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Funda of growing hair…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on August 1, 2007

Today I would like to take a trip in a time machine back to School days- I remember one of my junior, she was in my hostel at my room in JNV Katihar. Actually, after a long gap we met in Get Together at jnv katihar on 30-31st December. We all were overwhelmed after talking about our past. And in that GT, one of my junior Rajini was there.

Anyway, this is very small incident which make me to laugh sometimes. Actually she is having curly hairs and it was winter season. At that period she was in class 10th and I was in class 12th. Sometimes we girls used to tease each other….and one day Rajini was asked by one of her classmate that “Rajini tumhare hairs kal sey chhote kyun lag rahe hein?” She did not believe on that as she was not doing hair cut since long time because she wanted to grow her hair. She told how it can be possible. Her friends asked her, “ki didi logo se puchh lo”….. we all were listening them and laughing. 🙂

I was just passing through near to her bed. Suddenly, Rajini asked me, “didi mere baal dekhiye yeh kal se chhote dikh rahe hein kya?” And her friends winked me, 😉  so I too told her same “haan rajini tumhare hairs chhote ho rahe hein” and then she promptly replied, “actually, baat yah hai ki cold mein mere baal sikur (shrink) jaate hein and garmi mein yah fail (grow up) jate hein.” 😛

To tell you, actually she applied some scientific theory. But after geting her prompt and funny answer we burst into laughter 🙂


12 Responses to “Funda of growing hair…!”

  1. Ek Ajnabi said

    hehehoho…nice one…

    now please write something in same sense but this time we wish that the central figure should be the writer……

    Keep on Smiling

    Ek Ajnabi

  2. praveen said

    veryyyyyy gooooooddd

  3. Amit said

    nice funda 😉

    It brought back memories of my school days. I was also in hostel and I remembered how we used to have to queue up (endlessly it seems) just to get food 🙂

  4. dino said

    bas kafi hai….bahut hans liya…. 🙂 😉

  5. Praddeeep said

    That great funda

  6. Nidhi said

    LOL…….It’s just so funny 🙂

    some of the things sudden come out and you just wonder where they got them. it really is such a great thing to have and you can look back over the years and you find yourself smiling and laughing.

  7. Juneli said

    ha ha ha ha :))

    Kya khub kahi, bholepan mein bhi sahi jawab. 😀

    But you know what on 2nd I met my two friends of collage days and was talking and he said something about my hair made me to amuse and pat him 😛

  8. Hi Rewa,

    This really makes me think wat a prompt reply by Rajni…smart gal………
    smart gal…dint you gals again asked the same question to her……..in ur alumini meet….
    I would have expected something much good one from her now……

  9. hahahahahaha 🙂
    what a nice answer u got.

  10. veerendra said

    If this be the case..I am afraid my gf may find her hair shrunk during coming winter. Please ask ur junior friend “rajni” as to how did she overcome such shrinkage.

  11. Vishal said

    Yeh nahin pyare koi maamule funda, chalo sikhne funde ka Funda 🙂

  12. mehhekk said

    ho ho very funny,hazarjababi thi apki dost.

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