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Nadiya Ke Paar…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 5, 2007

Well, don’t be surprised, I am writing about a very old but gold movie.

Nadiya ke paar is a bhojpuri movie directed by ‘Gobind Moonis’. I have seen this movie several times and even now I can see this many times without getting bored! This movie is very close to our roots and also touches my heart. Rajshree made “Hum aapke hain kaun” on the same story. In fact the title of the movie has been copied from the dialogue of the film “Nadiya ke par”. I do not need to tell you the story of the movie “Nadiya ke paar” as I guess you must have seen the superhit movie “Hum aapke hain kaun”.

The story is short and simple and totally based on lively ‘village culture‘. I personally liked the expression, style and the most important is the tone of delivering the dialogue by the actor ‘Sachin’ (chandan) and actoress ‘Sadhana Singh’ who played the role of “Gunja

In this movie luckily all Songs are just superb. The song I like the most is “kaun disa mein le ke chala re batohiya…” and also other songs like on the marriage “Jabtak poore na hon fere saath…” (even today this song is famous in north Indian marriage ceremony) and “jogi ji dheere dheere…” All are very good and have left a deep impression in our memory lane.

Though, Rajshree made the supper hit movie “Hum aapke hain kaun” on the same story, but it can not be compared with Super Duper hit movie “Nadiya Ke paar” in any aspect. 

Dear Readers, if you wish to watch the movie ‘Nadiya ke paar’, for that you just need to click on the below link and wait for 30 seconds to watch it out. One more thing in case you get problem wid high bandwidth then click on low bandwidth.

*To watch click here on  ‘Nadiya ke paar’

I got the perfect and superb link from one of my friend Mukesh. Thank you so much Mukesh. 🙂


10 Responses to “Nadiya Ke Paar…!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    hum aap ke hain kaun! naam hi kaafi hai
    *ye mausam ka jaadoo hai mitwaa….

    I just love it…

    Keep on Smiling
    Ek Ajnabi

  2. well in fact, i won’t try to compare the both movies…but being on the same story track, both movies have their own charm. one lets u roam around the vast paddy fields, river, gives the exotic touch of the village life, and the other gives u some kasba(in Hindi) like touch and songs having new falvour, but same emotions, same respect to various relatioships.
    In a nutshell, the same thing is viewed from two different perspectives. And yeah, even after doing that, you can feel the same fragrance.

    and yeah, like ek ajnabi, I loved them too. 😉

    muskurate raho

  3. Nidhi said

    Is movie ka to jawab hi nahi. This is a great movie with a very strong felings. ganwa bahute mast hai.

    yah wala song suniyey, It’s a little bit funny “Khaike Paan Banaraswalla…..”

    Aur yah wala bhi, apna bihar yaad jayega. “Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyri Chadhaibo….”

  4. Juneli said

    so Babuni aaj Nadiya ke Paar ki baat kar rahi hai :).

    As soon as one of my firend saw the film HAHK and I asked him about the film he said that It’s Nadiya ke Paar. Farq sirf itna hai ki usmein naav mein tha aur isme car :D.

    Yes, as Sumit Baranwal Says both film have their own charm. Raj Shree ka film ka baat hi alag hota hai. From Dosti to Vivah :). Each film dipict the true human feelings… The story would be simple but still there is a lot to feel and understand.

    I also like the song “Kaun disha mein….” but the feelings of the song “jab tak pure na…..” is very touchy. There is no any better song on Holi then the Jogira.

    It is one of my all time fav films 🙂

  5. amit said

    This is an exceptional movie. I am surprised to read the review of a nice and old movie. you reminded me the story. the Cast Performance, dialogue, acting and all the songs are really the best. Whenever I see this movie I feel proud of my Indian culture and traditions.

    you know Inder Thakur who played the role of Omkar was on the passenger list of Kanishka air crash years back, but he will always be remembered for his role in Nadiya ke paar.Sadhana Singh married in the Royal family of Varanasi after this movie’s mega hit made a come back in popular TV serial’Jassi Jaisi koi nahin as Raghav’s mother.

    My all time fav song is jogiji dheere dheere 🙂

  6. akhilesh said

    nadiyar ke paar film bahute neeman ba. hum dekhle bai ekare ke. sab gaanewe ekaae niman baren sa.

  7. i have not seen nadiya ke par and i dont know about this, but i hav seen hum aapke hai kaun.its a nice movie, i love salman acting and i love ‘pehla pehla pyar hai’.:)

  8. vijaya smriti said

    I am totally agree with you that we cannot compare both the films.Although HAHK was also a very good movie having very melodious songs.Nadiya ke paar also had very melodious songs(these were better than the HAHK according to me)but apart from very good songs,HAHK had a big glamaous team having Madhuri Dixit,Salman khan,Renuka Shahane,Reema lagoo and others.And it is easy to find fault with HAHK.like the dresses.Renuka shahane and reema lagoo have frequently changed their dresses and then i cannot point out that what dress Madhuri was wearing in her first scene.I didn’t like her ssalwar suits also.then some funny dances of pehla pehla pyar hai.but in case of nadiya ke paar, i think everything was perfect.Sachin and sadhana singh were not a very big starcast.And i think representing a village life and tradition is more difficut that representing an urban life which nadiya ke paar has successfully done.and then the songs.ultimate!!those are evergreen.while didi tera dewar deewana has vanished.

  9. mehhekk said

    hum apke hai kaun tho dekhi hai,par ye baat bilkul sahi dono films cpmpare nahi ki ja sakti,but itna keh sakti hun original nadiye ke par jyada behtarin hogi,link par movie dekhne fursat mein aaungi jarur ek din.

  10. Dr Vishwas Saxena said

    If you love ethnic flavour and countryside life then I suggest you an another movie of the same banner of Rajshri shot and released may be before your birth and it is PAHELI[not the one featuring sharukh khan]
    a famous song is linked with my childhood memorie and it is
    भिस्ती करे टापुर टिपुर टापुर टिपुर
    सोना करे झिलमिल झिलमिल
    रूपा हँसे कैसे खिल खिल
    A very good movie sketching the period of transition from childhood to adolescence–
    Do watch it and you will like it
    Dr Vishwas Saxena

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