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Out of true love…!

Posted by Rewa Smriti on May 3, 2007

It has been long since I have been thinking of writing something true and factual about the rural populace of Bihar. I felt proud after reading about Mr. Dashrath Manjhi and the whole world should be proud of him. Three things have always drawn my attenion…..my village, my home state Bihar and my country INDIA! Just few days back while I was chatting with one of my school seniors, Pranaypunj bhaiya, he asked me to go through this link. Thanks to Pranay bhaiya for providing me such a piece of true story. You can go through the story quoted below and hope you will get the obvious question or sensation that comes up after reading this love story!

In Gahlor Ghati of Gaya, over four decades ago, a frail, landless farmer, Dashrath Manjhi got hold of a chisel and a hammer to tear open a 300-feet-high hill to create a one-km passage to change the face of his village. Manjhi, then in his early 20s, chiselled and hammered at the rocks for 22 years.
As reported, this feat, part of local folklore now, started out of Manjhi’s love for his wife. She slipped off the rocks while getting food for him as he worked in a field beyond the hill and broke her ankle.

His acquaintances and neighbours called him ‘pagal’ and even his wife and parents opposed his “adventure” when Dasharath sold his goats to buy the chisels and hammer. But all that steeled his resolve. He shifted his hut close to the hill to work all day and night, chipping away, little by little. “I did not even bother to eat,” he told.

In 1982, Manjhi completed the task, which reduced a long and arduous journey from his village Gahlor Ghati to Wazirganj to a walkable distance. One could walk through a clear flat passage – about 16-feet wide – to the other side of the hill.

But his victory was tinged with sadness. His wife, the inspirstion behind his task, was not by his side. “She died of illness. We could not take her to a hospital on time,” told Manjhi.
And many youngsters of the village talk of Dasharath story: “we grew up hearing stories of the man who wanted to move a mountain. Today, it’s a reality and a boon for the villagers”.  http://www.bihartimes.in/articles/indra/peopleofbihar.htm

I wonder how situations change our goals and passions in life. The man moved mountain which is a great example of determination and hard work. He even had to face the sad demise of his wife during his adorable journey. After reading about his efforts, I too feel enthused to make my own contribution to the society and nature around. And I hope my dear Navodayans will also have a similar feeling.

Shahjahan employed thousands of skilled people to erect a monument of love which he liked to be known upon as monument of love for his wife but in return he gave them nothing but bodies with no hands, a sign of racklessness. On the other hand, Mr. Dasharath gave a new light to his village by carving out a passage through the mountain, a sign of dedication and devotion. The inspiration that laid the foundation was his love and care for his beloved wife.

Last but not the least at this point I would like to ask which out of these two persons reflects the true meaning of LOVE?


14 Responses to “Out of true love…!”

  1. well it’s all about the love and not the way you love or quality of love or any such measurement of love. Shahjahan had his own way of expressing that. Do you think that if Mr. Dhashrath could have that much wealth then he would have made the road.
    No doubt that He loves his wife so much that he got that step forward, but can we really compare someone’s love with others.
    One more thing, till now i have no idea about this thing that Shahjahan did that to his workers, as i have only heard this through people. But anyway if it is, then it was a brutal step and here Mr. Dashrath got upper hand over his counterpart, love that cares for others too.
    I think the story is inspiring, depicts deep dedication for something, without any hesitaion for resources. Most of the people in this world come through similar situation in their lives, but either we cry for resources, or just leave it. Mr. Dashrath has put an example for those.


  2. Dheeraj said

    That is the true love of a husband to his wife
    Which worth more then the sarjah TAJMAHAL.

    It shows that Still we can find many examples of true love..


  3. Veerendra said

    amazing stuff…
    Look out the ways people try to bring their love in focus. One person based on his power and money ( which was given him by his dynasty) used skilled ppl and got a structure built which he called a symbol of love. on the other side one poor guy revealed his love for his wife by his own way. I think this is what true love is. “Hail Mr. Manjhi…Hail Love”.

  4. ruchi said

    It is said that at the touch of love everybody becomes a poet .Shahjahan’s poem of love was the Taj Mahal where he used the sweat and later blood of many as the ink to write his saga of love!!All the effort put by Shahjahan was directed towards converting his love for Mumtajmahal into a beautiful timeless structure…but when we recall all the handless artisans , the colour of TajMahal no more remains that pure white…it rather becomes red, splattered with the blood and woes!! On the other hand,Dashrath’s poem was the path that he singlehandedly cut across the Mountain .His only motivation was that his beloved or any other would not again get hurt by that treacherous path !!

    Shahjahan’s love ended as a pain for many whereas dashrath’s love ended many people’e pain!!

    It is rightfully said “True love always makes a man better, no matter what woman inspires it”!!

