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Ek hazaaron mei mera bhai hai…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 28, 2007

A Very Happy rakhshabandhan to all my brothers and sisters. This is the festival in which there is a chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister.

I wanted to post this in morning but I couldn’t make it. I did have time and many times I tried to write but I was unable to control my emotion, so I couldn’t do it . Since morning, all sisters must have tied rakhi on their bhai’s kalayi but I couldn’t. Perhaps, I am not enough lucky like those sisters to tie a rakhi on my brothers kalayi on this occassion. I can’t say that I didn’t get time to go for shopping and get rakhis for them! I had time but I couldn’t.

I thought, I will be getting some special gift from my brothers on this day but not like other sisters gets. They called me up, messaged me and I was expecting some good doses from my brothers but as gift they just had complained with me that they didn’t get my rakhi. I was thinking that I will be getting blasted from them, made myself ready for their lovely blast and decided, I wouldn’t get angry back at them as it’s their right, they have to scold me not only once but twice, thrice or as much as they wish. However, they didn’t angry but left a wonderful and lovely warning for me that I shouldn’t repeat the same in future and I hope I wouldn’t.

I feel like going back to those childhood days which will never come back. I remember we used to do noke-jhonks which sometimes turned into a fight. And at times they got angry on me; I felt each others nerves getting close to closer and at other times we would do anything for each other. But today, I really miss them, missing my brothers very much. 😦 I am really sorry, very sorry for this! I am sure, from next time I wouldn’t repeat the same. Getting emotional so I have to stop writing. Anyway, still I believe nothing is last; nothing is lost and never will end.


23 Responses to “Ek hazaaron mei mera bhai hai…!”

  1. Amit said

    Belated Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.
    I am far away from home and I myself tied rakhies on my wrist sent by sisters. missing my loving sisters 😦
    rewa, i am sure you are not going to repeat same and you shouldn’t.

  2. Manoj Maurya said

    Dear Sis, happy rakhi. and m one those guys who don’t have any sibling sister. but u r there. take care and keep my rakhi with u.

  3. Hi Manojda,

    I am happy to read ur msg here. I know you are not in India but even though I have got a lovely protective msg from you which I wish to write here- “dear sis, happy raksha bandhan. koi chhede to batana, uski taange tod doonga.” wat more I expect from my brothers! Yes, I am always there for my brothers till I alive and I will keep rakhi for you.

    Wish you again a very happy rakhi!


  4. Juneli said

    You didn’t send Rakhee to your brothers????

    Anyway, I hope from the next time you will not reapet this.


  5. Hi Juneli,

    Thanks for your comment. Yea, this time I haven’t sent rakhies to my lovely brothers. Actually last yr I had sent rakhies to them but they didn’t get that. So, I have not sent this yr but I have promised myself that it wouldn’t repeat same in future.


  6. Nidhi said

    Namaste ji,

    You didn’t send rakhee to your brother!!! veryyyy badddd veryyyy badddd veryyyy badddd. 😦 Tab to gift bhi nahi mila hoga. maine bheja tha par mujhe bhi nahi mila koi gift kyuni mera bhai mujhse chota hai.wo jab job karega to usse pura wasool lungi.

  7. ritesh said

    woh ji woh kya jamana aa gaya hai behana rakhi bhejna bhi bhul jati hai. actually bhai ne apni pyari bahen ko kuch jyada hi sad pe chadha rakha hai samjhe Mr ashutosh rewa ke bhai………….

  8. ritesh said

    zubair i m ritesh suggestng u neednot to be so emotional abt ur loving siter dekh liya na kya kamal ka reward mila tumhe itni aas ke bad bhi rakhi nahi mili …..behen ke excuse ko mat mano ye sab bahana hai…………….o.k dont woory i m joking …………have a good bye to all my frnd……….

