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The Silent Democracy…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on June 2, 2007

I know India is a democratic country but it is not underestimated if we define it as “silent democracy the root of Indian politics“. I guess that’s the moral of it which we have now in India where ‘people’ especially ‘politicians’ try to control everything just for the name of covering their ‘insincerity’.

I believe in the democracy system which involves ‘freedom of speech‘. The system will not work without the support of such people who have guts to speak against the wrong thing. We all have the right of expressing our thoughts, but we always enjoy as a part of silent democracy! 

Democracy means “the place” where one can ‘speak‘ with their mind and also can fight for justice, and it will only work when all will get equal opportunities of resources. I mean all people must be having same level of playground and education, and then only real democracy will work. But it seems that is not feasible in India, that’s why we are facing the clash of reservation, quota and poverty etc. So, I guess as a result, in fact India is at the stage of ‘failing democracy.’


6 Responses to “The Silent Democracy…!”

  1. A though provoking post and the apt heading – “The Silent Democracy. ”

    The democracy and so much of ‘freedoms’ with us, the last thing, we have learnt to use is ‘the freedom of speech in the right way’ .

    The reason are many and the root cause is, the common junta is so much engulfed in the basic needs that the necessary voices are either unable to come out or not united to make a move towards a better society .

    At the same time, the fact we do observe that the democracy is still successful, and shows its ‘silent massive power’ through votes in elections, when we see the turning over the political superpowers. I do guess that in this case, the silence seems louder than expected.

    Still I do agree that we need some genuine voices from the mass root to bring the great Indian dreams true. And we miss it a lot.

    Wish to read more on the same line..

  2. Akhilesh Kumar said

    Democracy in India can improve much if more and more people come to vote. Here in India, mostly uneducated people only go for voting, while educated people enjoy at there homes at polling day. and later they discuss why the public chooses bad and criminals.

    So make indian democracy more better everybody should be aware of there rights and go for voting.

    Anyway Democracy will be always better than Monarchy and communism.

  3. Amit said

    India is often called the world largest democracy. Is india really a democracy?

  4. dear amit
    i can easily understand ur disappointment but there is always light on the other side of tunnels. 50 year is not a big time period for a country like india . india is in budding stage only then also it can easily compete with country like US which is independent from more than 100 year . be it technology , reserch or service in every field we r rubbing soulder with them . all due to our sucessful execution of democratic values . when u will see our neighbouring country which has ignored democracy r way behind us in all term . really condition in south east asia is very hostile all country is surrendering to communal and militry rule.. be it bangladesh pak srilanka all r violating the basic rule of democracy . we r still maintaining the highest level of democracy and our basics about democracy is clear and we r proud of it . i m sure india will join the developed nation till 2020 that is what the vision of our beloved precident

  5. mehhekk said

    bahut sahi rews,yahan log kehte to hai,magar politicians apne matalab ke liye unke mann kihi karte hai.hope one day india will become country for people,ruled by people themselves,the mass community is so blind,anything these politician say they will run behind it,now this mumbai marathiyon ki hai issue,bhai mumbai pure desh ki hai sirf apki kaise huyi.

  6. Choudhariji said

    The politicians and the priests are certainly not coming from outer space; they are growing amongst us. We also have the same lust for power, the same ambition to be holier than others. They are the most successful people as far as these ambitions and desires are concerned.

    Certainly we are responsible, but it is a vicious circle; we are not the only ones who are responsible. The successful politicians and priests go on conditioning the new generations for the same ambitions; they make the society, they cultivate its mind and conditioning. They are also responsible — and they are more responsible than the common people, because the common people are victims of all kinds of programs that are being imposed upon them.

    The child comes into the world without any ambition, without any lust for power, without any idea that he is higher, holier, superior. Certainly he cannot be responsible. Those who bring him up — the parents, the society, the educational system, the politicians, the priests — the same gang goes on spoiling every child. Of course in his own turn, he will spoil… but it is a vicious circle. From where to break it?

