one more poem. I think no worship make any difference to sun God as he will keep doing his work weather you worship him or not.
    Here in England no body worships Surya Bagwan and he does not stop his light from falling on the land of England.

    Ha ha ha…….. It’s all fun.
    I myself do worship Sun God daily.

  12. Hi Amit, prasad ke liye hamare ghar aana parega…so welcome to my sweet home 🙂

    Hi Hemant, hmmm….tell me one thing, if people are not worship of surya devta there in UK, then should I not worship of Surya devata? They believe in Jesus the Christ as the Son of God, same I feel Suyra bhagwan is the subject of worship. People may worship different gods, but finally we have only one god whether its my beloved lord Shiva, Ram, ghanshaym, allah, ishu or waheguru etc. 🙂

    Sure, i will write a poem devoted to surya dev. Waise UK choro aur hamare India ki baat karo…warna India mein kadam nahi rakhne dungi 😛 aur jyada UK ka name liye to wahan aapke ghar mein dhamaka karwa dungi…. 😆

  13. mehhekk said

    bahut khubsurat post,shayad sabse achha tumhare posts mein,so sweet rasm and cultur.i liked it.was not knowing.

  14. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    I understand the pain of not being a part of a festival you have adored since chidhood but take it easy, time shall change its course and may be today your mother is worshiping surya , years later you may take this role and be back in the sway— what I appreciate is your concern over the worship keep it up –this is equally a pennanced offering done to illuminated lord–best of luck
    Dr vishwas saxena.

  15. sunil said


  16. sunil said

    chhath mata ka kipya se sab sahi ho jai


  17. Ritesh Kumar said

    Most important aspect of chhath is its scientific significance which not many people are aware of. I recommend people to read The science of Chhath by yogishri Oumkaar which is available on website: http://www.freewebs.com/chhathpuja/scienceofchhath.htm

    I am pasting few lines from the website as I have been doing with several blogs over past few months. I hope the readers will find it interesting.

    The entire process of Chhath is divided into 6 scientific stages of Conscious Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion Technique (Conscious Photoenergization Process).

    Stage 1: Fasting and the discipline of cleanliness leads to detoxification of the body and mind. This stage prepares the body and mind of the Vratti (devotee) to receive the cosmic solar energy.

    Stage 2: Standing in a water body with half the body (navel deep) in the water minimizes the leak of energy and helps the prana (psychic energy) to move up the sushumna (psychic channel in the spine).

    Stage 3: Cosmic Solar Energy enters the Vratti’s pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands (Triveni complex) through retina and optic nerves.

    Stage 4: Activation of Triveni (tri-glandular complex) Pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus

    Stage 5: A kind of Polarization of happens in the spine, which results in the Vratti’s gross and subtle bodies getting transformed into a cosmic powerhouse. This can also lead to the awakening of the latent psychic energy popularly known as the Kundalini Shakti.

    Stage 6: The body of Vratti (devotee) becomes a channel, which conducts, recycles and transmits the energy into the entire universe.

    The physical bodies of all the living organisms are highly sophisticated energy conducting channels.
    The solar bio-electricity starts flowing in the human body when it is exposed to solar radiations of specific wavelengths.
    Under particular physical and mental conditions, the absorption and conduction of this solar-bio-electricity increases.
    The processes and the rituals of Chhath puja aim at preparing the body and the mind of the (Vratti) devotee for the process of Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion.

    Not many people are aware that the scientific process similar to Chhath was used by the Rishis of yore for carrying their austerities without any intake of solid or liquid diet. Using the process similar to the Chhath puja, they were able to absorb the energy needed for sustenance directly from the sun, instead of taking it indirectly through food and water.

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