  5. Anjali said

    After reading the whole story and going through the 4 comments writen above……..I found myself with few things to write about…

    As it starts……this story represents one of those many unheard love stories which doesn’t have any misuse of power or money……or two lovers fighting against their parents and society to be one……….or any masala filmi funda. But what those lovestories have true love which did good for the rest of the mass. Dashrath Manjhi is lucky enough to make it to net………moreover lucky enough to be a topic of our discussion. But the truth is, we are still the mass which will forget this wonderful show of love but will definitly remember and see the great work of art at Agra. We don’t care if those artists never knew that the hands which were building that monument of love for their kind and his decreased wife were to be cut………….just for the sake of UNIQUENESS!! I wonder if those artists would have agreed to work if they knew their hands were to be sliced apart of their bodies. Sha Jahan could have just forbidden them from building further. But no, he was the king and he could have his way. Do u know there is a copy of Taj Mahal (in yellow marbal) built by Auranzeb? Who else could have dared to challeng the brutal father other than his own barbaric son!

    I know abit offtrack but itz what my heart said to write. Heart is what told Dashrath Manjhi to make the tunnel.

    Now the part someone is gonna love………I know this in advance.

    How could you people not look at this simple fact…Dashrath Manjhi is a BIHARI BABU.

    I am someone who believes in eqality. And I am someone who believes in “Vasudhav Kutumbakam” but I am also someone who takes pride (and not shame like many fools) in being a Bihari. I never say that people of other region do less than we biharis or are less efficient than us or are a piece to laught upon just because of regional biased. But I would hold it that we don’t deserve that kind of treatment either.

    This is one from many such examples, after listening to which we feel pride in being Bihari. Yes, our region is infamous due to some parasites but itz we who can change this picture in other’s eye.

    I don’t wanna continue writing and boring you all( which you are already)……..so ending in just next few lines……..have patience.

    My appeal –
    1) Learn about Bihar and Biharies and the great history of our rich legacy.
    2) Understand that we are no less in any thing from people of other parts of the world.
    3) Believe in yourself that you can make a difference.
    4) Remember that you are from the region where people have heart, head and COURAGE.
    5) Try to change Bihar’s picture in other’s eyes, not by merry words, not by punching them but by action of courage and substance in your charecter.

    Finally………..THE END!!!

  6. Anjali said

    I missed to mention……..for me, Taj Mahel is not the physical representation of Shah Jahan’s love for Mumtaz…….It is the physical representaion of that love which the unsung artists had for their art, of that dedication which got their work listed in World’s 6 wonders and of that courage which kept them working for so many years before Taj Mahal came to life.

  7. It is really nice to see so many responses here! Hmmm…..after all its all about love! 😉 Thanks so much to everybody.

    Anjali, truely said! You have undoubtedly mentioned right points and I agree with your comments. I too am from Bihar and proud to be bihari, but I have done nothing for Bihar till now.

    Bihar feels proud of the assets it has been gifted by time. I have found several times that people are making fun of Bihar and biharis. But I would say its all about people’s attitude problem because they see everybody from same angle. And it is very true that everywhere we find good and bad people.

    I have a lot to write in this but I am so tired today. Anyway, once again well said by you! I guess I will post something meaningful about Bihar soon.

  8. veerendra said

    Its funny to see a drastic change in topic of this article. ” discovery of love to how good bihari ppl are” 🙂
    I wud love to write and read abt love but firsr let me write something abt”the importance of being a bihari”.
    These days lot of ppl make fun of bihari accent but i believe bihar is the only region which has preserved indian culture (Like UP). A land, where Lord Buddha and Lord Mahaveer travelled and preached a lot got its name Bihar. This place has been the center for excellent education in Asia which saw people coming from different lands in search of the then called ” vaishali and Nalanda”.
    If u discriminate bihar on criminal records..I m sure it will fall behind UP and other states. The main problems there are of education and administration like most states like MP,UP and Rajasthan have.
    Thus discriminating bihari ppl on the basis of their accent is what is putting line between them and us which seems nonsense.

  9. Bihar has been a great place and would be ever.Though for sometime it image was trapped by ill politicians and slow development but now things have changed.Soon world will see new power of Bihar.
    Jai Bihar Jai Bharat

  10. Hi Nishikant,

    You are most welcome to my blogworld. Thnx for ur comment.

    Bihar is changing, improving and it will certainly change positively.


  11. Nidhi said

    Takshshila – Nalanda Ka Itihaas Laut kar aayega!

  12. mehhekk said

    very very interesting storeis and artcle,and comments to,phew so many words….but more over in one line manjhis love was at upper hand could say.

  13. sanjaykumar said

    jo kam mjnu ne laila ke liye nahi kiya .hir ne ranjhe ke liye nahi kiya. romio ne juliate ke liye .shiri ne farhad ke liye nahi kiya .wo kam dasrathmanghi ne kar dikhaya .vishvi sadi ka farhad .ek ishk shahjha ke parrelle .limca book of record ne chit kiya hai mauntain man .dasrathmanghi se .sanjaykumar care taker of dashrathmanghi

  14. @Sanjay,

    I liked it very much…’sanjaykumar care taker of dashrathmanghi’, it’s really lovely one! Thank you so much for stopping by and putting your kind words here.


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