    I insist on condemning the priests and the politicians, because that is the place from where it can be broken. Condemning the small children coming into the world is not going to help. Condemning the common masses is also not going to help, because they have been already conditioned — they are being exploited. They are suffering, they are miserable. But nothing wakes them up — they are fast asleep. The only point where our condemnations should be concentrated is on those who have the power, because they have the power to contaminate the future generations. If they can be stopped we can have a new man.

    I know that everybody is responsible. Whatever happens, in some way or other, everybody has his own part in it. But to me what is important is whom to hit, so that for the new generation of children the vicious circle can be avoided. Humanity has been revolving in it for centuries. That’s why I don’t condemn the common masses, I don’t condemn you. I condemn those who are now in a position that if they just relax a little bit as far as their vested interests are concerned, and look at the miserable mass of humanity, a transformation is possible — the circle can be broken.

    I purposely choose the politicians and the priests. There are many other things to be remembered. The priest knows perfectly well that there is no God. In this world the priest is the only person who knows there is no God, but his whole profession depends on this non-existential God. He cannot say the truth because all his vested interests will be lost — not only his, but for generations to come he will be spoiling the whole game. He knows the rituals are just hocus-pocus, that the mantras carry no power, that his theology is just a cover-up. Nobody else knows it better; he has studied the scriptures and he knows there is no evidence of God anywhere. He interprets the scriptures in such a way that they help his profession. He goes on making commentaries on the ancient scriptures, adding more and more things that are helpful for his profession.

    As times change he has to make new additions. For example, Manu, a five thousand year old thinker, priest, the father of priesthood, in his manusmriti — the memoirs of Manu which Hindus follow word by word — he created the caste system, one of the ugliest things in existence.

    Because of it one fourth of Hindus have suffered a long slavery, exploitation and humiliation. They have been turned almost into subhuman beings — they are called achhoot, untouchables. They have fallen so much that you cannot touch them; otherwise you have to take a bath immediately. Even their shadow touching you is enough to make you impure. Manu reduced one-fourth of the Hindus to eternal slavery it seems.

    He managed the highest position in the society for the priesthood, but he was really cunning and clever: he has given all the superiority to brahmins, but he has not given them riches, nor material, temporal power. He has divided the castes so there is no conflict. Temporal power he has given to the second highest caste: the warriors, kshatriyas. They are going to be the kings, they are going to be the generals, the soldiers, the fighters, and they will be the second highest class. And money he has given to the third: the businessmen, the vaishyas. To the fourth he has given nothing — except slavery.

    You can see the cunningness… he divides. He does not give money to brahmins, or temporal power, because then three-fourths of the society will be against them, and it will not be possible to control. And if they have also spiritual power, material power, money, then there will be resentment, anger, violence — there will be riots. So to brahmins he gives the holy power — they are the highest, the holiest — but he does not give anything temporal to them.

    He gives the temporal power to the warriors. It is satisfying, because they are going to be the kings; brahmins cannot be the kings. And who cares about spiritual power? So let them have spiritual power; it is almost like having nothing, just a nominal quality of being superior, so the warriors are not angry about it. On the contrary, they are happy that one-fourth of the society will never be in conflict with them — they are already higher, they have nothing more to gain. And the warriors are the most powerful people.

    To the third he gives money and all other worldly things. These are the people who cannot fight, who are not warriors — but they can earn money, they can produce wealth.

    You will be surprised to know that in India all the kings, before India became a slave country, were indebted to the rich people. From where are they going to get money? — just by borrowing. They can pay when they invade some other country; otherwise they have to borrow from the business people. And the business people are happy; they have all the material things, money… Not only that, kings are borrowing from them, brahmins have to depend on them for everything — so let them believe that they are higher… but basically the business people hold the power, they have the money.

    And against these three classes the poor fourth has no power to fight. They are deprived of all education, deprived even of living in the city; they have to live outside the town. They cannot take water from the city well — they have to make their own wells or carry water from the river. They are completely cut off from the society. They have just to come and serve, and do all the ugliest things that nobody else wants to do. And three powerful sections are there to go on repressing them; they have money, they have power, they have spiritual heights — they are the representatives of God.

    For five thousand years they have maintained this — and they have made the fourth, the slaves, believe that you are born slaves because of your evil acts in the past life — this is the punishment. The brahmin is enjoying his position because of good acts in his past life. And there is no mobility; one cannot move from one caste to another caste.