  9. veerendra said

    mujhe bhi rakhi nahi mili [:(]

  10. Hello nidhi, i know its very bad 😦

    Ritesh, main rakhi bhejna bhuli nahi thee. Tum bhi na ek mahan hasti ho. Tumhe kaise pata ki mujhe ashu bhaiya ne sar per chadha rakha hai or chada bhi rakha hai to wats ur problem…??? 😆

    And you know wat, zubair bhaiya is the 1st person to call me on raksha bandhan. it doesnt matter for him wherever i am, he use to do this since i left school. And for ur kind information he doesn’t require ur suggestions and you keep it in ur pockets. ;)Waise why are you trying to take panga with me? 😆 😉

  11. Veerendra, you didn’t come to me so i cudnt tie rakhi on ur kalaayi. 😦 I heared you were engage with some other assignment so I thought not to disterb you by sending a rakhi 😉 just kiding. 😉 Anyway, maaf kar do mere pyare bhai.

  12. veerendra said

    Its amazing how quickly time moves. Few weeks ago I was saying ” I M SORRY ” and now ..i m being urged for forgiveness 🙂 Just kidding didi 🙂 next yr I want 2 rakhis
    bbye didi

  13. ritesh said

    tumse kya panga lena tumhare bhai logo ne tumhe jab maf kar diya chalo maine bhi tumhe baksh diya aage se aaise bhool nahi karna…….

  14. […] रहा है लंबी छुट्टी मिली है, और फिर कल रक्षा बंधन भी है. वरना मेरे किस्मत में तो इंडिया […]

  15. Hello my bhai,

    Happy Raksha bandhan to all my brothers only! Mere taraf se tum sab dher sare mithai kha lena. Loving and missing my bhai this special day.

    lots of love.

  16. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good posts

  17. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    I understand your pure and immaculate concern towards this festival.i can just only imagine about your pain in missing your brothers on this occasionI pray next time you are with them.
    I am really scared to give my views on this blog.The simple reason is I really do not consider important to name any relationship.To me a honest and sincere relationship between two human beings is above any identified relationships.Otherwise also
    a relationship irrespective of gender,cast religion and is poised towards mutual regard is far more superior to brother/sister one.I feel very hurt to see two persons camyflouging their union under the cover of brother sister relation.I first beg my apology then would quote that raksha bandhan never matters anything to me. Because I have only one sister who is 5 years elder to me and on evry day I feel is auspicious with her.I always keep willing to support her without any hyphaed sentimentalised exergration.My bond with her is very strong and we do not express it in words or by rakhi.As a matter of fact we need to understand and learn that human relationship is far above to any other relationship.May I raise a voice to all brothers and sister visiting this site to resolve to prevail this feeling energetically around them.so that a climate of amnesty and peace prevails.Anyway with my profound wishes to all the brothers and sisters celebrating Rakhi and with my regards
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

  18. nidhu said

    hello Dr. saxena
    u have interpretted wrongly the whole meaning of this post it was jus a childhood mistake a sister wanted to make his brother special in her own ways but somehow culdnot make up.aap ne to us bachan ki masoomiyat ko kuch aur he roop de kar samjha which is not the case..plz check ur words what u r writing….u might be older enough ,much elder than us to understand relations but u failed to understand the crux of this post…

  19. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    @ all those who read me.Perhaps I have failed to convey my message or I have failed to understand the post.Whatever the case may be since it appears that my views are not liked by people i feel I shall extend apology and shall withdraw and cease to give my views.I am older and know my limits,and never ever try to cross it,for my words,I never aim to hit any individual,I thought youths of today shall understand me and do all that which I failed to do!but I failed here too!
    I never tried to comment on age old pure bond but showed my worry over a new situation which was perhaps not sduccessfully expressed by me.So I have no alternative but to apologize .wiht my heartfelt apology may request forthcoming comment writers to consider the original blog and stop wasting time on my comment.Regards to all
    Dr Vishwas

  20. merxequity said

    Raksha Bhandhan is a great festival of Brother- Sister (Bhai-Bhan) love in this world. Every brother (bhai) tries to give some special gift to her sister. Unique gifts selection always is not be easy, see our unique gifts ideas some like motivational gifts, Management gifts etc.

  21. rishibala said

    i hv 2 elder brothers jinke saath meri kaafi ladaiyaan hoti hai itni ki mummy ko solve karna padta hai
    bt rakhi k din no ladai nop jhagra

    bt one thing i must say that they hv always supported me wherevr i failed
    they took care of me wen i was suffering from malaria
    i luv them a lot n cannot live without them
    bros. r the best
    happy rakshabandhan

  22. binu said

    i want to know about “bhahilolungi” matra

  23. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog!

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