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Child Labour : A pathetic practice…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 19, 2007

Continuation of previous post: https://rewa.wordpress.com/2007/04/14/child-labour-compromising-tomorrow-for-today/

Before going ahead I should inform all of you that I am not a great philospher or a thinker. All I can say that it just came to my mind so I thought of putting here!

1.  We celebrate Children’s day in India – but for what purpose and why?

2.  Most of the professionals and so called intellectuals employ girls as housemaids to take care of their babies, we know its wrong but we do the same, why?

3.  I do not know whom to blame and who to feel more sorry for- the children who are depressed of the golden years of childhood or the parents of 21st century who look for money all the way through any possible sources so that the whole family can stay alive?

4.  Nowhere in the world does such an ugly discrimination against certain working class happen as it does in India. Why?

5.  Would it not be better if we identify child labours and do needful for them instead of organizing ‘bal mela’ on children’s day?

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4 Responses to “Child Labour : A pathetic practice…!”

  1. “Children’s Day” – because Nehru ji loved children. Officially its great time to do seminars and all the extravaganza stuff. Had he been here to see the dry faces of children published on 14th Nov in almost all newspapers of Independent India.

    Appreciating the post, I would like to comment elaborately as I have seen such cases from very near.

    On the challenge of taking social responsibility to eradicate such scar of child, we do shirk away as they are related to industries, be it bangle industry, brick, carpet, small shops and so on, reasoning as they are beyond our individual control (as if we can’t do much) !

    But when it comes to individual private control, most of middle class don’t hesitate to keep cheap baby sitters and household helping maids.

    The reasons are they are cheap, playful with kids, safe – as they mostly wouldn’t escape, being she- a girl the house lady will be comfortable, the parents of such girls may get some money (in)frequently and the parents may hope of money for her marriage when she is in her ‘teens’.

    Now there are people- who are somewhere in middle. They keep such baby sitters bringing them from needy village family – feed them well and keep them as nearly own child (except admitting them in good school and celebrating birthday), at evening let them be literate, and when they grow up help her parents to get her married after financial support.

    Now there are two sides of coin to pick up:
    1) Intellectual thoughts of humanism
    2) So well established Indian system of keeping such girls.

    My individual perception is if the life can be bettered for the individual girl – instead of making them child labour – one can help them keeping as like another daughter. But it’s really difficult for common junta – so it’s better to eradicate it altogether after making some stringent laws – that will solve the problem to a large extent.

    Of course all the good things must start at home first.

  2. Akhilesh Kumar said

    Child Labour is bad practice becuase many people exploit childs. they take all work from them and pay less or no money. but only passing law on it cannot stop child labour practice. passing law only gives police to charge bribes from the persons and exploit them.
    Some people keep child as servant because they are more relaible and trustworthy than elder ones. but those who keep them servant should also work for the welfare of the child. And the society should be more responsible if they see any person expoloiting childs then they should go and complain to competent authority or should themselve ask him to stop this.

  3. mehhekk said

    rews is baat se aapke saath hum bhi semat hai,kuch tho hona chahiye child labour rokne ke liye.

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