    Since Manu, the priests in India have remained the most anti-revolutionary element — naturally, because they will lose their superiority. Kings come to touch their feet, the superrich come to touch their feet — their ego is fulfilled. And the same is the story around the world — everywhere the priesthood has maintained its superiority. It is not so clear-cut as in India, but a subtle division is there. The priest is everywhere superior, the warrior is everywhere number two, and the rich man is everywhere number three. The fourth, the slave, the servant, is everywhere the same.

    These priests go on preaching to every child a certain kind of mind that keeps the society running — or stuck. The politicians are in a deep conspiracy with the priests. The politicians are full of lust for power, and if they want power, they want blessings from the priests, because the priests have a spiritual hold over humanity. And if a politician goes and touches the feet of a priest, the followers of the priest are going to vote for the politician. There is a conspiracy: the politician goes on praising the priest, his religion, his ideology, and the priests go on blessing the politician and his ideology. And between these two powerful groups the whole society is crushed, sucked.

    I know everybody is responsible, but not everybody is powerful enough to break the circle; hence I am hitting constantly on the priests and the politicians. And now they have become afraid of me — perhaps they have never been afraid of a single man before. All over the world they don’t want me to enter into their countries. The priests are behind the politicians who are making rules and laws that I should be prohibited.

    The commune in America was destroyed by the politicians, but behind the politicians were the fundamentalist Christians, the most orthodox group of Christian priests. They were in conspiracy together to destroy the commune.

    Just the other day I received the news that now they are making a memorial in The Dalles; bishops and politicians and all kinds of leading, prominent citizens are contributing money — a big memorial, a memorial that they have become victorious, that they have thrown away the evil forces who had created the commune. They have thrown me out, destroyed my work, and they are not satisfied with that; they want to create a memorial so that the future generations will know.

    And both the priests and the politicians are very vulnerable; they have no ground beneath their feet. Just a good hit is needed and they will be finished. And once they are finished, society will have a taste of freedom.

    We can bring up children in a more human way, unconditioned, intelligent, looking at the whole earth as one — not Christians, not Hindus, not Mohammedans, not Indians, not Chinese, not Americans. Nations and religions are creations of the priests and the politicians. Once they are finished, religions and nations are also finished.

    And a world free of religions, free of nations, will be a human world — without wars, without unnecessarily fighting for things which nobody has seen….

    It is so stupid that for thousands of years people have been killing each other in the name of God. None of them has seen, none of them has any proof, none of them has any evidence. And they don’t even feel embarrassed, because nobody has, looking directly into their eyes, asked the question…. And they are going on crusades, jihads, religious wars, destroying all those who do not believe in their dogma, because their dogma is divine and every other dogma is the devil’s creation.

    They are trying to serve humanity by killing people. Their intention is to free those people from the clutches of the devil. But the strangest thing is that every religion thinks that the other religion is created by the devil. So the fight continues. Politicians are fighting war after war — for what? I don’t see the point. The earth has no lines; then why make these maps and draw lines?

    One of my teachers was a very intelligent man. One day he brought a few pieces of cardboard; he had cut the whole world map into small pieces, put them on the desk and asked, “Can anybody come and arrange them in the right order?” Many tried and failed. Just one boy, seeing that everybody was failing and they were not making the world map by putting the pieces together, he looked at one piece on the reverse side. Then he turned all the pieces over and he found the picture of a man. He arranged the picture of the man, which was very easy, and that was the key. On one side the man was arranged, and on the other side, the world map was arranged.

    Perhaps the same is true about the real world… if we can arrange man, the world will be arranged. If we can make man silent, peaceful, loving, nations will disappear, wars will disappear, all dirty politics will disappear. And remember, all politics is dirty; there is no other kind.

    But we have to hit on those who have the power. Hitting the poor common man will not help, because he has no power, he is a victim. Even if we can change him, it won’t be a great change. But if we can abolish the conspiracy between religion and politics, priests and the politicians, it will be really a great change, a revolution — the only revolution that is needed and that has not happened yet.

    words of a master

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